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Marco Yachts, a Chile based Yacht builder, has recently turned their attention ...

Marco Yachts

Marco Yachts, a Chile based Yacht builder, has recently turned their attention to building some large private superyachts of the expedition or explorer style. Headquartered in Santiago, Marco Yachts comprises of an excellent team of designers and engineers and is one of the oldest shipyards in that country drawing on experience of around 50 years. Spread over an area of 50,000 square meters, the shipyard has successfully rolled out close to 225 yachts till date. Marco Yachts also have their shipyards at Marco Seattle and Campbell shipyard. Including the headquarters, all its shipyards have recorded more than 650 crafts.

Today, the company not only specializes in construction of motor yachts but also has offered its services to the industrial, marine, and fishing industry and even moved to the domain of mining. Marco Yachts is famous now for its new series of luxury yachts, which includes 75 m, 80 m and 85 m expedition yachts. Marco Yachts has been in news for its unusually named super yacht Z an 85 meter Super yacht by Ken Freivokh Design.

Since the last fifty years, Marco Yachts has been a name associated with various elegant and efficient vessels. Great designs and unique styles are the two main aspects that drive the company. The focus of the company beginning from that of the founder and chairman of the company - Peter Schimidt, to all its employees has always been perfection and finest quality. Set up in the year 1953 in Chile, Marco Yachts constructs yachts of length up to of 100 meters. However, what keeps them going is the dedication of their powerful team comprising of 500 people.

The talented team of professionals at Marco Yachts is adept at designing and constructing exclusive installations for introduction and recovery of heavy tenders, using ramps, elevators, booms, and cranes along with motion compensation systems. Marco Shipyard also extends its services for the manufacturing, designing and installation of shell doors for larger tenders.

Some of the vessels which have been launched to date by Marco Yachts include two 78m Super Pacific Tuna Clippers that can reach a speed of 19 knots and are built to traverse for more than 90 days. The Clippers are more popular for their unique designs and complete hull form. Besides these services, their major task also covers designing and construction of long range vessels of up to 90 metres with a range of more than 6000nm. All the vessels of the company are built to meet the standards of MCA and SOLAS.

The shipyard has received huge recognition for many of its luxury yachts. One such is the 74.6 meter super yacht WETA (Gin Tonic II), whose exteriors and interiors have been styled by Michael Leach Designs and Loro Piana Interiors respectively. The company’s projects also include the luxurious 85.3m superyacht Z which has been designed by Ken Freivock Design.

The strategic location of Marco Yachts along the shores of Atacama in the city of Iquique is also a major point of attraction for the shipyard. This spot is a major tourist attraction with hordes of people thronging the destination because to its sheer beautiful climate and panoramic beaches. Over and above this, the location also has other host of advantages which strengthen its business environment - macroeconomic fundamentals, competition, and international development of the city. Thus, it becomes an apt spot for Marco Yachts to run its business and showcase its range of superyachts and sailing boats to all the spectators.

Quality has been a preference for Marco Yachts since the day it was established. The customers approaching Marco Yachts know that they will certainly get to buy exclusively designed and crafted superyachts that are performance oriented. To continuously give superlative performances, the company has also taken up a certification program which allows the employees, staff and management to create best quality yachts.

With the best location and skilled team of professionals available, Marco Yachts is definitely one the few names in the yacht industry bound to win huge recognition and catapult to greater heights in the coming years.  

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