Popular Yacht Charter Locations

This is a brief rundown of just the most popular superyacht charter locations ...

The Most Popular Yacht Charter Locations

This is a brief rundown of just the most popular superyacht charter locations around the world. If you are interested in more detailed information please follow the links to read more about each location.

The Mediterranean

Captivating culture, a magnetic draw, a riot of colour and dramatic views. These are just a few of the phrases that describe the beautiful Mediterranean.  With its balmy climate, you can spend lazy days on the deck of a yacht charter or explore the many different coastlines. Whether it’s Croatia, Italy, France, Spain or Greece you’re heading for, you definitely won’t be disappointed in the Med. On your sailing adventure, you’re sure to pass by diverse landscapes. Watch out for lush forests, precipitous mountain ranges as well as sensational orchards of lemon and orange trees. The Mediterranean is also home to mysterious caves, sun drenched beaches and impressive marine life.

For an unforgettable charter vacation, make the Med your next destination. Enjoy the vibrant cities, historical landmarks and exclusive resorts en route. The Mediterranean is also perfect for underwater enthusiasts. It has top snorkelling and scuba diving areas where you can see unique fish, colourful coral reefs and more often than not, shipwrecks. Around the Med there’s so much to do.  Dance the night away in nightclubs, play a round of golf on manicured greens, have a flutter in a casino or go on a spending spree in boutique shops.

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Amels 180 Mediterranean

The French Riviera

A truly marvellous destination, the French Riviera is the place to see and be seen. For a touch of sophistication, elegance and style, the French Riviera has it all. With its spectacular beaches, delicious cuisine and rugged coastlines, there’s no better place to charter a superyacht. Stretching right to the Italian Border from the east of Marseille, this destination also known as the Côte d'Azur takes in the principality of Monaco. Other exciting locations include Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes and Nice. Beauty, glamour and celebrities come to mind when you mention the French Riviera, so live like a star and charter a yacht here.

The French Riviera has some of the most tranquil anchorages, miles and miles of vineyards, interesting pine woods and stunning fjords. Sail past many seaside villages, ask the captain to drop anchor and try a local coffee. Taste the high life while on vacation in this beautiful location, you never know you may spot a celebrity or two. Dine in one of the many mouth-watering restaurants and breathe in the glitzy atmosphere all around you. The French Riviera is a mecca for famous people who love its charm, winding cobbled streets and breath-taking scenery.

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Antibes, France


Discover medieval villages perched on mountainsides, sun kissed beaches, luxurious resorts and boutique shopping when sailing along the Italian coast. There’s a mix of amazing architecture, history, fashion and food in this beautiful part of the world. Put Italy on your yacht charter bucket list sooner rather than later. The Italian Riviera is one of today’s awe-inspiring destinations especially the west coast with Capri, Naples, Ravello, Rome and Salerno. If you love rolling landscapes of vineyards, curved bays and secluded coves, then head for Tuscany.

Sail to the Amalfi Coast for its natural beauty and laid-back atmosphere. Amalfi is a UNESCO World Heritage site with magnificent hilltop towns, lemon groves and long winding roads. It’s the ideal destination to charter a superyacht.  There are gourmet restaurants, luxury resorts and quaint whitewashed houses dotted all over. Just north of Sicily is a volcanic archipelago where rising out of the azure blue sea are the Aeolian Islands. Well worth a visit. Next on your Italian superyacht itinerary, travel eastwards to Venice, famous for its Bridge of Sighs, waterways and gondoliers. Ravenna, Trieste and Rimini all have rustic charm, ancient churches, well-known landmarks and of course the relaxing and ambient Italian atmosphere.

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Antelope III - In Portofino, Italy


With a mainly mountainous landscape, Sardinia oozes charm, old traditions and nature at its best. During your voyage you’ll see lush woodland, small deserts, marshes as well as wild horses, beautifully coloured birds and deer. Sail close to the rugged coastline that has many quirky coves, bays and spectacular beaches. The Nuragic monuments provide a taste of ancient culture and are scattered throughout Sardinia. These intriguing testimonies of a bygone age were built using huge blocks of stones which were positioned around a central cone shaped tower. There are many other archaeological sites too including the Barumini complex that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Emerald coloured waters surround the sensational island of Sardinia. The island itself is a mix of chic, ancient and cosmopolitan history. It boasts many designer boutiques, fine restaurants, vibrant bars and exhilarating night life. This Italian destination is very popular with charter yacht guests. Stop off at the secluded coves, explore further inland or enjoy a bottle of champagne on one of the many idyllic beaches. Speaking of beaches, the beach at Liscia Ruja sparkles with pink coloured sand.  It is surrounded by juniper trees, cistus and strawberry trees, heaven! Off the coast of Sardinia there’s an uninhabited island called Mortorio which also has a beautiful beach. Drop anchor overnight to enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude this small island offers.

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The Sardinia Loro Piana Regatta


Croatia is hot, sunny and on average has about twelve hours of sunshine each day in May and June. This rises to thirteen during July and August, so what could be better if you’re a sun worshipper? Croatia offers value for money in every respect, from eating to drinking, entertainment to holiday accommodation. In Split there are the ruins of Diocletian’s Palace which by the way was used in filming the popular series Games of Thrones. Bars, shops and restaurants have sprung up among the temples, walls, columns and underground cellars of this ancient palace. Make sure you put Diocletian’s Palace on your charter yacht itinerary!

Croatia has spectacular beaches, awesome national parks, huge mountain ranges and friendly locals. Between Split and Dubrovnik, the coastline is absolutely stunning. There are secluded beaches, peaceful inlets, medieval harbours and picturesque ports, so don’t forget your camera. Inland there are many vineyards and shaded olive groves to explore while the coastal resorts of Brac and Zlatni Rat are perfect water sports locations. Don’t forget to visit the famous wineries and spend a day visiting the interesting art museums. For shopaholics, there are shops galore where you’ll find high quality branded products and designer label goods.

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UNESCO town of Sibenik blue hour view Dalmatia Croatia


Spain and the nearby Spanish islands offer a balmy, all year-round climate. There’s exciting nightlife, fantastic shopping and relaxing days on the beach to look forward to. Find your slice of Spanish heaven in a rural retreat, the bustling streets or on idyllic islands. Friendly locals will welcome you as you disembark from your superyacht charter so why not learn a few Spanish words so you can have a chat? The Balearic Islands are charming, appealing and a fantastic location to sail to. With ancient fishing villages, quiet bays and safe anchorages, step off your yacht and indulge in the delicious Spanish cuisine.

Make the most of every moment of your yacht charter vacation in the sunshine. The Iberian Peninsula is famous for its seafaring past, cosmopolitan cities and interesting history. Step back in time walking along the labyrinth of streets which haven’t changed since the time of the Moors. There are many festivals to enjoy, flamenco dancing to watch along with beautiful countryside to explore. Green valleys, lively ports and white sandy beaches await you in the Canary Islands or take the opportunity to visit Lanzarote, La Palma or Playa del Ingles. There’s something for everyone in Spain making it one of the best locations to cruise to in the world.

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Shamanna sailing yacht by Nautors Swan - off Palma, Spain


Marvel at the ancient ruins, traditionally styled tavernas, exotic beaches and vibrant nightlife in Greece. Whichever island you visit you’ll certainly love every minute spent there. The Greek people are noted for their hospitality and friendliness. Don’t just see Greece, experience it! With its rich culture and heritage, Greece attracts many yacht charter visitors each year. There are old cities, fishing villages, exquisite shopping opportunities, splendid palaces and the most beautiful gardens to see. Vacations are covered from every angle to suit all tastes. Sail to the Ionian Islands, the Cyclades or the Argo-Saronic Islands, all of which are a short distance away from Athens, the capital of Greece.

The waters around Greece provide a great place for many water activities like scuba diving, snorkelling or playing with water toys.  Inland, how about exploring the intriguing olive groves, vineyards, ruins of a bygone age or just relax and people watch? Greece is a perfect destination for cruising to especially with its amazing beaches, candle lit restaurants, friendly bars and cafes. The coastline offers the perfect scenic background for cruising in the Mediterranean, one you will never tire of. It’s definitely an alluring country and one that shouldn’t be missed off your sailing yacht charter itinerary.

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Corinth Canal superyacht - Greece


You can’t go far wrong when chartering a superyacht in Europe. This region offers exciting locations to visit like England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Norway and many more. Each country has its own jaw-dropping scenery, beautiful vistas, ancient traditions as well as fabulous coastlines. Apart from the hot Mediterranean countries, weather conditions vary enormously in Northern Europe. There are all kinds of sailing adventures available in Europe such as on board crewed yachts, catamarans, power boats and charter yachts. Summer’s the ideal time for island hopping. Experience a unique charter itinerary sailing to wonderful cruising grounds, coastlines that appear out of the horizon and spectacular uninhabited islands.

Whether you’re a sun worshiper, prefer to chill out on a sun deck or love a more energetic lifestyle, Europe has everything you could possibly wish for. With its pleasant climate and slow pace of life, it’s a popular location that visitors flock to. Find quiet tavernas in Greece, colourful markets in Turkey, golden sands in Croatia or be spellbound at the stunning Norwegian fjords. With such a huge variety of places to see here, you are quite spoilt for choice. Before making your final decision do a little research on European yacht charter destinations. 

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Yacht KISMET by Lurssen in London

The Caribbean

Palm-fringed beaches, warm waters, colonial history and lots of adventure await you in the Caribbean. On your charter yacht vacation visit beautiful Barbados, a tropical island where afternoon tea and cricket are very popular. There’s also the pretty island of Saint Lucia, the Bahamas a slice of holiday heaven, or Grand Cayman, ideal for sunbathing, snorkelling and scuba diving.  A jamboree of jewels, the Caribbean is like a dream but it’s real. On the many islands, you’ll discover lush green forests, bleached sandy beaches, bustling ports and delicious cuisine. Every island has its own unique personality. Martinique is elegant, Grenada has a very attractive port, and St Kitts is known for its diverse diving sites. Go mountain biking in Bermuda, soak up the friendly atmosphere of Curacao or just relax under the bluest of skies.

The Caribbean is more glorious than you ever imagined with its rapidly changing seas, tranquil spots to see amazing marine life and magical dive sites. Push your boundaries to the limit on a zip line in Labadee or enjoy an off-road safari along the rocky, rugged coastline. With so many hotspots to anchor at in the Caribbean there’s no shortage of things to do and see. From medieval structures overlooking golden sands, impressive scenery as well as calm serenity, make the Caribbean your next destination.

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The Bahamas Swimming Pigs

The Bahamas

If it’s paradise you’re after on a yacht charter vacation, then the Bahamas certainly take some beating. With their mild climate, white sandy beaches and warm sea, these islands are a dream location. Take the opportunity to explore the many cays and for scuba divers there are spectacular barrier reefs to see, some several thousands of years old.  This location in the Caribbean has excellent sailing conditions too with shallow waters in the Abaco Sea. Why not try deep sea fishing or a day tour of Nassau on New Providence Island? If you’re going ashore and love shopping, Bay Street is the best place to visit. You’ll get a very warm welcome from the inhabitants here who are friendly and laid back.

Remember to call at the Sunbury Plantation House, a huge Jacobean mansion built when sugar cane was farmed here. If you want a taste of the local rum, check out the Mount Gay Rum Distillery. For those who enjoy vibrant nightlife, the world’s your oyster. Nassau has many restaurants, night clubs, casinos and bars. After a fantastic night, relax on the beach the next day before boarding your superyacht charter to sail onward to the next island in the Caribbean. Say goodbye to the Bahamas with their captivating culture, promising to return one day.

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Caribbean paradise

The Virgin Islands

Sail into the heart of paradise that’s known as the Virgin Islands, including the British Virgin Islands and the US Virgin Islands. With their riot of colour, magnetic draw and dramatic views, these islands are a must on any yacht charter itinerary. Known for their white sandy beaches, sensational reefs and lush green hills, the Virgin Islands make for a splendid destination. Explore the secluded bays, idyllic coves, hiking trails, national parks and romantic retreats. The main islands here are St John, St Thomas and St Croix. St John is tranquil offering quiet pathways in the forests, elegant boutique shopping and exciting bars. St Thomas is also a shopper’s dream and ideal for those who like to dance the night away. The quaint island of St Croix is adorned with pretty Danish colonial buildings and has great dining options.

All of the islands here are unique with their beautiful anchorages and superb beaches. Why not visit the sugar plantations and learn about the Virgin Islands’ history? For those who enjoy more energetic activities, there’s kayaking, hiking, snorkelling and surfing. With so much to see and do, the Virgin Islands has everything and more for visitors all year round. One of the not-to-be-missed activities is a visit to the 700ft high sky lift in Charlotte Amalie. Enjoy the most spectacular views of the town and surrounding area, so put it on your to-see list as soon as possible.

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Tortola British Virgin Islands

St Barts

St Barts or Saint Barthelemy is a volcanic island surrounded by shallow reefs. The capital is Gustavia where the main harbour is located. A very popular tourist destination, St Barts’ culture, cuisine and language are distinctly French. With this French flavour and Caribbean atmosphere, it’s certainly a location that you’ll totally enjoy. Breathe in the gorgeous perfumes of spices and bougainvillea as you walk along the quaint streets. There’s style, glamour and a relaxing atmosphere in St Barts as well as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Everything about the island oozes beauty and elegance from small fishing villages, precipitous hills, marine parks right through to the underwater marine life. With surreal diving sites, you can venture beyond the reefs to see a dazzling world under the seas.

Each year St Barts is host to sailing and yachting events, one of which is the St Barts Bucket. Sounds exciting! Roman Abramovich holds his yearly New Year’s Eve party here on board his superyacht, the Eclipse. What better reason to moor your superyacht charter in the stunning harbour. If you plan to take your vacation over the New Year, be prepared to see a glittering firework display which lights up the skies. What a sight!

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St Barths - Gustavia


Antigua is one of the Leeward Islands located in the Caribbean. It’s an island in the West Indies and is also known as Wadadli or Waladli by the locals. With its warm winds, beautiful harbours and a wall of coral reef, it was also the destination of Admiral Nelson in 1784. Antigua has a stunning coastline with white powdery, sandy beaches and waters that attract divers from around the globe. Temperatures here are very pleasant in the winter and rise in the summer months. Enjoy sailing to some of Antigua’s exclusive resorts, past magical bays and impressive inlets.

Antigua is a haven for yacht charter visitors who love to dine in fabulous restaurants and shop in beautiful boutiques. Don’t miss Nelson’s Dockyard National Park which is an iconic landmark on this lovely island. St John’s the island’s capital, is not to be missed either. Here you can see the dramatic Baroque style St John’s Cathedral which dominates the sky line. Put St John’s on your travel itinerary for its vibrant shopping malls, great restaurants and lots of great things to see. Why not visit Stingray City? You can feed stingrays and learn more about these friendly, captivating creatures.

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English harbour Antigua Sailing Week

St Martin

Part of the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean, St Martin is two countries in one. It’s divided by its northern French side, Saint-Martin and the southern Dutch side, Sint Maarten. Home to sugar-white sandy beaches, magnificent coves, delicious cuisine and captivating nightlife St Martin is a favourite location on the yacht charter circuit. St Martin has a lovely warm climate all year round, a cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly locals. From your charter yacht why not take a tour of the island to tropical forests, sun-drenched beaches and interesting fishing villages? There are also sunset boat trips, diving adventures, nightclubs, casinos and beach parties to enjoy.

This unique Caribbean island has it all from great food, plenty of shops and boutiques, to fantastic beaches, water sports as well as a huge choice of nightlife. Whenever you decide to drop anchor at St Martin, expect a warm welcome as you have the time of your life. One thing’s for sure, you won’t get bored in St Martin. Each year there’s the Heineken Regatta, so plan your visit to coincide with this popular yearly yacht race. There’s also the popular St Martin Carnival. Listen to the live calypso music, watch parades of dancers, try the tasty, local cuisine and have fun. It’s what yacht charter vacations are all about.

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St Martin

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