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A sailing vacation, as with all luxury yacht charters, is made up of four basic ...

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A sailing vacation, as with all luxury yacht charters, is made up of four basic variables. The first is the type and style of yacht, the second the charter location, the third is the crew on the yacht and the last is you, the charterer. Whether onboard a sailing yacht or a motor yacht, an ideal charter vacation will match all of these variables with you the charter guest, depending on what you or your family and friends are looking for on your vacation and what your particular interests, likes and preferences are.

Sailing yacht anchoredSome sailing vacation locations are suited to different charterers for a variety of reasons. The wind and weather is always an important consideration as is the beauty of the scenery, the harbours and the anchorages. Another very important consideration is the quality and quantity of yachts available in each area from which to choose from. It really does depend on what each individual or family is looking for in their sailing holiday.

Chic restaurants and harbours, empty beaches with a private chef, consistent sailing wind, smooth waters, the latest performance sailing yacht or a spacious and comfortable luxury yacht, a large selection of luxury yachts or just a modest selection – each area offers something different. Likewise different yacht styles and crews are suited to different charterers. A charter consultant with be able to discuss these details with you as you plan your vacation.

Yacht ARISTARCHOSThe Sailing Locations:

The Caribbean is a very well known sailing location due to the warm and consistent trade wind breeze and the beautiful beaches and scenery. Many charter sailing yachts are either based in the Caribbean or sail there in the winter months. There are also famous social yacht races like the St Barts Bucket Regatta and the Antigua SuperYacht Cup. The Caribbean offers famous cruising areas in the Leeward and Windward Islands including places such as the Virgin Islands, St Marten, Anguilla and St Barts as well as Antigua and the Grenadines. Have a look here at the sailing yachts available for a Caribbean yacht charter sailing vacation.

Another well known destination for luxury sailing yacht vacations is the Mediterranean Sea, during summer months. With the largest selection of yachts available, in any area worldwide, Western Mediterranean locations such as the South of France (Riviera), Sardinia and Italy offer beautiful scenery, culture and food as well as every type of sailing yacht imaginable. While the wind is typically not as consistent and settled as the Caribbean with her trade winds, the beauty and cultural experiences of the Western Med’ makes up for reduced time under sail.

A Sunreef YachtThe other side of the Mediterranean, the Eastern Med’, tends to generally have more wind for sailing yachts. This area includes Croatia, Greece and Turkey. A more relaxed area, there are also some amazing sights and experiences to be had in the East Med with literally thousands of islands to sail around. There is also a very good selection of sailing yachts here as yachts traveling to the area bolster the numbers of yachts which are based there.

Other well established sailing vacation locations include The Bahamas, New England, The Pacific North West, The South Pacific, The Seychelles & Maldives, as well as South East Asia, & Australasia. Without going into all of them, each one offers something different and unique from a landscape point of view and also weather conditions. There is also a unique selection of sailing yachts in each place. Please go to the locations section to read about each one. At any time there is also a selection of yachts which are cruising around the world and can offer unique holidays in exotic and remote places where there are not normally charter yachts based.

The Yachts

There are a huge number of different luxury sailing yachts and crews available around the world. Each one offers something different and unique, just as each location does. For example there are the latest race yachts, or performance yachts, large and spacious cruising yachts, motor sailors, gullets, classic yachts and catamarans, to name a few. Within these different types there are also of course different sizes and charter prices. Once again, our professional charter brokers have first hand knowledge of the sailing yachts and their crews in each location and they will be able to recommend the best and most suitable yachts for your vacation.

Luxury Yacht Victoria Of StrathearnA sailing vacation can be the most relaxing way to spend your annual leave. There are many reasons why a sailing charter vacation is a great option. The main one is flexibility and independence. On a sailing vacation you can enjoy the sun and the scenery in some of the world’s most beautiful spots, but most importantly, you can escape from the onshore crowds. Imagine the difference: Instead of jumping on a plane with 200 others, all off on the same package holiday, you can choose every aspect of your charter vacation, as you wish.

You can sail when you like, eat when you like and literally you go where you like. On a sailboat charter, you can reach secluded bays and untouched beaches. The best part about a charter boat is choice. You can berth in port to enjoy fantastic nightlife, restaurants and great facilities. You can anchor in a sheltered bay, appreciate the sounds of nature and gaze at the twinkling stars, reflecting off the water. A charter vacation can be many things.

Another type of sailing holiday can also be aboard a fully crewed vessel, with other fee paying passengers. Many of the large classic yachts offer sailing vacations of this kind. A typical example would be a traditional Turkish Gullet. Such a charter vacation provides the guidance, basic facilities and services of a cruise boat, all aboard a fine, classic vessel. This type of sailing vacation has the upper hand on authenticity and local knowledge. Usually, the crews have been employed for years and know the cruising area intimately. This type of charter vacation is also a great way to meet new people, especially if there are only two of you. Imagine if you had to organize four of your friends before you could go on your sailing vacation, it may never happen!

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