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CBI Navi is a premier yacht building company that is based in Viareggio, Italy. ...

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CBI Navi is a premier yacht building company that is based in Viareggio, Italy. It specializes in the construction of high-end luxury yachts and superyachts. Motoryachts and superyachts made out of aluminum and steel alloy are the main elements of its production portfolio. One of the main strengths of CBI Navi is its technical department, as it delivers significant solutions and innovative production techniques and processes. CBI NAVI charter yachts are renowned for their exceptional quality, safety and elegant interiors. There is a small selection of CBI NAVI yacht charter vessels below, however for more information and a list of yachts that best suite your needs, style and requirements, please contact our experienced brokers here

CBI Navi makes use of a complete range of production plans and templates before the actual production activities commence. The company adopts the Vienna Model Basin for the hull’s hydrodynamic capabilities as well other essential performance and safety tests. Further, the company’s range is compliant with the standards set by RINA and Lloyd’s Register of Shipping. 

Motor Yacht ALIBI Alibi Yacht - Toys Alibi superyacht - sundeck

Luxury yacht ALIBI by CBI NAVI

CBI Navi in Perspective

CBI Navi was formally established in 1984 and was known as one of the trusted companies that manufacture yachts with metal hulls and LOAs that go to a maximum of 70 metres. In addition to its original production facility, the company also operates a new production area, which is located in Viareggio Darsena. CBI Navi has had significant contributions to the customised and large yacht niches and has completed quite a number of projects for overseas clients. 

The CBI Navi production facility as well as the brand name has been bought by FIPA, under the leadership of Francesco Guidetti. This was the initial foray by the FIPA Group into the displacement and metal alloy segments. Some of the notable yacht construction projects of CBI Navi are the Virgen del Mar, Metsuyan IV superyacht, motoryacht Alibi and the superyacht Aifos

The company’s production portfolio features high-performance motor yachts made out of aluminium and steel alloys. CBI Navi is able to deliver an end product that is completely custom-made and because of its displacement hulls, owners are able to enjoy the sea with utmost confidence and security. 

Another important feature of these elegant yachts is their navigational speed that ranges from 10 to 14 knots. This is an important element for owners who are looking for a smooth and stable sailing experience. The yacht models are diverse and properly differentiated. However, this fleet of yachts possesses performance parameters that are similar to that of the shuttle, and these include spacious bulwarks and a stern that is distinctively rounded. 

CBI NAVI - superyacht AIFOS

CBI NAVI superyacht AIFOS

Notable Yacht Construction Projects by CBI Navi

One of the milestones of this premier yacht building company was the construction and launch of the highly successful motoryacht, the AIFOS. This is an all-aluminium high performance superyacht that belongs the the CBI 50 line. This 50-metre luxury yacht features a 9-metre beam and a planing hull, which leads to a draft of about 2.3 metres. 

This is the ideal choice for yachting enthusiasts who are exploring islands such as the Bahamas. The motoryacht attains a cruising speed of 21 knots and a top-speed of 24 knots. Its power comes from its 4,200 HP twin MTU 16V diesel engines. Aifos yacht comes with a dark-coloured hull and carries design elements that are associated to its designers, the Hydro Tec and Studio Vafiadis

CBI Navi Yacht Charter

There is a small selection of fabulous vessels available for CBI Navi yacht charter in different parts of the world, and some of them you can see below. However, for more information and a full list of yachts that best suit your needs and style, and are available for yacht rental in your preferred charter destination, contact our experienced brokers here

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