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Francis Lapp, the present CEO of Sunreef, established the Sunreef yachts in the ...

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Francis Lapp, the present CEO of Sunreef, established the Sunreef yachts in the year 2000 and initiated the making of a new product in the market, the custom made, large sized luxury catamaran, in the seafaring city of Gdansk, in Poland. Till now the shipyard has launched a wide range of sailing yachts, power yachts and superyacht models. Gradually, the dynamic and fast growing company constructed over 40 Sunreef yachts, presently sailing around the world. Many of these yachts are available for yacht charter holidays through CharterWorld.

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Some of the yachts launched to date by Sunreef include:

Sunreef Yachts has built and launched a large number of luxury catamarans and superyachts and the Sunreef fleet is spread far and wide around the world. Many of the Sunreef yachts are available for luxury yacht charters - see below for the full list of charter yachts. Here is a list of some of the Sunreef yachts built : Sunreef 62 Nanan, 70 Sunreef Power Damrak, 70 Sunreef Power Sea Bass, Sunreef 62 Tahaa II, Sunreef 70 Seazen II, Mamma Mia, Blue Guru, Power Jambo, Blue I, Miss Kirsty, Anassa, Herenui, Blaze 2, Moonstone, Depende IV, Argonauta V, Guapa, Mauni, Capolino Falaluna, Sunreef 60s Miti, Sunreef 62 Zahora, Turete, Charlotte, Al Maisan,Catsy Diamond Girl II, La Luna, Trigger, Mister T, Mission, Sunreef 74 CHE. Also the company has launched their Sunreef 102 superyacht luxury catamaran called Double Deck IPHARRA.

The upcoming market of the luxury yacht building industry witnessed Sunreef’s huge success, which it attained by extending its knowledge in terms of naval construction and interior design. Gdansk, one of Sunreef’s shipyards, used the most advanced technologies available to serves the purpose of one-stop-shop with workshops and specialized and experienced work force, all under one roof. The adapted halls of the shipyard are equipped with highly developed infrastructure, along with the privilege of direct access to the water ways of the Gdansk port, which ensures cost savings, a very essential aspect for project management and coordination.

Sunreef exclusively incorporates different techniques for the construction of both sail and motor yachts, ranging from 60 to150 feet of length, involving aluminum or composite materials. Sunreef also launched a new technology in 2007 - Vacuum Infusion for building catamarans, which provided the yachts with added strength. This technology facilitated the construction of lighter boats, achieving weight stability curves with improved weight saving ratio along with maintaining the finest quality. The technology is not only environment friendly and cost-effective process but also helps in reducing waste through infusion. Moreover, the company also used resin in various yachts; however the quantity differed in the semi custom and fully customized yachts. In case of the former, Sunreef Yachts used epoxy resin systems and high performance fibre glass products coupled with carbon reinforcement in high load areas. For fully customized yachts, a customer's option was a structure engineered in all carbon fiber and epoxy resin. However, for those who held higher concern for quality and boat strength and longevity, the company the use of epoxy. This same practice of constructing yachts is still prevalent at Sunreef even today.

Moreover, the motto of Sunreef is to ensure that the customers are offered products of the highest quality. This is primarily why the shipyard has reduced the participation from the sub-contractors. The production process of the shipyards’ include the following: the welding and aluminum processing workshop, the composite materials workshop, woodworking shop, grinding shop, paint shop and upholstery shop, ending with technical workshop and materials storage rooms.

The yard’s unique layout helps in maintaining direct supervision over the subsequent stages of production and increasing its work efficiency. Resultantly, if any changes or adjustments are to be made, with the presence of the engineering design office quick orders can be passed to rectify the process. This set up ensures timely production and improved quality control over each stage of production. Owing to its continuous growth and development, the company has successfully been able to establish itself in the market as a great, powerful and reliable company. The company has further pleased its customers by introducing new technologies and increasing the annual yacht production output, in turn, satisfying the fast growing market demands.

The Sunreef Yachts have also been specializing itself in the construction of “custom made” luxury catamarans for the clients seeking luxury, comfort, stability and incomparable space. The shipyard’s main strength lies in its extravagant and innovative designs, high performance yachts and yacht’s generously sized living space. From a future perspective, yard plans to acquire 16 hectares land nearby GdaÅ„sk, in WiÅ›linka - located on the southern bank of the Vistula River. The motive behind this new arrangement is the construction of a new 25,000 square meter purpose-built manufacturing facility with possible enlargement due for completion and occupancy in 2010/11. This facility would enable the company in increasing the overall production capacity and construct yachts over 50 meters in length.

The team behind Sunreef is not only young, dynamic, and eager to work but also believes in the motto of satisfying the customer needs. The departments too function in a fairly coordinated manner. Sunreef comprises of over 40 office staff and more than 350 workers, including highly qualified in-house designers, excellent engineers, technicians and service crew. With representatives who can communicate in fifteen languages, the staff has been able to maintain an excellent network with worldwide brokers. Conclusively, the company aims to employ professionals who would always be able to provide the fastest and most efficient help so that it can retain its widely recognized name in the world of Yacht building.

Here are the Sunreef Yachts & Luxury Catamarans available for luxury yacht charters as well as the latest news from the shipyard:

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