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Construction Navale Bordeaux, or simply CNB, is an acknowledged leader in the ...

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Construction Navale Bordeaux, or simply CNB, is an acknowledged leader in the sailing and motor yacht construction niche. This highly successful yacht building company was formally established in 1987 and is an affiliate of the Bènèteau Group of Companies. The Bènèteau Group of Companies is publicly listed in the second market of the Paris Stock Exchange. Its base of operation is along the Garonne riverbank and is located just a few meters from the lush vineyards of the region. CNB operates a sprawling 24,000 square-metre shipyard that is equipped with a sheltered facility covering an aggregate area of 12,000 square metres. In addition to this, this modern facility also features a 300-metre quay with total depth that can be used for yacht launches and trial runs for just-completed yacht construction projects. There is a good selection of CNB Yachts available for boat rental below. However, for more information and a list of charter yachts that best suit your needs, style and desires, please contact our experienced brokers here

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CNB - Construction Navale Bordeaux in Focus

Since its establishment more than 20 years ago, Construction Navale Bordeaux was able to successfully complete and launch over 90 high performance motoryachts and superyachts with LOAs ranging from 60 feet to 200 feet in LOA. In just a short period of time, this yacht building company based in France, was able to build a solid reputation as a reliable source of high performance motor vessels as well as an expert for a wide range of specialized repair, maintenance and refit works on various commercial sea crafts and pleasure boats. 

CNB has proven its competency and experience in the construction of high-end motoryachts and sailing yachts made from aluminium core material and composite material. These types of materials are highly preferred in modern yacht construction projects for their high quality, topnotch performance and proven durability. The company has the necessary skills and exposure in these kinds of production processes and has a proven track record in the construction of CNB yachts that are made out of aluminium alloy and composite material. 

80 percent of the company’s production portfolio serves the requirements of its overseas clients. The company maintains lucrative business with yacht owners and corporate clients that sail the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

Charter Yacht BLUE VINTAGE

Charter Yacht BLUE VINTAGE

The Unending Pursuit of Excellence and Perfection

During the previous years, Construction Navale Bordeaux has embarked on several high-profile and successful yacht construction projects. CNB considers its manpower as the company’s most important asset. CNB maintains a full complementation of specialists and professionals, and these include designers, naval architects, engineers, welders who are certified by Veritas, plumbers, laminators, electricians, metal workers and repairmen and a full-time maintenance crew. 

The company also partners with known designers and naval architects as well as suppliers and contractors for its various yacht construction projects and refit works. CNB has also adopted a computer database and management system that sought to improve the performance parameters of its stock management and purchase activities. 

These innovative applications and advanced technologies have given the company unmatched capabilities in the implementation of a wide range of yacht construction projects as well as repair and maintenance and refit work. It performs specialist activities that meet the highest standards of craftsmanship, professionalism and transparency. 

CNB 180 sailing yacht Evoë concept designed by Berret-Racoupeau - Photo courtesy of CNB Superyachts

CNB 180 sailing yacht Evoë concept designed by Berret-Racoupeau - Photo courtesy of CNB Superyachts

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There is a good selection of CNB Charter Yachts listed below. However, for more information and a more personalised list of yachts that best suit your needs, style, desires at the destination of your choice, please contact our experienced charter brokers here

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