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A yacht charter with CharterWorld is a fantastic way to experience the best of the world's coastline, pristine white beaches, sparkling azure waters, vividly colored marine life, national parks, secluded bays or dynamic nightlife; the list is endless. A yacht charter allows you freedom and choice in some of the most spectacular locations around the world. The biggest yacht charter locations include the Mediterranean, The Caribbean, Florida Keys, The Bahamas and the Whitsunday Islands, in Australia. CharterWorld also has access to all the best charter boats in exotic locations such as the South Pacific, the Seychelles and Thailand.

The charm of a luxury yacht charter vacation is undeniable, but only if you get it right. Like all vacations, chartering requires a certain amount of planning and preparation to optimize success. It needs to be tailored specifically to you. This involves finding and organizing the right yacht and location for you as an individual and also booking flights and other peripheral travel arrangements. A charter specialist such as CharterWorld can use its professional knowledge and experience to organize the best charter vacation smoothly and free of charge. Not only that, but we find the most reasonably priced options with our access to all the contemporary special offers and discounts.

Yacht Rola Why Charter?

If you’ve always craved for privacy, freedom and a touch of luxury, you can’t go far wrong on a luxury charter yacht. From the moment you embark your world will be full of relaxation, pleasure and delight - your professional crew are there to ensure this. For bespoke vacations, chartering a superyacht is certainly the best way forward. There are many reasons why to charter a luxury yacht for your holiday and why the superyacht industry is growing rapidly. Here are just some of them.

Mediterranean Popular Locations

This is a brief rundown of just the most popular superyacht charter locations around the world. The Mediterranean is hands down the most chartered area, where the largest number of private luxury superyachts cruise. Within the Med', destinations like the French and Italian Rivieras, Sardinia, The Balearic Islands in Spain, Croatia and Greece continually remain at the top of the list for those favoured by luxury yacht owners and charterers alike. Outside the Mediterranean, other popular international destinations include the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, America and the Pacific. See all of them here.

Benetti YachtsPopular Yachts

For one reason or another certain yachts are popular. There is a multitude of possible things that make a yacht popular and taste varies. However, generally if they are new, stylish, have a proven crew, offer good value for money, they will be coveted. The other major thing that makes a boat popular is recommendations by charter brokers who have been on the yacht and meet the crew or who have seen very favourable feedback from previous charters on the yacht. Charter yacht popularity is constantly evolving, but here is a selection of yachts we have found to be popular right now.

Icon  YachtsYacht Reviews

The most important yachts get in depth reviews by our experts. We consider how good the yacht is from a yacht design and yacht build perspective as well as how well the superyacht is suited to luxury yacht charters. Pulling together all the informaton, pictures and videos you could possibly need to assess the each yacht for yourself, we also provide impartial reviews and news on what's good and what's not in the world of luxury yacht charter. View the superyacht reviews here.

Yacht coupleTypes of Yacht Charters

There is a vast array of different types and styles of yacht charters available, just as there is an array of different types of yachts. Depending on your interests there are yachts that focus on water sports and adventure, or boats that cruise very fast, so you can quickly flick between destinations. There are sailing yachts designed to inspire under sail and there are explorer yachts which travel great distances in comfort. There are family orientated yachts and there are yachts more suited to corporate events, and there are even yachts more likely to gain access to coveted harbours. Here are the types.

The Jettsetter YachtWhat The Charter Clients Say

Endorsements and positive feedback from yacht charter clients is one of the most important measures of how good a yacht, crew, charter broker and destination really is. Accordingly, we gather feedback from all the clients that are interested in providing it so that we can can use this wealth of real experience to constantly assess the quality of the superyachts and crews that we offer, as well as our own performance. Combined with brokers visiting the boats and crew, this is one crucial way we can recommend the best yachts each year. If you would like to see some of this client feedback go here.

Feadship Yacht HARLEFreedom & Privacy

Private yachts and private yacht charters mean personalisation, privacy, choice and freedom. You are in control. What better way to spend a holiday? There is no better way to enjoy a vacation than in the privacy and safety of your own personal charter yacht. Not only do you get to choose the yacht you would like and where and when you would like to holiday, but also your individual charter broker and your captain & crew will be able to personalise and tailor your experience in a way that makes it a truly private and personal experience. Read more about the privacy aspect of chartering a yacht here.

FLEUR - water toys and funWater Sports

Submarines, swimming pools, underwater sports, yacht slides and floating towable water toys, you name it - there has been a proliferation of yacht toys available when you charter a luxury superyacht. Increasingly, there are new designs and ideas for yacht toys (including water toys and non-water toys) and a whole industry dedicated to this form of yachting entertainment has been born. If you are excited by all the water fun you, your friends and family can discover on a summer charter, go here for more information on water sports.

WINDQUEST_London - Quin BissetYachting Events

You can charter a private or corporate superyacht charter at many of the world's most impressive events. The Cannes Film Festival or the World Cup, the Monaco Grand Prix or the Florida Boat Show, the America's Cup or the Olympics - these are just a handful of the possibilities. A yacht charter is the ideal platform for any event which is coastal or based within a harbour. Not only do you get the best access and views but you can easily entertain friends or associates within a stone's throw of proceedings. View all the events where you can charter a yacht here.

Amels 199Family Charters

A family that plays together, stays together. This wise old maxim offers great advice in today’s stressful and fast paced world where technology rules. Playing together is a very important part of our busy lives that we all too often cut out and there’s no better place to play together as a family than on a relaxing luxury yacht in a beautiful destination, where everyone both young and old has a shared interest. Few special moments can foster family bonding and lasting memories like those experienced on the water on a family yacht charter vacation.View more detailed info on ideal family yacht charters here.

Photo Jeff-BrownWorld Tours

More frequently private luxury yachts are venturing out onto extensive world tours. This year is no exception. These yachts provide charterers with a great and rare opportunity when they pass through exotic locations and provide their guests with a once in a lifetime chance to charter somewhere off the beaten track, in complete luxury. Ever wanted to explore the exotic waterways of the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, The South Pacific, or other hundreds of other adventurous locations? Find out more about world tours here.

Jettsetter Yacht off MonacoSample Itineraries

One great thing about crewed luxury yachts is you can change your plans as you go, depending on the weather or your whims, and so these itinerary are really only a guide. You can choose to do what you wish to do, at any time - and so you are free! If you feel like staying longer in a beautiful anchorage or port then you can. If you discover a place or activity you really enjoy, then you can focus more on it. Nevertheless, CharterWorld has a wealth of chartering information and expert advice available to you. Here are a few sample itineraries to wet your appetite.

Turquoise yachtsGlamour

Choosing a luxury yacht charter vacation is a privileged way to take center stage in the world's most exclusive destinations. Approaching the magnificent coastline of the majestic French Riviera in a superyacht is the perfect way to take in the spectacular views while enjoying a memorable time on board. From champagne parties in St. Tropez or Monaco to romantic evenings in the wonderful atmosphere of Montenegro or Sardinia, this is what vacations are all about, to experience the glamour, to see and be seen! More about glamourous luxury yacht charters here.

Loro Piana Superyacht Regatta Sailing Regattas

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned yacht racer or just searching for a luxury yacht charter vacation, a regatta provides everything needed to get the adrenaline flowing. There's no doubt about it, sailing regattas have increased in popularity over the last few years. Enjoy the sense of community and atmosphere on board with the thrill of the wind under your sails during a regatta which will be determined by skill, endurance, navigation and speed. Winning is the goal but participation is everything. View all the yacht races you can charter at.

74m superyacht cloud 9 launched by CRNYachts New To Charter

In this section you can view all the latest news and information about yachts that are new to the charter market. We keep track of all the luxury yachts that are brand new to the yacht charter market, whether they are newly built and launched boats or whether the are simply newly offered for charter. Also, there is new and opinion on the latest superyachts to be launched around the world, many of which will end up becoming charter yachts in the future. Go here for more on the latest new yachts.

LazzaraOff Season Charters

One of the best charter vacation ‘life hacks’ is organising your vacation during the off season. This way you get the best of both worlds: price and serenity. If you are looking to avoid both the crowds and the highest charter rates, why not try an off season or shoulder season yacht charter? You get the pay much less and you get the beaches to yourself. Chances are your flights will also be cheaper, and less full, along with any other related travel, like hotels and resorts. More about shoulder season or off season charters.

Alfa Nero - Julien Hubert Top 10!

This is the best of the best - the top ten of superyachts and superyacht charter. Whether its the largest yachts, the best destinations, the largest swimming pools, the most famous yachts, the most expensive, the best water toys selection or simply an expert charter broker recommending the best value charter yachts available, this is where we rank, judge and mark luxury yachts and luxury yacht charters. View examples of top 10 yachts and yacht charters.

Here Are Some Feature Yachts to Inspire:

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