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Horizon Yachts is a prestigious luxury yacht builder, located in Taiwan. It has ...

Horizon Yachts

Horizon Yachts is a prestigious luxury yacht builder, located in Taiwan. It has made its mark in the semi-custom niche, being a leading source of high-end semi-custom motoryachts and superyachts with LOAs of up to 163 feet. Horizon Yachts serves major markets for high performance luxury yachts and superyachts in the US, Europe and Asia. Horizon Yachts has built a solid reputation as the builder of a premier yacht line and is credited for several high profile yacht construction projects that have made their mark in the highly competitive yacht markets in Europe and US. Horizon yachts are outstanding vessels, well suited for both yacht charter as well as private use. There is a selection of Horizon charter yachts below, however, for more information and a personalised list of superyachts and motor yachts that best suit your requirements and style, at your preferred destination, please contact our brokers here

Horizon P110 Tri Deck Yacht - the largest luxury yacht at the 2014 SCIBS

Horizon P110 Tri Deck Yacht - the largest luxury yacht displayed at the 2014 SCIBS

Horizon Yachts in Focus

The founding of Horizon Yachts in 1987 was driven by the uncompromising passion and inspiration of its founder, John Lu, a distinguished marine engineer. John Lu was focused on his dream of establishing a prolific yacht building company and brand that epitomises the highest standards of craftsmanship, reliability and stability. 

John Lu has always been fascinated by everything that is attached to the blue ocean. He was born and raised in the Taiwan province of Kaoshiung. He returned to the place of his birth after earning his naval architecture degree from the National Taiwan Ocean University.

Since it broke ground in 1987, Horizon Yachts was able to successfully complete more than 700 yacht construction projects. All yacht construction projects are done in the company’s modern production facility, which is located in Taiwan. The company employs some 1,100 highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, technicians and administrative personnel. 

Taiwan Boat Show 2014 - Horizon Yachts

The Unending Pursuit of Excellence and Perfection

Horizon Yachts has partnered with several distinguished professionals and companies for some of the most successful and high profile yacht construction projects. Some of the notable projects of the company were completed in collaboration with Juan Carlos Espinosa, Greg Marshall and John Lindblohm

Horizon Yachts has also taken significant steps in improving its production capabilities and performance. Various steps and interventions were made by the company to achieve higher level of standards in terms of quality, performance, durability, craftsmanship, reliability and safety. One of the groundbreaking production solutions that Horizon Yachts has instituted is the resin-infusion type of moulding process called SCRIMP. SCRIMP is a revolutionary production process that was developed and used by the US Navy. 

This modern solution received its stamp of approval and passed with flying colours the stringent performance and safety standards of the US Naval Surface Warfare Centre. This means that this solution surpassed the highest standards of stability, consistency and strength, whilst maintaining a low weight to volume ratio. 

Generally, this advanced production technology has evolved from the mainstream production method involving lamination process using vacuum bag. This groundbreaking solution allows for a more controlled production process, particularly the level of resin. In addition to this, it also solves the long standing challenge of high incidence of air pockets, which is usually the case when using the conventional manual layup.

The production portfolio of Horizon Yachts consists of the following yacht lines – Euro type, custom-made superyachts, catamaran type, solar yacht, traditional appearance, raised pilothouse and expedition type. 

Horizon Yacht Charter 

Horizon yachts are well suited for yacht charter with family and friends, or corporate yacht rental. There is a selection of Horizon charter yachts below. For more information and a list of yachts that suite your requirements and style, at the destination of your choice, please contact our experienced brokers here

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