Private Yacht Charters

A luxury yacht charter holiday on a private yacht is a very different experience

Private Yacht Charters

"Private yachts and private yacht charters mean personalisation, privacy, choice and freedom. You are in control. What better way to spend a holiday?"

There is no better way to enjoy a vacation than in the privacy and safety of your own personal charter yacht. Not only do you get to choose the yacht you would like and where and when you would like to holiday, but also your individual charter broker and your captain & crew will be able to personalise and tailor your experience in a way that makes it a truly private and personal experience. An experience that is tailored specifically to your requirements and fancies, and those of your guests, be they family or friends.

So, what benefits do you get from the private nature of a superyacht charter? Well obviously there is privacy, but the other main benefit is freedom of choice. You don’t just charter the boat, you are also hiring the crew and you are choosing a location (and itinerary), so you can also request many things that suit you and your charter party along the way. For instance, you can choose the yacht type and location you desire, choose the cuisine you would like, choose the time of year you wish to go, choose whether you want an energetic and engaging crew style or whether you would rather they were more discreet and gave you more privacy, choose what type of experiences you would like to focus on – water sports, relaxation, nightlife, entertainment, or all of the above.

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One of the best things about freedom of choice is that you can change your mind about itineraries or activities you wish to do. But, with all this freedom of choice you may think that you could get lost in endless decision making. However your charter broker and your captain are the knowledgeable experts that will help advise you both before and during your vacation, according to your likes and dislikes, interests and intentions.

The luxury yacht charter industry rents out privately owned yachts precisely to create this type of freedom and privacy - the epitome of a luxury vacation. This is the best of the best. Each of the superyachts is owned individually by a private yacht owner, with their own tastes and style. Similarly, the yachts have been designed and built by yacht designers and naval architects, all with their own personality of style. Accordingly, it is important to use a broker to help match you with your ideal yacht, both in terms of the yacht’s crew, amenities and water toys but also its interior decoration and exterior styling. Likewise, when you embark on your charter vacation you will be able to enjoy the yacht privately as your own. In this way yacht chartering is very different to cruise ships, even the most luxurious ones because cruise ships are public and you share your ship and it’s amenities with others. Private yachts and private yacht charters mean personalisation, privacy, choice and freedom. You are in control. What better way to spend a holiday?

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