Alu Marine Yachts

Alu Marine, a premier yacht building company that was created in 1986, creating ...

Alu Marine Yachts

Alu Marine, a premier yacht building company that was created in 1986, creating bespoke high-end Alu Marine yachts, motoryachts, sailing yachts and high-performance catamarans. It is also a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial grade aluminium ocean vessels, including passenger ships and ferries, docking boats and barges. There are a number of outstanding Alu Marine charter yachts available for boat rental around the world, with a few of them listed below. For more information and a list of luxury charter yachts that suite your requirements and style, please contact our experienced and professional charter brokers.

The French yacht builder and an active member of Super Yacht France and FIN, is a well-known player in the pleasure yacht and superyacht segments of the industry. Alu Marine employs an experienced and highly-skilled team of craftsmen who are committed to provide the necessary services and expertise in various aspects of the yacht construction project. It also provides regular updates to its clients right up to the projects’ completion and delivery of the newly-built motoryacht or superyacht. In addition to this, the company also performs regular maintenance and refit services to a broad range of clients. 

42m Catamaran Douce France by Alu Marine

42m Catamaran Dounce France by Alu Marine

Alu Marine in Focus

Since its establishment in 1986, the company was able to complete a diverse set of yacht construction projects, and all of motoryachts and sailing yachts constructed in its facility are still operating in various parts of the globe. The key reasons why high performance yachts and superyachts constructed by Alu Marine yacht builder are highly in demand are their proven stability, durability and comfort. 

Alu Marine is supported by highly qualified and experienced team of designers, architects and engineers and specialises in the construction of one-off single-hull and multi-hull yachts. Its construction team is able to adapt to the needs and preferences of their clients, whilst managing a wide range of projects involving power cruisers and sailing yachts. The company is committed to delivering to its clients newly-built luxury yachts and superyachts that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability and safety. 

Whilst the main specialisation of Alu Marine is in the construction of sailing yachts and motoryachts with aluminium hull, the company has diversified its core specialties to cope with the rising demand by sailors and professional maritime entities for a wide range of motoryachts and sailing yachts. A significant milestone in the growth and expansion of the company is the construction of super yacht Douce France, which is a high-performance 138-footer catamaran. The catamaran Douce France was hailed by maritime experts as the largest sailing vessel in the world (at the time of her launch). 

Alu Marine catamaran yacht Noah 88 design by Kenzo Takada Luxury catamaran yacht Noah 70 Luxury power catamaran yacht Panama 62' concept

Photo 1: Alu Marine catamaran yacht Noah 88 design by Kenzo Takada; Photo 2: Luxury catamaran yacht Noah 70; Photo 3: Luxury power catamaran yacht Panama 62' concept;


A Look at the Major Milestones of Alu Marine

In 1986 there was the growing preference for larger motoryachts and superyachts and an increasing number of yacht builders were channeling their resources and using their expertise in constructing megayachts and large vessels. 

It was during this year that Alu Marine completed their first yacht construction project, the  catamaran Douce France, considered then as the largest luxury catamaran. In 2005, Jean-Claude Borgel got majority control of Alu Marine and gave a fresh direction to the yacht building company.  

It was in 2009 that Alu Marine formally opened its new shipbuilding facility. This ultramodern and high-performance yard increased the production capacity of the company and provided a better working environment for its team of engineers and technical personnel. It was also during this year that Richard Gibeaud was appointed as the company’s general manager. 

2010 was relatively a busy year for Alu Marine. It was during that year that the company launched the biggest industrial-grade barge that was ever constructed by Alu Marine. The company also launched its Havana yacht line, which is a collaborative project between Alu Marine and eminent yacht designer, Berret Racoupeau.  

Alu Marine Charter Yachts

Below is a small selection of Alu Marine charter yachts available for yacht rental in different charter destination around the world. For more information and a full list of yachts that suits your needs, requirements and style, please, contact our professional and experienced charter brokers.  

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