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Below is the complete BVI Charter Guide and list of yachts available.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charters

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The stunning and diverse Caribbean beckons yacht charterer holiday makers back year after year. With its beautiful climate, fantastic coral reefs, palm trees and exotic tropical islands, there are lots of reasons to make this your next sailing destination. Don’t forget the rum cocktails either! As the second largest yacht charter area, only after the Mediterranean, there are many luxury yachts available for your Caribbean yacht charter and you can view some of the yachts below or here.

The British Virgin Islands are one of the classic Caribbean yacht charter vacation areas. Its a famous spot for either a sailing or motor boat vacation. This page runs through some of the must see islands and bays and also gives some useful information to ensure your holiday is the best that it can be in this beautiful corner of the Caribbean Sea.

The British Virgin Islands is perfectly suited to both sailing yacht and motor yacht vacations, mono-hulls and catamarans. A British Virgin Islands yacht charter vacation is one or the more famous in all the Caribbean due to the amazing beaches and anchorages to explore. It is also an area that boasts a huge range of yachts to choose from. Discover some of the must-see spots and must-do activities to make your holiday or event charter an outstanding success.

The BVIs are comprised of approximately 50 volcanic islands, islets and cays that provide extensive cruising grounds for any superyacht charter group.

Unlike the US Virgin Islands, buildings in the BVIs are far more limited and regulations prevent construction taller than the surrounding palm trees. Primary access to the islands is via ferry or luxury yacht, and without direct flights to the major airports the islands have struck a balance between tourist numbers and luxury services.

Virgin Gorda

From the main island of Tortola to the beach bars of Jost Van Dyke and the pearly white beaches of Virgin Gorda, visitors to the British Virgin Islands will have their choice of safe and beautiful anchorages surrounded by lovely waterside restaurants and bars or nothing but untouched coastal forests and blue water as far as the eye can see. Light winds create optimal conditions for sailing and learning new water toys such as wind surfers and kite surfers, while beneath the glassy waters there are myriad dive and snorkel sites just waiting to be discovered. This gentle and serene environment was once the hideaway for cutthroat pirates and buccaneers, from which they launched raids in pursuit of galleon gold.

Distilleries, forts, prisons and plantations are the remnants of the region's colourful - and oftentimes violent - past and are interspersed with lively bars, restaurants and galleries that balance a satisfying day on land between culture and life in the moment.

What Is The Cost to Charter A Private Yacht in the Caribbean?

The Price for a crewed yacht charter vacation in the Caribbean varies between 15,000 USD all-inclusive to over 1,000,000 USD plus expenses for a superyacht. Find out more about costs here or visit the Caribbean Special Deals here or all the boat listings here.

5 quick Reasons to Charter a Yacht in the British Virgin Islands:

Picturesque locations, Incredible variety in snorkel and dive sites, Magnificent beaches and bays across the islands, World famous bars and New Year’s parties, Fantastic festivals and regattas

More about This Corner of the Caribbean

The British Virgin Islands in the Leeward Islands are the northernmost point of the Lesser Antilles island chain, which also consists of popular destinations St. Barths, St. Lucia and the Grenadines. As a destination situated south east of the Turks & Caicos Islands and north of the US Virgin Islands, their position makes them an excellent starting or terminal destination for a luxury yacht charter.

The region is well known as the world's second most popular luxury yacht charter destination after the Mediterranean luxury yacht charter grounds over the summer season. One of the main reasons to come to the Caribbean and Bahamas during the winter is to escape the cold and celebrate the festive period on the incredible white and pink sand beaches, with all of your on board luxuries for an indulgent trip.

Tortola Island is the biggest island (at 26 square kms) with the largest population. It also has the most shops, restaurants, hotels and yacht charter operators, along with some great rain forest. Virgin Gorda is the second biggest at 8 square kms. Some of the other Islands scattered about the place include Jost Van Dyke, Great Camanoe, Norman, Peter, Salt, Cooper, Ginger, Dead Chest, and Anegada. The British Virgin Islands offers yacht charters plenty of superb islands and calm water cruising - all in one relatively closely grouped area.

Jost Van Dyke is a major yacht charter anchorage where little bars line the beach at Great Harbor. Many of the other Islands only have a single hotel or restaurant or are completely uninhabited. Most, like Peter Island, offer great anchorages for charter yachts and their crew to relax for the night.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Experiences

The main island of Tortola is the most developed and has a wide variety of attractions both on land and in the sea: Get you land legs with a stroll through the fragrant J. R. O'Neal Botanical Gardens then delve into the past with a visit to Her Majesty's Prison Museum, the 1780 Lower Estate Sugar Works Museum and the Callwood Distillery - still in use and sure to be a favourite with many of the adults in your group. In Road Town there is a fantastic selection of restaurants and bars along the waterfront, and you can pick up a memorable souvenir from The Gallery near the Old Government House Museum.

The afternoons are perfect for unwinding on a warm sandy beach, and Cane Garden Bay on Tortola is a favourite spot for surfers. Snorkelers and Scuba divers are not to be outdone, however, with a plethora of sites across the island and throughout the BVIs in general: Elizabeth Beach and Smuggler's Cove have the crystal clarity water for which the region is renowned, and the lagoons are home to a breath-taking variety of vibrant fish, crabs, starfish and flora that will make incredible videos or photos to share with family and friends back home. Adjoining Tortola is Beef Island, and in Trellis Bay on each month's full moon there is the Fireball Full Moon Party where you can moor your luxury yacht and enjoy family entertainment including live music, sky dancers and a buffet.

Jost Van Dyke is the famous party island home to the Soggy Dollar Bar and Foxy's - the places to be come New Year's Eve. Throughout the rest of the year, its beaches are a wonderland for water sports and relaxation surrounded by nature, however if you're looking for some music and refreshing cocktails without returning to your luxury yacht, the isolated beach bars will fulfil your desires.

For kitesurfing and windsurfing, the North Sound on Virgin Gorda is protected by Eustatia Reef, keeping conditions manageable for beginners while intermediate and advanced users will still find a challenge. Scuba divers and snorkelers have caves, tunnels, grottoes, wrecks, lagoons and sea walls throughout the British Virgin Islands to spend their time, and the islands west of Virgin Gorda have some prime spots: Mountain Point has grottoes, archways and corals that are accessible to novices at a depth of 12m/40ft, while The Invisibles is a submerged pinnacle covered in soft corals and sponges that give the location its vivid colours.

After all the time spent underwater, lie out, dry off and appreciate the fresh air and ambient sounds amongst Spring Bay Beach or Devil's Bay - two incredible sandy crescents along the coast that epitomise paradise on Earth.

Caribbean Map British Virgin Islands

Did you know that:

  • Fungi is known as a local music style?
  • Sir Richard Branson owns Necker Island, one of the British Virgin Islands, and it can be chartered for up to 20 guests?
  • Dead chest is a cay on which Blackbeard is thought to have left 15 rebellious crew each with a cutlass and a flask of rum?

As one of the best known charter grounds in the Caribbean the British Virgin Islands have many different types of yacht charter available such as on motor yachts, sailing charters, skippered, crewed yachts, catamarans, power boat, sailboats, luxury yachts and off-course the ever increasing superyacht charter.

The main Caribbean and British Virgin Islands yachting season runs from November through to July. The primary high season is from mid-December to March when the winter escapees from North America and Europe arrive in their greatest numbers. The hurricane season is from late July to early October, although hurricanes are in general rare and more likely to hit the East Coast of the U.S. than the Caribbean. This is the least expensive time for chartering in the Caribbean in general and British Virgin Islands in particular. However as well as running the risk of storms this time of year also tends to be associated with lighter or non existent winds. As with many yacht charter locations the British Virgin Islands shoulder season, in this case from April to July, is a great time to charter a yacht as it has less shore based visitors, some lovely settled sunny weather and warm steady breeze.

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) in the Caribbean are truly a superb luxury yacht charter location and here are some more things to see and do:

The British Virgins Islands is the place of yachting and yacht charter legend as well as pirate legends. This is where the famous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach, or Edward  Thatch) sailed the British Virgin Islands and lived at Soper's Hole between the years of 1715 and 1718. Here are some interesting places to take in on you BVI yacht charter:

The Bight and the Caves
The Bight at Norman Island is an easy cruise from Tortola and you can stop off at "The Caves" for a swim and snorkel in our warm Caribbean waters or cruise to the nearby "The Bight" for lunch. The famous  Caribbean novel called "Treasure Island" written by Robert Louis Stevenson's was inspired by Norman Island and The Caves. The nearby Peter & Cooper Island is also of interest.
William Thornton - Norman Island
The William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant, or the "Willy - T", serves a great lunch. A sailing landmark in the British Virgin Islands, the William Thornton offers good fun, great food, and wonderful staff.

The Indians
The "Indians" provide a great snorkelling and scuba site on your British Virgin Islands adventure. Then there is  Peter Island where you can anchor up at Dead Man's Bay. Dead Man's Bay has a world class beach where you can enjoy a lovely swim on this 'world class' British Virgin Islands beach and the local beach bar is worth a try. Salt Island is also fun nearby island you might want to see with its inland natural salt pond which was used for salt by the little settlement of British Virgin Islanders.  Salt island is also where you can investigate or dive the very interesting old ship Wreck of the 'Rhone' which is a British Royal Mail steamship that sank during a hurricane in the Virgin Islands way back in 1867. This was the location for the movie called the "The Deep". Nearby the Cooper Island Beach Club offers a local restaurant and bar for evening entertainment.

The British Virgin Island Baths
One very interesting thing to see in the British Virgin Islands is the "The Baths" which are located at the southern tip of Virgin Gorda. An amazing rock formation there are also excellent Elkhorn coral for those who like to snorkel. There are several restaurants and beach bars to enjoy at Gorda Sound and Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and the Bitter End Yacht Club cater to yacht provisioning so that you crew can stock up on more fresh food.

Gorda Sound, Beef Island & Marina Cay
The North Sound offers good swimming as does Trellis Bay, Beef Island or Marina Cay, south east of Great Camanoe and west of Virgin Gorda. Trellis Bay is a protected harbour home to "The Last Resort" restaurant and cabaret. Pusser's is located at Marina Cay, offering typical North American dishes.

Guana Island, Tortola or Jost Van Dyke
Set sail for the incomparable Monkey Point at Guana Island a beautiful place to see and a place to find some of the best snorkelling in the BVI. Cane Garden Bay, Tortola and White Bay, Jost Van Dyke are also worthwhile places to visit. Jost Van Dyke offers several places to enjoy fresh seafood. Here for onshore establishments you have the choice of Quito Rymer and Foxy Callwood of Foxy's Bar & Restaurant. Decisions,

Sandy Spit, Green Cay & Soper's Hole
Sandy Cay or Sandy Spit and Green Cay also boast fantastic snorkelling and is not far from Soper's Hole, Tortola. In Soper's Hole, you will find Pusser's Landing and the Jolly Roger Restaurant. Norman or Peter Island and the Bight or Little Harbour are other place worthy of mention.

Things to Consider:

Yachting Seasons & Climate: 

The temperature throughout the year remains steady around 28°C/82°F, however the dry season from January until July is considered the best time to visit due to reduced humidity and less chance of rain per day. With that being said, the wet season tends to experience localised rain in short heavy downpour, and you can easily sail away from the storm clouds to the next sun-kissed island.

Clothing to Pack For Your Charter: Dress smart casual for visiting the sights and restaurants in town, with a kaftan or other similar loose-fitting garment for the bars along the coast after a swim or sunbathe. After sunset the cool evening breeze might cause a chill, especially in the shoulder seasons, so bring an extra layer to keep off the winds.

Main Ports and Marinas: Bitter End Yacht Club, Tortola Yacht Club, Nanny Cay Resort & Marina, Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour

Famous Restaurants & Clubs: Foxy's Beach Bar, Cooper Island Rum Bar, Soggy Dollar Bar, Bomba's Shack

A Must See Attraction: Spring Bay National Park,

Best beaches to visit in your yacht:

Elizabeth Beach, a.k.a. Lambert Bay (Tortola), Smuggler's Cove (Tortola), Cane Garden Bay Beach (Tortola), White Bay Beach (Jost Van Dyke), Cow Wreck Beach (Anegada), Devil's Bay (Virgin Gorda), The Baths (Virgin Gorda), Spring Bay Beach (Virgin Gorda), Deadman's Bay Beach (Peter Island), Fallen Jerusalem Beach (Fallen Jerusalem Island), Sandy Spit Beach (Sandy Spit), Loblolly Bay Beach (Loblolly Bay)

Local Yacht Events: BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, Fireball Full Moon Parties, BVI Music Festival, Wreck Week, 

Best time to go:

The dry season runs from January to July and temperatures hover around 28°C/82°F and the lower humidity makes for a more pleasant time out and about on land. November and December are also a great time to visit with the Christmas and New Year festivities ensuring that there is plenty to see and do during the peak of the season.

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Come sailing in the British Virgin Islands - There's nothing quite like it anywhere in the Caribbean and perhaps anywhere in the whole world!

Below is a selection of outstanding British Virgin Islands charter yachts - for more information and additional yachts, contact us here.

British Virgin Islands Yacht Charter Enquiry

Trina, Everything was perfect! The yacht, the crew, activities... The crew in particular was off the charts! They really did go out of their way to please us. Please release the full amount of the gratuity. I have nothing but good things to talk about the charter, an opinion shared amongst all of the guests. Thank you for all your help with the charter of Miracle, everything went smoothly and you were very professional and efficient during the whole process. I will not hesitate in contacting you for our next charter (next year, hopefully!!). Miracle BVI's charter (british Virgin Islands) Caribbean in April

Yachting Destinations In and Around the British Virgin Islands

In close proximity to the British Virgin Islands are a number of exciting sailing destination.

Yachts for Charter in the British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands (BVI) Superyacht News

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