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A well known name amongst luxury yacht builders, Icon Yachts from Holland ...

Icon Yachts

A well known name amongst luxury yacht builders, Icon Yachts from Holland offers customised superyachts built on a pre-determined, technically optimised and operational platform giving almost endless customisable possibilities. The luxury yacht Shipyard ICON has superb specialised facilities on deep water, with open access to the North Sea, enabling multiple new build private motor yacht constructions. Complete with Joinery workshops, machine shops and large pod of specialized companies in the area’s immediate vicinity, the Icon Yachts together with its certified co-makers carries out all imaginable engineering, designing and refit jobs. Icon Yachts has been in news since the time they launched their first yacht Icon 62 in Monaco

The foundation of the Icon Yachts shipyard was laid in the year 2005. Based in Netherlands, Icon Yachts’ aim is to build ultimate luxury yachts, according to the exacting demands of the yacht owners and buyers. Icon Yachts is dedicated to building yachts of the highest quality and standards. The company allows its customers to choose every aspect of the yacht with the help of its expert guidelines. Mostly, all the Icon yachts variants use the same “optimised” platform and share the same design below the waterline - the design that has been tested in all types of weather and critical conditions. As a result of this super production process, Icon Yachts have greatly reduced the manufacturing time and cost and increased the shipyard’s efficiency to produce motor yachts and super yachts with the finest luxury.

An innovative building concept and extensive pre-engineering techniques enable Icon to offer yachts in a short building time and at a very competitive price. Moreover, the shipyard completes the hydrodynamic and technical design in 3-D engineering software prior to the construction process. This approach helps the company to virtually build and optimize the yacht prior to making them. Icon Yachts also works with the best sub-contractors and co-makers to ensure the highest quality designing and manufacturing processes.

The first yacht built by the Dutch shipyard was luxury yacht Icon 62. The yacht has a large fold-out transom beach terrace with shower, which leads onto an open day-room at the stern. This 62-meters super yacht features design by Redman Whiteley Dixon (RWD). Though a fairly young company in the yacht world, Icon Yachts are gradually changing the scene of the industry with innovative technology and high quality design and placing themselves on a global platform.  Rather than evolving over the years like many older companies, it has formulated specific goals and structures aimed at improving certain aspects of a competitive superyacht building industry.


Lange Lijnbaan 11

8861 NW 


The Netherlands

T:   +31 517 494 600

F:  +31 517 494 699

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