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Hi LJ, Captain Marcus was fantastic, really recommended a great itinerary and took good care of us. Chef Jack was AMAZING!!! He put an incredible buffet spread out every day for lunch which was great to accommodate all palates, however everyone is whining that they gained weight :) Yacht - it is an older yacht but very well maintained and clean, good spaces, very comfortable accommodations. It was very stable underway, even with two overnight crossings during the itinerary, and two of the guests who tend to get very seasick didn't even realize that they were underway and slept very restfully on both passages. We wouldn't hesitate to book Perle Bleue again, and would absolutely recommend the yacht and crew to others. Yacht PERLE BLEUE / Napes-Naples, Italy / October 2023
Hi Nick. Thanks for the follow up and apologies for the delayed response. We have been traveling further in Europe and I’m behind in correspondence. Re: Pathos and our experience, I’m really not sure where to start. The boat itself was everything and more than described “in the brochure”! A superbly well-maintained vessel, and a great layout with plenty spaces to enjoy whatever the day delivered. More than enough toys to keep us all occupied and in general, a pleasure to be on. Spyros, the Skipper, was a great bloke and he obviously knew his stuff. We spent time in a number of glorious locations, and he went to no end of trouble to ensure that wherever we were, was the best on offer at the time. We were blessed with fabulous weather, and he made the most of that. But perhaps the highlight for all of us was the crew in general. We simply couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, helpful, and generally lovely bunch of guys and gals to look after us. They were amazing, a lot of fun, knowledgeable, interesting, experienced, and simply made every day more special than the last. Of particular note was the food that Chef Fostis created. We all agreed that we had never had better food anywhere. It was unbelievable and the variety was something else. How he did it remains a mystery to us, but he delivered in spades. All in all, we could not fault any aspect and were incredibly grateful for the week that we had. It goes without saying that I would recommend Pathos and its crew to anyone and I struggle to fathom how our week could have been any better than it was. Thanks for the part you played in it all and hopefully, we’ll be back to do it again some time in the not-too-distant future. Thanks again. DR Yacht PATHOS / Ionian / 9-16 September 2023
Hi Martha, Ouranos was amazing! The crew was superb! We absolutely loved them! I think this is the first time we’ve had a Captain who always arrived at places on time. He also showed us places we had never seen. Ioanna and Fatima were very catering, friendly, and pleasant to be around. My dad loved fishing with Rael! Also, this was the first time that the crew were following my mom the whole time she was swimming. Before, they would give up by day 3 or 4 because she swims at least an hour each time. Marinel and Nikki were wonderful in taking care of our rooms. Thank you for organizing our memorable trip! Best, MN. Yacht OURANOS / 11-21 September 2023
Sally, it was a fantastic week – the food was top notch, the boats’ cleanliness and amenities were all very good, and staff were great. We loved our time. JP Yacht OPAL / Croatia / September 9 – 16, 2023
Hadley, we were totally blown away! The Chef was unbelievable. The meals were better than any food on land. We were so thankful for the time that he took with us for the mini cooking lesson and were so impressed by all the meals that came out of such a small galley! I cannot say enough about Captain Antonio. He was amazing and had a very chill and relaxed demeanor. His ideas for the itinerary, and the way he altered it after learning more of our preferences and the ease he created for the guests to go back and forth to land was unmatched. The deckhand, though young, was wonderful at tender driving, very attentive, and so nice to all the guests. We loved the stew and thought she did an incredible job with keeping the yacht incredibly clean, her service was wonderful, and overall, she too was amazing. We loved everything about our time on board and have done a lot of traveling and this experience on board BORA BORA with this crew is the new top of our list! Yacht BORA BORA / Split – Dubrovnik / September 2023
Reia, they were fantastic! The crew was amazing, the food was exceptional, and we will be forever grateful to them for not only saving our trip, but for making sure we had a wonderful time! D. S Yacht OMNIA / Split - Kotor, Croatia / August 2023
Hey Martha, First and foremost, I must say that the trip was absolutely incredible. The Fjords provided a mesmerizing backdrop of natural beauty that truly left me in awe. The rugged landscapes, serene waters, and majestic mountains combined to create a picturesque setting that's hard to put into words. It was like stepping into a postcard-worthy scene at every turn. One of the standout aspects of the trip was the professionalism and friendliness of the crew. From the moment I stepped on board, I was impressed by their attention to detail and their commitment to ensuring that every guest had a fantastic experience. The crew's knowledge about the area, their dedication to safety, and their genuine warmth all contributed to making the journey not just enjoyable, but also educational and enriching. Exploring the Fjords aboard Anne Viking was a unique and immersive experience. The crew's expertise was evident as they navigated through the intricate waterways, offering us the opportunity to see hidden gems that are often inaccessible to larger vessels. Whether it was learning about the local history, wildlife, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the surroundings, the crew's guidance enhanced every moment. I am truly grateful for the chance to have been a part of this journey. It's clear that Anne Viking is not just a vessel, but a platform for unforgettable experiences. Wishing you all the best, and looking forward to our next trip. Warm regards, M Yacht ANNE VIKING / Stavanger – Bergen, Fjords / August 21 – 26, 2023
Hi Martha, Thank you so much for organizing our trip of a lifetime! As this was our first charter, the trip set the bar very high and we are already dreaming of future charters. Captain was amazing. He very delicately explained how the trip we had envisioned - in the Cyclades - would not be possible due to winds and how the Sporades would be a better choice. I know you and he had warned us about this, but we didn't fully comprehend how drastic of an itinerary derailment was possible. He patiently answered all our questions and accommodated us to go far south out of our way to Milos from Paros to squeeze in one more Cycladic island before the weather turned. The ports, towns, bays he suggested were all unique and we were surprised that a tiny port town in Andros and an island we had previously never heard of - Alonnisos - were our favorite stops. Although we did not see the Cycladic islands, Captain helped us achieve our goal of seeing a wide assortment of Greek islands. The Chief Stewardess - Iota - was amazing. She and I really hit it off, and I loved hearing her stories about yachting. We have never been more pampered in our lives. And while I assumed the Chief Stew would likely be lovely and kind, I had no idea that each and every one of the crew would be so lovely as well! Everyone was so friendly and seemed to genuinely love being around our kids! The deckhands, officer and engineer all had moments teaching the kids something during our 10 days - from diving and driving the tender to fishing and a tour of the engine room. The Chef spoiled us with delicious Greek food and kid-friendly meals as well. The highlight was when he got onto an adjacent fisherman's boat to buy fresh grouper, which he then served that day. The boat was spectacular. Beautifully designed and smartly laid out. We couldn't ask for a better boat for our purposes. Effie kept the boat in top shape at all times. Again, thank you and the Mamma Mia team for an incredible 10 days to celebrate my birthday. Sincerely, J MAMMA MIA / Mykonos – Athens, Greece / August 3 – 13, 2023
Hi Martha! We had an amazing charter, and the crew was truly special. Yacht JO I / Athens, Greece / August 4 – 11, 2023
Hi Martha, thank you for reaching out. We had a great time. The staff was wonderful. They were very attentive and helpful. The boat was nice, the staff was great and tried their best to accommodate us. Captain Luigi was very accommodating and quick to work around the weather. Best regards, S Yacht XO OF THE SEAS / Naples, Italy / August 4 – 11, 2023
Martha, thank you all so much for a fantastic week! The boat was perfect for us, the crew was so friendly and fun! We loved the scenery, the food, the singing and the cooking lesson! Best of luck in the future! Yacht PRIME / Olbia, Sardinia / August 3 – 10, 2023
Hadley, with CharterWorld, with you - great connection, service, disposition, and support. I will definitely use CharterWorld again. I had been contacting a couple of other brokers and no one found as good a cat with this level of crew and food service. Being late in the season and kind of last minute, kudos to you. The crew were great; Friendly, open, respectful, and joyful. Good disposition to sail, to give us best options, and listen to our needs. The food was good, homestyle, and healthy. The crew were willing to adapt to us and to our child and we felt comfortable with them. We had dinner together which was nice, as they were friendly and receptive to our child too. The boat, nice cat, kept in order, mostly clean and well maintained. Everything worked well and it was good to have Internet. The extra front sail is great on the boat. It is comfortable, and for us as family of 3 good. The indoor living / dining room is a plus. It was very hot and is good to spend some time inside with AC. The main cabin was also comfortable. Catamaran KITTIWAKE / Georgetown – Staniel Cay, Bahamas / July 29 – August 4, 2023
Trina! Wow wow wow! We can’t thank you enough. BEST family vacation of our lives. The Captain and the full crew became close with both families. Everything exceeded our highest expectations! Navilux was absolutely PERFECT. INCREDIBLE! We would love to be a reference and referral for you and for Navilux. Every detail was taken care of by the BEST crew and the awesome Captain! Thanks for your super professionalism! We will never forget this sailing experience. Looking forward to doing this in the future again! Cheers Yacht NAVILUX / Split, Croatia / July 30 – Aug 6, 2023
I wanted you to know how great the entire experience was. Both boats, their captains and the crews exceeded all my expectations. The two boats worked beautifully in tandem, and every member of my family said it was the best vacation they’d ever had. The Acapella is an extraordinary yacht, designed with every possible luxury and convenience you can imagine. The yacht was only surpassed by the quality and performance of the captain and the crew. I will unhesitatingly recommend it to all my friends. From beginning to end, the trip has been a seamless joy. You were instrumental in making it happen and I cannot thank you enough. It’s going to be impossible for any future family vacation to live up to this one. Warm regards, S.G. Yacht ACAPELLA / Split, Croatia / July 2023
Reia, the charter was perfect! All the guests had an excellent time onboard, thank you very much. F.O. Yacht DEA DEL MARE / Bodrum, Turkey / July 23.
LJ, Leigh was the most hands-on Captain we have ever had. To think that she brought this young crew together (ages 23-28) within weeks of the charter and led them to success is a very special thing. We never once heard the word "no". The late-night crew Kenny and Caroline were excellent. Leigh always empowered her crew to take responsibility for their division and would ask "what do you need? How can I help? Who do you need to go with you?", and was so happy, professional, and positive throughout, despite the early mornings and late nights. Chef Ross was outstanding! The boat was fine, loved the master stateroom layout and closet space, and the sun deck. Yacht OCEAN CLUB / New England / July 18-28, 2023
Hadley, the yacht was in great condition and the photos/e-brochure match exactly to the yacht in person. We were very impressed by the cleanliness. The Chef was fantastic and the star of the yacht. Overall, we had a great time. Yacht LADY ISABELLA / Sardinia / July 2023
Hi Martha, it was fantastic! Thanks for all your help! The captain and crew were amazing, and they made everything really beautiful! Looking forward to booking with you next year. E. Yacht LEIGH / Ibiza / July 13-20, 2023
Hi Trina, the trip was wonderful. The Yacht and crew exceeded our expectations, and I would definitely recommend them to any client. The space and layout were particularly good. Having 10 passengers, we were all able to come together but also have separate places to relax outside the staterooms. The pictures showed it well but for example, the showers were oversized in 3 of the rooms, which was nice. The ship was clean and worked as it should. I understand it will be getting all of the white repainted so even older blemishes (which were few) will be repaired next season. There were 9 crew and while they have only worked together for a short time (this is the captain’s first year as well as 7 who have not worked together before this season), they have figured out roles and responsibilities and were professional, attentive, friendly, and always there to assist or anticipate needs. The chef was maybe the most spectacular part. He is young but was absolutely amazing and meals were timely, perfectly made and he was able to feather out different food requirements for the different passengers. 10 was the perfect number although the boat could handle 12. As predicted might happen, the winds did pick up on day two and we had to divert to a new itinerary. It worked out perfectly and everyone had an excellent time. All in all it was a 9.9 - 10 trip (crew and Yacht). Thanks for all your help and look forward to working with you again in the future. R.J Yacht SEA WOLF / Greece / July, 2023
Sally, we were very happy with the charter and especially the service of the crew! It was a very good price-quality ratio. It was the best crew we had ever had; they were remarkable and took great care of us. Smiles from beginning to end, an excellent cook and a very reliable captain. The boat was also very comfortable. J.M. Yacht LIR / Naples, Italy / July 15-22, 2023
Sally, Beautiful and magical stay with dear friends and an outstanding crew, thank you! Yacht LIR / Rome – Naples / July 3-14, 2023
Sally, everything was extremely good. Thank you so much. We had a great time. Thanks Acapella team. They did an amazing job. All the best. E.S Yacht ACAPELLA / Dubrovnik, Croatia / July 4-12, 2023
Hello Martha, we had a really nice week. The boat is impeccable, the crew very professional, and the chef and hostess really exceptional. Thank you! JF Yacht ABOVE & BEYOND / Athens, Greece / July 1-9, 2023
Trina: Our experience on board "Navilux" was simply outstanding. The entire crew led by Capt Ante could not be more hospitable, warm and welcoming. Every aspect of the week was professional and to the highest standard. We had 6 adults and 4 children ranging from 16,14, 13 & 12. Compared to our last time on Navilux we chose more activities this trip: Ebike ride on one island, lighthouse climb, Blue Grotto, Green Grotto, a tour of Korcula (We did last time as well). Superlatives are simply not enough to describe the quality of the boat which although built in 2012 is immaculate and held to the highest standard. Every need is catered to from clean towels and cabins, game s for the kids, special food requirements, water activities etc. The Croatian coast lends itself to easy cruising, secluded anchorages, water clear as gin as well as opportunities to visit small villages and towns on the various islands. The food is almost too much. We had asked for more simple fare for our lunches this trip and were rewarded with salads, fish, BBQ -- Chef Ante is an amazing talent. We had a plethora of fresh seafood as well as pastas and of course his desserts were a hit EVERY night.... This is a luxury charter in every respect. No one could be disappointed with an experience on board Navilux. Our entire family continues to rave about our week (and looking forward to more). Trina, thanks for your help in getting all this arranged. I have passed on your name as well as the link to Navilux to two friends. I will keep you posted if they become serious about a charter. Best, DM Yacht NAVILUX / Croatia / June 2023
LJ, unequivocally, the boat and the crew (in equal measure) were far and away the best we have ever experienced. The food was excellent and Chef Luca’s skills were on point and always kept in mind the varied special dietary restrictions, seemingly with ease. Captain Massimo was communicative, capable, and caring. Never too busy to answer any questions. Excellent leadership. Respected his longevity with the boat and program. The Stewardess’ were amazing. Never flinching at any special request and being very thoughtful with their level of attention and ability to ‘read the room’ and judge each guest’s needs. The deck team kept the boat in excellent shape and were always working. Ease of transfer from the boat to the beautiful tender was a highlight. Favorite memory: Each day was just perfect. Capri for two nights was a personal highlight. Each meal together was filled with laughter and new memories created. M Yacht HATT MILL / Corsica – Naples / June 25 – July 3, 2023
It was outstanding. Crew - the best ever. The Captain was very classy." Yacht ALESSANDRO / Croatia / June 2023
Captain Jerry and his crew were all amazing, charming and lovable characters. Milan prepared all meals to our likes and knew exactly how to prepare the special diet menus. We would book again with Captain Jerry and his Crew. We simply had a fantastic and memorable time. Yacht ANNABEL II / Croatia / June 2023
It was a fantastic trip. Thanks for all your help in organizing. The boat and the crew are the best. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking about a charter. An experience we will no doubt repeat again at some point!! Gulet Yacht CANER IV / Turkey / June 2023
Martha, we loved the boat and layout. The captain & stew team were good, the deck crew was exceptional. Yacht LOTUS / Nice- Nice / 16-23 of June, 2023
Martha, our trip was excellent! We all had a blast and the Captain made sure we had the best weather! Best vacation we’ve ever had (and probably will have) in our entire lives! Thanks to the entire crew for the best service and hospitality. We will miss them all! M&E. Yacht ENDLESS SUMMER / Athens, Greece / 21-30 July 2023
Hi Martha, the trip was so much fun. It was a very unique destination for sure, and our families really enjoyed it. Quite different to the other trips we have done, but we embraced the remoteness, amazing people, culture, beautiful country and islands. The boat was top notch and better than our expectations that is for sure. Crew were very professional, chef quite good and all took care of us very well. Thank you for suggesting them. Out of curiosity, what are 4-5 other amazing destinations in Europe we should consider for next year? Thanks! C. Yacht OMNIA / Split- Dubrovnik / 18-25 June, 2023
Colin, they were fantastic. Really really good. Tilda was in the past a nanny so she we unbelievable with my son. I actually took them all out to dinner to say thank you for such a perfect trip. Captain’s local knowledge was excellent when it came to places or things we should see or restaurants. All in all great crew, captain very professional, with Tilda and Joa you don’t just have deckhand and stew but a built in nanny and personal trainer too! Excellent! S.M. Yacht ZIHUANATEJO / Marina di Amalfi / June 18-23, 2023
It was wonderful. I’d like to rebook for next summer. Too many stories and compliments to write down. Thank you, J.O. Yacht AURUM SKY / Croatia / 4-10 June, 2023
Hi Trina! We had an absolutely amazing time. Honestly everything was great. We really enjoyed the crew; we developed a great relationship with them. All of the destinations were great, and the beach set-ups were perfect! Hope to be able to go back again someday! A.C. Yacht I LOVE THIS BOAT / Bahamas / May 2023.
Trina Howes worked with us to find absolutely the right charter for my family and was incredibly proactive and responsive. Very pleasant and easy to work with. Our trip couldn’t have been better! Great crew, from Captain to everyone, extremely professional, attentive and lots of fun. Hope we see them again! P.V. Yacht IMPERIAL PRINCESS BEATRICE / South of France / 25th May - 1st June 2023
Dear Colin, we were very satisfied with everything! The crew is very pleasant and friendly. Sam has everything very well under control, the chef has cooked delicious food and Michael has been lovely and gentle in the service. We have absolutely nothing to complain about and were very satisfied with everything! Thank you very much for the great and smooth organisation on your part. Best regards from us! C.H Yacht EUGENIA VII / Stabia / May 30, 2023
Hi Amanda! We REALLY enjoyed that trip! Everything from the food to the service to the activities was impeccable! Joe was a great captain and even through the one evening of rough open seas, he navigated the ship very well and we actually enjoyed the boat rocking! The crew were always quick to make up or turn down the room. They were amazing! And the chef was INCREDIBLE! You should've seen how adventurous our little one was on this trip ! Made my heart so full! Thank you for all your help in making this happen! We definitely returned home refreshed and recharge, much needed! Until next time! Wishing you all the best! MB and EB Yacht ACACIA / Exumas / March 25-April 1, 2023
Martha, we had another amazing time aboard the Limitless! Words cannot express how memorable the trip was. From start to finish it was off the chart. From the interaction with the crew, and Captain Waldo’s extensive knowledge of the area, passion for his profession, and warm personality, to Davey’s love of fishing and always smiling personality, to Chef Kris’s food (went around the world), and Frankie’s special cocktails and excellence in service (great table settings and themed dinners), not to mention the experiences, laughter, and the views! How could we not go back to experience one more part of the area with the crew of the Limitless. Thank you again for assisting us with another adventure of a lifetime! Regards, Yacht LIMITLESS / Bahamas / 28 January - 4 February 2023
Hi Trina, what a wonderful experience with this crew. Hands down my favourite so far. Captain John is amazing. I will miss his genuine personality. He was so engaging with us; we all loved it. Eddie the chef-WOW. The food was next level. And what a great guy he is. Andy, Brenden, and Angel were so much fun and really were experts at what they were doing and were open to whatever our guests wanted to do on the water, fishing excursions and water toys. The girls- Anna, Nicki, and Hayden. THE BEST. They worked so hard in bringing us first class service from the first moment we boarded until we said goodbye. I will definitely follow this group on my next charter. They’re amazing. Love Captain John he has assembled quite the crew. Thank you Trina for finding this amazing option for us after our other charter cancelled. L.Y. – Yacht INSPIRATION /St Barths / 6-11 January 2023
Martha, Happy New Year. Everything was great on the yacht; my family hada wonderful time. Captain Mike and the crew took very good care of us and Chef Pino fed us excellent gourmet meals. F Yacht ALANDREA / Saint Martin /29 December 2022 – 5 January 2023
Good morning Trina! The crew and catamaran were absolutely perfect! Kelly was a fabulous chef whipping up the best cuisine all day every day. Wouts was an outstanding Captain navigating some very busy harbors with ease. Anton was also a great deckhand and prepared some great cocktails for all of us. They went out of their way to ensure that we had all of the water sports and entertainment we could ask for. The Sea Bobs were everyone’s favorite! Thanks so much Trina. A.N. Yacht MOON DRAGON / British Virgin Islands / December 2023
Hi LJ, the yacht was in excellent condition, interior and exterior, really top notch. There was nothing lacking, we used everything from the water slide to the sea bobs and wave runners. The crew setup an amazing beach day for us on the second last day. The crew really operates as a cohesive unit, they appear to be a close-knit family, great camaraderie, communication, energy. Chief Stew Xan really ran the show with grace. The cuisine exceeded our expectations, Chef was amazing. Highly recommend. Yacht NO BAD IDEAS / Nassau-Nassau, Bahamas / December 1-9, 2023
LJ, Aspen Alternative is the most beautiful yacht we have chartered to date. Immaculate condition. The crew were fabulous, very accommodating and hospitable. Highly recommend and would love to charter her again with this crew. Yacht ASPEN ALTERNATIVE / West Palm Beach, Florida / December 25 2022-January 4, 2023
Trina, Happy New Year to you. The team on Lady J did an excellent job this week. They were very accommodating and helpful. The food was fantastic, and it was just a great experience. Everyone in the family had a fabulous time. Thanks again for looking after us and all of your efforts over the last 3 years to make this happen. All the best, DL Yacht LADY J / Leeward Islands / 27 December - 3 January 2023
Words cannot describe how amazing that you all have been. This was truly the best birthday that I have ever had! The crew took such great care of us. The food was amazing! The birthday beach BBQ was more beautiful than I could have imagined. The drinks were yummy and strong. I will truly miss everyone on this boat and I can’t wait to come back again. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year! PS: the dives were epic! DH. SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
A phenomenal experience!! Thank you all for your excellence and hospitality! This trip exceeded my expectations, you are family now! Hoping to see you all again and wishing you all a blessed 2023, love C. SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
An incredible experience! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us. The food was amazing. Wishing you all the best for 2023. A SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Epic experience! Thank you so much for taking such great care of us! We can’t wait to visit with you again soon. J SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Thank you so much! You guys are amazing! Had the best time, very relaxing. The food was excellent. Shout out to the Chef! Will definitely be back! L SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Absolutely flawless experience. Thank you for everything. SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Safira Crew! This experience has truly been magical! Thank you all. You will be missed! D. SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Dear Mohamed and the entire Safira crew, thank you so much for everything this past week. We, along with our guests, had the absolute best time! All of you made us feel very welcome. We appreciate everything you did for us! Love D & J. Yacht SAFIRA / 18-25 December 2022
Hi Sally, we all had a really great vacation-charter! Captain Rhodri, Lucy and Verity were all amazing. Very accommodating and flexible, always there to do whatever activity - whenever. Had some great sails whether a 2-hour filler or an all-day close reach in 18kts from St Barths to Antigua with a 0630 start at first light. The boat was also great… well maintained, lots of fun to drive! Of note, it’s a relatively light boat - so tends to move around a bit when at anchor (as compared with a heavier displacement). Service and cuisine were also excellent. Nothing but good things to say! Thanks for assisting with another successful charter vacation. Happy Holidays, G Yacht BLACK PEARL / Caribbean / December 16 - 23, 2022
Colin, we’re amazed, the yacht and crew are outstanding. Thank you for contributing in making the holidays perfect. Kind regards, MP TRABUCAIRE / Menorca / 7-14 August 2022
Hi Martha, the charter was wonderful as well as the boat. Crew very nice and responsible. Captain Hashim is very professional and friendly. One of the best we have ever had. The Gocek region is amazing. Nice sea and very nice places to visit. That said, we are already looking forward to the next trip. I look forward to hearing from you. Best, L ANGELO II / Gocek - Gocek / 13-20 August 2022
This [yacht charter] was nothing less than spectacular !! Everything (schedule, services, food, diving support, water toys ...EVERYTHING exceeded our expectations !! There was not a single flaw / problem during the entire trip. We look forward to working with this yacht again. Lady J was immaculate, and very well maintained. Cabins were excellent. Every guests area of the yacht was comfortable and valuable to our enjoyment of the trip. Multiple options for sun, shade, open area, air conditioned spaces, etc. Diving in the USVI / BVI was amazing, and the Divemaster on the yacht was CRITICAL to our enjoyment. Services provided to the divers exceeded anything I have ever experienced, anywhere in the world. We used all the water toys, and they all were great. Anthony Horner (chef) provided the most outstanding culinary experience that I could ever imagine in my wildest dreams. There was actually so much food, of such variety, that we actually had to tell him to scale down the portions a bit !! He coordinated the menu with us ahead of the trip, and he made adjustments at our request. His attention to detail on the information we provided on preference sheets was amazing. They were not just a "crew" - their attitude, service, friendliness, knowledge of the area, and continual helpfulness - turned them into "9 new friends:" by the end of the trip. I find it hard to believe there is a better team anywhere. And I can’t believe there is a better leader than their Captain. I want to go back. You cant possibly know how what a great experience this has been for us. We look forward to cruising with them again. Mr B.N - Chartering Motor Yacht LADY J, in the US Virgin and British Virgin Islands, 19th December, 2022.
Martha, Ciao from Florence. We are still coming down off our high of spending a week on the Novela. The yacht fit our group perfectly with the configuration of 4 king beds. We would highly recommend this boat for 4 couples looking for the ideal cabin configuration. The two lower rooms were small but not as tight as some. The two suites were beautiful, well-appointed, and roomy. First and foremost, Captain Josip and his crew were extraordinary. As you know the crew makes or breaks the trip. We found ourselves missing chef H‘s incredible kitchen talents the minute we stepped off. Tamara, our stew, was delightful, and after a few days she was as able to anticipate our needs and coffee orders perfectly. The deck boys met our every need and made play time fun for everyone. Our timing of weather was one week late for the best, but the crew found sheltered bays during the rain to keep us safe and sound. We had a few adventures on the tender that weren’t for the faint of heart and laughed about them in the end. A few highlights that made the trip special were the crew dressing up in hot pink uniforms for our pink party, having Tam demonstrate the jet boots, playing on the fly board and having dinner on our final night with the entire crew. We will plan another charter with our group in 2024 or 2025. After Novela’s potential refit we would consider chartering her again. Warm Regards, K.S. NOVELA / Dubrovnik – Split, Croatia / September 17-24, 2022
Amanda, it was a very good charter all around. Courteous and attentive crew and outstanding cruising/diving waters although you will have understood that we stopped short of the Marquesas. The prevailing winds are from the east which meant uphill motoring which is really bumpy on HE. So we had some nice times in the Tuamotus and an extra day in Moorea instead. The ride was fine downhill. G. HANSE EXPLORER / Papeete – Nuka Hiva / September 9-22, 2022
Sally, we had a wonderful time onboard of Annabel II. The crew couldn’t be more attentive, resourceful, and diligent. Superb service. Jerry was a great captain, always open to hear our suggestions with a safety-first approach. A special word here about Jessica’s careful service and Filippo’s Michelin star level cuisine. This made our trip. The weather was sometimes against us, which stopped us from going to certain places, but obviously we know this was not under our control and was somehow due to our choice of dates, late in the summer. Overall, we had a great time onboard and, above all, quality time with family. Please pass on these words to Annabel II team. We also left some kind remarks on their guest logbook. S.C. ANNABEL II / Croatia / September 12-19, 2022
Hello Amanda, the trip was great. We liked the style and functionality of ASLEC. The weather was perfect, and the uniqueness of the volcanic islands makes it a special place. Taormina and the Four Seasons hotel was a great experience. The crew was friendly, excellent family food. Thank you for this beautiful trip. FF ASLEC 4 / Palermo – Taormina / August 9-16, 2022
Colin, thank you! AS a recap, the boat and crew were absolute 5 star. The food was better than the Chèvre D’or ! We had a few hiccups- a short power outage on the boat, weather problems, and the poor steward had a family emergency and had to leave, but the crew was AMAZING and completely handled all of the issues. I would love to have the experience to vacation with them again. The boat looked brand new and very comfortable and up to date- thanks to you for all of your detail- it was AMAZING! JB HERO / South of France / August 16-23, 2022
Hi Colin, it was just as we had hoped. The boat is so well equipped, and we made use of all the sea toys on offer. We spent a lot of time in the water! The route and venues meant that we saw and stayed at some beautiful places - so we have some stunning pics to share with family and friends. Alex ensured that we got our snorkeling done in some good spots and that we did just right amount of sailing each day on our route. Carla prepared us fulsome breakfasts which set us up for the day and lovely varied dinners which we were ashamed not to finish sometimes, such were the generous portions. Gui, the deck hand, was very attentive and kept us plied with drinks and the crew conjured up some great cocktails. All in all, we had a memorable time; it was just a shame that our eighth passenger was not able to be part of it due to his ill health. We would all do this again!! Perhaps the BVI’s or somewhere new to us next time… NB BAGHEERA / St Vincent / September 3-10, 2022
Hi Colin, First, thank you for organizing this wonderful trip. Excellent crew. All very kind, attentive and understanding of individuals and family dynamics. Boris is an excellent, knowledgeable, conscientious, courteous, charming skipper, Nikola very good chef, Suzanna very attentive sharply observant and Bruno a very helpful jack of all trades. If we do another charter, we would love to be with them again. The fact that we could speak Croatian to them made for a closer cultural connection but also a tricky variable (insider knowledge of the Adriatic) for Boris to manage. The Adriatic is crowded this time of year and sometimes Boris was able to find more secluded anchor areas; in those occasions we really preferred the privacy. All in all, it was a fantastic experience, we thank you again and will be in touch about our next adventure! Best, JG, ORLANDO L / Split-Dubrovnik, Croatia / July 29-August 5, 2022
Hello Martha, everything was great! The crew was amazing as we remembered it from last time. What we really liked was that they always left the ports on time as promised. They were also very accommodating, kind, and pleasant to be with. Every member of the crew was awesome, quickly remembering what everyone likes and needs. I would say that this is the BEST crew we ever had. The cherry on top was that the owner wanted us to disembark in Kefalonia, so he could embark there (which we did not mind), so he also sent us a private jet to take us to Athens at no expense to us. Best, M.N ZALIV III / Athens – Kefalonia, Greece / 7-17 August 2022
Trina, Thank you. We had a wonderful time. The crew was exceptional, meals exceeded our needs, and locations were appreciated for a first-time charter. We thank you for the recommendation. Looking forward to our next journey together. It was a trip of a lifetime. JM RINI V / Athens-Athens, Greece / 4-11 August 2022
Martha, we had a trip of a lifetime! The captain and crew did an amazing job from meals, outings, and just being on the boat. Thanks for pointing us in that direction and look forward to doing this again. G SWEET ESCAPE / Bahamas Nassau / 9-13 August 2022
Sally, we are sadly back at home. Made easier by the beautiful weather! We had a most wonderful holiday, the Dalmatian coast is truly gorgeous. The boat was fabulous, and the crew were fantastic and very attentive. The Croatian white wine was delicious as you said and that was our staple. We didn’t really drink red wine. We would definitely like to look at options for a similar thing next year. FS SEA BREEZE / Croatia / July 30 – August 6, 2022
Nick, we spent a magical week guided by amazing captain Dimitris, an itinerary that left us pleasantly surprised at each island we visited. Panos our most refined Michelin star Chef left us almost eating our fingers! The yacht is spotless and the crew beyond amazing with every little detail, generosity and hospitality. Thank you once again for your kind assistance and advice, we are looking forward to next summer. F.A. OPTION B / Greece / 18-25 June 2022
Hello Martha. We had an excellent time on Andiamo. Beautiful boat and excellent crew. Very good choice. And please recommend this boat to your clients! The best choice. J.S. ANDIAMO / Split-Dubrovnik, Croatia / 24 June – 1 July 2022
Hi Martha, we had a great time! Ivana and the rest of the crew were lovely. Boat was very comfortable. Thank you! Steph. SAN LIMI / Split – Dubrovnik / 24-30 June 2022
Martha, when greeted by Captain Waldo, Jhanine, David (Darvu), and Terry at the marina, we recognized this would be a memorable experience. Not until onboard and under sail did we realize just how spectacular our experiences would be. The entire crew went above and beyond to make every moment of every day exceptional. The fabulous foods, land adventures, water activities, and access to thrilling water toys were nonstop. The crew was so interactive, yet they kept surprising us with fantastic food and themed table settings for every meal. We were appreciative as we relaxed, watching every sunset and reflecting on that day's events. As we retreated to our beautiful cabins each night, we asked how the crew could top today. Well, it wouldn't take longer than the following day's sunrise to answer that question. The crew's tireless planning, preparation, participation, and dedication to making this experience so much more than just a vacation was incredible. Their actions allowed Mark and me to disconnect from our hectic lives, relax, and enjoy time together with both old and new friends. This trip was a blessing. From the beautiful weather to great friends and making new friends with the crew, we will never forget our time together. Martha, special thanks to you, for guiding us through this process and recommending Limitless and her crew! LIMITLESS / Nassau-Nassau, Bahamas / 18-25 June 2022
Hello Martha, we had a great time. Thanks, S. TATIANA / Nice-Cannes, France / 11-18 June 2022
Martha – we are just headed back home now. The Blue Angel and crew were everything that we expected. This was our first charter and it lived up to all expectations/hopes. The captain and crew provided great service and food as well as a great experience. It was a bit disappointing that we were not able to make it over to Mykonos because of the wind. With that said, we saw some wonderful islands and the experience was everything we hoped. I would definitely recommend them to others and we would certainly do another charter with the Blue Angel. We are already talking about a charter for next summer to Croatia. Would love to get some of your thoughts on that area and powerboat vs cat. Thanks again. C.W. BLUE ANGEL / Athens-Athens, Greece / 11-18 June 2022
Hi Martha, It’s been an amazing week on the New Star. Thanks, V. NEW STAR / Cannes – Cannes, France / 4-11 June 2022
Martha, Crew is great. Very hard working and producing a high level of service. Thanks, we had a great time. We enjoyed the trip. Croatia is fantastic. S.B ANNABEL / Montenegro – Dubrovnik, Croatia / 4-25 June 2022
Good morning Martha, we had a fabulous time. The food was yummy and perfect for our group. Maybe not was elegant or as gourmet as other charters we have done but we had some allergies in our group to overcome so it worked out for our group. The weather/wind did play a role in our schedule as you are aware. Again we had great time and those of us with us that had not chartered before were very captivated by the trip. We look forward to planning our next charter soon! Thank you, T. BLUE ANGEL / 29 May – 4 June 2022
Hi Martha, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with our experience on New horizons 2. The crew was phenomenal, exceeded every expectation, and we can’t wait to re-book for next year. Thank you, T. NEW HORIZONS / Athens – Mykonos, Greece / 28 May – 4 June 2022
Josh, we had a great week. Everything was amazing. Thanks again. H.O. ANTHEA / Dubrovnik-Split, Croatia / 5-12 June 2022
Josh, incredibly positive experience. Nothing too much trouble and all tiny notes of detail were taken care of. We could not really have been happier with any part of the charter and were not even affected by some bad weather at the start. Michael is a top-notch captain to work with. No hesitation to book this boat. H.O. DRAGON / Athens-Athens, Greece / 16-21 April 2022
Josh, we all loved Chesella and would enjoy chartering her in the future. We especially loved the Captain, he is brilliant, fascinating, kind, positive and always finds a way to get things done. A.H. CHESELLA / Naples-Naples, Italy / 19-26 June 2022
Josh, having been privileged to have spent nearly a week together in quite close quarters with the crew of Blue Infinity, we thought it only fitting and right to take a few moments on our side to acknowledge each of them individually, and together, for how they have used their talents, labor and hearts to create something that can only be considered magical. All of us have work we must do and some of us are fortunate if we find work that both suits us and inspires us. When you are around someone who is happy to be where they are and doing what they are doing, it is uniquely joyful to engage with them, whether that is a cashier in a shop, the postman, or the owner of a business. When you are together at the same time with four people who love their work, are incredibly talented and creative, and honestly wanting to be exactly where they are, then this is the basis for something magical to occur. The six of us have been in their space of gracious, joyful, generous, and kind care since we boarded and even before that during our conversations with Captain Carlos. A yacht is an amazing vessel that can be filled with many different experiences. They all individually, and as a team, filled it with a profound spirit of excellence, each bringing their own gifts, and in so doing, brought delight into our souls. Captain Carlos: experienced, knowledgeable, in command with not a hint of arrogance, constant attention on, well…. everything. He brought a total focus on making this charter – each and every moment of it, the best it could be for both guests and staff and doing so with an intention that it be perfect and a lightness of being. We thank him. Chef Devlin: mastery of his craft, attention to detail and listening for ideas, delight in the experience for his art and delight in seeing our enjoyment. Were we in a multi-star Michelin restaurant for three meals a day, perhaps this might make sense, but to prepare all he has done inside of a double-width closet that he had never seen before and done so with grace is hardly imaginable, but he did it. For this we thank him. Steward Izzy: love, kindness and imagination, intimate attention to whatever was wanted or needed even before it was realized, unstoppable in going for the finest in care and doing so seemingly 24 hours a day. She created an environment onboard of such beauty, such creativity and being nearly prescient in anticipation of what might enhance each of our experiences, is without precedent. And all with a beautiful twinkle in her eye and a kind smile, giving such delight to us and at the same time delighting yourself in how happy it made us again and again. For this we thank her. Deck Hand Sean: Fleet of foot and hand, always being there for that helping hand to guide us from one place to the other, flying everywhere quickly to get everything done on this large craft and doing it gracefully and steadily. The endless cleaning of stainless steel! He brings surety to things moving and blowing around and being slippery and bumpy so that we felt safe and taken care of. His humor and love of life makes anyone want to be near him at any time. Asking for what we needed and hoping it was something challenging so he could go after it was genuine and endearing. Yes, fleet of hand and foot, but also of heart. We thank him. And so, we hope whoever we have been for you and with you brought you some small measure of the deep satisfaction and enjoyment that you have been for us. Together you are an outstanding, remarkable, and brilliant team. And for this and all that has been said tonight, all that was unsaid but experienced -- for this we thank them with all our hearts. J.G. BLUE INFINITY / Palma – Palma / 23-30 June 2022
Josh, Unexpected was a great boat obviously recently extensively renovated and highly functional in layout and I’d imagine its utility and design had the benefits of a larger vessel. We Utilized all areas and the 1st level sun deck area in particular, was great for lunch and relaxing. The technology was a little clunky to seek golf/music etc but the crew were generally able to navigate the software. We didn’t utilize the toys as much as possible - brought about by the itinerary and conditions and possibly we needed to be proactive in organizing activities. Captain Valter and the crew were attentive and reactive and the Stewardess, Mary, was first class. The chef Diego was first class as well and the meals were spot on in what we requested and outstanding in quality. Thank you for your assistance in helping put this trip together in difficult circumstances. J.H. UNEXPECTED / Naples – Capri, Italy / 15-22 June 2022
Josh, the charter was perfect from our point of view. Both families loved it, the crew were lovely and great with the kids, the food superb. Just great thank you and thank you for your help. M.B. GEMS II / Naples, Italy / 25 June – 2 July 2022
Dear Amanda, We loved Ibiza and Formentera. Overall the experience was awesome, and the number one reason for that was the crew. Oliver, Adriana and Isabel were great; I couldn’t think about anything they could have done better. The itinerary was very nice, Oliver was always open to please us and to move, at the time needed, to great spots. Adriana is a great chef, she put some additional weight on us and is a lovely person (she has a great future). Finally, this yacht has a third crew member: Isabel, she was always one step in front of everyone, making sure we enjoyed ourselves, she is the “silent” asset of the crew. They exceeded our expectations and made us very happy. Regarding the boat, it has a great design for a charter. Great space for a 54 feet, and the bow’s design is pretty smart, gaining lots of space for hanging around (in fact, we had the party at the bow). It was in very good condition and everything worked alright. I would definitively recommend the Amura as a “no brainer” to anyone who asks, for it’s crew and boat design. Will contact you the next time I plan a boat vacation. I guess you will have a very hard time finding a crew as good as Amura’s (we like to change destinations); and if you can get that team in a boat anywhere else (or if the boat changes port) we won’t doubt for a second to choose them. AMURA / Balearics / June 25 – July 7, 2022
Honestly Nicolas it was a top-notch vacation. The boat was impeccable, food was fantastic, and the crew made the trip for us. I don’t think that there was one expense spared from their side. They have set the bar very high for any future charter. Thank you for all your help. I would love to talk about chartering it again next year. Possibly one of the best boat crews I have ever seen to be honest. Thank you again. T.S. MEMORIES TOO / Greece / 29 June – 6 July 2022
Hi Colin, we had a great trip, thanks. The yacht was very nice, but the crew really made the trip special. They were wonderful with the us and children, especially Captain George and Lynn. We ended up spending the week in the Sardonic due to the weather but had a great time seeing some of the less famous spots (Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Aegina) and everybody loved the watersports (jet skiing, swimming, paddleboarding, snorkeling, etc..). Thanks again for all your help in booking this. We'll be in touch for the next trip! T.E. VENALI / Athens, Greece / July 2-9, 2022
Colin, the charter went very well. The crew was first class, and the captain was amazing at shielding us from the weather. We went as far south as the Diros Caves (which we also saw), to get away from the wind. We also saw Spetses and Elafonisos on the way down, as well as Gerolimenas, Monemvasia, Dokos, Hydra and Poros on the way back. We ended up spending quite a lot on fuel, but I was all worth it. Captain Christos should be at the top of any recommendations you make to customers for a top-quality captain. Thanks again. R.M. ALMAZ / Athens, Greece / July 1-8, 2022
Colin, we had an absolutely fabulous time on board, everything was perfect, smooth, friendly, easy and cool. We all adored the yacht, it’s beautiful and comfortable, at least for us since we were only 7 people. The Eolians were just fabulous, we were so lucky to be under Stromboli the night of the super full moon and could see 5 eruptions!! We would (or will), definitely do it again, hopefully… The crew was extremely nice, helpful, easy going and professional, just the right attitude, discreet but also familiar, it played out naturally between us and Sylvia really cooked delicious food and is adorable! The whole crew are really all professional. C.V. QUARTA SANTA MARIA / Milazzo-Naples, Italy / 2-9 July 2022
Reia, everything is great! Fatih proved to be very helpful, fast and efficient. The crew is very good, the service great as the cook. All the boat looks great. The beautiful hardwood shines. The way the gulet is built creates a lot of beautiful open air shaded spaces to relax and eat or a perfect set up to watch the stars at night. Much better than in much bigger yachts. We love it! NURTEN A / Turkey /18 July 2022
Hi Sally, our charter was amazing! Thankfully Christian our chef was truly fantastic. Josh and Talia were also a pleasure to have on board. R.S. Catamaran ADEA / Balearics / July 10 – 17, 2022
Trina, it was a wonderful trip and the crew were really great. They were very tuned in to the little details and making everyone onboard feel special. Chef was fantastic, we ate lots but he didn't over feed all the time like on the other trips. His quality was also far superior. He plated the lunched and dinner which was a very nice touch. The rest of the team was also awesome, Shannon and Michele were wonderful and on top of everything all the time. Juan and Byron kept everyone safe and were always there to make water sports, excursions, and everything else fun and seamless. Captain checking in with me multiple times a day to ensure everything was to my liking and to let me decide what was next. All in all and awesome trip. Thank you again for your help. I'll continue to point people in your direction, and when we are up for another week of pleasure you are first on the list to call. W.M. SOSA / South of France / 9-16 July 2022
LJ, from my perspective, everything was excellent. I think we hit the mark with perfect for this one! British trained crew – Loved the crew, the attention to detail was impeccable. Newer boat – modern electronics, modern design, tasteful, comfortable, spacious etc. Just amazing. Food – chef Nico was our best chef yet inside or outside a boat. His food was varied and light, and he adjusted to our style as the trip went on. Amazing culinary experience. Wine pairings – were just amazing and perfectly selected. Nothing was lacking, everything was perfect. Bonus – this crew really like ‘theme nights’. Almost every night there was a theme that went from how we dressed to how the boat was dressed. Really really great idea and really matches the style of the family and friends we had on board. Scuba – what an amazing experience and the captain and other instructor (Sam) were just amazing. Three of us ended up leaving with the advanced certifications, all others with the open water one. Top gear, top instructors and top place in the world to do it. We are hooked and this will make a comeback in our future. Water sports – galore, and nothing but choice with lots of avid users and teachers on board to get us into the groove of things. Really loved how passionate everyone on board was about water, scuba, water sports and all other things. Location – hit the right mark of remote… Conception was our favorite, but really every day was paradise. Weather – really great to travel this time of the year for us… right temperature, right rain (know you can never control but it was perfect) and water was just amazing both clarity and temperature. All these are dreamy experiences, all very different, all very fun and unforgettable. With that said, they keep getting better and this was no exception. Really, really amazing. Grateful to you as well LJ… don’t imagine doing this ever without you. K.A. TRENDING / Nassau – Georgetown, Bahamas / July 3-17, 2022
Dear Amanda, Our vacations in Croatia were really nice! We had a great time! Quaranta was an excellent choice, and was exactly what we needed. The yacht is very comfortable, and not having a stabilizer was not a problem. The kids played a lot with the seabobs, tender and sofa, paddle boards, etc.. The crew was really nice, all of them doing what they could to please us, and there were many different requests. The chef managed to do my husband’s food well, and also prepared our food. I would say that there was nothing sophisticated, but he tried to please everyone. Thank you for all your help and assistance once again. DV/AV QUARANTA / Dubrovnik – Split, Croatia / 14-20 July 2022
Hi Trina, everything was totally amazing and Captain Niksa and his crew are wonderful, they did an unbelievable job. We all would highly, highly recommend and would repeat. They know the Croatian waters like no international captain/crew could and we were absolutely spoiled. We took some incredible photographs for them which we gave Niksa for marketing. Thanks for arranging this wonderful vacation. RM ACAPELLA / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / 9-16 July 2022
Good Morning Trina, we had a fabulous time! Captain Wayne was so much fun. He really knows that area and had fabulous suggestions. The Crew was impeccable! The chef was fabulous and a man of all trades! They were all engaging but discreet when needed. The yacht was beautiful and roomie. Our only complaint is the lack of furniture on the deck. No couches or lounges for sitting and talking. Only the table and chairs we ate at. The bow had seating but not much shade. Which you wanted since it was hot! I feel it was still such a new boat that they just had not finished little things like that. Thank you again for all your help! L’Opera was a high light of the trip! What an experience!! Cheers! P.F. MAXIMUS / Antibes – Antibes, France / 9-16 July 2022
Nick, What an amazing trip we had on KOUKLES! It was obviously a great decision to head off to the Ionian (thankfully 11 days allowed us to do this) and, although we didn’t get to see the Cyclades, I don’t think we could have found anything better than where we were. And of course, the weather was perfect because of us having made the move. We could not have been better looked after than by Captain Manos and his entire crew. I hadn’t really appreciated before we set off just how much of a difference the crew can make to the success and enjoyment of a cruise. We had great fun and were superbly looked after by every single member of the team – by the end we felt like we were leaving family on board! Please pass on our thanks to them all again. I don’t think you should have any hesitation in recommending KOUKLES and her crew to your future clients. And who knows, that might be us again…. Kind regards, P.C. KOUKLES / Greece / 16-27 July 2022
Hi, Martha, just a quick note with first impressions after not even 24 hours on board the Lady Marcelle: We are absolutely delighted. The boat, the crew, the service, the food and, of course, the Croatian islands are nothing short of amazing and have all far exceeded even our very lofty expectations. We can’t wait for the new day to start. Your ears should be burning because we’re talking about how great it has been to work with you to put all of this in place for us. Warm regards, A. LADY MARCELLE / Croatia / 30 July – August 13, 2022
LJ, The bottom line is in my 30 years of yachting it was by far the best overall experience! The yacht was clean, well-kept, all systems (A/C, WIFI, A/V), Jacuzzi and water toys were all working well. The crew were extraordinary, they were friendly, professional and attentive to our needs. Out of 5, we would rate crew service 5-plus. The cuisine was excellent and we would definitely book LUCKY LADY again. LUCKY LADY / Nice, France – Rapallo, Italy / July 27 – August 4, 2022
Trina, the boat was incredible. Very spacious. The crew was a lot of fun and very attentive. I’m glad they enjoyed our group too. I am sure we were a handful! We loved Croatia as well. Very beautiful country. I think our whole group felt like it was the trip of a lifetime. Thank you for jumping through hoops. R.J. NAVILUX / Croatia / 11-18 June 2022
I spent a wonderful week onboard ACAPELLA hosted by the excellent Captain Niksa who was certainly the best guide to discover Croatia. His knowledge of the region is second to none and he found the most ideal anchorages throughout our time onboard. The yacht is very comfortable and in perfect condition, no detail has been spared. Having 3 large master cabins is so useful and the extensive sun deck was a wonderful area for relaxation and entertaining. Chef Tihomir provided us with a wonderful gastronomic experience and the whole crew were so attentive and accommodating. This yacht surpassed all of my expectations and I would have no hesitations in proposing her to others. ACAPELLA / Croatia / May 2022
What an amazing experience and beautiful yacht! The food was out of this world, chef Ante is a truly talented and gifted person, preparing absolutely stunning dishes morning, noon and night. The crew seamlessly working always with a smile, running the yacht to perfection. NAVILUX / Croatia / May 2022
Colin, everything was really good. The crew was fantastic, and very good with children. With Mike’s help, they learnt how to swim. We visited some places well off the usual routes. And the captain was very good at that. We could easily have spent another 4 weeks there. All in all, I am very happy with the whole experience. U.A. IMAGINE B / Moorea-Fakarava / April 16-May 2021
Martha, the crew was so awesome, we had a good time thanks. Please schedule next trip somewhere. We loved it. The crew was the best ever, the Captain was super nice, and the Chef cooked the best food ever. VIVACE / Nassau, Bahamas / 27-31 May 2022
The crew were super helpful and hospitable throughout, the food was absolutely fantastic every single day, everyone friendly and experienced we had a great itinerary and the snorkelling and the swimming with sharks was memorable. A really good few days, 10/10 all round. JG NOMADA / Bahamas / 27-30 May 2022
NAVILUX is meticulously maintained. Melody is 10++. The rooms are perfectly kept. Jaksa is amazing – always smiling. Tina is lovely. The service was very impressive, and the table settings were beautiful. M/S NAVILUX / Croatia / May 2022
The crew surely were beyond wonderful. We absolutely loved them. Food was excellent and there was so much of it. The breakfast display on the table was gorgeous and the eggs were native eggs that were so good and cooked perfectly. Food was paired with wine very well and the chef came out and explained everything ahead of time. It was white glove service in the morning and black glove service in the evening. The chef used a lot of local fresh ingredients and explained what was in season and where things came from which was also an added advantage. C.H ACAPELLA / Croatia /May 2022
Hello, I wanted to write to provide some colour on the charter we concluded yesterday. We are a family of four from the USA with two adult boys. I booked the trip through Trina at Charter World. I used the website and chose the boat because it seemed new and a good fit for my family. We exchanged information with the Captain prior to sailing to try to make the trip a good fit for my family. Trina was a big help and educated me on the process. Trina’s help was integral in making it happen. The boat is spectacular. Very modern, decorated beautifully, and efficient in every way. Everyone everywhere we went took photos of the boat and even when it was not the largest in the harbour it got the most attention. The crew was amazing. Captain Tim was wonderful in that he gave us confidence and his crew respects him. He is a man of his word and went above and beyond to help us in every way. I cannot recommend him enough. Tanya and Ilana were fantastic. They were responsive and friendly, and we developed a strong relationship with them immediately. They mixed with our family very well and made everyone feel at ease. Tim was wonderful with our older son. He is a hard worker with a great personality. We were always comfortable with him being around because he seemed to look after everyone. Eugene was creative and thoughtful with his cooking. He listened to our wants and truly blew us away with the food. He is incredible and we enjoyed meeting him and his skills. The fact that the crew had only been together for 3 weeks prior was amazing. All in all our expectations were blown away. The trip was amazing, and we would be happy to be an honest referral to you at any point. To the owner- The entire crew spoke highly of you. They look after the boat as if it were their own and take great pride in the jobs, the boat, Bulgaria, and you. Thank you for letting us have the opportunity. We would love to do it again and plan to. LB ALTEYA / Athens – Athens, Greece / 4-11 June 2022
Reia, I have to tell you that our trip was so incredibly amazing! The Acapella, its captain and staff made the trip just an all-around amazing one. K. R ACAPELLA / Croatia / May 22
Trina, we had an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING vacation. Even more amazing than the vacation itself was our CREW. Julian, Ben, Taylor and Adrienne were unreal. We couldn’t have asked for a better group of individuals to make our vacation so successful. It would be unbelievable for all of your charters to have a crew as incredible as they are. I wanted to THANK YOU for being so helpful in coordinating this charter for us. I am definitely going to plan another charter next year and hope to have the opportunity to be on the same yacht with the same crew. Thanks again. JH DAY ONE / Bahamas / 11-18 June 2022
Amanda, the trip was absolutely wonderful. The boat, crew, itinerary, and overall experience was great! The crew was top notch and treated us great! I am not sure there is a thing we would have changed about the trip. Nick and his crew should be proud to work together on the SEA AXIS. As you know, I have done several of these type trips with the family, and the SEA AXIS crew was the best we have had that I can remember. The food was fantastic as well. The flexibly of the crew was great as well. I want to thank you as well. Without you putting us on this boat and crew, we would not have had the experience we had. The boys and I will definitely be doing this trip again down the road, and I will make sure I reach out to you. Great trip!!! CB SEA AXIS / Bahamas / May 2022
Sailing Yacht Acapella is an astonishing beautiful well-maintained sailing yacht. With a heart wrenching incredible back story that would make a great movie. The yacht handles so well and is incredibly comfortable. I have never slept so well. Captain Niksa has a deep knowledge of Croatia, he is an incredibly talented sailor and has trained his crew to perfection. I never saw him slow down - he was always working to make sure this was a great charter. It is so nice to see a crew so happy to be working together. Plus, everyone on the team is a superstar. Chef Tihomir was very impressive. He hit every meal out of the park and did such a great job coming to the table to explain the meals and asking the guests what they wanted daily. All the crew were hard working, professional and so sweet and kind. The aft deck dining area is perfect and there are so many great areas to sit on deck. The main salon was incredibly comfortable and beautiful. The tender is exceptional and should be highlighted with the super wide and steady passerelle. The itinerary was planned to perfection. A night at the dock, then on anchor was a great way to go. S/Y ACAPELLA, Croatia, May 22
Martha, what an incredible yacht. Upon stepping aboard the Limitless, you would think she just came out of the ship building yard. Absolutely in pristine condition. Plenty of room from the suites to the upper deck. TV’s in every room as well as your own ensuite bathroom. The “toys” available to use were numerous and in top condition, from Sea doo’s to Sea-bobs. Plenty of snorkeling equipment that fit and worked perfectly. A water slide, acrylic canoe and floating platform that attaches to the rear of the vessel. What fun. As for the crew, top notch. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. They work very hard to make your adventure unforgettable. For 7 days straight, the food was better than most 5-star restaurants. B.C LIMITLESS / Nassau – Nassau, Bahamas / 12-19 January 2022
LJ, the yacht was in very good condition, as were all the water toys. The crew was proactively attentive to our needs, and the food was amazing. Several members of our party had dietary restrictions and the chef worked around them brilliantly. I can’t imagine you being more helpful. We really appreciate all of your effort and pulling the trip together on somewhat shorter notice than we are accustomed to. STARSHIP 143 / Nassau-Nassau / 23-30 Nov 2021
LJ, The boat was great, clean, functional, beds comfortable, bathrooms did what you needed them to do. The yacht was tidy, neat, hard to clean the windows from the outside because of the design of the yacht. Loved stargazing from the sundeck while underway at night. We loved the fishing and SCUBA experiences, well-organised, and staff were all great. Saw lots of hammerhead sharks, turtles, sea life, it was incredible. And the crew took underwater cameras with to document our experience which was great. The crew were fantastic, most helpful and accommodating, always in a good mood and available to us. There was one housekeeper onboard (Victoria) who really hustled, worked exceptionally hard was very attentive. It’s good that you set our expectations prior to booking, as this level of yacht and service is different to what we are accustomed to on the other luxury yachts we have chartered. Our Naturalist, Fabricio, was very good at finding appropriate activities for our three generations. The boat director (Edison) would join us for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and was proactive at explaining where we were, where we were heading, and what to expect. His English was impeccable in fact he has spent some time in Chicago which was interesting. Bar Service and Food was fantastic and far exceeded expectations. The turkey and whole fish that was served for Christmas was something very special and memorable. The Chef and sous Chef were very attentive to our dietary needs and compliant with all of our requests. The whole group was most appreciative to have you guide us through travel during these uncertain times. We felt most grateful that we could take this trip successfully while so many others were dealing with cancellations and postponements over the holidays 2021/2022 with omicron. ENDEMIC / Galapagos / 19-26 December 2021
Colin, we had a great charter. Séamus and Morgane could not have been nicer and went all out to ensure we had a nice time. Morgane’s service and food were five star. Great menus for all meals. Elvis Magic was in great condition and we enjoyed the boat. Séamus worked hard to help us with all the toys. We fished, paddle boarded, snorkeled and learned to ride the e foil! Tender is nice size so we were able to go around to places on it easy. We highly recommend them for future charters. We were flexible on the itinerary and tailored it to the weather and anchorage mooring availability. Thanks for all your help. RM ELVIS MAGIC / St Martin / 16-23 April 2022
Hi Martha, thank you again for all your efforts in assisting this long-awaited charter! It was a tough couple of travel days on each end, but we loved KING BABY, and it was totally worth all our crazy efforts! Please let the owner know that we appreciated his flexibility, and we were all so impressed by his beautiful King Baby Experience. It is a wonderful yacht with a great crew. We look forward to having you help us with our next adventure! Kind regards, M and R. KING BABY / 19-26 March, 2022
Amanda, we had a lovely time. Other than not being able to go to some different islands it was all good and that wasn’t anyone’s fault, due to high winds. The staff, they were wonderful!!! The food Lucy prepared was fabulous! Everyone was so gracious and accommodating. Thank you, T. CHRISTINA TOO / Saint Maarten / 1-8 March 2022
Good morning Martha, we had a tremendous time on Skyfall! We couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating captain and crew. All our needs were met immediately and with a cheerful attitude. We really enjoyed getting to know the crew and appreciated their unique personalities and skills. They were flexible when planning daily activities and meals, as well as locations to provide comfortable moorings. Every meal was delicious (all be it, too much) and presented on beautiful table settings. I mentioned to Kerri that our group wasn’t used to being waited on and she said they were there to exceed our expectations. They did more than that. Everyone was thrilled with all the Skyfall “swag” and will use it and remember a trip of a lifetime. Regards, D and E. SKYFALL / St Martin – St Barth / 12-19 March 2022
Martha, Congratulations. The boat is superb. The cruise was perfect. REFLECTIONS and its’ crew was phenomenal. Carlos REFLECTIONS / 9-19 February 2022
Hello Trina, well after much thought I have to confess the following negatives about our week on Tail Lights. 1) It’s over. 2) Pretty sure we each came home a few pounds heavier. 3) Back home we experienced much separation anxiety - from Dave’s cooking, Michelle’s margaritas, Sarah’s smiling face, Garrett’s “fix it” skills, Peter’s expertise on all things floating and/or motorized, and of course Captain Sean’s friendly personality, skill and leadership. In other words, I don’t think we could top this crew and this trip. The fact that all the crew members had just met each other the week before was unbelievable. They were so highly skilled, amicable, pleasant, and compatible. When Dave heard we wanted to watch the Super Bowl, he quickly designed a 9-course menu of Super Bowl food. I’ve never had anything like it! Every half hour we had some mouthwatering, extraordinary appetizer —all leading up to the grand finale of sliders and crispy hot fries… and warm brownies. One night we celebrated our son in law’s birthday and were surprised with a Disco theme complete with costumes. The entire crew joined in and made the night so fun. Michelle and Sarah could not have been more delightful, kind, patient and ready to meet our every need. I wanted to bring them home! All of the crew was top notch, and we would not change a thing. Thank you, Trina, for suggesting Tail Lights to us. Your instincts were perfect, and I hope we can work with you again in the future. Kind regards, B TAIL LIGHTS / Saint Thomas, BVI / 12-19 February 2022
Hi Martha, memories that we'll treasure forever. We enjoyed our trip so much, I'd love to look into finding a yacht (same or different) for next year. Thanks so much for all of your help organizing our wonderful xmas vacation! I look forward to work with you again in the future. Cheers. JUST ENOUGH / Nassau – Nassau / 28 December 2021 – 4 January 2022
Hello Martha, Happy new year! We recently returned from our first chartering experience aboard the Oculus in the Bahamas, and I must say it blew our expectations away. It began with the selection and reservation process with CharterWorld. Martha Lukasik was amazing from start to finish, hand holding every step of the way. She understood our needs, expectations, preferences, and concerns, and filtered the available options to recommend a perfect match. The Oculus covered all the bases, and then some. From Captain Andre to each individual in the crew, everyone excelled in their performance and their desire to keep us safe, pampered, and beyond happy. No's were very rare to come by, if at all. Niki anticipated our requests and delivered like magic. The food was extraordinary and the activities never ending, with a great selection of toys and a tender that facilitated going anywhere fast. The physical appearance of the yacht was excellent and the pictures on the website are true to form. E. OCULUS / Nassau - Nassau / 21-28 November, 2021
Good morning Trina, We finally returned home late last night after a most unforgettable trip of a lifetime for our entire family. We are all so very grateful for our time together on the Milestone! The crew was absolutely amazing, and we were so grateful that Captain Essen Butler could take over in a moment’s notice when Vince and his family were hit with Covid. We seriously cannot say enough about the entire crew and the true beauty of the Milestone. They more than attended to every one of our needs and we are still in contact with a number of them, as we also built friendships. The toys onboard left not one thing to be desired and the knowledge and training from the crew was incredible! I would be remiss to not mention Chef Tanner!! Honestly, never in any of our lifetimes, have we been served more delicious food that what Chef made for us onboard the Milestone. There actually are no words to describe it, or his beautiful personality as he presented each course. Simply amazing! He has already sent me some of his recipes along with a few Christmas Cookie recipes! He also made wonderful PB&J sandwiches and many more treats for the family members going to the airport and handed us the bag as we boarded the tender! I seriously cannot say enough about this wonderful guy! I have reached out to Captain Vince to tell him that I will send a more detailed message about our experience (not that this isn’t long enough) but that it truly was a “trip of a lifetime”! Again, thank you for arranging such a beautiful trip for us on the Milestone. My only fear is that I may have set the bar a bit high for our children for future family vacations!! I believe I may have created a new group of yachties! P.S. Bagatelle, Nikki Beach and ALL of St Barts was simply stunning!! Thank you, LB Yacht MILESTONE / St Kitts to St Maarten / December 2021
Hi Trina, it was a fantastic experience and we all loved it. Captain Mauricio and his crew were amazing. There were a couple of technical issues, but they worked hard to resolve them promptly. We'll definitely have to do this again and look forward to exploring new destinations. Thank you for all your help and diligence making this great experience happen. E.R. Yacht NOMADA / Mexico / 20 – 27 November 2021
Trina, it was AWESOME! We had an absolute blast. The boat was great. Got on great with Terry and Ruth as well, though I hope we didn’t wear them out too much. We are a pretty loud and energetic crowd with 4 young boys. A.H. Yacht THE BIG DOG / British Virgin Islands / 20-26 November 2021
Hello Reia, I hope this email finds you well. My client and his guests were delighted! He said: Excellent charter and great captain. Everything went very well. On my side, working with you all was such a great teamwork. I really liked your reactivity, flexibility, and good communication. I wish working always with people like the three of you. I will definitely recommend the yacht to brokers and clients. Yacht HIC SALTA / Bodrum to Bodrum, Turkey / October 10-17, 2021
Dear LJ, AURUM SKY is an exceptionally designed and crewed yacht suited especially well for groups of 10-12. It is also very good value compared to other yachts that I looked at before booking. As a newer yacht the interior condition reflected this. My sense was that the yacht was also maintained at a high standard. The exterior condition, including the water toys, was also consistent with my comments on the interior. I would strongly recommend this yacht. The layout is excellent for a group of 10-12. All the spaces, including the exterior and interior dining tables were designed to accommodate these numbers. The bedrooms were all very spacious and again, carefully designed to achieve this. The crew found some great spots for water sports and recommended anchoring in local town harbours that proved to be a popular choice with our group. The consensus was that the crew had a great service ethic, and they were always ready and eager to serve. We gave the food a “5 out of 5” rating, our preference list was met exactly. I am very appreciative of the care and attention to detail that you continued to provide on this charter, amidst the uncertainties of the past two plus years. It made a tremendous difference in my ability to understand the situation and to communicate effectively back to my group. The entire experience will undoubtedly help engender client loyalty, as it has with me. Yacht AURUM SKY / Trogir – Hvar, Croatia / September 2021
Dear Martha, we arrived home last night, somewhat exhausted from the long day of travel. Our week on the BARENTS SEA was incredible. It was the best family vacation we have ever taken. The boat is beautiful, we loved all the outdoor spaces which we utilized all the time. We ate our meals and relaxed outside. Captain Dimitri and the staff were fantastic. We had to change the itinerary slightly due to weather but he made sure that we visited the islands that I really wanted to go to, even driving the boat overnight. All the staff were very attentive and accommodating. All of our kids were out on the toys every day and Spiro, Angelo and Giannis were always happy to get them ready and put them away and haul all of us to shore on the tender to whatever we wanted. Anna, Anastasia and Eleni were always attentive to our needs inside the yacht. The rooms were always clean and tidy. I asked the Captain for ideas for some surprises and he suggested live Greek music and fireworks which we did and I didn’t tell anyone ahead of time so it was quite the surprise! We all loved the chef and the food he prepared. He always consulted me about his thoughts and every meal he made was delicious. I wanted a healthy and light menu and he prepared just that. I also requested some traditional Greek dishes and he made some wonderful dishes for us. We all will probably diet for a few weeks to get back in shape! We enjoyed the experience tremendously, and realized as a family of 10 it is the easiest way to be together and move around, maybe not every year but it will definitely happen again, so you may be hearing from us in the future! Take care, C. Yacht BARENTS SEA / Athens, Greece / 12-19 September 2021
Hi Colin, many thanks for your email much appreciated. Weather affected us quite a bit but overall we still managed to have a good time. The crew and the captain were very good and made a big difference and the chef was outstanding. P.P Yacht ALMAZ / Athens, Greece / September 2021
Dear Nick, we had an absolutely fantastic and unforgettable week! Captain Ross and his crew did an exceptional job. Extremely professional, attentive, and friendly. The yacht is so beautiful and very cosy for a group of 6. Last but not least the weather supported the wellbeing. THIS COULDN’T HAVE BEEN BETTER! Thank you for your help and your efforts making this trip so wonderful. Best regards, E Yacht ALEXA OF LONDON / Palma, Balearics, Spain / 12-19 September 2021
Colin, the crew was really fantastic. Dejan is a professional, calm and competent skipper and Andrijana’s cooking and hospitality was top class. I cannot commend them enough – they maintained something close to superyacht standards, which is an amazing feat for a team of just two. No request or requirement was ever too much. We were very lucky with the weather…and we managed to complete the full hoped-for itinerary. Thanks also to you for all the extra effort and renegotiations caused by the lockdown delays. Very happy we managed to pull this one off. P.K. Yacht NELENA / Antibes, France / 14-28 September 2021
Dear Nicolas, I wanted to thank you again for helping organize last week’s stay on Blush. It is a fantastic boat offering outstanding comfort, elegance, and great fun. Paul and the whole crew proved to be incredibly proactive, caring, friendly and efficient; probably one of the best charter experiences we ever had. Kind regards, J.P. Yacht BLUSH / Corsica – Sardinia / 4 – 12 September 2021
Hi Colin, it was incredible, loved the boat, and the crew were very professional. Croatia is the best I’ve cruised. . I will most likely want to charter this again. A.F. Yacht QUANTUM / Zadar – Split / 7-14 September 2021
Nick! We had a fantastic time! The crew is amazing and we enjoyed it a lot. Hope to make a new charter with you shortly. R.O. BRAZIL / Split – Cavtat, Croatia / 10-20 September 2021
Reia, my clients had only great things to say about the charter. They really loved every minute and said the crew were the best they had ever had. From all the work ahead of time to get alcohol and the limitations on procuring that, and the time you took communicating to all of us, the clients felt extremely taken care of and raved about the experience. One of the principal's guests contacted me 12 hours after boarding and said that he wanted to do this again with his family. Gulet CANER IV, Bodrum Turkish coast, May 2021.
Hi Colin! We had an amazing charter with a great crew. thanks for that! Very happy with the boat and the team. DC Superyacht XAIRA / Ibiza, Spain / 27 August-3 September 2021
We are so thrilled we got to spend the first week of our honeymoon on LIR! It was the perfect way to start our trip and explore the Amalfi Coast. The crew were absolutely incredible! They were knowledgeable about the area and were flexible and open to itinerary changes. We had a lot of fun first getting to know them as well as great company for a week at sea. Thomas’ food was amazing! We loved everything he made and even cancelled our last dinner to eat on board. Thanks Thomas! Toby and Katie had it all under control – we could really relax and enjoy ourselves. We felt very pampered all week. Thank you all so much – we had the best time! Catamaran LIR / Amalfi Coast / September 1-8, 2021
Hi Trina, we are back on land. It was an incredible trip with captain Arthur and crew. I'm looking forward to doing it again next year! Thanks a lot for putting everything together! Best regards, VH EMOJI / Cannes-Cannes, France / 19-26 August 2021
Hi Colin, Thanks for reaching out. We have had fantastic two weeks! The boat was in top shape and very comfortable. The captain, Pierre Yves, and the hostess, Juliette, were extremely professional, very pleasant and always focused on maximizing our enjoyment during the whole cruise. Pierre Yves really knew what he was doing, super calm even in challenging conditions and a very hard worker. Juliette, also a very hard worker is a fantastic cook and very focused on the different likes of our party. We couldn’t have had a better crew! We would definitely re-charter Mamy Wata with the two of them. BK. MAMY WATA / Calvi, Corsica, France-Olbia, Sardinia, Italy / August 14-28, 2021
Amanda, it was truly so wonderful and memorable! The entire Crew was spectacular - truly amazing at their job and wonderful people - they are a special bunch. It was truly a pleasure to spend time with Miro, Emily and Ksera. Miro oversees everything to a tee, with compete professionalism and kindness - and they all work together so seamlessly! Monica’s massage was blissful, and she is another gem! Karlo's cuisine was so creative and beyond delicious, I ate more in those two weeks than I think I have in 4 months! He is truly gifted! Drago and Maro were the consummate good sports taking our kids on endless trips for water sports (as was miro for some late night pick ups!). We loved it and we adore croatia! They showed us the best way to enjoy such an amazing country! Amanda - thank you for all your help and guidance in getting this trip together. It was a pleasure to work with you, hoping we can do this again soon! Warmly, M AIAXIA / Split-Split, Croatia / August 14-21, 2021
Hi Amanda, the trip on AIAXAIA was AMAZING. What an incredible way of seeing Croatia. The combination of the busy cities and the smaller quiet coves was perfect. Given that we ranged in ages from 16- adults there were so many different interests and tastes for food. Here are some thoughts in no particular order. The kids loved all the watersports. They logged the most hours tubing, jet ski, and bobs. The adults loved the paddle boards and swimming. We used all of it and the guys were troopers taking them out tubing all the time. The deck space and accommodations were beautiful. We all spent a few days reading and relaxing on the decks and if you wanted to find some peace or others both were an option. The rooms were all comfortable and had everything we needed. The food!!! I don't even know where to begin! Carlo is so talented and did an incredible job. Given the wide range in palates, he was incredible every single meal. The range in options in both meat, fish and vegetables was so good. We ended up eating most meals on the boat because nothing was better. We had two nice meals off the boat but all agreed Carlo's food was even better. We loved it because the kids all tried new things and really appreciated how delicious everything was. They are going to have a hard time keeping him, I am sure someone will try and help him start a restaurant. We told him to contact us if he does another week in a NYC restaurant. Captain Toni was fantastic. He had a fantastic itinerary set up for us and made some adjustments for the weather. It ended up being perfect, on the one cloudy day we toured the castle and it kept the temps down. He got up a few mornings early and started the travel so we arrived in our new locations just after breakfast. That was a huge benefit being on the boat. Miro was just superb at his job. He was so professional and took such pride in everything he did. He ran a tight ship and expected the best from the team. His knowledge of the food and wine and everything in between was amazing. We loved hearing about the history of Croatia from him over the past 30 years and his personal experience. We thought that was so important for all of us to understand as we moved through the country. We trusted any suggestion he had as he was always right! The entire crew was great, each one of them went out of their way to make it perfect. The beautiful tables set each meal by Emily and Ksenia, anticipating that we needed one more coffee, and Drago diving into the water to retrieve Tyler's phone was a highlight!! Each one of the staff touched us and we will always remember them. The ladies took such great care of us every day. Monica gave a fantastic massage. It was the most relaxing vacation we have ever taken. Thank you for all your help and hopefully we can do it again. Working with you was such a pleasure and you helped us set up for the trip of a lifetime. All the prework made for a perfect and relaxing trip on the boat. Thank you for everything. All the best, H and EW AIAXIA / Split-Split, Croatia / August 14-21, 2021
Josh, I’d like to tell you how delighted we were with our charter of Play The Game, under the captaincy of Bertrand Vachette. The boat is really wonderful – luxurious, spacious and exceptionally well laid out. It was in very good condition – you would never know it was seven years old. It was well decorated and very well appointed, with no signs of wear (no doubt, a result of the constant cleaning, polishing and attention from the crew!). We especially enjoyed the variety of outdoor seating areas, which meant we could choose different areas for meals and lounging depending upon the weather and our mood. The kids had the two seabobs in constant use – they were a real hit – and the tender was more than capable of acting as a great ski/wakeboard boat. While the boat was wonderful, it was the crew, under the leadership of Captain Bertrand, that really made our holiday magical. Captain Bertrand was exceptional. He listened carefully to our requests and was willing to consider all of our ideas. He was also very proactive in suggesting alternatives and adjustments, based on his experience and his knowledge of the weather and sea. His suggestions always led to great experiences, and we ended up visiting some amazing anchor points, with near perfect wind and water conditions. The one time we “over-ruled” his suggestion and insisted on following our own plan, we ended up with the worst wind/weather conditions of the entire trip. The lesson was clear – take Bertrand’s advice! In addition to communicating his knowledge and experience, Captain Bertrand was also an appropriately social “host”. He made sure that we were very looked after and were always safe, with a healthy dollop of fun. He willingly shared some of his personal stories and experiences and created a trusted relationship with all of our guests very quickly. He also consistently went the extra mile in taking care of our needs. When I (embarrassingly) needed a bigger-sized life jacket to go wakeboarding, it quietly appeared on the boat the next day. When my son was struggling to control the regular wakeboard, phone calls were made, favours called in, and when we reached the next port, a kid-sized wakeboard was magically added to the equipment on board. Bertrand is also a solid leader – it was clear that the crew respected him and had fun with him. He cares cared deeply for the crew and was clearly mentoring his first officer. He also cared deeply for the boat and was always very thoughtful about how to take the best care of it. I would seek Bertrand out as my captain for any future charter! The remainder of the crew was also absolutely fantastic. Frankie, the first officer/chief engineer was clearly very competent in all aspects of caring for the boat. And, as importantly, he was exceptionally mindful of the two children (5 and 8 yrs old) that we had on board. If they were in the water, we could be completely confident that Frankie had one eye on their safety – that is, if he wasn’t in the water playing with them. And out of the water, Frankie was a constant source of entertainment for the kids when he wasn’t looking after his official duties. His energy and enthusiasm was extremely contagious – if Frankie was around, we could be certain that everyone was having a great time. Sandra, our steward, was extremely attentive, and always very friendly. We were never sure how she did it, but whenever a wine glass needed to be filled, a fresh towel was required, or sunscreen needed to be refreshed, she would silently appear and ensure that everyone was well taken care of. She also made one of the best mojitos that I’ve ever had. As with everyone, Sandra and Frankie were always going the extra mile. On the first day, I asked for a type of drink that turned out to be hard-to-find on the island. Frankie made a special early-morning trip on the tender to see if he could source it at the nearest port. When that failed, Sandra took it upon herself to visit five different stores in our next port, going from one to the next until she finally found someone who was stocking what I had asked for. It was a real WOW moment when the drinks appeared on the boat when she returned. And last, but not least – Alexis, our chef. How he managed to consistently produce exceptional meals, from his tiny galley, and small-island provisioning service, was a much-appreciated mystery. Alexis’ meals were equal, or better, in quality and presentation to what I would expect in a great Ibiza/Monaco/St Tropez restaurant. There are almost too many highlights to mention, but I’ll call out his sushi night and consistently excellent luncheon fish as especially wonderful. After several days of this, we realized that we should have cancelled our onshore restaurant reservations because we preferred Alexis’ meals to what we could get on the island. Perhaps the best testament to his skill was that he actually got our son to eat green beans and fresh fish, a feat his mother and I have been struggling with for the past five years! Overall, we couldn’t have asked for a better experience – it was truly wonderful. And I’d add a special thanks to you Josh. When I wrote to you and asked what boats might be available in the next 3-4 weeks (yikes), I was fully prepared to hear nothing back, or at least nothing worth considering. Instead, you were able to rustle up a reasonable set of choices and were extremely responsive and considerate as I changed my requirements and dates right up until the last minute. I appreciated your rapid and clear communication and the aftercare, as we received the refund of the unspent APA. Thank-you and a huge thank-you to Captain Bertrand and the crew. You guys helped us make some wonderful memories. SB PLAY THE GAME / Palma-Palma / 18-25 July 2021
Everything was absolutely perfect - nice boat - great crew - very dedicated captain and outstanding cook. The land support was also excellent. DEA DEL MARE / Bodrum, Turkey / August 2021
Dear Colin, All fine. Thanks for your efforts. P.F. CARE ONE / Antibes, France / 8-15 August 2021
The charter went really perfectly! We enjoyed the itinerary very much, had a great time on board (and in the water). Toby is a superb captain and there was also a nice team spirit between the crew. Thomas made great meals for us and he even surprised us several times with things we really like but aren't very common. We had such a great time thank you! JB LIR / Naples, Italy / July 24-31, 2021
Hi Colin, the time we spent on board of Red Carpet has been great. The crew has been excellent still funny and cautious as well as excellent with our kids. I can only release positive feedback, no negative. Boat is comfortable, in particular the main deck with enough space and amenities both for wind and no wind. The only negative point has been weather, we did face strong wind at the beginning and calm in the second part of our cruise, so not that much sailing but a lot of engine. This is not in the hand of crew or captain so we finally did enjoy the time spent onboard. A.G. RED CARPET / Portisco / 14 August 2021
Hi Josh, We had a great time on the Star Link. The yacht was beautiful and really practical especially the dining table and the sundeck on top deck with covering was used often. It is so nice to have dinner on the top deck because of the view! Crew was great and very helpful. Tolis the chef made the most excellent food with every day a Greek touch, really great! We are really satisfied with Charterworld and you for all the searching and helping with the itinerary. Choosing the Saronic sea was beautiful, nice calm bays and the picturesque towns of Hydra and Spetses stoke our hearts. Also Navplion and Poros were great. Thanks to you and the crew. P&MvH STAR LINK / Athens-Athens, Greece / 7-14 August 2021
Thank you very much to the whole crew!! Everyone was so nice and welcoming, smiling with a great level of service and attention. The dives were incredible, and we will back home with incredible memories thanks to you. We will miss you and hope to be back. J.O SAFIRA / Maldives / August 8-17, 2021
Dear crew, thank you for making this stay so wonderful and memorable. I was delighted to have had shared my passion for F1 and football with you. Even if I did not catch a lot of fish I learnt a lot. I will miss our fishing nights. Thank you so much. T.O SAFIRA / Maldives / August 8-17, 2021
Bravo! TOP! Many thanks for your dedicated and committed work all the week. And a special thanks to captain for helping me to dare to swim with the sharks! All the best to you!! F.H SAFIRA / Maldives / August 8-17, 2021
Thanks for all! Incredible journey. Special thanks to the dive master who showed me the whalesharks. SAFIRA / Maldives / August 8-17, 2021
Hi Trina, it was a perfect week. Couldn’t have asked for more from the crew, boat, food, or the beauty of Croatia. Actually, on our last night in Dubrovnik, once we realized how quick it was going to be for the crew to head back to Split (and since we were paying for the fuel already), we asked if they could return us there. They were thrilled to, as that gave them extra time off, so all ended in great spirits. Tomo is easily the best captain we’ve chartered with and we would recommend him and HUNKY DORY to any group of 4-6. Thanks so much for all your help. HUNKY DORY OF LONDON / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / 9-16 August 2021
Colin, the boat is super as well as the crew. GM TO ESCAPE / Antibes / Aug 7-14, 2021
Hi Colin, we just got off the boat. It was a super trip. Everything was super, the crew, the boat, the team, the weather. Thanks for your consultation. WS. CALMA / Palma de Mallorca / August 7-14, 2021
Hello Colin, we had a wonderful week. Matt and Krystyna were a wonderful crew. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Ocean View and their crew is definitely an experience you can recommend to others. We did plenty of sailing, Matt made an interesting route for us with enough variety, and the service and quality of food was excellent. KH OCEAN VIEW / Split-Split, Croatia / 2-9 August 2021
Colin, the E cat looks amazing, and the staff was very friendly and professional. We were very happy with the charter and the quality of the boat. DW E SUPERCAT / Olbia, Corsica / July 19-26, 2021
Colin, the crew were all very agreeable, discrete whenever we were at anchor and very helpful in any capacity needed. On the whole an excellent crew, very professional and attentive during our stay onboard. I highly recommend this crew as they seem to thoroughly enjoy working together. As for the « hospitality » experience, we must give credit to the very high level of Alba, who is a lovely person, an excellent cook, and ultra-efficient in her work. MB Elise Whisper / Olbia, Corsica / July 29 – August 5, 2021
Hi Sally, Captain Jerry was charming and receptive, Kerry & Robbie both wonderful and on top of details. All requests with regards to food, itinerary etc were accommodated. Annabel II was very comfortable and clean, and the engine worked perfectly. Overall, the trip and service were amazing, and everyone was really happy. Congratulations to everyone for making this possible! EJ ANNABEL II / Croatia / July 19 – 26, 2021
Hi Amanda, we had a wonderful time in Croatia. Tonci and the crew were awesome. Tonci and crew were accommodating with our requests to visit Audriana’s family and friends on Hvar and Vis. We had Audriana’s twin sister, fiancé and friends onboard for lunch. We had wine that Audriana’s mom’s cousin makes on Vis. Tonci arranged a lovely dinner out one night and also a tour of Dubrovnik for us. The Chef, Evo, was fantastic. He worked so hard to make every meal enjoyable. His desserts are off the charts. We loved his pasta carbonara so much that he gave Audriana a lesson and made another batch so she could write down the recipe. If the Captain and crew or you ever need a reference from us, we are happy to be a reference. DG and family MY IMAGINE / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / July 24-31, 2021
Hello Amanda, we were super Happy with the crew. Ratko was very profesional always helpful and willing to do things for us. Nina cooked amazing super healthy with fresh ingredients, everything was perfect for us and Ariana was a super hard worker always with a smile and super helpful with me and the kids. We were very comfortable with them. Also the boat was in perfect condition. Thank you again, Kind regards, The “L” family AMADA MIA / Split-Split, Croatia / July 17-24, 2021
Hi Martha, We had an awesome time on UNBRIDLED last week! The crew was amazing. They were so service-oriented, kind and fun. I would say they are definitely the highlight of the trip. They really made the week special. The boat is very nice and has great water toys, etc. I know the boat is going in for a lot of maintenance work in Aug/Sept and we could see some of the work that needs to happen. It didn't detract from our experience at all. Again, I can't stress enough what a great experience the crew gave us! Thanks again for all of your help. J UNBRIDLED / Nassau- Nassau / 3-10 July 2021
Hi Martha, This crew has done an absolutely amazing job and we want them looked after for sure. The entire remainder can go to them of the APA and security deposit. Much appreciated. J.T. LA REVE / Newport- Newport / 4-10 July, 2021
Hello Martha, Captain and crew were A plus, boat was beautiful. CR FABOULUS CHARACTER / St Thomas- St Thomas / 25 June – 2 July, 2021
Martha, WE LOVED IT! OCULUS / Nassau-Nassau / 21-27 June, 2021
Hello Colin! We had an excellent time and our guests were very happy! All in all, it was fabulous. Everything was as or better than we expected. So, were we impressed by our experience? Yes! Did everyone do a fantastic job? Absolutely! Would we change anything? No! It was perfect. We will be back if we are able to make it for our first anniversary. Best, C.B. CHRISTINA O / Rovinj-Rovinj, Croatia / June 23-30, 2021
Colin, the crew is very good and dedicated, professional and warm. Captain knows the yacht inside out, good with his hands and at choosing spots to moor – very good all round. Very good cooking by pleasant lady who is totally devoted to preparing the meals. The yacht is lovely, sails well, is very comfortable both inside and out. C.E. ELTON / Split-Dubrovnik, Croatia / June 23-30, 2021
Colin, Brilliant! Lovely boat and great crew, stunning. Likely to do this again. A.F. QUARTA SANTA MARIA / Naples, Italy / July 8-15, 2021
Hey Trina, The Charter was great! Thank you for checking in. we had a very relaxing time with the crew and they were wonderful. We enjoyed our time immensely. Thank you for all of your help with booking this trip! M.O. MOYA / Greece / 19-26 June, 2021
Josh, The boat and the crew were amazing from start to end. Captain Ivan is an absolute professional and his deck team are the same. We loved Katie the chief stew and the chef's cooking was great and well catered to all our needs. The need for big detailed plans just weren't needed, Captain Ivan knew what we wanted for Family and for the time with our friends and it worked out perfectly. We couldn't fault it. Safety was always on their minds so we knew that what we would do would be safe and well thought out. I hope the captain and the crew had a good week with us, as we enjoyed their company. We would recommend the ship and crew without a doubt. Mr R.
A truly amazing trip, a big thank you for all your guidance throughout. The boat was outstanding, I honestly couldn’t fault it. It’s seemed brand new with ZERO signs of use or damage… which only added to the excitement of being on such a sparkly, pristine boat. To echo J’s comments, Ivan and his crew were honestly fantastic. So professional and personable, whilst being totally seamless in terms of service and itinerary. Especially when you think of all the uncertainties and additional logistics required due to Covid and the comings and going’s of all J’s guests and family: Importing J’s wine and getting it cleared by customs easily, arranging Covid tests onboard on two separate occasions, a real mix of dietary requirements from all our guests, arranging transport (cars and boats) to various locations, restaurant and Bar/Club reservations... As an all Croatian crew, they totally got what atmosphere we wanted with no language or cultural misunderstandings, which only made us feel more relaxed and comfortable. It was really clear to see that they tailored their service to make it such a special week for us all. Ivan was exceptional in every way, a constant air of experience and authority as a Captain and without question runs a very ‘tight ship’ in terms of what he expects from his crew (and guests in terms of safety). But at the same time extremely friendly and accommodating. nSome other big advantages of Eva 4 Eva is it has its own private Anchorage in a beautiful bay only 10 minutes from Hvar. Most of the islands and bays are fairly barren, but this one was lush green and had a really nice beach club/bar. Ivan also seems to have a relationship with the harbour master whereby he always gets the number one spot mooring on the quay. I can’t praise them enough and would throughly recommend the boat and crew for any future charters EVA.4EVA / Croatia / 21-28 June 2021
Hi Guys, I am happy to tell you that our charter on “Limitless” was off the charts! We have been chartering with you for many years now starting off on cats, and we keep getting larger and larger cats with the last catamaran being the 77 Lagoon. So this being our first motor yacht we were not sure what to expect. Well, I am happy to tell you we were blown away. So many toys for starters! We saw many yachts 20-50 feet bigger and they had less toys than we did. I think those tenders deliberately avoided driving by us so they didn’t have to explain why we had so much! Then we go to the crew…. Just amazing. Everyone was just so friendly, accommodating which you would expect, but they felt real and genuine. And we have had great chef’s before, so this is not a dig against any previous chef’s, but Martin was just the best we’ve ever had. Period. Captain Cubby, Ed and Stephanie, well, I would hire them all for any of my businesses. I could write paragraphs about the experience, but to sum it up, we can’t wait till the next charter on Limitless. R.G. LIMITLESS / Bahamas / 19-26 June 2021
Dear Josh, 10/10 on all fronts – we loved the crew and the boat and had an amazing trip and the service you provided in the run-up to the trip was top notch, thanks again! DP MONITOR / 28 May – 4 june, 2021
Trina, My party is off the boat. They just announced more lockdowns in St.Thomas this morning. Jack, well, he has to be one of the hardest working captains. Always moving, grilling a mean steak, and just felt like seeing an old friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Can’t recommend him enough. Sara, she was downright amazing! We travelled with two other super close dear friends and the wife has some very very particular eating constraints. But Sara basically cooked or made her something different every meal. Blake and Jake, they were both awesome. Super attentive. So even though L and I are in mid to late 50’s, and D & L early 60’s, we did over 100 Jell-O shots on the trip! Blake even made a custom tequila drink we coined “The Blake” (wasn’t a drunk feast, but we had all been cooped up way too long!). Anyway- great time by all! Rest assured, besides this being the biggest catamaran in the BVI/USVI, it is the best crew! Regards, R.G. TELLSTAR / USVI / 9-16 December, 2020
Colin, The captain and stewardess were a great couple. Good food and service. I would recommend them both. We enjoyed the Croatian Islands. Thank you. R.B. EAGLE OF NORWAY / Split-Split, Croatia / October 9-16, 2020
Colin, We would like to say thanks again to the crew for the treatment and the service, we have no bad comments regarding our stay. We hope next year to make the same trip but to Greece. B3 / Spain / August 8-15, 2020
Hi Colin, Everything was superb - the boat, the crew, the trip - and all of your help beforehand. Really couldn’t have asked for a better trip or better service in any way!! Many thanks, incredible trip and would definitely recommend any / every aspect of it. Until the next charter, bye for now! :) J.J. MED SEA TATION / Athens, Greece / 5-12 September 2021
Trina, We had a great trip thank you! The best thing about the boat was its amazing stability! The Captain was good and the Chief Stewardess in particular were excellent. Thank you very much for arranging. JG CLICIA / Sardinia, Italy / July 10-17, 2021
Trina, We arrived home last night. The trip home was the toughest part of the two weeks but we made it back OK. The trip and the crew were great. I would be happy to share our thoughts about them, but they were very nice and professional and easy to share the boat with for 2 weeks. The food all trip was fantastic. Federico, the chef, was just great. He made us wonderful meals every day that were delicious and varied. He is really a nice guy and went out of his way to try to figure out what everyone liked and try to match dishes up with what our preferences were. His English was also the best of the three. The cruising area was awesome. The whole trip was scenic and full of history and wonderful places to visit. I highly recommend both the Aeolian Islands and the Amalfi/Bay of Naples area. JP OCEAN MED / Sicily to Naples, Italy / July 4-17, 2021
Hello Amanda, sorry I didn’t reply your first message, but we have been traveling and with limited access to my email. We really had a great time on Brazil, the Crew is phenomenal, the food was fantastic, everyone made our vacation the most pleasant one. Definitely interested to go back. I really recommend that you get to meet the crew, they are all extraordinary people. Motor Yacht BRAZIL / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / July 10-20, 2021 ER and family
Dear Josh, Thanks for your email and most importantly thank you for organising this charter for us. While unfortunately my 3 kids could join Group 2 due to Covid, the overall week was perfect. The captain and crew went out of their way to make our time on and off the yacht simply perfect. We had on top of that perfect weather and seas making the time on water incredibly enjoyable. The yacht was precisely what I was looking for with regards to comfort, look, space, consumption and again crew. A great week. Thanks for all and for your patience in dealing with all my emails for all these months. You have once again delivered!!!! Best, LR TORTOISE / Cannes – Cannes, France / 17-24 July 2021
Hi Amanda, Fortunately, we are still vacationing around Europe. Adriatic Lion is a fine, very comfortable and pretty new boat, ideal to visit croatia. Everything runs smoothly and we had lots of fun. Captain, great guy, very professional and good predisposition. Nice places every day. Cook, excellent, variety and good quality of food and menus. Always willing to attend suggestions and prepare late requested dinners. Stewardess, she was very kind and in good predisposition. I would put an 8 over 10 to the experience, we had a great time and the crew was always happy and in good humor. Thanks again for your assistance as always. RC Catamaran ADRIATIC LION / Split - Split, Croatia / July 17-14, 2021
Hello Amanda, everything is beyond ok! Charles and crew can’t do enough for us. Just got back from a half of a day on the beach. Unfortunately, fishing wasn’t good today. Seas too rough. Going to try again tomorrow afternoon. First timers don’t ever want to leave! We all have said we will be incredibly sad when we get home and have to actually cook dinner and make our beds! Haha! Thanks for checking. DB and BB Motor Yacht ALESSANDRA / Exumas / February 27- March 6, 2021
Good morning Amanda, We had a full 7 days of fun and I think it actually worked out better starting and ending in Albany. We can’t say enough about how amazing the crew was and how much we enjoyed being aboard. I appreciate your help on this charter and we are all looking forward to the next one. JC Motor Yacht VISTA BLUE / Exumas / March 17-24 2021
Hi Amanda, Hope all is well. Just wanted to reach out to you and give you some feedback on the trip. Boat was great… Crew was fantastic… Weather wasn’t the best early… But got much better and there’s nothing anybody can do about that. All in all my family and friends had a marvelous time and we want to thank you for setting up yet another awesome adventure for us. Thanks again for everything. TL Motor Yacht BELLA CONTESSA / Exumas / April 4-10, 2021
Hi Amanda, We had an amazing trip! Thanks so much for helping to organize and checking in. Captain Manos and crew were A+. If anyone ever wants a reference let us know as happy to oblige. JK MY KOUKLES / Greece - Cyclades / June 11-18, 2021
Hi Amanda, Thank you for reaching out to hear about our experience on the Santorini. Overall, it was an amazing trip and we enjoyed our time with the crew. The yacht is beautiful and accommodated our group well. Thank you Amanda for once again working as our broker to give our group another trip of a lifetime and a treasure trove of wonderful memories! Best regards, NS and SE CATAMARAN SANTORINI / Greece - Cyclades / June 11-18, 2021
Amanda, Where to begin.... My sister and I charter boats all around the world and sometimes multiple times a year and even though this was the smallest one we have been on, thanks to Matteo's incredible crew, this was by far the best experience we've had. I'm the kind of person who will always find something to better in a hotel, boat etc. yet this was the first time in my life I had nothing to point out except to tell the crew to never change the way they are & how they should be training other crews to be just like them. From Star's incredible attention to detail & perfection to her friendliness yet professionalism at the same time, to making the impossible possible to Lili's genuine care and positive energy to always being one step ahead of our needs, to Roxy's young yet incredibly mature, kind & attentive attitude to being such a hard worker, to Matteo always putting guest's needs ahead & handling all situations with a big smile & kindness to our incredibly talented & personable chef to the most attentive, polite, always available yet you never feel their presence deck crew, this was definitely the FANTASTIC 8!!! Thank you all for this unforgettable charter & memories can't wait to see you all again. BO and CM MY BRAZIL / Croatia - Montenegro / July 2-8, 2021
Amanda, We had a wonderful experience at SAFIRA! The crew were spectacular! Thank you so much for everything. We will never forget the time we had here! It was incredible. My summer vacation in the Maldives was the best I could ever ask for! A huge thanks to the crew that always made our time here awesome! I’ll always think of this week as one of the best in my life. Thank you for this wonderful experience! These past few days in the Maldives were unforgettable. The cool, clean water, dive and much more contributed to this great trip. We had a wonderful time this week. The food, service and all the rest were amazing. Looking forward to coming back in the future. SAFIRA guest book feedback / Maldives / 18-25 July 2021
Hi Amanda, Here is our general review! The holiday was amazing, especially the first few days when the weather was good. The captain made a good choice to take us down to Staniel Cay to start and gradually make our way back so we could get into port for the bad weather predicted at the end of the cruise. The kids loved it, swimming with nurse sharks, pigs and getting to meet large iguanas. The food was very good, the chef was accommodating for some picky eaters (mainly B!). Tracey was particularly attentive to every detail. Outstanding actually. We had met before on a cruise with Goldie and Kurt in 2013 or so, which was nice. The boats age was noticeable here or there, mainly the size of windows and layout of the master seemed a bit dated. However the fact it was a jet boat was great as could moor much closer to the shore than regular yachts. Overall, we officially have the cruise bug and will want to check some dates for later in the year, perhaps Croatia/Italy! All the best, MB and EB M/Y AT LAST / Exumas /March 27 – April 3, 2021
LJ, here’s my client’s feedback: we had a wonderful trip! This was the best crew that we have ever had on a charter, and we were very pleased with their service level, food quality, etc. They were all very friendly and accommodating and they enhanced our experience. The boat itself was great and was very comfortable. Everyone commented on the size of their rooms and they thought that the VIP suite was terrific. Thank you Captain Hennie and your fabulous crew for taking such great care of my client. I found you and your team to be just amazing to work with, extremely responsive, professional, and willing to do whatever was necessary to create an exceptional experience for the guests. I also really appreciate that you provided the detailed guest feedback to me about some of the nuances of their preferences. This will go a long way to providing even better service in the future. I look forward to booking many more charters aboard REMEMBER WHEN. REMEMBER WHEN / Bahamas / June 7-14, 2021
LJ, The Captain was so great! He drove the tender several times and we had a chance to ask him his experiences as a captain. The deck crew was absolutely fantastic. There was never a time we had to wait to do anything including playing with the toys, bringing drinks to us on the floats or on the beach. They took us on several fishing trips which most of us had never been on. Loved it. They were so friendly and we asked them a million questions. The ladies of the inside crew were also awesome! They were always asking us if we needed anything the minute we left our bedrooms until we went to bed at night. Incredibly perceptive of our needs at all times. It was like little leprechauns came in every time we left our bedroom and straightened it up. So nice! And again we asked them so many questions about where they were from and how they became interested in yachting. Always so gracious in answering our questions. Oh and they watched the baby several times so T and B could go on the excursion. Sooooo nice of them! The yacht was spectacular. Though I don’t have anything to compare it to but I can’t imagine another vessel could possibly compare. The chef was amazing! The food was to die for. Tim doesn’t like seafood so there was always a meat option for him. Another member was a vegetarian and every meal was especially made to her liking. Not a single issue with the food…other then there was so much! I really didn’t know what to expect. I really didn’t think there would be a lot to do. Boy was I mistaken. The itinerary was great. Nothing rushed. All at our own pace. Not everyone would do everything but there were always other things to do if we stayed on the boat. We would definitely love to do it again. Thanks again for your help getting the trip of a lifetime together. REMEMBER WHEN / Bahamas / June 19-26, 2021
Martha, best yacht experience I’ve ever had. Crew and boat were perfect. J. EMYRS / Nassau-Nassau / 24-28 June, 2021
Hi LJ, The yacht was perfect, we always felt safe, especially with James in command. The crew were proactive and we had fun together as a group, Jessi and Abi were so accommodating and knew what we needed even before we knew we needed it! Just fabulous service all the way around. Abi is a FANTASTIC chef, my boys loved it. Our favorite dishes were breakfast and the sea bass dinner we enjoyed together. The boys also loved the Jetskis, we had fun on those, as well as with the fin boards, anchoring at sand bars, lunch at the local bar. Very fun. LJ, everything was great especially with all the Covid instructions. It all worked seamlessly, and it was so nice to know that you were available to help should anything arise that we needed help with on the trip. Thank you again for being so efficient and helpful. We would recommend TRUE NORTH to friends and family 110%. TRUE NORTH / Nassau – Nassau, Exumas / May 21-28, 2021
Josh, everything was excellent on Sanjana and thank you for your attention to every detail. The boat, the crew, the food etc were top quality and the flexibility of the Captain to change plans and make better ones were highly satisfactory. Please be assured that for our future charters we will come to you first. Your follow up, flexibility and honest support were highly appreciated by all of us. M.A.A. SANJANA / Athens, Greece / 13-23 June 2021
Martha, I wanted to tell you the Pi 2 was absolutely amazing! The Captain and the Chef were incredible… The boat was amazing and the whole trip/experience was outstanding. PI2 / Athens – Athens, Greece / 24-30 May 2021
Trina, we had an absolutely fabulous trip and enjoyed ourselves immensely. Our group has made a shared Photo Album and it is named “Best Trip Ever”. Thank you for suggesting Far Niente as an option when we first began speaking about chartering a yacht. The yacht was delightful and the crew spectacular. We encountered wonderful weather – which of course is outside of anyone’s control but certainly a nice bonus. We had one afternoon of less than good weather and it was on the last day when we were cruising back so we all took advantage of it and napped. We had not intended to necessarily charter again so soon after having planned such a spectacular trip, but it was so very wonderful that it definitely has us inspired to try to visit the Leeward Islands if we can match calendars up. FAR NIENTE / Bahamas / 9-15 May 2021
Hello Martha, we had an absolutely fabulous time. The crew was amazing! I cannot say enough about how much fun they made the trip for us. Maryanne is fabulous! She was very accommodating and made sure we were well taken care of, always! Claudia was great. Anything we asked her to do, she did with a smile on her face. She and Maryanne were always asking us if we needed anything- they were both amazing & always attentive. Jason was an amazing captain. He went out of his way to find beaches for us to hang out on and would change the plan if we asked. He took us on many excursions that were so much fun. He is a great captain and we all felt safe with him. We love Daniel! He always made sure we had the toys out and watched out for everyone on all excursions. He made us feel safe no matter what we were doing. Greg was amazing! All of our meals and snacks were so good. He would prepare snacks for us when we went on the tender and always made sure we were never hungry. He is an amazing chef! We absolutely loved every meal. When we had meals in Atlantis we were so disappointed and wanted Greg back! I just can't say enough about this crew! They made my 50th birthday sooooo special! They set the table for every meal and we had a theme night every night! So much fun! They never said no. The beach BBQ and Bonfire at Highbourne Cay was amazing! The crew went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. One of our guests said, "I should bring all of my staff on a trip with this crew so they can see what customer service is really about". The video that they made for us is so special to me! The drone shots and all of it is fabulous. I have watched it over and over again. Please thank them again for me! The crew made this trip amazing, and the owner should be so glad they have them. Claudia, Maryanne, Daniel, Jason & Greg were always cleaning and kept everything pristine. We are just so very thankful that we had this crew. They made the trip! Thanks for your help. You always answered my questions in a timely manner and kept me up to date with everything. I appreciate that. K BEACHFRONT / Nassau – Nassau / May 1-8, 2021
Franco always wanted to plan the best thing for us. Francesca was delightful, always trying to please everyone and fully aware of how Paula was feeling (she is pregnant and had some nausea). Chef Giulano prepared some of the best pasta we have ever had. Carla was very nice, having everything tidy at all times. The Almax is a beatiful yacht, very well designed and decorated. Very open spaces with a lot of sea views everywhere, awesome vessel. Overall, we had an amazing week that we will for sure repeat in the future. Thank you for your all your help with the charter, I will contact you again to plan our next boat trip! Best regards, J ALMAX / Bahamas / 8-15 April 2021
Dear Colin, we loved the boat, the crew was wonderful and always pleasant. Especially Noria! our trip was a joy. It is an exciting boat to sail. The only comment I would give is that we were expecting maybe a little more traditional continental European American cooking. We will definitely bear in mind Xaira for another cruise, maybe in the Mediterranean when she’s available. Keep me posted. Thank you very much for organizing the charter in these difficult covid times. Best regards, XAIRA / Antigua / March 27-April 3, 2021
LJ, I do not have any constructive criticism, everything was awesome. All the crew were so professional and took great care of the family. The food was wonderful, and the chef was flexible and did up family meals etc. and the girls were so nice accommodating little one with his fussy eating habits. The deck staff was always on cue and toys were all in water ASAP after breakfast and they took great care of the kids and wore them out. The interior staff were so nice and everything was just right! Truly impressed. Also impressed with the video and the drone shots. Captains Simon + Chris’ preplanning and feedback throughout the trip was so appreciated and my sincere thanks to you. In closing it was a fantastic holiday. Thank you all! LADY JOY / Bahamas / March 2021
“In my whole life....I could never have imagined that week to be so special.......unreal! It was unreal! I will write more tomorrow - I cried and cried when we left....the crew....they are the most amazing and special people on the planet!!” Yacht Lady Joy, 7-nights cruising Bahamas / Exumas - February 2021.
Dear Safira crew, Thank you for the memories! The service was excellent, nothing was impossible. The food was incredible – so much variety every day, different cuisines, we all need a diet after this trip! Amazing activities – diving, snorkelling, paddleboard, and fishing. Every day was a blast! Thank you for the attention, the smiles, and the memories. Masha – Yacht SAFIRA / 9 January 2021
Hey Sally! Safely back home. We had an amazing trip on board Azulia. Dan and Sarah were great hosts. We ran into some choppy weather halfway through the trip but overall we had an amazing time and bonded well with them. They were always happy to do whatever to keep us happy. Food was really yummy. And the condition of the catamaran was fantastic. Yacht AZULIA II / USVI / December 27 – January 3, 2021
LJ, Another fabulous trip, even during Covid! Thanks to the Remember When Crew for making our fourth charter as fun and memorable as the first three. The Remember When Crew made this vacation so insanely awesome, from entertaining my Seabob addiction to teaching me how to fish and fillet. Most memorable though is the immense and impeccable attention to detail that constantly blew my mind - 5-star service all the way! Thank you to all for making this the best vacation we’ve ever experienced. The Remember When Crew created some beautiful memories that we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. Yacht REMEMBER WHEN / Leewards / December
LJ, the experience onboard was 10-star. It was a trip of a lifetime. Had no idea what to expect and truly delighted with the entire experience with nothing but complimentary things to say about the yacht and crew. They went above and beyond. Thanks for all your help - you make it easy during these challenging times. Wish I could clone you! T.C. Yacht LADY JOY / Sint Maarten / 17-24 December
Hey Trina! I will give you a call this week, but yes, an unforgettable start to 2021 is an understatement! Many tears were shed saying goodbye to the amazing crew and that beautiful boat. The bonus is we have new friends for life! It could not have been better. Best- PC YACHT MAHASATTVA / Bahamas / December
A really great boat, crew and experience. Nothing was too much trouble. Food was excellent. Great diving. We would recommend this boat. Thanks for a great holiday after a weird 2020. J&J.B. Yacht SAFIRA / 20-30 December
Just amazing. Great boat, great Captain, great crew. Nothing too much trouble. Cabins awesome. Been on a few liveaboard and by far this is the best. I’m fussy with food but this time, no issues, amazing food. Big thank you for an amazing trip!! AW Yacht SAFIRA 29 December
What can I say, this was a replacement boat, I was very surprise at the layout and size. The food was amazing, a great variety of dishes (I have been on many liveaboards and this was by far the best). Crew were great: always on hand to assist. Highly recommended. D. Yacht SAFIRA / 29 December
I just want to let you know that the charter was a success. The client and all their guests were really happy with the boat and particularly with the crew. They have the best attitude which he loves, and the food was really good. The captain was great, very knowledgeable of the area and took them to very nice beaches, protected from the windy weather. Of course he would recommend the boat. The wife’s comments: Super spectacular the whole trip. Wow, incredible every day. The crew were amazing. Everything incredible. Thank you. A.W. Charter Yacht LADY J / Nassau - Nassau, Bahamas / 15-22 November
To the best team ever. You opened to us a new universe. Thanks for everything. We had great experience. I & M.N Charter Yacht NAWAIMAA / Malé - Malé, Maldives / 7-21 February
From my side I must say it was an absolute pleasure to work with Gussayu. He is great to work with. I could reach him whenever I felt like it. He thinks ahead of guests’ needs and wishes, and he has a fantastic sense of humor. Please do tell the owner how impressed I am with Gussayu, the crew and the yacht. N. Charter Yacht NAWAIMAA / Malé - Malé, Maldives / 7-21 February
Martha, it is without hesitation that we write this note extolling the virtues of the LIR and its’ amazing crew. First I need to mention that 2 of the 4 couples had previously visited the BVI so we had some notion of what we were in for. But any preconceived ideas were far exceeded by the LIR and its’ crew. From Captain Joss’ first phone conversation when he said “your watches, cell phones and shoes will be confiscated upon boarding” to our heartfelt goodbyes at the end of our trip, our entire voyage went without a hitch. While one could be fooled by Captain Joss’ boyish looks, his demeanor, humor, in addition to his competence, he was an absolute joy to have as our Captain. When we first had a chance to review the menu prior to the trip, we anticipated good food, but the reality of Aurelie’s culinary talents was extraordinary during every breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All of us just marveled as Aurelie came out to relate the menu and its’ ingredients for every meal. 1st mate Toby was always there helping everyone out with whatever was needed at the time. His watersports and sailing experience were in play every day. The chemistry between all three was evident every day and we all felt comfortable and relaxed throughout. We could not have had a better crew and our experience reflected that. They are a real asset to the LIR and Charterworld. This note wouldn’t be complete without a comment about the LIR. It was a beautiful and luxurious vessel and stood out among most every boat we saw in the BVI. Finally a special thank you to you Martha and your efforts to put all of this together. Sailing Yacht LIR / St Thomas, British Virgin Islands / February 7 – 14
Martha: the LIR was a true delight. Accommodation, food and crew were top notch! We especially liked sharing the boat with Captain Joss, Toby and Aurelie. They were super attentive and fun to be with! Please pass on our thanks to them. And thank you for helping to make this trip possible! AB Yacht LIR / St Thomas, British Virgin Islands / February 7 – 14
Colin, our cruise went really well: the catamaran was very comfortable and the crew was very nice and accommodating. There is not much more that I can tell you about it, which - I believe - is very good feedback! CP SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE / St Vincent & Grenadines / December 28 – January 4
Colin, great trip and boat by the way, always happy with your recommendations and services! AF SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE / St Vincent & Grenadines / December 28 – January 4
“LJ is leaps and bounds above all the other managers,” says Arioso Capt. Peter Martin, who has worked with several charter companies. “They just list the boat. She actually cares. When she says, ‘What can I do for you?’ she actually means it.”
“There is no doubt that our success story is due to LJ’s charter management skills and work ethic. I have been a charter captain for many years and yet to come across an individual so dedicated, professional and conscientious. Her commitment to the Remember When charter program and her strenuous effort, has spoken for itself over and over. One thing is for sure, we would be searching far and beyond to fill her boots.” – Captain Francisco Cisco Chadinha, M/Y REMEMBER WHEN, 162’ Christensen
“LJ rises above the rest in service to owners and potential charterers. We have been with her for over 13 years and 2 yachts because of her responsiveness, ability to obtain 16 weeks of charters each year, and personal attention. She works with us on all aspects of marketing, interviewing potential crew and securing favorable terms for charters. LJ goes above and beyond the typical service a yacht broker provides and forms a partnership with the owners.” – Owners, LADY J, 142’ Palmer Johnson
“After working with LJ Houghting as a client broker for a charter we had a few years ago, we requested that she took over our charter management as we were blown away by the amount of work that she puts into the charter and the support she offered us from the start of negotiations all the way through to post charter communications and closing. We are extremely happy we made that decision because our charter client base is continually growing and she goes the extra mile with everything she does. She’s always looking to improve the marketing and coming up with fresh ideas which helps to keep the crew motivated and on point. We really feel like we are part of a family with all of her fleet helping each other out whenever we can.” – Captain Chris Thomson, Yacht LADY JOY, 157’ Christensen
“We didn’t realize that 84-days of charter per year was attainable until we elected LJ as our Charter Manager” - Owners, Far Niente 40m Westport.
Sally, just a quick note to tell you that our clients have had an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you very much for all your help. They loved Richard and his wife and all aspects of this wonderful holiday getaway. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you again in the future. KM Yacht MOJO / St Thomas, BVI / 28 December – January 4
Amanda, the yacht was terrific, the crew fantastic, the catamaran was a great experience too... and we all put on a few pounds that will last long enough to keep our great memories alive... Thanks again to all of you for a wonderful experience. JV and family Yacht GYRFALCON / BVI / December 27 – January 4
Dear Nick, we had a great time and the crew definitely were outstanding. Chef Claudia did great interpretations of the cookbook sent, providing us with tasty and healthy meals. I managed to get out of the water behind the tender with one ski. I would not hesitate to go back to Crossbow and its crew. I hope to come back to you to plan another adventure in the not too distant future. Best, M.D.M Yacht CROSSBOW / St Lucia - Grenada / 21 December - 1 January
Yacht LIR Xmas Guest feedback BVI: ~Thank you for the best vacation! I had a great time! ~Thank you, Great job! LIR Feedback New Year BVI: ~Thanks for an amazing vacation! We loved every moment of it - you are a great team! ~Thank you for making this trip the best vacation I've ever been on. We had the best time even though I almost got stuck in a cave :) ~Thanks for making this trip so awesome. It would not have been the same without you guys. Aurelie made the food and Joss had the worst American accent. Tobster is the man. ~All three of you were terrific! Your attention to our needs are very appreciated. I hope to board your boat again soon. ~Thanks, the best trip of my life ~Thank you for making this vacation our best ever! (And a special thanks for watchful eyes at Foxy's)
Martha, I want to pass on a massive thank you to the owners of Unbridled and all the crew for giving us the best holiday we’ve ever had, and believe me we’ve had a lot more than most. The boat was immaculate, the service and attention to detail was outstanding, the food was mouth-watering and the leadership from the captain the best I’ve seen. The small touches made all the difference. We really had a wonderful holiday and it’s a credit and thanks to all the team. A holiday that will never be forgotten. I really could not fault one action, one moment, one day or any event. Clifford is the best captain I’ve met and any request was no trouble from any member of the crew. Many thanks, J Yacht UNBRIDLED / St Martin - St Martin / 22 December- 2 January
Hi Colin, we have completed our charter and had the most amazing time – I just wanted to let you know that everything was perfect. Marko and Nina are outstanding crew and cooks as well, they were incredible. We wanted to take them home with us. Loved every minute of it. Thank you kindly KB Yacht EAGLE OF NORWAY / Yacht Charter: Trogir – Trogir, Croatia / September 7-14
Martha, all very good, excellent crew and boat impeccable. Thanks again, let’s plan the next! I am very happy to give very good feedback. Chef was amazing, young Greek guy, very caring and French trained. Crew did all they could to make us enjoy the best. M.F PHANTOM / Mykonos – Athens, Greece / 3-10 September
Hello Martha, we enjoyed it so much, the captain was very kind, and so was the crew. The yacht was very good, the guest cabins also, king size bed and large shower. Congratulations to the captain and crew, they made fireworks at the end of the trip (nice surprise). We had a very great time. Regards, R.D AQUA LIBRA / Athens- Athens, Greece / 2 – 9 September
Hi Colin, We had a wonderful time on board of HELENE. Andreas and Dimitra did a great job, we can recommend this crew to everyone who plans a crewed sailing trip. Andreas is a very good Captain, always in a good mood, Dimitra is a very talented chef and cares for all the needs and little things that make a pleasant stay on board. HELENE is an exceptional boat, very unique in style, exterior and interior. Due to good winds, we made 348 nm in one week, which is quite a lot, so we could see many magnificent islands and spots. Andreas was also a perfect guide to see the best beaches and bays. The organization was very good, from the charter as well as all the transportation. You will be hearing from me again, I think my wife enjoyed this way of vacation very much, this wasn’t our last crewed charter... Thanks a lot. JB HELENE / Athens - Athens, Greece / 1 – 8 September
Hi Amanda, the Captain was very responsible, and most important of all he likes to be in the best place and is not like the others who prefer to stay away so as not to have problems in anchoring, he is active and always willing to help, and does his utmost to satisfy us. Mr. Yanis is very well educated and performs his duties very seriously and competently. Very good. The cook worked very hard and cooked very well what we asked her. Our trip was beautiful and wonderful, we were very well attended, and we highly recommend Number One and his crew. Best regards and thank you for everything, let´s keep in touch. RH Catamaran NUMBER ONE / Mykonos – Mykonos, Greece / August 27 - September 3
Hi Martha, everything was perfect. The whole crew is very professional and kind. The chef is excellent and the captain is one of the best we ever had. Let’s plan the next trip. This time I’d like to go to Albany. Please find some alternatives there. Thank you very much for the usual support Martha! My best, L.L SEAZEN / Nice- Nice, France / 25 August - 1 September
Dear Colin, I cannot close this chapter of our summer without expressing my deep thanks to you for guiding me to this choice which provided all of us great pleasure and left a lasting memory. Thanks again, from all our guests, my wife and myself, yet again, our whole-hearted THANKS to you and the crew for a most enjoyable experience. DS JAUNI / Palermo-Naples / August 22 – September 2
Hi Amanda, We absolutely loved the crew. They were really exactly what we needed. Very helpful hardworking and super insightful to what we wanted- maybe they had your direction a little :) Hope to rent again next year from you. There were some amazing Navi’s, our heart stopped seeing them. Best regards, IG and RG Sailing Yacht HERITAGE / Bonifacio, Corsica - Cala di Volpe, Sardinia / August 18-25
Josh, we had a good time, thank you. Crew was great especially Maria. A.H. GITANA / Corfu – Zakinthos, Greece / 24-31 August
Hi Colin, we had a fabulous time, thank you. The boat is great - very spacious with good-size rooms, and lots of different entertainment areas. The crew were amazing, taking care of every little detail for us. I would highly recommend this yacht and crew. NK STELLA MARIS / Split - Split, Croatia / August 18-25
Amanda, Great to hear from you again. I really do not know how you do it, but the yacht and especially the crew, which you recommended, were nothing but SPECTACULAR. We truly enjoyed every single day aboard CHRISTINA TOO. The boat was in mint condition, everything worked to perfection under Captain Alex’s supervision. He is great! Marcelle´s culinary knowledge and Chad´s service / bartending made it a truly remarkable experience. The crew worked like a Swiss clock. All the charters along the past 5 years have been extraordinary, this one in particular has been exactly that and much more. Our only regret: we should have booked a 10 day charter. Thank you so much for your care, attention to detail and for making it the best holiday so far. Looking forward for the next adventure! Best regards, HD CHRISTINA TOO /Bonifacio, Corsica – Olbia, Sardinia / 19-26 July
Hello Martha, Thank you! The trip was wonderful! The crew was very accommodating and sweet. The food was great! Thank you again! Best, M.N LAURENTIA / Sardinia – Sicily / 24 -31 July
Dear Nicolas, we thoroughly enjoyed the charter. I am happy, the crew also felt it was a good time for them. Overall, it is a beautifully restored yacht, very well maintained, all functions perfect and very well designed interiors. We thoroughly felt comfortable and can only compliment the owners for their taste. Captain Benjamin is very respectful and trustworthy, has a very accommodating personality and is highly professional - both in the operation of the yacht and also on processes. He had great control over all situations and was a true gentleman in all requirements. The perfect captain. Rose: very helpful in all situations, high quality service and very service minded, extremely polite and natural in the way she dealt with us, fun and great to have her around. She could read our requests from our thoughts. Chef Suadh: incredible - passionate and probably the best Chef we have ever experienced on any yacht we have been on. She is creative, and serves incredible food. We are still deeply impressed by the quality and variety of what she has served during the one week. Simply outstanding. Emile: a great guy - very experienced seaman, highly service oriented, fun to have around and very professional. Jean Rise: Very polite, service oriented, fun and expert in what he does. Overall – Nick, this was the perfect crew, the perfect boat and the perfect charter. We would recommend them any time - they gave us a perfect time. Many thanks to you for the great recommendation and great experience. S.G VESPUCCI / Saranda, Albania / 22-29 July
Hello Amanda, the crew was absolutely incredible! George and Melissa very professional. The food was amazing, healthy and delicious. Tom was super nice, always caring for us and doing his best, making coffee in the morning, serving us always with a smile, with the best attitude. We liked him very much. George took us to beautiful calas. Also very charming and excellent attitude. Melissa was very nice, quiet, very professional, and we all loved her food. Thank you so much, JL, LL and Family. LIR / Porto Ercole – Livorno, Italy / July 15-22
Colin, We had a wonderful time on Free Wings. The boat was in excellent condition. The Captain and crew were amazing. Nothing was too much trouble. The Chef was great (even in his small kitchen!!) He had a great sense of humour and made us laugh each day whilst announcing his menus. The accommodation, sleeping quarters etc were excellent. PH FREE WINGS / Dubrovnik - Hvar, Croatia / June 13-20
Colin, The holiday was fantastic. The boat and crew were all exactly as you had described. Francesco, Adrianno and Anna were all very hospitable but amazingly able to give us space on a boat that size. The food was lovely with good dining tips for when eating off the boat. Zia Canaia just oozes class and turns heads at every port. Francesco seems to have a lot of local “links” as we were always able to get prime mooring and bouy locations. Overall we were delighted and had a really memorable holiday, already thinking of planning another!!! Thanks for all your help and advice, Chat soon. M.E. ZIA CANAIA / Naples, Italy / July 6-13
Trina, we had an amazing time, the boat is great but the crew really does the special touch, they literally look for every detail, amazing food and service. This being our first charter experience we are now looking forward to repeat again! The suggested itinerary worked perfectly and they helped with our kids in every activity. Thank you again and talk to you soon. ME ANNABEL / Croatia / 3-10 July
Dear Amanda, I would like to personally thank you for the wonderful suggestion to sail Eros. She is amazing, the crew even more amazing; everything was magnificent and impeccable. Eros behaved wonderfully, Captain Justin and his crew A#1. We really appreciate your kindness, as always guiding us in having a wonderful and memorable vacation with our friends and family. Best wishes, always, The S Family Sailing Yacht EROS / Newport / June 29 - July 6
Colin, the staff and captain were great in terms of service. Very helpful, nice etc. Good party yacht and good party team. MBL MISS CANDY / Cannes, France / June 24 and June 27
Thanks Martha – We had a wonderful time. The boat was in good shape overall. The size of the boat fitted our family well. The 85 to 100’ is the class of boat that fits perfectly for us. The water toys (jets ski, raft etc were a must on this trip). The captain and crew were an A-The only reason they didn’t get a full A was the limited amount of English. The chef and Captain were the most fluent, but the other two members understood very little. They were still wonderful even given this language barrier. The chef did an amazing job and was there to cook anything we needed. They all were WONDERFUL with the children. Antonio (captain) setup a perfect trip for us and made it so special. It was a trip of a lifetime for us. S SILVIA / Naples, Italy / 9 -27 June
Sally, the boat was awesome. Best boat I’ve ever been on. Master cabin was nuts. VIP room was incredible. Extra two rooms were great. Captain and Chef were world class. They both listened to our preferences and were great. They have been on the boat together for 6 years and you can tell. The rest of the crew was amazing. Service was perfect. Their personalities were outstanding. I felt a little bad because it was my first cruise with just guys and we drank way too much. However they treated us like we were normal, which I doubt we were. I would give them 10/10 and the next person who wants to book, let them know and I’ll talk to them myself. Motor Yacht VOGUE / Palma de Mallorca / June 25 – 30
Dear Captain Favios and Martha, Firstly I am very sorry for the delay in sending this email. I had over 4000 holiday photos to filter and I wanted to make sure I copied in a few when I sent my thank you note. We all had a holiday of a lifetime and we will never be able to truly thank you for everything you and the crew did. It is safe to say we were all very sad to leave HAPPY DAY but will cherish the wonderful memories. Have a wonderful season and maybe one day in the future we will see you back in Greece. Lastly the kids made something for the crew. Is there an address I can send it to in Greece? Safe passage. C HAPPY DAY / Athens – Corfu, Greece / 6 -13 June
Hi Trina, everything was absolutely amazing, we had the time of our life. The boat was even better than the pictures, it was very clean and nicely appointed. The layout of the boat is really good and it felt really spacious with 7 of us onboard. There were 2 jet skis on the boat and tons of toys. The crew was absolutely amazing. Thomas the Captain was really good, Rome was absolutely amazing and took great care of us, and Chef Nicholas’s food was top notch. I’d highly recommend this boat and crew for others. I know it was a bit of an unknown since this crew has only worked together on this boat for 3 months, but now you know! SM GEMS / French Riviera / 21-28 June
Hi Amanda, we had a fantastic trip and great travel luck all things considered. We greatly appreciate your assistance in arranging everything for us in particular the coordination of the pickup from our Air BNB and the luggage drop off. Thank you! We loved Spiros and Asimina. They work well together and Asimina is a wonderful cook with a very endearing personality. She prepared lots of authentic Greek dishes and taught us a few recipes as well. She definitely cooks with a lot of love :). Spiros was a great Captain and shared a lot of information about the area. Very professional! We also learned that sailing in the wind and waves is no picnic :). Chalk it up to ignorance on our part but we all just assumed that sailing the Greek Islands would automatically include Santorini or Mykonos. Again, live and learn. We did enjoy the islands Spiros was able to take us to and it was nice to spend two nights docked at Serifos. Spiros did his best to get us to Mykonos but the wind god was not having it this trip. For our next trip we now know that sailing more than 3-4 hours/ day is enough. The long sails prohibited us from being able to enjoy any of the water toys and just relax in the water. And we will pay more attention to the sailing conditions in the area we choose (thinking about Grenadines for another New Year’s trip in a few years). We look forward to working with you again in the future. Kind Regards, BH Catamaran IDEA / Athens, Greece / June 22-29
Good morning Martha! We had an amazing experience... Everything was magic and we are in love with Croatia. The crew was incredible, very kind and ready to help us in everything that we needed. B Motor Yacht ANNABEL II / Porto Montenegro – Split, Croatia / 23 -30 June
Amanda, the yacht itself was amazing – beautifully kept, maintained and presented – an ideal choice for ease, comfort and style for this group. The Chef was above and beyond… his food absolutely “SUPERB”! We were blown away by the Greek food despite reservations going in, and ended up eating only Greek “the entire time” and absolutely loved it. I found the crew and the service to be SUPER ATTENTIVE and excellent. Always with a smile and good grace, despite being asked for things constantly by all guests. Two of the guests had never had any interest in visiting Greece and were completely turned around by this experience. They absolutely loved Greece, the history, culture, and food – everything about their time there. Giannis organized such a fantastic time and great experiences, “managing” the group when some wanted to lay about on the boat, some wanted to go to the beach while some wanted to explore… The crew complied with all requests and preferences, took care of us and our needs so well and graciously. To sum it up, this far exceeded everyone’s expectations, we got much much more than we expected. Motor Yacht RINI V / Athens, Greece / June 18 -25
Hi Martha, The charter was simply awesome. The crew was fabulous, boat was very clean and efficient, and the captain was very amenable to do or go wherever we wanted. No rigid agendas. Food prepared on board was great. Reconciliation of expenses was clear and well prepared. Overall we absolutely loved Askim III and the staff. We had a holiday adventure like no other! Best wishes. MLL This was my first time chartering a yacht. We cruised the south west Italian coast including Amalfi and Capri. We worked with Martha Lukasik from Charter World and she was great. Our yacht was the Askim 3. We had 2 other couples with us and everyone was just amazed. All of us agreed it was our BEST vacation EVER! The Captain, Paolo, Chef Chicca and Crew, Naomi were absolutely outstanding! They treated us like Royalty. When we went into port they made reservations and arranged transportation. I cannot say enough about them and the entire experience. We can't wait to do it again. BW ASKIM 3 / Naples, Italy / 9 -16 June
Amanda, we have been meaning to reach out. The boat was incredible, but as we always say it is the crew that makes the trip. It makes a difference to have English speaking crew and they were the best we have had. Captain Gavin was amazing and always so thoughtful. We loved our visits to small harbors - St. Tropez I think was our favorite. The Chef Nick was out of this world. We loved all meals and as a result we put on many pounds! The food was all around perfect!! We also loved Louise, Sophia, and Mike and Mark - they were just all around fun, young and aligned with us. We loved the outings. There were a few excursions that the entire family did not want to do so that is often hard since I think those were scheduled in advance, but they always seemed to accommodate. I think the favorite hike was the last day alongside the sea. The bike along the coast was lovely, just like that hike was too. I think next time we would avoid the bike inland, not really totally worth it but still fun that we did it! The boat worked very well. We would like another space to sit together outdoors next time I think... but truly no complaints, loved how modern it was. Thanks for everything! It really was great, Amanda! Again, thanks for your patience and helping to coordinate. Best, The “A” Family Motor Yacht LIONSCHASE / Monaco / June 3-10
Hi Josh, Many thanks for your kind organisation! We had a perfect time on board with a really outstanding crew. They made our vacation even more enjoyable. A great vessel with lots of fun for the kids. I would like to express, also on behalf of my family and friends, our utmost thanks to Fehmi and his great crew. They made our holiday just perfect! Hopefully Fehmi stays on board for our next charter of SULTANA. F SULTANA / Ajaccio – Olbia / 15-22 June
Martha we are having a wonderful time! Crew and boat have been great. Enjoying this experience a lot. SILVIA / Naples, Italy / 9 - 27 June
Hi Amanda, we had the most wonderful time on the Mykonos, it was the perfect boat for us and a beautiful luxury yacht. The food was prepared perfectly by Anne, whose cooking is to die for!! Simon and the crew were fantastic. Thank you for making this one of our best family vacations! SP M/Y MYKONOS / Porto vecchio, Corsica – Porto Cervo, Sardinia / 8 – 15 June
Good morning Martha. We had an amazing week on board of M/Y Play the Game. Captain Chris and his crew are fantastic people and 100% Professional! Thank you and kind regards. J PLAY THE GAME / IBIZA - IBIZA / 8 - 15 June
Hi Martha, this has been an incredible week, we could not be more pleased with SOLARIS crew, who have far exceeded our expectations. S SOLARIS / Athens – Zakynthos, Greece / 7 -15 June
Trina, we had a fabulous time! The crew was wonderful; polite, attentive and professional! Paul was very organized, informative and knowledgeable; the food was delicious, Tanya is an amazing cook; and India was a doll. I would highly recommend them! Thank you for all of your help. KB SPLIT SECOND / British Virgin Islands / 3 – 10 June
Hi Josh, I am so sorry it has taken us time to respond. Please be assured that it is of no measure of how we found the trip. This getting back to reality is really hard :) In summary and I find myself saying this to everyone, this was by far the best holiday that we have ever had in our lives. We travel about 8 times a year so we have had our fair experience of great places but we literally had the best time!!! The crew were at our disposal 247, Keegan (chef) prepared us the most mind blowing meals. Robyn really stood out for us, she was the most delightful person and we said even when we happened to look at her while she was cleaning she even had a smile on her face. In our group we actually nicknamed her smiley and absolutely loved engaging with her! The ports were unbelievable, Bonifacio was one of our best! Even just being in a quiet bay at anchor was such a great evening! As the trip was for my 30th birthday, on our last night the crew even purchased a whole bunch of balloons and made me feel very special! In terms of the ship it took breath away, the interior is absolutely gorgeous and so luxurious, the outdoor areas were perfect for us because we like sun and the boat was very well suited for this. The water toys were also fantastic and the group loved the sea bob! We were also surprised with how stable the boat was, we barely felt any movement. Thanks also to you Josh for all your hard work and efforts it has been such a dream dealing with you! Everything has been smooth sailing (no pun intended). We will definitely be in touch when we book our next one :) EVS Motor Yacht ZULU / Nice, France – Olbia, Italy / 21 – 27 June
Amanda, we celebrated our 40th birthday with Shawn and autumn onboard the Pelican. The boat was perfect for our group, so many activities, inviting common areas, and two huge hammocks where I spent most of my days! The rooms were much larger than we expected and the boat was clean and well maintained. The itinerary itself was everything we could have asked for, from massages on Scrub Island to visiting the Rum Distillery on Tortola, we loved every minute. The views were amazing and we LOVED each spot. The absolute best part of the trip was the hospitality of autumn and Shawn. Every single meal felt like we were at a gourmet restaurant and the Painkillers made by autumn were the best we had on the trip! Shawn and autumn were the best hosts that we could ask for! Shawn was an amazing Captain, but he really came through helping our group with their first ocean diving experiences. 10/10 stars isn't enough. This was a vacation of a lifetime. We miss Shawn and autumn!! KL Catamaran PELICAN / British Virgin Islands / May 23-30
Trina.... clearly you knew about the party... a truly awesome event... incredibly thoughtful and pulled off really well. Couldn’t be better. A great charter, kept getting better, hard to imagine a better crew. Thanks so much for setting us up with Marla. WB Motor Yacht MARLA / Athens, Greece / 25 May - 1 June
Dear Colin, Thank you for the support for our holiday with good vibrations! It’s been super!!! FC Sailing yacht GOOD VIBRATIONS / St Thomas / April
Amanda, Well, I just got to NYC... I miss NY and I have 100's of unchecked emails.... I am the perfect guest! My only issue was my friends sleeping in and eating breakfast lunch and dinner every day! haha. We had one really nice day so I was able to swim and jetski, that was great. The crew was amazing, I had Captain Antonio start up at 7am one day to get my friends moving... I know the crew enjoyed that... haha. Marco and Seana were great also, amazing cook and amazing service. Thankfully, I cut the alcohol down. There was a lot of liquor left. Although we would have drank more if the weather was better. I need to do that again in the summer... We ate on the boat a lot and Marco is an amazing chef. My kitchen is 10 times bigger and I can’t make anything that good! Haha. I should bring him home. I have zero complaints... and all compliments. I hope to have the same crew again someday! Thanks for all your help. I will be sure to recommend you and your company to everyone! Thanks! DM Motor Yacht HAPPY FEET / Castellammare di Stabia, Italy / 10-17 April
Hi Martha, it was FANTASTIC! Claud, Emma and the ASKARI team are amazing, and the ship itself was perfect for us. We couldn’t be happier. Best, B.S Motor Yacht ASKARI / French Polynesia / 1 - 6 April
Colin, everything was very good: we liked crew very much - friendly and customer oriented, always best recommendation of where to go and option to visit in the ports, including bookings made. The boat is very clean and rather new, we also liked area of cruising. Lessons learnt: difficult to plan in advance routing and be flexible - storm and as a result there was no space in Capri and we changed routing way around. Thank you. TA Motor yacht ECLIPSE / Sorrento / 14-19 August
Dear Amanda, We all had a fabulous time on Liberty and the program was perfect. Captain Steve was wonderful and the chef was excellent. As always, we appreciate your help and thank you for planning another wonderful vacation for our family. Sincerely, LJ Motor Yacht LIBERTY 187' / Exumas / March 26-29
Hi Martha, We had a great time, Jason and the crew were awesome, and their new chef was the surprise of the trip! Every single meal she made was off the charts, she is truly a professional chef. The service from the crew was great, they treated us and the boys wonderfully. All in all, it was a perfect trip…. Thanks. H Motor Yacht ANTHEM / Florida/ Bimin / March 23-26
Amanda, The trip was absolutely sensational. To a point my family members are saying it was the best vacation ever. We loved the British Virgin Islands. But Erik and his crew really made the trip. They were absolutely wonderful. Took impeccable care of us and went way beyond the call of duty in many respects, including different and elaborate table settings every night at dinner. Chef Inn is a true culinary talent and like everyone else on the crew, a real joy to interact with. Erik said the Arion is going into the yard for some painting and upgrading. You could not tell by us it needs anything. Looked in mint condition. Beautiful bedrooms and baths, and the common rooms were great. We really loved the design of boat including particularly the air flow through upper deck. In all respects, it could not have been better. On top of everything else, I think this was the first time they had an infant on board, and in addition to things like childproofing some areas, a crib and a high chair, they all were just wonderful in dealing with my granddaughter. So many thanks to you for recommending them so much and for making it work. I think it is fair to say we now would have a strong presence for that boat and crew for a 2020 cruise. In any event, many thanks once again. It was a spectacular trip — location, boat, crew, cocktails, food and activities. My one year old granddaughter had a total blast. SN Motor Yacht ARION / British Virgin Islands / March 17-24
Hi Amanda. All in all, a great trip. Here’s our feedback: Yacht – In nice shape and met our expectations for the charter fee. Crew: Captain Robb – Great. Great personality. Outgoing. Can-do. Tammy (chef) – Super sweet with a personality similar to Robb’s. Monica (chief stew) – Great. Fun personality and great sense of humor. Super accommodating. Planned some games for us, including a murder mystery night. Casey (stew) – Good. Josh (deckhand) – Great. Really took care of the boys with fishing, spear fishing, tubing, etc. He was up for anything. Very quiet, but he knows what he is doing and worked his butt off sun up to sun down. A pro. Itinerary – Great. Two nights at marinas (Highbourne and Compass) due to some wind. Kudos to Robb for getting us spots in these marinas. We were able to hit the spots we wanted – Mangrove creek, Thunderball grotto, nurse sharks at Compass, etc. That said, we didn’t really have a full blown beach day, which would have been nice. We have some ownership in that though. Thanks! SM Motor yacht MAGGIE / Exumas / March 9-16
Hi Sally, We loved Astrid and Laurent - they are just the loveliest, most delightful and accommodating people we’ve met. The boat was spotless, and the quarters very elegant and tasteful. Astrid went out of her way in preparing delicious meals for us. Laurent was professional in his seamanship and scuba diving with Mike and Jim. We had an absolutely fabulous time, and enjoyed every minute. Astrid and Laurent are definitely the dream team of the Grenadines and we’d highly recommend them. They both went above and beyond in every aspect of their job and function at a level the profession should aspire toward. An exceptional dynamic-duo!! We hope to take another voyage on Yacht IsolaBlue next time we visit the Caribbean. Thank you! Catamaran ISOLABLUE / Grenadines / March 16 – 23
Martha, Loved it all. All good people at the core. Mikey, the first mate, is an activity genius. He knows the islands well and entertained us all so well. They are a great crew and the boat is in tip top shape. S Motor Yacht ALEXANDRA JANE (ex Kelly Anne) / Bahamas / March 9 - 16
Sally, Thank you for all your help! We arrived back home Monday night and have raced through the week catching up. The charter was lovely. The crew was accommodating and they did a good job. The BVI is one of our favourite places! It was fantastic and the captain knew where to find a few secluded bays. The service was excellent, and the food was outstanding. The chef did an excellent job. JHL Catamaran THE ANNEX / British Virgin Islands / February 24 – March 5
Dear Nick, Everything is above my best expectations. The crew in particular is stellar, the best I have ever experienced. Captain Brennan is a superb professional, leading a team of passionate, very hardworking, enthusiastic team members. We are having a wonderful time, and are being taken care of so well, and with genuine care and kindness, that I couldn’t even imagine anything better. Thank you. S.C. Yacht CHECKMATE / Bahamas / February 24 – March 7
Amanda, we very much enjoyed our trip and adventure on My Maggie. Thanks for all your efforts making it happen. We’ll look forward to next time. Best, BD Motor Yacht MAGGIE / Nassau - Exumas / February 26 – March
Hi Trina, we wanted to let you know that we had an awesome time on our JUST ENOUGH charter... loved the yacht, and Brandon and his entire crew were great. Thank you for lining this up… everyone wants to do another trip so I’ll be back in touch soon. BB JUST ENOUGH / Nassau, Bahamas / August
Martha, it was an awesome trip. Crew was great and kids loved it! J UNBRIDLED / USVI & BVI, Caribbean / February 15 – 22
Nick, they were great. Had a great time. Crew lovely. S.S. MALTESE FALCON / SOUTH OF FRANCE / 22-27 August
Amanda, we have been on various boat excursions and we loved this crew the best! It truly makes a difference - Always accommodating and genuinely loved their job! Our location for renewal of vows was perfect - Finca visit was also highlight. Everything worked. Loved the treehouse! The food was divine as K said they paid attention to our requests and the chef was amazing! We are back in action and missing our sunny restful days with the most spectacular crew! Thanks for all your help! K. MOTOR YACHT HARMONY 1 / Palma – Palma / July 31 – August 7
Amanda, it really was great all around!! We especially loved the biking day where we went to the local finca, and the Hotel SonNet was really good. The best part was definitely the crew!!! They were just so kind and thoughtful and pleasant to be around. The boat itself was wonderful too - especially the inside. Very clean, pristine white, smelled good, a nice big master bedroom. They always kept the AC on which was awesome. Though with outdoor space some of the areas were not large enough for all of us to hang out / lay down -- it was not about the size of the boat, just more the layout. The food was incredible because they really paid attention to our list. It was not random - they always had a meat for T. that was not fish. They always had great salads and a ton of fruit. The cocktails were also great. Thinking Croatia the first week of June next year. Boat from island to island and then bike around each island... Thanks!! J.A. and family MOTOR YACHT HARMONY 1 / Palma – Palma / July 31 – August 7
Sally, The cruise was wonderful and crew and yacht met our expectations completely. Everybody was very friendly and professional. The chef Robby prepared excellent food and Kerry really spoiled us! Most importantly, nobody got seasick! M.W. M.Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / August 17 – 24
Martha, we had a blast. Thanks so much! B. A. TOBY / Naples – Naples / 18 – 25 August
Amanda, The yacht, crew, itinerary, and food were all spectacular, we couldn't have been more pleased, thanks for everything. RINI Athens - Ionian / August 3-11
Hi, Colin. Thank you - all was fine and we are happy with the support of the captain and crew as well. We liked them very much. T.A. ECLIPSE / Sorrento – Sorrento / July 14-19
Hello Trina, We had a great time, gracias as always. Absolutely GREAT!!!!!! Thanks F.C. ENTOURAGE / SOUTH OF FRANCE / August
Dear Nick, I took me while to get back to you after such a wonderful trip. We had a great time, the crew was the best we had, very professional and knowledgeable, and the service was excellent. We also were very happy with itinerary. Let’s plan to see each other at the boat show at the end of the month. Many thanks again. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Kind regards S.I. SEVEN SINS / Catania - Monaco / 6-27 August
Sally, just as we’re wrapping up and about to leave the Annabell, I wanted to let you know that we had a great week and that the crew were absolutely wonderful. Kerri was amazing with service and details and very nice as well, her husband Robi very friendly and charming, as well as an absolutely first rate chef - meals were fabulous. Captain Ralph was also very nice and helpful - offering good advice and a pleasure to talk to as well. Savo and Tristan are both great lads and super helpful and friendly! I would be happy to recommend this crew to any of your clients. We had a wonderful week as a family together. P.S. ANNABEL II / Croatia / August 28 – September 4
Dear Martha, We got back to New York last night and wanted to thank you for finding us such a great boat and crew. A top of the line sailboat, in great condition, between 80 and 90 ft, at the right price ( no more than this year, and less better) is our sweet spot and we may be interested in chartering again next year. It will only be the two of us again so that should be a plus for the charterer. Thanks again! V.H SAILING YACHT CALISTO / Athens – Athens / 14 – 21 August
Dear Nick, We are all collectively of the view that the PANDION was completely spectacular. We had many yachts to choose from and are absolutely pleased with our choice. We intend yachting every year and will definitely have PANDION in our top 3 choices. In terms of the crew, they were exceptional and gave us continuous service, super-efficient. Chef Tasso, Konstantina, Alexi, Georgia and Giorgios were all phenomenal, our trip would have not been the same if we had had a different crew, as they played a critical role in going beyond their duty of call. Captain Michalis and Giannis were professional, meticulous and ensured our safety came first at all times. In closing, the Captain conveyed to us that we were the best guests that he had ever had the pleasure to yacht with. Thank you and chat next year. Regards, A.C. PANDION / Athens – Limnos / 19 – 29 July
Dear Martha, We concluded the charter today and I would like to let you know that myself as well as all guests all enjoyed Skyfall very much. The boat was in excellent condition, crew was fantastic with great Chefs and great service. Captain Shane is also a great person and a great professional. Thank you for arranging all for us and look forward to work again with you next season. Yours Sincerely, P.M SKYFALL / Porto Montenegro – Dubrovnik / 17 -21 August
Dear Nicolas, Thank you, all of us are satisfied with everything, overall experience was very good! Regards, O.B. PARVATI/PANDION tandem /Athens – Ionian / 9 – 16 August
Colin, obviously not a new boat but well-maintained. Very nice crew, captain was professional and at our service. In conclusion, a really good charter. B.F. MOTOR YACHT JOAN / Naples – Naples / 23 – 29 July
Colin, Just to tell you that everything went very well. The boat was great and the crew exceptional. Food and service very good. I can only recommend it. I am very enthusiastic about this trip. Again thank you very much Colin. I will contact you for the next trip on the boat. GC MOTOR YACHT DONNA LOKA / Sorrento – Sorrento / August 15 – 19
Thanks Colin. We had a lovely time on Stalca, the crew was really good and being on such a historical boat was a lot of fun. The islands we went to in international waters by the way were one of the hi-lights so I would recommend them. So really enjoyed and hope to maybe charter her again next year. JG MOTOR YACHT STALCA / Sorrento – Sorrento /16 – 23 July
Hello Trina, everything was fine thank you. P.H. NEW STAR / Cannes, SOF / August
Outstanding Trina, the best I have ever been chartering with you. The maintenance of the boat was great too! F.C. BLUE VISION / Italy - SOF – July - August
Hi Martha, regarding our charter in the B OCEAN yacht, we really have to say that it was one of the best charters we have done up to now! Taking everything into account, our stay was very very good! We enjoyed the boat a lot and it was very comfortable. We had a few minor issues with one of the generators that was solved quite fast. The new refurbish is really great and the very good quality of the boat was truly noticeable. The outer decks are very comfortable and spacious. We had a small problem with the waverunner since as it was new, they didn’t have the insurance until the 3rd day of the charter so we couldn’t fully use it during the whole trip but it was solved by the crew. We really think they should make a better brochure since the pictures really don’t show the boat very well and it is much better than it looks. Also, they should point out that there are stabilizers installed on the boat because they worked perfectly! The navigation was the best we had up till now and we navigated 25 hours or more during our stay. Regarding the crew, as well, they were absolutely great! We think that the boat is made for 4 crew members and not for 3 as it had when we started the charter. I think that they noticed it as well since in the 4th day another person joined us. Never the less, Alex, Borja and Zineb made up perfectly for the one crew member missing, we didn’t have any problem and they were on top of every detail but we could notice that it was very tiring for them. When Helena came onboard everything remained perfect but it was noticeable that they were more comfortable with one more person onboard. We really have all good things to say about the 4 of them. The captain is very devoted to detail and very communicative regarding schedules and itineraries which was great for us and he really took into account what we liked and preferred. The food was very good also! Very nice Spanish food. As always thanks to you Martha also since you are very much part of our trips and we know you always do your best to make them unforgettable. M.C B OCEAN / IBIZA - IBIZA / July 22- 29
Outstanding Trina, the best I have ever been chartering with you, as well as great maintenance of the boat!!!! FC BLUE VISION / Naples – Monaco / July-August
Hi Amanda, We had a great time and the yacht crew were fantastic. Everything wonderfully perfect and everything we could have hoped for!! Kids and Mom thoroughly enjoyed too. I probably won’t plan another charter until 2020, but ahead of that I would be interested to know what other great charter destinations there are, both within Europe and outside. Best Regards, MB & EE MY HER DESTINY / Corsica – Sardinia / 2 - 9 August
Dear Nicolas, best crew and trip ever. Very nice people overall. Main highlight were Karel (chief stew) and the chef. Amazing food (best ever also). Captain always nice and flexible (very important). Thanks a lot. G. P. MOTOR YACHT SEVEN SINS / Naples – Taormina, Italy / 28 July - 4 August
Hi Josh, We had a great time, thank you. The crew was fantastic, the Greek islands are incredible, and the boat was beautiful and functional. Time flew. Again, thank you for all your assistance. Best regards, A.M MOTOR YACHT TALYNE / Athens – Athens, Greece / 17-30 July
Josh, the charter was amazing, everything was perfect: crew, water, food, service, toys, jetski... All in all was it really good. P.A. MOTOR YACHT GRACE / Split-Split, Croatia / 28 July – 4 August
Hi Josh, It would be an understatement to say the cruise was fantastic. We couldn't have asked for a better time in every respect. Everything from the collection point at the airport at Bodrum to our departure at Fethiye was perfect and exceptionally well organised. Gamze's initial briefing was great and we instantly knew the crew would be more than what we could have expected. They couldn't have done more to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Each of them were the nicest, kindest people. We really enjoyed their company. We loved the boat in terms of comfort and facilities. The chef, Shien, treated us to some of the best food we have tasted. The selection, presentation, variety and quality of the food was superb. The captain was extremely informative and really took us to the most beautiful places every day. We are already looking forward to planning our next cruise holiday. Many thanks again Josh. Best regards, P MOTOR YACHT SIMAY F / Bordum – Fethiye, Turkey / 21-28 July
Hi Amanda! We are back from a fabulous trip. Our trip on the JACKIE ONE was memorable but this one was extraordinary! The VOGUE was very similar to the Jackie One, space wise, but the crew is what made this trip wonderful. Captain Dylan was very professional and attentive to all our needs and requests. “No” was never an answer for Captain Dylan. He really knows the Balearics and all the hidden places to go anchor for a quiet evening. Nicki was the best cook ever! Her food was varied and very healthy. I greatly recommend her to write a cookbook. Justin was very kind and great with the kids and us. Always ready to let us do water sports and he was a great coach. He was very patient. Mylene was very professional as well. Very discreet and attentive to all our needs. Hopefully you will recommend this charter to your clients without hesitation. Just a perfect vacation! Thanks again Amanda you really delivered what we were looking for! We will keep in touch! Thanks again for everything. Best regards, N.B & F.B MOTOR YACHT VOGUE / Ibiza to Palma, Balearics / 25 July - 1 August
Hello Amanda, Vigilant 1 and Philippe’s crew are very good. I would recommend them. Best Regards, L.L M/Y VIGILANT / Porto Vecchio, Corsica - Poltu Quatu, Sardinia / 21 - 28 July
Nick, everything was great. Crew really nice, if we can accommodate dates we would like to repeat this boat next summer. Pascal mentioned some places in Turkey that I found really nice. Captain Pascal is really nice and very easy to deal with which is always very important in these trips. Gallia is also really nice in coordinating the internal staff. As I said if we can accommodate places and dates next year we would like to go again with them. J.Z. M/Y MY WAY / Bonifacio – Ajaccio, Corsica / 21 - 28 July
Hi Martha, it was simply fantastic! The captain and the crew were amazing, very attentive to all our needs. We also managed to cruise around the whole island thanks to the captain’s experience and careful planning. All in all fantastic! We are looking to do the same thing next year but probably on a bigger boat even though POPOTINE was very comfortable. We can plan in due course. Kind regards, W.M M/Y POPOTINE / Naples- Naples / 22 - 29 July
Hi Josh, just a quick note to thank you for an amazing charter experience on Skyler. The yacht, Captain and crew were exemplary. Nothing was too much trouble for the team onboard. My family and guest on both weeks had a truly amazing experience. Best regards, G Hi Josh, yes, I second G’s words, we had an amazing time that exceeded my family’s expectations and having experienced it, it is certainly something we will do again. The captain and whole team were extremely friendly and couldn’t do enough for us. I need to stop swaying though! Cheers, D M/Y SKYLER / Naples-Sicily / 7-20 July
Amanda, we are so happy. We had a great time in Ischia. Lunch yesterday at Quattro Passi was fantastic and we would highly recommend it. Seamless tender and electric cart provided by the restaurant. All is good as we head back to Naples - Pablo and crew are great. Thanks for doing a great job. Will need to work hard so we can do this again. BC M/Y LIBERTUS / Naples – Naples, / 4 - 11 July
Amanda, it was a very successful trip, thank you for arranging everything. The Captain and crew could not have been nicer or more accommodating with children and babies. The Chef was excellent and rapidly learnt our preferences. Interesting that captains and crew rotate fairly rapidly, nevertheless worked well together. Accommodation is comfortable, with air conditioning being a bonus. Would recommend to friends. JWL S/Y RHEA / Riposto, Sicily – Aeolians / 14 – 21 July
Martha, we are truly having a spectacular time and couldn’t be happier! In Portofino now and loving it here. The crew could not be any nicer and we are really enjoying our time on the boat! Thank you for all your help setting this up. Thanks, D.F. M/Y MABRUK III / Nice- Portofino, Mediterranean / 12 - 21 July
Hi Amanda! We are back from a fabulous trip. Our trip on the JACKIE ONE was memorable but this one was extraordinary! The VOGUE was very similar to the Jackie One, space wise, but the crew is what made this trip wonderful. Captain Dylan was very professional and attentive to all our needs and requests. “No” was never an answer for Captain Dylan. He really knows the Balearics and all the hidden places to go anchor for a quiet evening. Nicki was the best cook ever! Her food was varied and very healthy. I greatly recommend her to write a cookbook. Justin was very kind and great with the kids and us. Always ready to let us do water sports and he was a great coach. He was very patient. Mylene was very professional as well. Very discreet and attentive to all our needs. Hopefully you will recommend this charter to your clients without hesitation. Just a perfect vacation! Thanks again Amanda you really delivered what we were looking for! We will keep in touch! Thanks again for everything. Best regards, N.B & F.B M/Y VOGUE / Ibiza to Palma, Balearics / 25 July - 1 August
Hi Amanda, the days on Adriano were fantastic. The boat is very nice! Nice rooms, nice bathrooms! The crew was also great! Delfina’s dishes were soooo delicious, and she was very kind all the time. Dimitri is very kind and was very concerned about us, always bringing us to the best places. Thank you for everything! For sure we will charter again and obviously I will recommend you. Best Regards, A.C. M/Y ADRIANO / Palma – Palma, Balearics / 4-14 July
Dear Nick, It was a lovely trip, we really enjoyed everything. Everything was great. Thank you so much for everything once again. Hope we will have the chance to cooperate again very soon. Kind regards, I.K. M/Y CHRISTINA G / Palma – Palma, Balearics / 8 - 15 July
Josh, the charter was amazing, everything was perfect: crew, water, food, service, toys, jetski... All in all was it really good. P.A. M/Y GRACE / Split-Split, Croatia / 28 July – 4 August
Hello Amanda! Back home and already in the office… Amazing crew and boat! We all had a great time! Olav sure is a very capable captain, manager and team builder. He has everything under control without much stress. Giordana is a great chief hostess, excellent singer and bar-woman!!! We had lots of fun with her shows and great hangovers with her Negronis and Dirty Dry Martinis. Bernadette is the perfect stewardess… very discreet and lovely at the same time, and always there for us... Rich is the best chef we had so far. He really spoilt the kids... I’ll need two months to recover from his homemade breads… Sean and Mathew are great guys, they were always there for us in the back of the boat… The boat was very well maintained… should also thank Jorge and Tricia. I would definitely recommend these guys to any of my friends. The boat, although a 1993 vessel, is very well made (Hessen) and maintained. RM MY BRAZIL / Croatia / 16 – 23 July
Hi Josh, We had a great time, thank you. The crew was fantastic, the Greek islands are incredible, and the boat was beautiful and functional. Time flew. Again, thank you for all your assistance. Best regards, A.M M/Y TALYNE / Athens – Athens, Greece / 17-30 July
Dear Martha, we ended our trip today. Everything was perfect. Our second great experience on the sea. SEA DOG is a perfect boat and Captain George and the crew are worth ten points. All our family is really happy so thank you again for all your advice. For sure, in the future, there will be the chance of a new trip! Regards, L.B M/Y SEA DOG / Athens - Athens, Greece / 15 -22 July
Hi Nick, The Crew was amazing, we had a great time, the boat was in perfect condition, and the ports beautiful. Thank you again for your help on planning this trip. Looking forward to next year. Best regards, A.P. M/Y SOLE DI MARE / Athens – Athens, Greece / 9 - 16 July
Hi Josh, It would be an understatement to say the cruise was fantastic. We couldn't have asked for a better time in every respect. Everything from the collection point at the airport at Bodrum to our departure at Fethiye was perfect and exceptionally well organised. Gamze's initial briefing was great and we instantly knew the crew would be more than what we could have expected. They couldn't have done more to make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Each of them were the nicest, kindest people. We really enjoyed their company. We loved the boat in terms of comfort and facilities. The chef, Shien, treated us to some of the best food we have tasted. The selection, presentation, variety and quality of the food was superb. The captain was extremely informative and really took us to the most beautiful places every day. We are already looking forward to planning our next cruise holiday. Many thanks again Josh. Best regards, P M/Y SIMAY F / Bordum – Fethiye, Turkey / 21-28 July
Hi Amanda, We all had an amazing trip! The whole experience exceeded all my expectations. The crew were all great, friendly and accommodating. We definitely could not have asked for better. They were all a pleasure. I cannot say enough. The yacht itself was in perfect condition as well. It was by far the best and most memorable vacation for all. If you have any specific questions, I am happy to answer them. JD MY FAR FROM IT / Exumas / June 25 – July 2
Hi Colin, we are home after a great week. This is the fourth Cat sailing holiday we have had, so easy to compare. Daddy’s Hobby has a well thought out layout and we particularly appreciated the full Bimini on the top deck. The Crew were all keen to give us a good time and looked after us well. Andreas was patient as we were following some friends in another boat (without crew) and he was helpful with them and happy to liaise regarding the itinerary. Not being sailors ourselves we are totally dependent on our skipper. We had a couple of days when the sails were up which we thoroughly enjoyed but it never seems enough. This is something we have found before but last year, our skipper regularly raised the sails, albeit briefly on occasions. I think we should state that we like to use wind power whenever possible in future but it could be that conditions are not suitable. Dimitri is a fantastic chef. As we had one non fish eater, the first three days he cooked quite heavy meat dishes because he had bought meat. We then established lighter fish meals were preferred. We were eating out every evening (had stated before) so a big lunch was not really required. So really, communication is key and I need to give more information on my list of preferences rather than leave it to our arrival. AN S/Y DADDY’S HOBBY / Corfu / June 23 – 30
Hello Trina: Just for you knowledge, the experience with Eagle of Norway, was amazing!! The boat, the crew (Marko and Adriana), the weather and Croatia were simply perfect. We are very happy with the experience. Thanks a lot!! Best regards. LM S/Y EAGLE OF NORWAY / Croatia / July
Amanda, we’re back. There were ultimately, 10 total passengers on the cruise throughout the 10 days, and every one of us rated this the BEST vacation we have ever had! The boat was very nice, the crew was sensational, we got very lucky with the weather, and all were relaxed, ate (too) well, and it was just about perfect in every way. And, of course, THANK YOU for all you did to arrange this trip for us. It was spectacular! Many thanks!!! TG M/Y SORRIDENTE / Nassau – Georgetown RT / June 27 – July 7
Hi Colin, We absolutely loved it. The crew and captain were wonderful. The food was incredible and we loved the cakes every day. Thanks again. We’ve already recommended it to plenty of others!! JP M/Y DREAMLAND / Fethiye – Kas / June 30 – July 6
Hi Trina - Our experience aboard Sea Dog was terrific. From the crew to the food to the weather, everything was great. The one downer was the 36 hour period spent in Milos, which was about 24 hours too long. The crew went above and beyond to make sure we were happy, and I know they were in contact with the owner over the engine issue. They scrambled and tried to airlift a part to Milos, and after a snafu they sent it by boat. So as I said - they did everything in their power to try and fix the issue. We loved the crew and hope to see them again. JE M/Y SEA DOG / Greece / July
Colin - What an amazing experience. The crew were beyond exceptional. I wish we had listened to them more in the beginning. The experience was beyond words. Not even pictures can capture the experience. The host was super fun. An experience of a lifetime. BM Cat NEW HORIZONS / Mykonos, Greece / June 30 – July 6
Hi Amanda, this was the best boat and crew yet!” The Yacht was impeccably maintained and presented. We loved the “beach bags” that the owner put on board! The yacht has a fantastic layout and flow; we appreciated the huge salon and sundeck where there was plenty of room for all to gather, loved the round interior dining table conducive to interaction, and the sunshade at aft deck for outdoor table. The Chef did a fantastic job accommodating many different dietary issues and a pregnancy. High compliments to the Captain for comfortably navigating in wind/high seas, one day in particular. The Crew was exceptional in attentiveness and friendliness, had a great sense of teamwork and really made us feel like family! There were many hugs and tears on disembark. DB & RB M/Y IDEFIX / Athens to Santorini / June 22-28
Dear Amanda, Firstly, the Crews' attention to detail was quite exceptional. Their work ethic and the chemistry among the crew made our experience very enjoyable. It's typical to single out any one individual in particular, but Captain Erik's leadership and Chef Inn's cuisine are worthy of extra mention. Gaelle and Georgia make an exceptional team providing service without being intrusive, and Gaelle's extra touches made for some very special moments. Anthon and Chris worked extremely hard to make sure everything ran smoothly with the yacht. Finally on the crew, their interpersonal skills made our experience really enjoyable. Regarding the yacht, it was the best yet - perfect for our needs. The decor is lovely and extremely comfortable. The itinerary put together by the team enabled us to experience all the best of the French Mediterranean. We would not change anything. This was our fifth yacht experience and the best by a country mile! It's probable that we would like to book Arion for an Italian cruise next year around the same timeframe. Thanks for putting this together. Best regards, JP & PK M/Y ARION / French Riviera / June 22-30
Hi Amanda, please know that we really appreciate all of your work for our trip as well and, again, will say that you and your customer service have truly been fantastic! We had a great vacation and really enjoyed the boat, food and locations we visited. The three deckhands were really, really nice. In fact, one of the deckhands was the favourite of the two 16 year olds. Chef Rene worked really hard on preparing the food and it was delicious. Captain Christos was also very nice and changed the itinerary from the sample because he thought we’d like certain locations better, which we very much appreciated. We were able to see a different location nearly every day, which we loved also. Although we asked for us to be able to use the washing machine (we had spent a few days in Paris before this trip), the stewardesses were nice enough to wash the clothes for us. The television set up was great because it offered a ton of movies that we could watch whenever we’d like, which was a great feature everyone liked. KW M/Y SUMMER DREAMS / Saronic Gulf / June 18-25
Thanks so much Amanda - the boat was wonderful!! We had a wonderful trip! There were some unexpected bumps along the way but we know that is how international travel sometimes goes! We all agreed that YOUR communication with us and guidance along the way was top notch! The boat was impeccable and the places we visited in Croatia were simply breathtaking! Not sure who had more fun jumping off the top the adults or the kids! :) We will definitely call on you again for our next trip in 2021!! We hope we weren’t too much trouble and that you will help us again!! Thanks so much again for all of your help and guidance Amanda! I hope it’s ok that I sent your info to my parents and a bunch of their friends. -THANK SO MUCH AGAIN! AK Gulet CESARICA / Split – Dubrovnik, Croatia / June 23-30
Hi Amanda: Thought I would give you a quick note letting you know we all had a GREAT time aboard Suite Life. It moved to the top of our list of charter experiences. If you ever need a reference you are welcome to contact me directly. Thank you for your help. Thanks for all the pre-planning and the excellent hospitality that was matched by top-notch dining and activity options. All of us agreed that it was our best charter yet. The efforts of the crew made for a very relaxing and entertaining week. We are already missing the crew and our time aboard. Thanks again for everything. JF SUITE LIFE / BVI / June 23-30
Hi Colin, Overall we really enjoyed the process. As a charter agent we were really impressed by your knowledge and more importantly the time and diligence you allocated to address our questions. We commenced this process with 3 charter agents in tandem and must say you by far stood out between all. This is the kind of service I would pay a premium for. In terms of the Harvest Moon as a vessel, we were very impressed and she has exceeded all our expectations in terms of quality and space. In terms of staff, Captain Yanssane was very knowledgeable and accommodating, Marie by far exceeded our expectations, and we would without any doubt request for her on our future charters. She is as professional as they get and has made “the” difference to the charter. Again, all in all very happy with the charter and you will be hearing from us soon. HY M/Y HARVEST MOON / Golfe Juan, France / 15-22 June
Hi Martha, We just returned home after staying in split for two nights which was great. We had the best time... The yacht was fantastic, not one single complaint and the crew were just wonderful. Ashton and Milena were particularly phenomenal and really made the trip that much more fantastic but everyone was very warm sweet and welcoming. Food was delicious. Neil did a great job. I would highly recommend ASHA and the crew and would definitely book again. Best, SD M/Y ASHA / Split, Croatia / June 20-28
Colin, DIONEA was really great, we had really good time and great crew! GC M/Y DIONEA / San Remo, Italy – St Tropez, France / June 28 – July 1st
Colin - Thank you for the most amazing week. Croatia is spectacular! We had an awesome trip. Food was fantastic and who can forget Anna’s special salad. Thanks for everything. Love, IP S/Y SEA BLISS / Dubrovnik – Sibenik / June 23-30
Trina! Wow! Can’t say enough about the great time & service we had on LIBERTUS!! Pablo, the crew and the yacht were more than we expected. We were sad to leave and I think they will miss us too ;)! Thank you for your assistance in making this a success for us. Keep us in mind for next summer as we are looking forward to chartering again. Thank you, DO M/Y LIBERTUS / France / 16-23rd June
Hi Amanda! Just want to let you that we had a wonderful time on JAUNI. The boat and the crew are amazing, catering always to all our wants and needs! I have to confess that I was a little nervous that not everything would be up to our expectations but they were met and exceeded in full!! I can really see myself and my family and or friends enjoying this kind of experience again in the near future!! To you, many, many thanks again for making this vacation as enjoyable as can possibly be and for your support and patience. Looking forward to planning our next vacation with your help!! All the best, D MY JAUNI / Palermo - Milazzo - Aeolian / June 20-27
Hi Reia, we as a family had a wonderful vacation, and made the most of our time together. There were some very nice features to the yacht. The living room, and sitting area were fresh with design, and color. Very nicely decorated. The tv’s were very good. The dining table and chairs for all meals worked perfectly. The swimming dock was great, and had sufficient height to get in and out of. Our food was exquisite, Matteo was a real Chief, very talented had excellent skills, was curious, accommodating with a great personality and attitude. Vanya, our head stewardess, was equally skilled, and had a million dollar personality. Everyone loved her, and she worked tirelessly. I do think a crew of six is light by at least one crew staff member when considering 9 guests occupying all berths. Our Captain was very nice, and sincere, he just spoke limited English which made communication more challenging. All said for more value shoppers like us, it was overall a wonderful trip for us. We would prefer having an excellent stewardess and culinary experience the way we did, more than a perfect yacht. T.H. M/Y FIORENTE / Cinque Terra, Italy – Corsica / June
Hi Amanda - we had a fantastic time aboard GEMS and the crew was excellent. I don’t think we appreciated before the trip how much time we would want to spend aboard the boat. Michele’s cooking was amazing and everyone treated us so well. I don’t think we have a single complaint. I think I can speak for both C and myself in saying that we wish we were still sailing with the crew on GEMS as I type this. Thank you for helping us on setting this up. We are exploring doing another charter for next summer and will come back to you once we have had a chance to think about it. Much appreciated!!! J M/Y GEMS / Rome – Amalfi - Rome / June 9-16
Hi Josh, Turquoise was epic - incredible experience. The crew were awesome, chef was outstanding, and service was world class. Couldn’t pick any faults from my end mate, it was great. The crew really made it a great time, we all got along very well. Fuel cost was a lot more than originally estimated, almost double. But not the end of the world. Cheers, JC M/Y TURQUOISE / Nice, French Riviera / 28 May - 4 June
Trina, the captain and crew were fantastic. They went over and above many times and the chef was seriously world class. CT M/Y TRANQUILITA / Naples, Italy / June
Trina, the charter was absolutely amazing. Every single person on the crew was first class! Martin the chef was amazing, Cubby made an incredible video for us with his drone. I cannot say enough good things about Captain Peter and his crew. We will definitely be back with our kids! Thanks for directing us to this yacht! PB M/Y SEADREAMS / Nassau - Staniel Cay, Bahamas / June
Sally - The charter was soooo great! The service was top notch. The food was AMAZING, drinks were fantastic, and they were one step ahead of us at all times. Paola was AMAZING and super helpful with everything from taxis, dinner reservations, itinerary, keeping the boat organized, and on top of it all she was super sweet and funny. Salvo was also amazing and very helpful (also made great scrambled eggs) and the captain was super professional, friendly, and accommodating. The boat was wonderful, super clean, organized, and had a perfect set up for us. We miss it already :( Thanks for recommending Sally! It was perfect! NB M/Y FOREVER / Stabia – Naples, Amalfi coast / May 26 – June 2
Sally, the crew members were the best of all crews I've had. Ian, Diane, Rico are impeccable and genuinely happy caring people. As for Tender To yacht itself, it's great for a couple as it has his & hers full bathrooms separately. The master suite section of the yacht is larger than those on larger yachts (ie. Lady Sharon Gale). The yacht doesn't have a glass door. Living/dining area is open to outside. So, it might not be suitable for people who need strong AC or cold living space. For me, it wasn't an issue this time, but it could be in Aug when temperature is higher. Though you would lose clear views, they have a nylon shield cover with zippers to close off the living/dining area to keep cold air in living space. We did not need to use it this time. It was an exceptional charter experience and I thank you for making that happen. YB M/Y TENDER TO / St Martin, Caribbean / 26 - 30 May
Dear Ian, Rico and Diane on Tender To, we had a fantastic time on a beautiful yacht with excellent crew. Thank you so much for the memorable charter. Great team work! We'll see you soon. YB M/Y TENDER TO / St Martin, Caribbean / 26 - 30 May
Hi Sally, sorry we have been busy since our return! Our trip was fantastic! The boat was gorgeous and we hardly wanted to leave it even to snorkel! It was clean and quite stunning and amazing places to just sit and relax. Both Chester and Jen are amazing and the most perfect crew and chef we could ask for. The food was outstanding and they were absolutely fun! They were professional and non-intrusive in any way and are just the perfect match for this boat! I would absolutely recommend Euphoria and Chester and Jen any day for any vacation! Mr & Mrs S Catamaran EUPHORIA / US Virgin Islands & British Virgin Islands / May 13 - 19
Dear Martha, a week on PURE BLISS was an incredible experience. No words to describe the crew and the beautiful yacht. Best regards, P M/Y PURE BLISS / Nassau, Bahamas / 11 - 18 May
Trina, everything was great :) We really enjoyed our time on the yacht. Captain Boris was very nice, as were Maria and Gaga. We couldn’t have asked for a better crew. Thank you for all of your help with it. We were able to check out a few islands and using a yacht is definitely something we plan on doing again in the future! M.A S/Y OPAL / Croatia, Adriatic / May
Hi Amanda we had a great trip! The yacht crew was excellent and the food quality was above and beyond. If you're looking for ways to improve, I would suggest only adding mattress toppers to all of the beds. All of them were too firm. But there were no complaints and we had a lot of fun both on the excursions and the boat. Mrs B I thought I should chime in also and say that while the boat was clearly well maintained and gave me no cause for complaints, the real star of this trip was the crew. If you have any other clients trying to decide on a charter for French Polynesia, I would suggest the local crew makes all the difference in the world. The best experience I had on the trip was free diving with baited sharks that the captain, Claude, got notice of from one of his friends one random day. That kind of stuff doesn't happen without a local crew. Service was great, Food was amazing! Two thumbs up all the way around... Thanks for setting it up! Mr B M/Y ASKARI / Papeete to Bora Bora / 28 April – 5 May
Good morning Martha! We all were so pleased w every single person on the crew. Captain Scott was/is absolutely professional, knowledgeable, and personable as well. Jared, Jordan, and Jake each added to our positive experience aboard Serenity. Anya was attentive (but not overly!) and always paying attention to details and remembering each of our guests personal preferences. Sam and Rachel were likewise very good. I think a special acknowledgment goes to Jim, our chef. We were extremely fortunate to have him. His meals were tailored to EACH of our tastes; all meals were fresh, well-seasoned, creative and scrumptious! In addition, he was delightful to talk to about his passionate cooking. Thank you, Martha, for providing us all with an extraordinary experience. M/Y SERENITY 133 / Georgetown - Nassau, Bahamas / 14-21st of April
Trina, everything was great. Jim was fantastic and did the work on at least two people by himself. I'm not sure how he did it but the food was wonderful and he was totally accommodating to all of our requests. We had a great trip! S/Y SASHA / British Virgin Islands / March
Trina - all sorted no problems. Christy and Heff were extremely professional and friendly. They carried out all their duties without hesitation and were willing to make extra effort to ensure we had a dream holiday. We cannot praise them enough! The food was excellent and their attention to detail on the yacht was very impressive. Deck crew Mandy was also a star - quietly making sure everything was perfect. All in all a great success! S/Y OYSTER DAMA DE NOCHE / Grenadines / March
Hi Trina! I wanted to let you know we have just finished our charter and I must tell you I am wowed. The boat was not at all like the photos. It’s beautiful and comfortable - stunning. The crew is out of this world. They helped at every turn and kept the boat super clean. When home I am happy to write a full write up on my experience. I am not easy to impress. This was above and beyond my expectations. I look forward to booking my next charter with you. Thank you! Yacht SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE / Bahamas / March
Martha, so nice to hear from you! I’m afraid if I get started on this trip I will never stop! From the moment went met Captain Murph until the day we waved good bye I can say there was never a moment of disappointment. Every member of the crew was professional, engaged and anticipated our every need. The rooms were spotless and the food was consistently delicious! I was fearful having asked for healthy meals (wasn’t sure all of our guests agreed!). The presentation was stunning and each meal was unique, healthy and deliciously memorable! It was wonderful getting to see old favourite haunts and discovering new ones. The flexibility of being able to choose our own way and spend as much time as we liked in any area was exhilarating. We were over the top satisfied with this method of traveling and can’t wait to do it again! Yacht LEGENDARY / Bahamas / 10-17th of March
Hi Colin, it was a pleasure meeting you on the boat! We had a great time at Yvonne. The yacht is excellent in all aspects. Interior and design is really state of the art! Crew and staff were very attentive and took care of us in a discreet yet professional way. Would definitely consider chartering Yvonne again. Last, the services provided by CharterWorld and you has been top class! I really appreciate all the assistance we got from you organizing chartering the yacht. All the best, - Yacht YVONNE / Cannes, South of France / 12-16 March
Amanda, Great trip. Heads up ... I wired you another sum to top off the crews gratuity. Thanks for getting it to them. - Yacht DIAMOND GIRL / Union to St. Vincent Grenadines, Caribbean / March 3 – 8
Oh, my goodness, Trina, it was fabulous!!!! I really can’t imagine a more incredible experience. I don’t think the Queen is provided better service, food, or amenities. Yet all in a very friendly, comfortable environment. It was everything we had ever hoped a charter experience would be. We WILL be scheduling another charter through you. Thank you so much for making this opportunity available! My best, - Yacht STARFISH / BVI (British Virgin Islands) / Feb
Dear Martha, First and foremost this is to let you know that all eight of us thoroughly enjoyed our 9 days aboard S/Y Taboo which was largely due to Miranda’s commitment to seeing that the charter was seamlessly delivered with a positive attitude. Miranda led from the front and was an equally competent seaman as she was cook. We consider that the pride that Miranda and David take in ensuring that S/Y Taboo is properly maintained ensures that intrusive break downs are minimised. Miranda has trained up her young crew, Sam and Julia so that they support her in running the yacht and they interfaced well with us the charter guests ensuring that we lacked nothing. Regards Sailing Yacht S/Y TABOO / St Lucia – Grenada, Caribbean / 27 Jan – 5 Feb
Trina, Thanks for checking in - I wanted to wait until I returned from the trip to let you know my comments. I will offer my comments below regarding the trip and crew, mainly as constructive input for you on future trips. Martin and Cari-Mari did a great job of attending to our needs and making sure we had what we needed - mostly. Their personalities are well suited for being a crew and they are very easy going. They quickly adjusted their "preferences" to accommodate our desires and needs (such as using the air conditioning in the evening). However, the one issue (while not a big deal - did create some lost time and angst). On ALL past charters I have been on someone from the crew either joined us when we went ashore or accompanied us when we snorkeled - either in the tender alongside of us or actually in the water helping locate fish or other interesting things to see. We have been on numerous charters and we both recognized the lack of service. I will admit - that we are both spoiled and are used to over the top service, so the problem could lie with us. All in all - a very successful trip. Hope this little bit of critique may help. Thanks for checking in. Yacht YES DEAR / BVI / January
Amanda, The trip was amazing. We have all good things to say about the crew and boat. We can give further feedback when we have a moment. Thank you! Yacht GLADIUS / St Martin, Caribbean / December 28 – January 5
Amanda, a treasured trip for sure… Thanks for everything! We very much enjoyed our time aboard SEVEN which is now given the name of 00SEVEN for its Thai Registry. David, Sarah and Toto were outstanding and went above and beyond to try to please us. Wid was our Thai captain who was required to be on board. We didn’t have much interaction with him although he was pleasant. He served more as a set of extra hands to David. The boat was clean and maintained throughout the voyage especially by David since he told us the owners are pretty fastidious about the cleanliness of the boat. The provisions we requested were all on board and dietary needs were addressed. The anniversary dinner was well thought out with adorable decorations, napkins folded into heart shapes, votive candles, champagne, a special meal, and fire lanterns that we released into the sky. We did end up sailing south instead of towards the Similan and Surin Islands because there was a weather system in the area and David told us the journey there would be long and possibly rough. He always tried to find the most isolated spot for us to enjoy snorkeling, lunch, sunsets and our overnight anchorage. David has expressed his challenges with trying to convince the owner that the boat must be outfitted with a level of service now that it is being used for charters. New linens, towels, and stemware were purchased. Also, Sarah was brought on board as our hostess. I know that he is slowly trying to convince the owner about further improvements so that the boat is in its best shape ever and will provide further amenities, but the process is somewhat of a struggle for him because the owner is not familiar with chartering and doesn’t deem some things as “necessary.” We are a very chill family so we didn’t care if the crew wore their uniforms and we told them so. We didn’t require ‘white glove service’, that’s not what we’re about. We had a friendly relationship with the crew and have been in touch several times since our time together ended. Was it the most outfitted or service oriented yacht we have been on? No. But for a friendly, casual adventure that was a great fit for our family, it was perfect and the crew was a significant part of making it so even without some of the things we had on board with other charters. We did end up motoring quite a bit but that was no fault of David’s, just the luck of the draw of having a weather system in the area. He always attempted to harness the wind and turn off the engine whenever possible, and our comfort was of upmost importance to him. Our family will always hold special memories of this trip in our hearts and minds… we are grateful that we were able to be together in a beautiful part of the world, aboard yacht SEVEN with our fantastic crew! Thanks for your help in making it a reality for us! - Sailing Yacht SEVEN / Thailand / December 31, 2017 – 7 January
Amanda, we had a great time. One of our best vacations ever. The yacht was in great condition and kept up well. Overall relative to Miracle it was in much better condition. The crew was great and they were always flexible looking to try to make our experience was a great one. Except for a rough ride from Anguilla to St Barth’s, there is nothing to complain about at all. Going into that, Kemuel warned us it would be bumpy so we had full disclosure and charged ahead. It was a truly great time. Thanks - LADY CARMEN / SXM / December 21 – 28
Trina, Regarding our cruise and Sorana this is what I can give you as feedback: we had ok weather with the sky (some rains and grey skies sometimes) but this was OK and expected, but we had quite unusual (moderately) strong winds - especially when cruising between the islands of course and the fly bridge on Sorana did not help the global balance of the boat both while cruising and sometimes while mooring... we had already experienced 2 or 3 times Princess boats and had a better memory of stability... a catamaran is much more stable of course especially while mooring, and due to these winds we could almost not enjoy the fly bridge even when mooring. Regarding the boat itself: not brand new but very well maintained, large master and vip cabin, so perfect for a family of 4 (only our 14yo younger son had the small twin cabin but he did not complain too much!!!). Great crew - Jean Marc (the captain) knows the region very well and the boat perfectly since he is responsible for it all year long. Marie (cook/maid/hostess) knows also both the region and the boat very well since she works on a yearly basis on the boat too, she is very efficient at everything (maid, assistant for the captain and cook). They were both very flexible about everything (itinerary was not optimal because we had to cruise North couple of times but Jean Marc was flexible about it), Marie could prepare us a short notice dinner for 6 people (friends of the other boat), and we could host a 14 people cocktail + snacks also that thrilled our guests - her food was great from the start to the end (I came back with at least 4-5 extra pounds...) As a result I left them the APA balance + extra tip - they looked very happy about it. If you have any other specific questions, then feel free to ask. Yacht MUSTIQUE / December
Hi Trina, we had a great time. It was the first trip for that boat coming out of the yard so there were some hiccups with water leaking and the TV working properly, but all in all, the crew did a great job. Jordan is a great young captain and has assembled a nice team. The food was good and healthy which is what I requested. My expectations were met and I would recommend them to a friend if I had the chance. - Yacht PURA VIDA / St Barth’s / December
Trina: Our charter aboard Whispers II was an unqualified success. Not only did Whispers II meet my expectations, but Noel and Patricia were exceptional. A bit of research on boats and trust in the charter company can be, to a significant degree, determined on line. But the crew comes with the boat, and there’s nothing much one can do in that regard. That only makes their performance that much more special to us. It did rain more often that my recollection, but that was about it. Indeed, I had expected significantly more traffic since my last Grenadines trip 9 years ago, specially coupled with the unfortunate destruction further north. But we had several anchorages all to our self, and other shared others with less than a ½ dozen boats. And it would be less than fair not to thank you for your almost instant availability, sound advice and prompt answers to issues not immediately at hand. I’m not sure when or exactly in what manner we might do this again, but if so my first and only call will be to Charter World. Thanks. Yacht WHISPERS II / Grenadines / December
Hi Amanda, We had a magnificent time. We loved everything about our charter. It was perfect for the 2 of us. The captain and his crew were friendly and respectful. The chef Danielle was truly amazing and gifted. By far the best chef we have ever had on a charter and world class for any restaurant. Benito was also the best dive master we ever had. So good we may try to hire him for other excursions. The only thing even though the boat is first class is it’s a little tight. But for diving it was perfect it was a benefit as we could just dive right from the boat and it could get to all the places without us needing to go by tender. Thank you for introducing us to these wonderful people. We enjoy working with you very much. Have a wonderful holiday season! - Powercat FOREVER / In CANCUN / December
Hi Amanda, Thank you so much for checking in yes we are finally on board. The crew is really nice, they all are very lovely. You were right both the chef and Tom are great in their own ways. Tonight even though I was full I kept eating cuz the food was so delicious. The only complaint we have is, as you already know, the weather, but after what happened to the Caribbean with the Hurricanes I guess we shouldn't complain much. Hope all is great with you and talk soon, - M/Y BLUE VISION / Ibiza & Balearics, Spain / September 8-15
Amanda, The trip was incredible. We had a GREAT time. Service was excellent, boat was as promised and the area is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous regions I have ever visited. Captain Vojo and Jiri were amazing as was their entire crew. They clearly went out of their way to ensure we had an outstanding holiday. Thumbs up and I would (and will) return in a minute. Very happy customer. - MY SEAGULL / Croatia / AUGUST 19-24
Trina, Coming into the trip we had extremely high expectations for the yacht and the trip, I can say without any reservation that all our expectations have been completely blown away. The yacht itself was breathtaking, the accommodations in every room were wonderful. The route that that the captain laid out was also perfect, we enjoyed all our destinations. But above all, the crew was amazing. Captain Mauricio was a professional in every regard, not only did he always make us feel safe, but he made sure to accommodate every request. We felt like we were on a trip with friends, from Victor's cooking to JP's polite and funny attitude, to Alyssa's professionalism, the trip felt like we had 4 more friends on it. Please pass along my sincere thank you to the crew and the owner of the boat, not only for a great trip, but also for 4 new friends. Great boat but even better crew. Our vacation could not have been the same without them. El Capitan (Mauricio) is extremely knowledgeable of the area and made us feel safe at sea and on land. Victor prepared amazing meals, always fresh and very diverse. The highlight for me was a sopa de camarones. Juan Pablo was incredibly attentive to all our needs, always hustling to make sure we were having a great time. True professionals, but more importantly by the time we left we all felt like true friends. -- MH Cancun
Positive CharterWorld Customer Review: "Hi Nick, to be perfectly honest I don’t think there was a single thing wrong in any way! The boat and the staff were all terrific! I think we are planning to do it all again in a few years as we had a lazy week and didn’t catch a Marlin….so we would definitely want the boat again, which must speak volumes. Kind regards P - BELUGA" Yacht Charter / Great Barrier Reef / October
Positive CharterWorld Customer Review: "Hi Trina. The charter was really nice. I think I prefer the layout of the 56 better than the 62 but the boat was nice. The captain and crew were spot on and showed us a great time. The weather wasn't totally perfect all week but we made the most of it. The critic if I had to choose would be that of lack of communication when it comes to food. Everything was delicious but on this charter and others, I would think that they would ask what we would like to eat instead of just preparing stuff. I understand that the selections are sometimes limited but input is always nice. I hope that came across correctly and I'm definitely not complaining. I would use the Shida again. " SHIDA / Sicily Yacht Charter / September 18 – 25
Martha, we are sadly back at home after an amazing trip in Dalmatia. Captain Mirko and his crew were beyond our expectations and we all sadly said goodbye yesterday as we disembarked ALBA. The weather was great, the sites phenomenal, and the food on and off the boat exquisite. I would recommend the experience we just lived to everyone… Thank you for helping us connect with Mirko and co. ALBA / Dalmatia / September
Trina, Our Highjinks experience was great. The boat was new and well divided. Common areas were very pleasant and the suites, comfortable. We were lucky with the forecast: not too windy, to enable us not to move around, and not too hot. Just the perfect temperature to enjoy the day and have a chilly night. Regarding the crew: The captain was very sympathetic and experienced, giving us precious insights on where to go - Sifnos, for instance, which was not in our original itinerary, was a breathtaking surprise. Nondas was very hands-on, funny, always smiling and ready to help whenever and whatever. There was a night in which we bonded with the crew and danced with Nondas and the captain. We had much fun. Phoebe is a great cook, astonished us with every meal and signature dishes, such as Greek salads and typical appetisers. She is more reserved, though, and didn’t interact with us as much as Nondas and the captain. We look forward in doing a boat trip again next year! HIGHJINKS / Greece / September
Dear Josh, Mr. M has just arrived to Egypt, I’ve asked him for his feedback on everything and he said all was just perfect. I know that once you’re involved then no need for me to worry. Million thanks for everything and looking forward to other future trips. All the best MEAMINA / SOF-Sardinia / August 17-31
Hi Josh, Safely back in London after a fabulous trip. Apart from an engine problem (see below) the boat was great - everything we had hoped for and more. And if the boat was great the crew were FANTASTIC. Honestly - what a team. They were so welcoming and helpful I think we would all want to go again if only to be reunited with them. Nothing was too much trouble. Their itinerary suggestions were great. The food was better than anything on land. EXCELLENT. Unfortunately one fuel pump went about half way through the trip. We had been enjoying zipping along at 40 knots. From there on we were reduced to one engine and <10 knots. The Captain did everything he could to get a replacement part, but I understand it’s going to take a couple of weeks. We weren’t going to let it ruin our trip, but the reduced speed meant our route was somewhat compromised. It’s also not as comfortable "bobbing along” (!) as planning at speed. SOLARIS / September 3 – 10
Josh, The charter on Domenica was fantastic. The crew were very professional, the chef very passionate & innovative & the skipper Lovor was a standout. We were only the 2nd charter that they had done as I believe the owner is very particular & only wanting to do a few charters a year. The crew were obviously used to a hard marker in the owner & this showed in every aspect of their service. The service from yourself was also very professional & most attentive so I really appreciated that. It made the whole experience a very easy & seamless one. I look forward to dealing with you again next year when we are thinking of a 7-10 day charter for 8 guests around Corsica & perhaps Sardinia in mid-June. We will stay in touch. DOMENICA / Croatia / September 2 – 9
Hi Amanda, after 36 hours of adjustment, the Journey found its pace and the crew has been terrific. They very kindly arranged for us to spend nights in the most beautiful bays, arranged great restaurants, water sports and have been very very nice to all of us, so a big thanks to them and to all of you who made this happen. Needless to re-confirm that they very much deserve the full gratuity/tip I had left with you, for them. Thanks again Amanda for once again a fantastic trip! CESARICA / Croatia / August
Nicolas, it was a great cruise. The crew went out of their way to accommodate our requests. Food was excellent, boat was clean and in good shape, they organised great events for us, and the manager organised great diving. This is one you can recommend as it will be very popular. RASCAL / Komodo / August
Amanda, I did speak with everyone that went on the trip and everyone had a fantastic time and is ready to go again. Thanks again! RENAISSANCE / NY to New England / August 14-21
Sally, they were very pleased with everything and had a great time. Thank you! Annabel II / Croatia / August 10 – 20
Hi Reia, You beat me to the email. We got in late last night. We could not have been happier with the boat, the crew and the location. The crew could not do enough for us. It was an absolute privilege to have such a week like we did. Everything was perfect and we had so much fun. The food was incredible too and everything we requested. Please pass on our thanks again to our captain and our crew. I would also like the captain’s email as I have some very memorable photos he has requested to be sent to him. We enjoyed the week so much we are talking about the next one. Stewart will be in touch with our brief. Thanks for all your amazing efforts. Warm regards NAVILUX / Croatia / August
Hi Nick, Everything going extremely well thanks. Boat and crew excellent. RASCAL / Komodo / August
Thank you Amanda. Everything was great. The yacht is in good condition and the crew was very responsive, kind and effective. Chef excellent overall and outstanding on desserts. I would definitively recommend seraph and crew. Thank you for recommending them. We are thinking on doing Caribbean in Christmas week. Hopefully we can arrange something with more time this time. MY SERAPH / Balearics / July 12 – 19
Hi Reia, I always was a sailor! And now.... wife and kids may have become sailors too... It was great. The boat is incredible. And the crew was great. Everything went as well as it could - we could not go around the island because the sea and wind were too harsh on the western side, but we were happy nevertheless. I was quite generous on the tip.... but it was well deserved. SY ROXANE / Sardinia / July 29-August 12
Hi Martha, Thanks very much for following up with me. We had a wonderful trip on My Maggie with Captain Robb, Tami, John, Colleen and Hannah. The boat was in tip-top shape and the crew were as fantastic as we remembered them. The crew accommodated all of our requests and ensured the trip was a memorable one. If/when we charter again, we can’t imagine putting ourselves under the care of any other crew. When that time comes, we will be back in touch with you. Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Best, MAGGIE / Bahamas / August 5-10
Dear Josh, Your assistance has been perfect and so far I am very happy about my experiences with you and yes in the future I’ll be happy to go through you for another booking (and with the feedbacks I have given you in the years you now know a bit better what I am usually looking for). As I said overall the experience this year was a positive one. Under the weather conditions we had it was key to have a keen, expert sailor. Safety always above all. And in that sense he knew what he was doing. Speak in 2018, Best. ANASSA / Greece / August 5-12
Trina, Everything with the boat was fabulous. The captain is great. He really knows the terrain. The new cook is fabulous! It was really exactly as advertised, and I would have no problem recommending it. Thanks again for everything. Moya / Greece / July
Positive CharterWorld Customer Review: "Hi Trina – The trip was honestly a great one from all angles. First off the crew was tremendous and we couldn’t have asked for a better bunch from the Captain (Amazing) on down. One note is that the chef “Katy” was INCREDIBLE in blowing us away with each and every meal….amazing girl and full of talent! The agenda was great and the New England region is quite beautiful…. As for the boat itself it really was a perfect fit for us and was maintained very well by the crew and was equipped with all the right kinds of accessories from an aesthetic standpoint as well as from a recreational one. The trip was as I said a “10” in all respects and all due to your help in making it happen! Thanks again Trina….job well done!" Le Reve. / New England Yacht Charter / August
Hi Josh, We really enjoyed our time and the crew was very nice and friendly, always trying to make the best of any situation, we had wonderful food and they really tried to look after all our needs. The weather is just one of those things that nobody has under control so the crew did their best to make it fun for us. Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for your help with finding a suitable yacht for us and being always quickly available to answer questions. Best regards, MY Never Enough / SoF / July 22 – 31
Dear Martha, All went very well indeed, my family and guests had a most enjoyable time on board. Crew was very professional and always eager to help or assist. The boat is in very good condition, all working properly. Thank you for all your support in arranging this charter, well done. Yours Sincerely. UNBRILDED / August 6 – 10
Nicolas, MY WAY is a great charter overall and I would certainly return on it. Great crew, chef and captain. Boat in very good condition, large tender, service and stewardess. I am very happy. Thanks again. MY WAY / Corsica and Sardinia / August 5-12
Hi Amanda, I hope you're keeping well. We had an amazing holiday and with the exception of the minor hiccup which you quickly resolved in our favour, everything went well. I want to personally thank you for organizing the yacht charter and please know that I would have no hesitation contacting you again, hopefully in the not too distant future to plan another sailing. I was favourably impressed with the manner in which you managed the entire process from beginning to end. You provide great service! Best wishes for continued success in your future endeavours. Kind personal regards. KEPI / Saronic and Cyclades / July 1-8
Hi Sally, the holiday was lovely and we all had a great time. Francesco's cooking was sensational and he was really lovely with the kids. The itinerary was well planned and as expected and he was thoughtful in making adjustments once he had learnt what we liked to do. He also accommodated the change in weather sensibly and kept us in the loop. Melissa chose us some fantastic wine (we under ordered as expected!), her baking is delicious, her table settings really lovely and thoughtful, her attention to our drinks and snacks impeccable and the boat was always spotless. Ombre Blu / Sardinia / July 28 - Aug 3
Martha, The yacht was beautiful and the staff was very professional and friendly! I wanted to ask you if you can help us to find a yacht sometime in December. We wanted to explore Virgin Islands (or maybe you can recommend something else). Best, Light Holic / July 16-23
Dear Trina, Weeks later the glow from the charter has not yet faded. When it came to the MARY boat and crew we can only give the highest remarks. My wife, who is not by upbringing a boat person like I am finished the week saying she was ready to stay on board anther week. There were tears and hugs at parting. The islands around Rhodes were just as you described, perfect for the traveller that prefers to get off the well beaten paths and yet still get to experience the beauty of the Greek Aegean with charming villages, a sense of history, private coves and a warm and friendly people, Saying Kalimera (good morning) or kalispera (good afternoon) was all it took to open up the smiles of the local folks - works where I live too here in the Caribbean. I would give it all a solid A rating. Hard to pick only one experience as the high point. We chose to have the crew eat dinner with us being just us and it was great. Close but not too close with their constant care and sharing at the dinner table. If we would have been a large group the dynamics would have been different no doubt. When it came to Charter World and you Trina, I found you on the net. You offered more customer friendly service upfront and choices than a charter broker a friend referred me to. I have shopped on the internet since it first began and like to check out who I am dealing with, most especially when I have to wire transfer a bunch of money with only a website and a phone number. I checked your background online and you were the real deal on top of being a nice and professional voice and email person. Thank you for recommending the Mary. We cruised a fair amount, but since it was the two of us only and not prone to expensive wines we even got a small refund from the captain at the end of the week on the advance purchase fee. Great job Trina. Thank you MARY / Dodacanese, Greece / July
Dear Josh, honestly, it was super good. The whole team from the captain to the crew members worked collectively to make our vacation amazing. We loved the games in the yacht room. The chef as you have mentioned was super, Jef the chef! Slipstream / Naples - Olbia / July 17-24
Dear Josh, Thanks a lot for your kind help with the charter in Indonesia. When we got there, we understood how difficult it was for you to find a yacht there! Everything worked perfectly. Emi is the Treasure of Salila. That goes without saying. She was our good angel for the whole trip. And she was perfect in anything she did. She was amazing. The crew was also always friendly and ready to help! And we generally felt very well taken care of. The towable arrangements worked perfect! Exactly as I wanted :-) The diving courses: The ratio of instructors per capita was excellent! All the instructors were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and generally very pleasant people. We enjoyed our time with them. Diving there in Indonesia was spectacular! And Salila is very well prepared for anything related to diving! Alcohol arrangements worked perfect, thanks to Emi :-))))) The food was adequate, given the number of people, different tastes and the one-week-no-harbour travel :-) The boat quality. I would say it was a precise match for an expedition tour. Salila exactly met our expectations. It was not a luxury yacht, but we were not disappointed a single moment :-) Spacious, comfortable, honest, we liked it a lot! And two master-cabins worked sooo well!!! We had our parents and ourselves treated to those rooms, while other guests did not feel downshifted in any manner. So, overall that was a fantastic trip! We ticked all the boxes! - Deserted Islands – yes, - Island with the lake inside - please! - Volcano island - enjoyed! - Comodo dragons - two times - Manta rays - wow! - Hiking, beach combing, snorkelling, kayaking – super - waterfall jumping - yep! So the tour was really rather an adventure for the active people like us! We liked it a lot. Thank you once again. We really appreciated your advice and more and more relied on your opinion when choosing the boat. We will keep bothering you with our future requests. SALILA / Indonesia / July 10-23
Amanda, we could not have asked for a more wonderful experience than we had on BERZINC. The boat and its crew were fabulous from start to finish. Captain Mika was most accommodating, consistently finding us the best spots around both Corsica and Sardinia. Chef Harry impressed us with every meal, the food could not have been more delicious! Arnold, Jeff, Taylor, Janice & Angel were all spectacular, catering to our every need. Marna kept everything running perfectly! We will cherish our memories from our 10 nights on the BERZINC forever, and we hope to return for another voyage soon. Thanks Again. MY BERZINC / Corsica/Sardinia / July
Hi Nick, All went very well, no complaints, very happy! Will let you know as soon as we make plans for next year. Thanks and see you soon. Regards. NAMI / SOF / July 18-27
Amanda, just got home from Paris and I am finally able to respond. We all had a great time and had an incredible experience. Every member of the crew was wonderful and a real pleasure to be around. There was not one of them that was not a pleasure and they made the trip even better for all of us. The yacht, itself, was fine and we were all very comfortable; especially those of us in the bigger rooms. The itinerary was very good and although we started out thinking that we wanted to spend time in the larger places, like Positano, Sorrento, Capri, etc...; in fact we enjoyed the smaller places much more. Bruno spent just the right amount of time in each place and we are thinking about next year, perhaps in Sicily or somewhere south of Amalfi. But the reason we would use the India again, as opposed to a larger yacht, is that we really liked the crew. Thanks M/Y INDIA / Amalfi / July 14-21
Hi Amanda, The crew was very friendly, and very good sailors, Captain Francesco and his brother Renato were willing to navigate the area with no issue for distance, ocean conditions or even sailing at night which allowed us to visit Ponza and other beautiful islands that we would have not been able to visit otherwise. Also Sara, was a very friendly and nice person. The cook, Nadia, was super nice and the food was very good. Pasta and salads (that was what we selected). Francesco has a much more relaxed and informal way compared with other captains we have met before. For us the relaxed mood was ok. The boat was in good condition as well as the tender. Overall it was a good boat and good crew. Catamaran KASKAZI FOUR / Amalfi / July 10 – 17
Dear Josh, we had a fantastic stay on ASHA, the crew were great, and they made us feel welcome from the moment we stepped on board. The yacht itself was comfortable and well maintained, spotlessly clean. David the captain was very knowledgeable & helped us plan our itinerary making sure we got go where we planned & to do what we wanted. We were very well looked after by David, Ben, Becks & Becks, the food was outstanding and the service was impeccable. We would certainly recommend a stay on ASHA and we were all very sad to be leaving when it was time to go back onshore. The charter was great, the boat was very good and provided everything we needed, David and the crew were excellent and really looked after us well. I think the new owner plans another refit in the winter, which will help freshen the boat up, but we would not have picked up on anything being substandard. With regards CharterWorld and the service you provided, both were excellent, and we will definitely use you and the company for next year’s charter. Once again, thank you for helping to secure the charter and making the whole process so painless. Regards Asha / SoF / 13-17 July
Dear Amanda, Thanks a lot for your email and for taking such good care of us. We are well and having a great time here! Ben and his crew are super nice and are doing everything to make our stay really memorable. The boys loved the Seabob and all the other toys in the boat. The chef is excellent! I am sure we will continue having a great time here. Atlantic Endeavour /Sicily / July
Josh, it was a very good charter. The crew was wonderful, especially the cook. Unfortunately we could not go and visit the islands in Aegean Sea because of windy weather and had to hang around main land, Corinthian straits, Peloponnese and some islands Ionian Sea. The boat was very nice. The Capitan made a right decision to stay close to shore and take no chances. I guess we will see Aegean island next time. Otherwise we are very happy with the trip. We all enjoyed it very much! Thanks again. - O'PATI / Ionian / July 1-15
Hi Martha, the charter was great! The crew was very sweet and accommodating. Our chef got sick the first day and had to leave the boat, but the Captain found a new one that we picked up on Day 3, I think. He was great. There was so much food at all the meals that you could find something you liked. They were also quite accommodating with our picky teens, who don’t eat seafood, which I really appreciated. Our stewards were so sweet, especially Photini. She was a crowd favourite. The deckhands were very helpful with all the water toys and the Captain helped us reschedule our photographer and wedding proposal, which we ended up doing on the last day in Kefalonia. It turned out perfectly. As you know, we had to change our itinerary, which turned out good. We thought the Ionian Islands were just gorgeous. Overall, the trip was great and have no regrets going to the Ionian Sea. Everyone said it was a trip of a lifetime! And we are hooked on private charters now! We would like to do one from Ft Lauderdale to the Bahamas. Do you represent yachts in the Caribbean? One more thing…the boat was in pretty good shape. The staterooms were big and comfortable. Thank you for checking on us and sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I will definitely keep your contact information for our next yacht charter. Nitta V / Ionian Islands / July 1-8
Positive CharterWorld Customer Review: "Amanda Hello!!! Everything was great!!! There are no words!!!!!!!! Completely amazed by the Zamolxis and its crew!!! Everything was at another level!! Thanks for all your attentions all over these months!! It was a pleasure to work with you!!! You are number one!!! The itinerary was perfect, food was awesome! Best regards..." M/Y ZAMOLXIS / Corsica – Sardinia Yacht Charter / July 2-9
Hi Reia and Sally, I just wanted to say thank you for organizing La Manguita charter and let you know that we had fabulous time. The crew was the most professional, and the yacht was so well taken care of. They make great food too. I would say this was the best managed yacht I've seen. Thank you again for arranging the wonderful charter. La Manguita / STT and BVI / Jul 7 - 11
Nick, we had a very nice boat trip in Komodo. Arie and his crew where amazing, we were very pleased with everything, food was great, water sports were great and very fun, the diving instructor was super, 6 of us got there PADI and are very proud. Also the masseuse was superb. Thanks a lot and if we will have another boat trip in the future we will surely think of you. Greetings from all the members of our family and many thanks. MUTIARA LAUT / Komodo / July 3-10
Sally, FIDUCIA was very well maintained and suited our requirements perfectly. Captain Tony was great, very inclusive in itinerary discussions, and nothing was ever a problem. Our hostess, Carla, was delightful. Very together and capable. We would highly recommend both of them. Meals were clean, fresh and simple, just as we requested. MY FIDUCIA / Split to Split / June 30 – July 1
Amanda. Yes!!!!!! We had the best experience, aboard Keros Island. Simone, Matias, Luciana and Mariana are wonderful. They have the best attitude, the service was impeccable and the trip was so much fun. My birthday celebration was spectacular, they made it very special. I do not want to compare, but so far this has been the best trip. Thank you so much for following up, we are looking forward for the next year's Trip. Once again, thank you so much for all your help and support. Best regards. M/Y KEROS ISLAND / Amalfi / July 4-11
Nick, the yacht is beautiful and in impeccable condition. We were extremely happy with the service and the crew’s efforts. Overall we had a great trip, please forward 15% for the crew. CARPE DIEM 191 / Naples - Nice / 30 June - 9 July
Hi nick – overall we had a great time. The food was outstanding and so was the service. The boat was really good in terms of layout. Fine performance, the interior is like being in an 80s disco – or whatever – in accordance with one’s imagination and experience!! Overall we were good on a value for money basis. Best regards. MY Supertoy / SOF / July 1 – 8
Hi Amanda. Thank you for following up on us. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier. We truly had an amazing time at the Aramis. The crew was fantastic. No complaints what so ever. The Aramis is very well kept and feels new. Francesco is very knowledgeable and responsible. Francesca’s cooking is delicious. We felt very well taken care of and safe. Thank you for recommending us to go with the Aramis. Looking forward to our new chartering experience and will of course knock on your door then. Will be sending you some family and friends as clients. M/Y ARAMIS / Sardinia and Corsica / June 25-July 2
Hi Amanda. We are having a great time with Nikos and Fofó. They took us to the most beautiful places. It was wonderful. They are the best and the boat is beyond our best expectations. As we prepare to leave could you please remind me of the tipping policies? Thank you Amanda. They were really incredible. M/Y MANU / Greece - Saronic / July 3 – 10
Martha, we had an amazing time on the New Star Yacht. Captain Frank, Connie, Bruno, Sam, Bridgette and Scott made our trip unforgettable. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to have a fun family holiday in the French Riviera. Thank you very much for your assistance in booking such an awesome vacation for my family and friends. New Star / French Riviera / July 1-8
Hi Trina, we are back and just wanted to thank you for all your help, everything worked out just great! We are planning to charter a boat again next year in June but are probably going to Ibiza. Do you charter boats which are based in Marina Ibiza so that we can use the boat during the day and spend the nights in the Marina with no additional cost? Thanks again for your help. Italian Riviera, June
Hi Trina, We just finished our sailing trip with Callisto. We had a real 10 days sailing vacation in all kinds of strength of wind from 10 to 40 knots and also from really flat to very strong waves. The boat is superb in all conditions. We enjoyed it a lot, Captain is young but very responsible and a great sailor. The food was very nice, all crew are delicate and very good people. I would like to thank you very much for this lovely trip and we can start to think about next year!!!! Kind regards. SY CALLISTO / GREECE / AUGUST
Nick, the whole trip went really well and the family loved it. Thanks CARPE DIEM / Greece / June 27 – July 5
Hi Sally, we had a great week! Can you please release the tips for the crew of Malena. Thank you! S/Y Malena / Greece / June 13 – 20
Hey Amanda, Thanks for the email. The boat was fantastic and the crew was actually even better. Manos was a total pro, the Chief Stew Katerina was amazing and the Bosun Christos was fantastic as well. We really loved the week. Jackie One with Gaetano and crew were good, but not as good as the crew on Endless Summer. They were SUPER professional, never made you feel like you were putting them out with any request and were friendly throughout. We ended up just taking the master cabin on the main floor, although the VIP cabin on the Second Deck was pretty awesome. The boat was super spacious, the crew put out all the toys every day, made it a point to get the slide out one day for us and were communicative throughout. BTW - Manos is a BOSS. :-) Poliyagos was by far our favorite spot - uninhabited island, AMAZING waters, private beaches - it was other worldly. We were only in port 1 night which was really different than Jackie One where we were in Port every night - we would just anchor out in a bay somewhere and the stabilizers on the boat would handle the rocking. The boat also cruised REALLY smoothly. Thanks for getting us a good deal on her too! We'll probably skip a yacht for our next vacation and be back in 2 years! M/Y ENDLESS SUMMER / June 19 -26 / Athens - Santorini
Aloha Trina: Many thanks for your attention to details. Everything went just fine on Ocean Med. The catamaran was a great choice as the rooms were perfect for our group. We appreciated & were delighted to have the extra crew member. I believe it would have been just too much for just 2, as the cook was busy most days in the kitchen, food terrific. Patrice was a delight as a captain with a can do attitude. He was very conscientious in regards to keeping our APA low. Luck had it that Capri was booked, along with restaurants; the water too rough to enter the blue caves, such is traveling. We did have a great time ashore enjoying the shopping and restaurants. I guess we will have to return! We look forward to our next family vacation next year :) Thank you so much for all your assistance to ensure a successful charter. OCEAN MED / 14-21 June / Naples-Naples.
Hi Martha, We signed their guestbook with our feedback. In summary, the trip was fantastic. The crew was phenomenal and the ship was very professionally run and clean. They did everything to the highest standards and made our stay a great one. We would definitely return to this yacht in the future without a doubt. XO OF THE SEAS / June 11 – 20 / Nice - Nice
Dear Amanda, I hope all is well. Our time with the crew on M/Y Capri was perfect. We are all extremely impressed by Capri and have only praise for the captain and his crew. Firstly, the entire crew was exceptionally professional, welcoming and took great care of us with kindness. Captain Panos was well at ease steering the ship and managing his staff while maintaining a friendly and approachable attitude. Penny saw that our activities and with Eleni’s, Mike’s and Fontinis help that our meals were set up beautifully, prepared timely and served to us skillfully. Chef Dimitris is a well accomplished chef and we loved his food. Every room was spotless, the furnishings extremely inviting and comfortable and the laundry was taken care of immediately. Captain Panos and the rest of the crew expertly attended to the yacht to make certain that everything worked precisely and efficiently. The yacht itself is beautiful and sails quietly and smoothly. This was by far our easiest time on the seas and has changed our mind about yachting. Our itinerary was set up ideally for us and all reservations, guides and transfers worked like clockwork. If only the Santorini airport could be trained by Captain Panos! Please thank the owner and the crew for a fabulous vacation for us all that created memories to last a lifetime. Thank you so much for your help with everything and we will be in touch when we want to sail again. M/Y CAPRI / June 11 – 15 / Mykonos - Santorini
Dear Nicolas, Thank you for your mail. All of the guests were satisfied with the trip, and there is no negative feedback from any of them. JAAN / June 10 – 18 / Greece
Hi Martha, We just got home. We had the time of our lives. I didn't realize how attached we would become to the crew. I felt like Dorothy when she left Oz and had to say goodbye to the scarecrow, tin man, and cowardly Lion. We loved the crew. Carli was incredible at anticipating everything and her communication was perfect. Gemma might be my favorite person in the whole world. Lisa was so sweet and amazing. Teo was incredible. Pete, the 2 Ben's and Frasier were so good at always having our every need anticipated. They were friendly and interacted with all of us so well. Tom was absolutely awesome. Captain Will was fantastic. Fran the chef and his sous chef Shaun were flawless. I wanted to hire them all on the spot and take them home. The vacation with our friends and the itinerary shattering due to high winds and seas so we didn't have time to visit Bonafacio, but Captain Will communicated so thoroughly about what was keeping us from moving and the whole crew showed great empathy. Once the winds died, Captain Wills’ patience paid off and we had a delightful trip to Ponza, then 2 days in Capri where we celebrated my birthday. The first night we ate out at Da Paolino which Carli recommended and then escorted us to the restaurant. We begged her to stay and had a lovely night getting to know her. Last day was Positano and Ben and Pete took my best friend out on a little photo tour after having taken the kids out earlier for water fun in coves and jumping off the cliffs. I could go on and on but we were so sad to leave. We miss them all already. Thanks Martha for the trip of our lives! MISCHIEF / June 5 – 12 / Porto Cervo - Naples
Nick, Thank you for following up – it was once again fabulous! The crew went above and beyond at all times, exceeded expectations throughout, looked after every single detail (no matter how petite it may have appeared) and kept us happy throughout. A wonderful 12 days ended far too soon! There are no improvement opportunities that we could possibly ask for. Consequently, we are a 100% satisfied client. CENTO / June 1 – 12 / Balearics
Amanda!! We had a wonderful time I want to thank you very much for all of your help. It was a beautiful trip, Melissa and Francesco were great, we had a very nice time. We hope to repeat this soon. We visited Ischia, Positano, Capri, Amalfi and Sorrento and spent the perfect amount of time sight-seeing in each place. We also anchored near beautiful spots to practice water sports. The meals were incredible, we all enjoyed the food very much. I already have a good friend that would like your contact information and will give it to her. I want to thank you again and hopefully will be in touch with you soon!! OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June
Dear Sally, we absolutely loved being on Villa Romana…..the crew and service were absolutely fantastic! We had such a wonderful time. Thank you for coordinating. OF VILLA ROMANA / SOF / May 20 – 25
Dear Amanda, These guys are insanely good. Sea of Cortez and this crew is truly exceptional. And also close. Close to Los Angeles but no one is really here. Crew knows the place and knows how to live in the best possible way. It was pretty extraordinary. Most importantly my family had a spectacular time. Really spectacular. That’s thanks to the crew and captain. Many thanks, and I look forward to the next trip. / M/Y SUPER / Sea of Cortez April
Dear Josh, Everything is just perfect. The crew at O’Neiro are just better than any I have experienced so far which were already extraordinary. The yacht itself is fantastic. I would also like to let you know that our latest trip in regards to my husbands’ birthday had been wonderful in all matters. Thank you for helping my daughter to organize and make it a super special journey for my husband. Indeed it had been and I will always be more than happy to recommend this ship as a best reference on to friends. The Crew of O'Neiro was super professional and always friendly, there was never anything to complain about. A wonderful chef and fantastic Captain!! I would be more than happy to go back to this extraordinary team with this boat!! Unfortunately the captain told us they are fully booked through August what is always our holiday season. M/Y O’NEIRO / April 17 - 22, / Greece
Dear Sally, It was really fantastic, my friends are astonished, the captain Darrin is a great man, even though he is very young, and Desire put love in each dish. We feel very lucky of our choice of Mimzy. Thank you Sally, we are really happy. S/Y MIMZY / March 26 - Apr 2 / BVI
Amanda and Paul, We had a great time. If you need a recommendation, please have them contact me. The crew was terrific. (Paul – As I mentioned to you, keep that crew together and I still think Mike should be your number 1 Chef rather than the back up (one of your crew members –not Mike – agrees with me.). Every one of them was outstanding. The food was out of this world – not a single dinner, lunch or breakfast was just ordinary. For future clients (if there are old, old people,) you should make them aware of the stairs on board. Marlene and I didn’t have too much trouble but we certainly didn’t make extra trips as they are steep and with very high risers. The trip will be long remembered, particularly by our Grandsons. M/Y CRISTOBAL / March / Bahamas
Sally, Dominic and Hannah were a dynamic duo who exceeded our expectations. Hannah was extremely thoughtful and creative with each of her meals and Dominic was a sharp and experienced captain who never let us down. The boat was in amazing condition. I know I mentioned this earlier, but I can't stress enough how much we appreciated both yours and Dominic's prompt responses in the days leading up to the trip and how he helped maximize our trip by letting us know to push things back a day due to the forecasted winds. We are confident that his help saved this adventure. We look forward to our next trip. M/Y FIRST A FENCE / March 25 - 28 / Bahamas
Hi Trina, Thanks for the below. Great week on Twilight. I can't speak highly enough about the boat and the crew. They are really fantastic. Thanks again for this past week. M/Y TWILIGHT / March / Caribbean
Hi Sally, The yacht was/is beautiful. A real modern classic and she sails well in the open sea. Ken was really great, as was the chef Stefano. All in all, we had a wonderful week, and this trip I got to stay the whole time. Thanks for your help with everything. S/Y AURELIUS / Mar 11 – 18 / Grenadines
Hi Sally, The trip was simply fantastic, start to finish! I can't say enough about how well we were taken care of by Ben and Elizabeth. They were lovely hosts and provided top notch food, drinks and service! The boat was beautiful, clean and very well equipped. And the food, OMG it was like eating every meal in a 5 star restaurant - healthy, delicious and something different every night. Elizabeth was superb! In short, we feel we really lucked out with the selection of the Sea Anemone as it would be impossible to believe a better choice could have been made. This boat and crew are the best! I'll let you know when we're headed back! S/Y SEA ANEMONE / Mar 12 - 20 / BVI
Trina, everyone enjoyed themselves. The boat was perfect and the captain and crew were some of the best I have been around. I would definitely recommend this boat and crew to anyone else. I suspect we will be contacting you next year to do it again. M/Y COCKTAILS / March / BVI
Amanda, we loved the trip. Mischa and Lenny were a great crew, the perfect pair. Loved the Ohana, fantastic boat for 6 people. Food was fabulous. Overall satisfaction was a 10 on a scale of 1-10, we don't have any suggestions on how it could have been better. Hope to travel with them again. The diving worked out very well, rendezvous diving was fine. Given the amount of diving we wanted to do, 3 days, we did not need tanks etc. on board. Certification process for two of our group was just fine. Blue Water Divers (first 2 days) were better than Jost Van Dyke dives. But that's really just about dive sites. We'd definitely do this again. Just like to do different things so next time, we'd probably do the Bahamas. M/Y OHANA / March 12 – 19 / BVI
Hi Trina! How are you? I just wanted to thank you for helping with our trip! We had a fantastic time! The crew was awesome. We really enjoyed them. A trip of a lifetime! Thanks! S/Y TWIN March 6 - 13 / BVI
Hi Martha, Amazing!! We have been to the BVI’s countless times, but never like this. The Lady Sharon Gale is a very well kept motor yacht and the perfect size for our group. The scenery in the BVI’s is always beautiful. What really separated this trip from many others was the crew. Captain Mike, Maria, Ian, Milan and Lydia are the BEST at what they do. They love their roles and people too. We wanted to take them all to Atlanta with us as we friended each of them. Cannot say enough good about this whole experience and we will be back on the Lady Sharon Gale again!!! Thank you for connecting us Martha. You too are really good at what you do. M/Y SHARON GALE / March / BVI
Dear Sally, Thank you once again for arranging our charter with Bones and Anna on Emily Morgan! We had a really lovely time. I know a little bit about “customer service” and can tell you Anna and Bones are naturals, it is clear they really enjoy looking after their guests. Nothing was too much trouble, and they really went out of their way to try to ensure we had the best possible holiday. Emily Morgan is a beautiful example of a classically designed sailing yacht. Extremely sturdy and seaworthy, as well as spacious and practical. She provides charterers with lots of space inside and out to lounge and relax, and a great platform to enjoy water sports and generally have fun on the water or ashore. She has been immaculately maintained by A&B, who are clearly very experienced sailors and engineers. We can’t recommend them highly enough. S/Y EMILY MORGAN / Feb 22 – Mar 4 / Antigua and Leeward Islands, Caribbean
Amanda, we had a very enjoyable trip with the yacht and crew. We only had one poor weather day which should be expected. That one day was our first day on board and we enjoyed relaxing and getting spoiled by 8 staff members. The crew were mostly early 20's types and had only been together for 2-3 months and 2 cruises so they were still working out a few little kinks. But they far outweighed any mild inconvenience with their youthful enthusiasm. We were very happy with the yacht and the crew and feel very happy with the value for our travel dollar. Thank you as well for the great planning service you provided personally. We will certainly contact you again as we decide to take another cruise. M/Y PURE BLISS / Feb 22 - 26 / Bahamas
Amanda, Silvertip and crew were wonderful. Blair is an excellent Capitan, in complete calm control of the vessel with a passion to sail. All potential activities were always considered in how we might maximize the day. Cuisine was unreal. All were gracious, and warm to be around. Wonderful time!!!!! My wife and I are headed to New Zealand Sunday to sail our boat, likely meet up with Silvertip. S/Y SILVERTIP / New Years / New Zealand
Dear Amanda, The yacht was fitted to a very high standard and in great condition. The crew were exemplary attending to our every needs whether requested or not. It was a great trip. What more can I say . Thank you so much for arranging this for us. My wife was very very happy. M/Y DOLCE VITA / February / Bahamas
Reia, We enjoyed our time on board very much – all the members of the crew were very capable and friendly and made an effort to make us enjoy our holidays. The cook was also very good. The crew was also very patient, helpful and friendly with the kids (three boys, 5, 3 and 2 year old…). On the boat, speed was a good thing and it was useful to have a fast boat so we could cover a fair bit of distance. M/Y TOBY / Sicily / August
Amanda - We really had a great time down there. Very memorable and Rick & Miss were exceptional hosts. They made it easy and enjoyable and were very accepting of having 4 young kids running around and up very early. Our guests also had an incredible time. I really hope we can return again at some point. Thanks very much for your assistance. S/Y TARA VANA / April 2 weeks / BVI
Hi Amanda, The boat was exactly as described, it was beautiful and spacious. The crew was fantastic, very attentive and charming and the food delicious. They were very accommodating and we had a wonderful trip. Thank you M/Y SANDS / Amalfi coast / September
Regarding the STINA, my father also had an amazing time in Croatia! The chef was great and really made every meal a new experience. As they were only three there, the boat was also more the comfortable for them and the crew made them feel very comfortable and met all their needs. I wanted to thank you personally for all the help and the great customer service you provided us when renting the two charters! You were also a big part in making these vacations one of the best we had! Sorry again for all the turnarounds but we are happy that everything turned out just fine! We look forward to our next yachting experience and I’m sure we will go directly to you for renting the next charter. Have a nice day! MY STINA 12-16th of July Split – Dubrovnik
Hi Trina, O’Mega – just lovely. The overhaul in 2011 has been tastefully done and many appreciated her glossy internal finish. Very well appointed and maintained. We were all very proud to be on-board her that is a definte! The Crew – what a group of professionals. They did an outstanding job. Yannis and Maria in particular were a huge help to me. Everyone spoke good English which encouraged general conversation and interaction with the crew. We all fell in love with Paulo the laundry fairy! The watersport team were very attentive and provided the appropriate instruction and guidance. So much so some guests tried some sports for the first time successfully. The guests very much enjoyed their time with the crew in all its forms. Charter on O'MEGA in Croatia, Jun
Dear, Josh we just loved our week on Moya - was very hard to leave and we keep wishing we were back!!! Doesn’t get much better than that! Next time we’re going for 2 weeks!! Thanks for everything. Charter on Catamaran MOYA in Greece, Aug
Dear Josh, Thanks a lot for your email. We were absolutely delighted by the charter and the crew. The boat was extremely beautiful and the crew members were all extremely professional and charming. We regret this lasted only for a week and we were all very sad to go back to land after such an amazing holiday. We will all keep amazing memories of the time spent onboard of Eleonora and we hope we'll be able to come back for another sailing trip very soon. Thanks a lot. Charter on sail yacht Eleonora in Italy, Aug
Dear Martha, Dimitri’s and Mariana did an outstanding job. Everything exceeded our expectations. We could not have had a better trip. We are looking forward to booking with you again in the future. My only critique would be that Moonlight was lite on “toys” There were not enough masks and fins for everyone and the tender is under sized. I would also have enjoyed fishing (no lures on the boat) but, I take it there is not much to catch. Charter on Sailing yacht Moonlight, in Greece, Aug 14
Hello Martha, We had a marvellous time. The boat was as we expected and the crew was very friendly. Our kids loved the captain and Marie. Marie is a wonderful cook as well. The route was nice and we decided day by day what to do and that worked out very well. Islands were very different and lot of them where very beautiful. We visited around 20 islands, some really small and some pretty big. The only thing was that restaurants and bars where almost empty because of the low season. So that was negative thing, on the other hand the marina’s where not crowded so that the positive thing. Thank you for your help. Charter on SORANA in the Caribbean. Jul/Aug
I have to say that that was the best holiday we have ever been on, and we’ve been on some good ones Charter on M/Y THE VAN, in Monaco, July
Hi Nicolas, Overall, the crew was very good - professional and pleasant. Sporting activities were better organised this year - the guys really knew what they were doing and were doing an outstanding job keeping everyone happy - thats Marc, Billy and Fraser. Great service throughout the trip. I have to mention that we were surprised by the beauty of the islands and Croatia. Since we only went half way, we were thinking of coming back next year and starting further up north. Something to think about. The boat is well maintained. Charter on AUSTRALIS in Croatia.
Hi Amanda. The trip was incredible. Both boat and crew exceeded our expectations and we had a great time. The itinerary was perfect and Ivo showed us the most beautiful places. Antonia was very nice to us and the children and is an excellent chef. Thank you very much for your assistance on this. It made all the difference to us. You should hear back from us soon as we are already planning for our next boat trip! Charter on JANTAR, in Croatia
Josh, Good morning from Kotor. Nick and his crew, and The Raven, are stupendous. We can't wait to set sail Thank you again for making such marvelous arrangements. Charter on THE RAVEN, in Croatia
Hi Sally, The yacht was perfect for us. Captain chef food all terrific. All better than I hoped for. And yes thinking about 1 or 2 weeks again next year first 2 weeks of Sept. M/Y SILVER FOX South of France
Hi Trina, We really loved this trip. The yacht was amazing, with all area useable. The crew was the best so far. They really went above and beyond, which made us enjoy this trip just a little bit more than all the others. This boat and crew really is amazing. Thanks again for helping us out on this trip. We are thinking about going to Croatia in late summer or early fall. Keep an eye out for a good yacht for us. M/Y BALAJU / Dec 30 – Jan 10 / Bahamas
Hi Amanda How are you? We didn't speak after our trip but I just like to tell you that was fantastic, really a dream. Eduardo, Maria and Lenta are wonderful people and we loved spend this week together. Thank you. S/Y MAGEC / Jan 4 – 11 / BVI
Hi Martha, As we mentioned to you on the phone all was GREAT!!! Great crew and great boat! Again thank you for the recommendation. M/Y MISCHEIF / December 27th - Jan 3rd / Leeward islands and BVI
Dear Martha, Happy New Year to you too! Everything went OK, except that I got sick the day we left (a strong winter flu) and , as I recovered, my wife fell sick too. Bad luck! As to the rest we have been pretty happy with the boat (which is OK for 4 guests, I doubt it for more), except for the navigation plotter in the cockpit which was not working. Excellent was the skipper: even if he was new to the boat and to the area, he proved very effective with some repairs and with planning the itinerary. He is a really nice guy and a good company. I would like also to thank you for your assistance all along. Well done! Have our best regards. SY CONTINGENCY / Dec 24 - Jan 3rd / Virgin Islands
Nick, As Cameroon has said, it was indeed a great 10 day charter and I am sure the rest of our party would like to join Sue and I to add “due to an exceptional crew – who worked long hours to high standards, were pleasant with nothing being too much trouble. The food was exceptional and wine was spot on every time. Nicolai, their crew member, added a great dimension in terms of service. He worked tirelessly, with great charm and was a fantastic teacher on the wake board. The fishing aspect was a superb bonus enjoyed by all. SY TIGER LILY / 10 day New year Antigua & BVIs
Amanda, The trip was amazing. The crew was amazing. My family and friends had a great time. Thank you for arranging a perfect New Years Trip! M/Y KELLY ANNE / Dec 28 / Exumas
Amanda, We could use those "warm' regards - it was -1 when we got home last night! Our holiday on McGregor exceeded our expectations; which says a lot considering how excited we were for this vacation! The McGregor was beautiful - so lovely and well maintained. The pictures of the interior of the boat didn't do justice to the gorgeous wood! We had a blast and Tim did a great job of helping us to set an itinerary each day. The girls loved diving with Tim and snorkeling was definitely everyone's favorite! Tim and Julie both went above and beyond and made us feel really special. Julie's food was out of this world! She did a great job of serving meals that everyone loved - and they were healthy!! As a family with 2 in college (and full-time jobs during the summer) and 1 busy in high school we really don't share meals very often. Meal time was my favorite time - we enjoyed delicious food that everyone loved and we ate together (AND I didn't have to cook!). At the end of our stay Tim asked us if we had any suggestions. We thought hard about it and we honestly couldn't think of a single thing that would have made our trip more special (well, Libby did say she couldn't get enough of Julie's bread:). My only frustration was my own fault... I'm ashamed to say I over packed. If only I stuck to your packing list!! Thank you once again for all your help. We look forward to working with you again as well!"
Dear Sally, The yacht was in tip-top condition ( effectively new) and fitted out to the highest standard...was really luxurious and seemed unique in a yacht of this size. The bimini gave sun and rain protection and could be stowed away in seconds. The swimming deck was easy to deploy and access and the watermaker was a real luxury & there was always plenty of fresh water. The front sun deck was a nice feature, especially when coming into port, and the rear rail seating was comfortable and safe even when cruising fast at a 25 degree heel. The yacht and crew succeeded in fulfilling our (high) expectations and we would certainly consider chartering Mojeka with Jan and Alma again, perhaps in a different area of the Caribbean. Please pass on our thanks to the owner. We very much enjoyed his cocktail recipe “Mojeka Smile”, which encouraged us to burn through 6 bottles of rum on the trip. He can be confident in the crew he has operating Mojeka on his behalf – I am just sorry I didn’t fulfil his expectations in respect of my trumpet-playing skills. Thanks also for your help and advice. S/Y MOJEKA / Dec 22 – Jan 4 / Grenadines
Trina, Thank you for your note following up on our trip. Wow, what a beautiful sailboat. It had just come out of the yard for an extensive series of repairs and the boat was in beautiful shape. The boat was spotless when we got on board and she really was beautiful sitting in the marina. I had never sailed a Swan before and my family loved every minute we sailed. My sons were in heaven.The crew: The crew had only been together for a short period and this was there first charter together. In fact, I think they picked up the boat only a week or so before the crossing. As such, there were a few very minor kinks that they were working out none of which were problems. Ben was an outstanding captain. A skilled sailor who did a really nice job of balancing safety first with the desire to ensure we had a good experience. He was always smart about having the right amount of sail up and only in one very minor squall did we have too much sail out. We were active participants in all aspects of the sail including preparing the boat for sailing, skippering, sheeting, and putting away all the gear afterwards. He was also very flexible on our route and we determined the next day’s sale each night depending on weather forecast and desire of our family. I happen to know the area pretty well and that helped. Edmund was still learning how best to work with Ben but he was always the first one up, the boat was spotless due to his efforts, and he was friendly, inclusive, and got along fabulously with my kids.Katie was a remarkable cook and Simone was the friendlies stewardess we could imagine. We ate like kings and they both made us feel incredibly comfortable. They are both true professionals and Simone in particular did a remarkable job of making us feel comfortable at the same time she was clearing and preparing the cabins. She always had a smile on her face and a happy demeanor. She worked hard but always seemed relaxed and happy. We really enjoyed getting to know them.It is amazing how fast a week can go by but this trip exceeded our high expectations both in terms of how magnificent the boat is but really due to how great the crew was. None of us wanted to leave. I am not sure when we will charter again but if we decide to, we will certainly reach out to you. You were great to deal with and helped make our family vacation a true success. Take care. SY PTARMIGAN / New Year / Caribbean
Amanda, Thanks for checking in. We are home safe and sound after a most wonderful vacation. Tara, Grand and Tyler were beyond fantastic! Please let the owners know what a wonderful crew they have found . A life time of memories :) We are already talking about when we can go again…although it would be hard to top our experience with Tara, Grant and Tyler! I will be in touch and would love your suggestions on other locations to sail around the same time of year in other parts of the world . We are hooked . Take care and Happy New Year! - FOXY LADY / BVI /December 27 – January 3
Dear Amanda, Apologies for the delayed response, I just returned home from traveling and am finally catching up on emails. The ZEN charter was absolutely incredible! I emailed Eddie as well and let him know how much everyone enjoyed the charter! The yacht and crew were both exceptional, everyone really went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we were having the best possible experience. We had to change the itinerary a bit as the weather was better in the south than the north, but everything we saw was stunning so absolutely no complaints there as well. Thanks again and happy new year- look forward to working with you in the future! – S/Y ZEN / Raja Ampat / December 18 - 22
Hi Josh, How are you doing? Sorry for this late reply, but after the tax free, I left 1 week on vacation. The tax free was exhausting but everything was fine. The crew was absolutely amazing. Very efficient, supporting and smiling. Everybody enjoy the boat and the way we could have display our product. The experience was a total success. And I would like to thank you again for your professionalism, investment and support. M/Y MAC BREW / Event charter – Cannes / 1-8 October
Dear Josh, I was just about to write you one word "WOW!!!"Thank you very very much! Your recommendation is now becoming a brand :-) I can now blindly trust your advice :-) I loved the boat. It is in excellent condition. It is rather big, but cozy. We had all the chances for interactive sailing and for the discreet leisure time. We hardly ever went anywhere out of the upper deck, because it was so lovely! The master bedroom was perfect. The idea with two bathrooms is great! I loved the crew. Everyone was welcoming, ready to help and in general they were very pleasant people! Especially the captain and his senior assistant Tasos. We felt as if we were hosted by the family of old friends. Despite the short trip, they shown us lovely places to swim, advised on the island hiking, entertained us with the tender/toys. Food. Majestic! It was the first try for the new chef on Gitana. And he exceeded any expectation! Quality, quantity, the table service ...were impeccable. Your wines arrangement worked very well too! Sailing. We had just two chances to open full sails. But it was great! Otherwise the motor was perfectly sufficient. The boat was remarkably stable while on the go. So, our last minute booking turned out to be a fantastic adventure! Thank you very much! I am glad that you were there to help with this difficult booking. Really appreciated! S/Y GITANA / Athens, Greece / Oct 2
Dear Amanda, Sorry with this late feedback, I have just settle back this week. Trip was great. Crew was very professional. They all were always at our request and very polite. Chef was a very special person, among being a great cook, he won everybody’s heart. Captain and first official always flexible at our requests and showed very confident. Stewardess, one Croatian and the other Moldavian, always kind, respectful and super efficient. Naturally their personality not as warm as us Latin’s, but they put a lot to make us feel happy. Boat is great, since is metal hull, stabile while at anchor and navigation, incredibly stable. As you know, it is very slow boat, cruising speed only 9.5Knts. But it was not a problem. destination was also great, Aeolians more calm but with better nature, Amalfi more glamorous but also more busy. Thanks for your help and we start talking soon to prepare next years trip. M/Y XO OF THE SEAS / Milazzo - Naples / Aug 29 - Sept 6
Amanda, It is always good to be home! But, I can't express myself enough on what a wonderful time that my family/friends had aboard the AMAZING RENAISSANCE with Captain Doug and his wonderful crew! The Itinerary worked out great but if I had it to do again..... I would probably stay a day longer on Nantucket and drop Block Island. I must say that "The Renaissance" was absolutely the perfect choice for us, It is so well designed....... Beautiful, Spacious and extremely clean and well operated. The crew!!!! AMAZING! Thank you and Charter World for helping to make this a memorable trip! We will do it again. M/Y RENAISSANCE / Newport / August 26 – 31
Nick, the boat was perfect. S/Y WHITE SOUL / Greece / Month of August
Hello Sally, We stay few day more In Corsica ! The charter was WONDERFULLLLLLL ! The team of Damien en Julien is the winning team. It's a real pleasure.. Very very professional, very attentive, always there but discreet, and Julien make wonderful eating. You must recommend this Boat. Thank you too for your help And you very Nice service. M/Y YAKOS / SOF / Aug 24 - 31
Nicolas, Trip was excellent. Everything worked out extremely well. The crew was also excellent and we had an excellent quality of service. Food was great and the crew was great in organising water activities. We will be in touch for next year. S/Y ALESSANDRO / Ionian / August
Nick, Yes all well, The crew were really good, The best so far. From the guestbook: Hello Richard! Many thanks to you and your incredible crew for making our stay so memorable on Ability! We are sad to leave but hope to be back again next summer...have a great year and see you all again soon. M/Y ABILITY / South of France / Late August
Amanda, We had a wonderful trip and we loved the ionic islands and the whole route. Captain and crew were terrific and of course Katerina set an incredibly nice and responsive tone the entire time. We totally recommend them and the boat is wonderful-quiet, spacious and the recent renovations-adding the sun deck etc made a big difference. Thank you for suggesting Endless Summer and making this an incredible vacation in Greece- we all absolutely loved it. M/Y ENDLESS SUMMER / Greece / August 14 - 21
We have just completed a three week cruise of the Croatian waters aboard Annabel II and are so completely delighted I am compelled to report back for other prospective travelers. We began our cruise in Tavit, Montenegro with three couples/friends and voyaged NW stopping at islands along the Dalmatian Coast, finally making an interim stop in Izola, Slovenia where three other couples/friends replaced the first group. Under Andrew the crew operated seamlessly and anchoring/tying up was akin to performance art. As a boater in Southern California I appreciated and was amazed at the teamwork. And the gourmet meals!!! Breakfast was prepared to individual wishes. One morning I asked for crepes expecting to be told it wasn't planned for and not available. Instead Chef Dee Dee dug up a recipe from her vast repertoire, including Nutella spread and surprised me with a fabulous breakfast. Lunch was typically an ample buffet. And dinners were just fabulous, each different with elaborate place settings and napkins folded using origami rules. Individual dietary needs were always respected, and the meals were healthy. M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July
I really can't say enough good things about this crew. Our Annabell II voyage was even more special than we imagined—and we were imagining something great. The crew was warm and friendly, making the boat a real home for us all. We seemed to find one great place after another to cruise and to land. We particularly enjoyed the chance for water recreation in the wonderful Adriatic—our stops in coves were special, as were the stunning towns we visited. It seemed as though we cruised casually, very unlike the structured programs that big ships offer and wonderful for us. What a way to see the beautiful Croatian Coast! Many thanks for connecting us to such a great boat and crew! M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / July
Amanda, All awesome! What a trip!! Great crew and a great boat! M/Y BACCHUS / New England / Aug 9 – 16
All was perfect, especially with such a nice, competent, diligent and young team with Captain Darren. We had a fantastic week and would recommend highly Lir and her team. S/Y LIR / Sardinia / Aug 7 - 14
Hi Amanda! Sorry for taking this long to respond. Again, we all loved our time in the boat. Helios crew is superb and really make a difference! Here is my contribution. The boat setup is very good; I really like the equal sizes of the 3 master bedrooms. Internal decoration is good. The double berth rooms are ok for 3 kids if they aren’t grown ups, which is our case. The jetski was heavily used, and my kids had a blast. Nico was a great professor, and taught them all the radical tricks. They loved him! Finally, I would upgrade the AV to make it very easy to use iPods or cel phones, so customer can easily play their music. The food and drinks: We love Greek food, and the menu served was right on the spot. Their Greek wine selection was already good enough, but Babis surprised us with the wine from my previous list to Good life! Very nice from him! The itinerary: Can’t add anything to it. It was perfect! At the end, everybody loved everything. We are all looking forward to the next! M/Y HELIOS / Corfu / July 10 – 17
Our boat trip is over, unfortunately, and we fly home today. Our experience on board can be summarized in one word EXCELLENCE! EXCELLENCE in crew, EXCELLENCE in the boat, EXCELLENCE in the kitchen, EXCELLENCE in guest treatment, EXCELLENCE in all aspects, Just EXCELLENCE in the whole experience. We all enjoyed it tremendously. Thanking you all for this memorable trip, and till next our next adventure. S/Y AOIBH / Croatia / Aug 7 - 12
Dear Nick, The crew is simple spectacular. Quite honestly, they are beyond words and uphold the most professional standard at all times. They present solutions to wishes that have not even been voiced yet. The quality of the food is beyond imagination. I spend over 250 nights p.a. dining in restaurants. 6 days into our 7 day trip it has been a 10 out of 10 at every occasion. Quality, creativity, decor, service and ingredients have been exceptional. Simply awesome. Therefore we would very much like to return next year. M/Y CENTO / Balearics / Aug 6 - 13
Dear Amanda, Thanks for the great vacations everything is super the boat, the crew and the place. M/Y IMAGINE / Croatia / Aug 3 – 10
Nick, Had a great time, wouldn't really change anything to be honest. Boat was a great size and represented very good value for what you got. Crew were extremely friendly and very attentive. Itinerary was well thought out. Food was fantastic ... we all now need diets. M/Y TOBY / Amalfi / Aug 3 - 10
Hi Amanda, The charter was an amazing experience. The perfect celebration for a 60th B-day. Naom and Dalit were fantastic. I don't think it would be possible for them to provide a better experience. They were kind, patient, engaging, fun, concerned, thorough, accommodating, I'm running out of superlatives! The food was great, the itinerary was great, the yacht was great, and even the weather cooperated to a certain extent. I asked the group on the last day if they would have changed anything, and they said no. I can only give you positives about the cruise, because there really were no negatives. We are already talking about a return visit, and would definitely plan the cruise around Naom and Dalit's availability and their yacht.. Thank you for all of your help. We will definitely steer our family and friends to you because of your excellent service . Thanks again. PART 2 of the group: Hello Amanda, Last week I and my husband and eight friends partook of a weeklong sailing trip along with our hosts, Noam and Dalit aboard the Alive catamaran. We cannot say enough good things about those two and their professionalism, warmth, immense talent, their concern for each of us, the food!, their vast knowledge and skills, the beautiful boat that they lovingly care for and invite each of us to do the same, their knowledge of local history and trivia, their loving care and respect for the ocean and islands, their humor and incredible patience, and how they sought to accommodate all of our needs and strengths. We all fell in love with them and they made sure we had a wonderful time and partook of all the available activities. What an experience we won't soon forget. What a beautiful part of the planet. The whole package - boat, captain and co-captain, food and location made for the perfect, fantastic vacation. Thank you so much!!! S/Y ALIVE / BVI / July 30 – Aug 6,
Josh, Just wanted to let you know that everything went perfectly fine, we had a lovely time and everyone enjoyed the trip. Trending was lovely, they took really good care of us. We just left and will miss it. Thankyou for helping us with everything really appreciate it. M/Y TRENDING / West Med / July 27 – Aug 2
Reia, Everything was fine, many thanks!! The crew was outstanding, weather was very good. M/Y YLANG YLANG / SOF / July
We have a great trip! We enjoyed it very, very much. The whole crew was amazing and very attentive to our needs. Probably the best service I have seen in any five star hotel. Special thanks to Captain [Vincent] Rose. The guy was very friendly and was trying to help us every step of the way. We really liked the boat. The weather was very windy but the boat was stable and nobody got sick, to my wife delight. Apparently aluminum construction, full displacement and stabilizers contributed to this. Another good point. We have traveled every day, but because of low fuel consumption our total fuel bill was very low. And last but not least we would like to thank you for a wonderful trip. You service was very, very good and helpful. We have followed all your advice and have no regrets! I would definitely suggest you services to my friends. Thank again for a wonderful trip and hope to use your services next time we decide to take a boat trip! We wish you and your crew best of luck! M/Y SEA SHELL / West Med / July 23 – 31
Nick, We had a great time, the service was very good, no complaints at all. Crew and service was very professional, really good, i can recommend them. M/Y NAMI / South of France / July
Martha, Vacoa was just great from all angles. Great team, fantastic skipper! Incredible food and super nice service. Adding to this the perfect route visiting all the BVI Islands with best snorkeling spots and even ecofriendly fishing (Barracuda released). I am a monohull fanatic but this catamaran has all the right metrics. Thanks for the recommendation. S/Y VACOA / British Virgin Islands / July
Dear Amanda, I’m very happy to inform you the family just told us they had a an extraordinary experience on board “Va Bene” They loved everything, the yacht, the crew, the places, the food, the climate…..I really would like to thank you for all your support to making out of this an exceptional one! Hope to have the opportunity to organize something else soon. Working with you is always a pleasure. M/Y VA BENE / Croatia / July
Trina; This ended up being the “trip of a lifetime”. We were very happy with New Star – the condition of the boat was very good. The entire crew was great – Captain Franck was outstanding. If I bought a yacht, I would want Captain Franck to pilot the ship. My only disappointment was the fact that we couldn’t get a birth in St Tropez. I’m not sure what we could have done to guarantee that opportunity? A quick note on Karl, the cook – he was unbelievable! Hard to imagine that a young man of 22 could present such outstanding meals! The owners need to hang on to him! Thanks for all your help over the last 12 months. The family agreed that next time we would like to do a little longer trip in a little larger yacht! I’ll send you a note when we are ready! M/Y NEW STAR / South of France / July
Hello Reia, I've had the best charter on Sorana. Main reason was that I was by myself. And the crew were the happiest crew I've seen on any other yachts. The cuisine prepared on the yacht was prepared for my requested style and taste. The area was fantastic. I like it more than St.Barts area. The nature was beautiful, and the whole area was very serene. Thank you very much for arranging this charter for me, Reia. M/Y SORANA / Caribbean Windwards / July
Thank you Martha. We had a great time on the ACE SIX. The boat, despite her age, was in excellent shape and well cared for. Alberto and his crew were outstanding - we couldn't have been happier with them. M/Y ACE SIX / Palma / July 20 – 27
Thanks a lot Sally! Charter was excellent - the yacht itself was beautiful, and crew were nice and helpful. Thank you again. M/Y CAYENNE / South of France / July 8 - 22
Hello Sally, Magrathea is a great yacht. In very good condition and well prepared by the crew. Becky and Giles form an outstanding crew. Excellent in sailing, cooking, finding appropriate moorings, with a permanent sense of service, willing to make us have the best holidays on the boat. Which they did successfully. They are by far the best crew we ever had and would highly recommend them. S/Y MARGRATHEA / Croatia / July 9 – 19
Hi Amanda and Captain Hendre! I simply cannot thank you both enough. The guests have had a fantastic time and it would not have been possible without your hard work. I will definitely be recommending your services and the boat to my other family offices. M/Y REMEMBER WHEN / Bahamas / July 11 – 18
Amanda, Everything is just perfect at Let it Be ! We are having a great time! The crew is excellent, the chef is preparing amazing food for my husband and for everybody else too. They were all great! Once more, thank you so much for making this dream possible. M/Y LET IT BE / Athens – Corfu / July
We had a truly wonderful trip, Amanda. What a wonderful boat and crew. Thanks for everything you did to make it possible. Gulet CESARIKA / Croatia / July
Hi Trina, Everything outstanding, the trip was just perfect. The yacht was really good and the crew was fantastic. Many thanks for your good services as well. M/Y XO OF THE SEAS/ Sardinia / July
We have just had an amazing week aboard Moonraker 2. We spent the time sailing around the glorious coast of Majorca. We were cordially welcomed by the Skipper, [Brett] and our luggage placed in our rooms. From that moment on, the stay on board was an absolute treat. The 4 staff were fantastic, as we enjoyed divine cuisine from our chef, Suzanne and the excellent attention from Dom and Paddy. Tom, the engineer, was mostly behind the scenes but was also extremely helpful and pleasant. Brett was always very mindful of our comfort at sea and thorough in his preparation for our next leg. As stated earlier, the food on board was very special indeed. Extremely fresh and always cooked and presented to perfection. Great work Suzanne!! Dom, our cabin attendant, was always pleasant and had a ready smile. Nothing was too much trouble and she had a keen eye for any drinks that needed to be refreshed! Moonraker 2 is extremely comfortable and well-appointed both inside and out. We enjoyed the paddle boards [2] and kayaks [2] and there was also snorkeling equipment available. We thoroughly recommend Moonraker 2 and her crew. You will have a safe, comfortable and thoroughly enjoyable holiday. M/Y MOONRAKER II / Balearics Islands, Spain / July
Reia, The extra space, larger cabins, dining and sunning areas were great. It was also fun when the sails were up. I think my wife and I prefer the monohull, but the kids liked the trimaran. One drawback was that it was too big to berth in a harbor, and we kind of missed stepping off the boat into the harbor, but Sebastien and crew were great with the tender. It was also too big for some smaller ports (an anchor issue), but really no complaints. A great boat to see that part of Italy. The crew was very nice, and friendly, also respectful of our space. They were a little on the quiet side, but that was fine. The food was fantastic, and beautifully served. The new cocktail every night was fine, and lovely pre dinner nibbles. A very comfortable boat, and we had a great time – very sorry to disembark in Naples, as we had such a good time. Thank you again for all your work! S/Y STERGANN II / Italy / June
Dear Josh, The Crew, the Yacht and the service are exquisite. Attention to detail is immaculate. The food is delicious. everyone is extremely happy. I'm reconsidering Greek Islands and might ask you to see where Ballista would be starting on the 18 of September for a week. Please let me know. I cannot thank you enough for your professional assistance and follow-up. M/Y BALLISTA / South of France / July 8
Amanda, I want you to know that from start to finish from my first contact with you until getting off the boat today it was an absolutely flawless experience. I would recommend this boat and crew to anyone and I also thank you for your professionalism all along. When I charter the next boat it will definitely be through you. M/Y MY WAY / Saronic Gulf / July
Dear Martha, Thank you so much for helping to arrange our trip on Libertus. Having previously sailed on a classic Benetti we were keen to repeat the experience and the restrained elegance of these boats is hard to beat. We were thrilled to see that Libertus retains all the features of these beautiful vessels but has been upgraded to a superb level of luxuriousness. It is well equipped both in terms of facilities and first rate toys. The Crew under Captain Pablo De La Riera were completely excellent. Safety was a priority and Pablo worked with us from well before arrival to tailor an itinerary to suit us. He was also more than willing to adapt the plan on arrival. The service from all of the Crew was friendly and attentive and it was a complete pleasure to spend time with these attractive and interesting young people. The Chef, Maxime, delivers cuisine of such a high standard and variety that you quickly lose the will to dine on shore at all. We could not recommend this boat and team more highly and would happily charter Libertus again. Once again, thank you. We had the holiday of a lifetime on M/Y Libertus / Aeolian Islands, Sicily / June.
Reia, We have had a terrific week off Mallorca on Moonraker II. A tastefully refurbished boat, it is understated and luxurious. The skipper, Brett, complemented the sights with great local knowledge and chef, Suzanne, produced beautiful contemporary meals. Professional and friendly crew made this a perfect week in the Balearic Islands. M/Y MOONRAKER II / Mallorca / June 23 - 30
Feedback from OMBRE BLU guest book: Dear Melissa and Francesco, Thank you for the most amazing vacation! These past 7 days have been perfect - the weather, food, accommodations etc. Thank you for sharing your beautiful boat with our family. It is clear that you value the satisfaction of your guests and go above and beyond expectations. We have created life long memories aboard the OMBRE BLU and you two will forever be in our hearts! OMBRE BLU / Amalfi / June
Good morning Trina. As we prepare to leave our "Dream" charter I wanted to thank you so so much for booking this amazing charter for my family. Will talk this week and do our debrief but wanted to let you know how wonderful the week was in so many ways. Happy 4th to you and your family. M/Y SEA DREAMS / Bahamas / July
Hello Josh, we had a wonderful time on this boat. the crew provided us with perfect service. the choice for Naseem was for our family ideal. we saw different boats and not a minute we would change. we had so much space on the fly and the master cabin was luxury too. We enjoyed very much and will repeat. The contact to you was very good too; very fast and friendly. Thank you for this service. M/Y NASEEM / Jun 25 – July 2 / Adriatic
Amanda, Not as unplugged (phones) as I would like, but we are having a great trip. The boat is wonderful, the crew absolutely terrific, the food sensational--although we are at risk of gaining many pounds. Your colleagues on the ground in Bodrum were terrific too. Thanks for everything. Gulet ATALANTE / June / Turkey
Amanda, The crew are fantastic as is the weather. We are enjoying. MY NOMI / June / Croatia
Amanda, Very great start. Chad and crew are great. It will be tough leaving but not thinking about that now. MY THE PROGRAM / June / Bahamas
We Love the boat! Marc is a joy. Thank you Amanda M/Y BLUE ATTRACTION / June 28 / Italy
Trina - What an amazing first day. Food amazing service incredible yacht beautiful activities so fun!! Thanks we are all so happy and enjoying our first full day!! Crew is exceptional in every way. MY SEA DREAMS / Bahamas / June
Trina - We had a fabulous time! Melissa and Francesco took great care of us! The boat is fantastic - beautiful, well cared for - I am confident you can continue to recommend the boat and crew to your clients. S/Y OMBRE BLU / June 12 – 19 / Amalfi
Sally, It could not have possibly been better. The crew, captain and cook were the best I have ever seen. Truly the A team. Everything was so amazing. Thanks Sally! We will remain in touch. S/Y LA FINALE / Kos Greece / June
Trina, I thought it would be difficult to have a trip on a yacht be better than the one we had in last time in the French Riviera on Reeges Dream but alas we are speechless. We had an amazing time. The food from Chef Terry was amazing (we all gained weight but didn't care) Erica the head Stew was incredible as were Captain Brandon, Scottie and Taylor. The boat was stunning and well maintained with all of the necessary toys to make for an exciting time. I'm asking Mark for a jet ski and I've always been against them. So much fun. Thank you for finding us this charter. A 25th anniversary that we will never forget. Thank you so much. M/Y TEMPTATION / EXUMAS / June
Amanda, It was a great cruise, the boat and crew were perfect. The girls (3 & 5 years old) lost interest after an hour or so but they loved seeing the Statue of Liberty! Thanks for everything! MY JUSTINE/NY Harbour/ June
Dear Amanda: It is a great pleasure to write a recommendation not only about you, but also about our choice of a yacht charter, the Viva, captained by Giulio and his wife Chiara. We looked at several charter companies, but we knew immediately that you were going to make this honeymoon happen. Your immediate detailed response to my query told me that you love your job and are very good at what you do. You helped us to choose the right yacht, make the best itinerary, and assisted with every detail of the trip. Our happiness was your priority and it was evident in every interaction we had. You are amazingly brilliant! (pun intended!) You know your business and it was most enjoyable to communicate with you! I felt like we became friends and it went beyond the charter. Thank you for your excellence!! Amanda, we can't thank you enough for all you did to help us plan the honeymoon of a lifetime! We look forward to working with you again when we are ready to plan our next charter. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for all you did! We promise to send photos when we get them from the photographer! With much gratitude, M/Y VIVA / Amalfi & Sicily / May
An absolutely stunning trip. Weather was great, the crew were fantastic and we thought Annabel II was an amazing boat (lots of space). M/Y ANNABEL II / Croatia / June
Dear Amanda- Just finished up a lovely week! Thank you for you're assistance. Beachfront and her crew were perfect! The yacht is lovely, the crew is fantastic and the dining is perfect...together with exceptional weather. T, MY BEACHFRONT / Nassau / June
Amanda – confirm that we had a great week. Yacht is in great shape, Ricky and crew were fantastic, accommodating and very patient with our sometimes crazy 20-somethings. Preparations and logistics were well handled. In fact, we would more likely seek another/subsequent charter with Ricky and as much of that crew as possible, rather than focusing on the yacht itself – they made the difference and I would be more than happy to recommend any of them to other guests and/or other owners looking for crew. Thanks for your help – was a great experience and may do something in 2018 along the same lines Regards, C / M/Y GO / April 27 – May 1 / St Martin, Caribbean
Martha -The charter was incredible. It was better than I had expected. The crew was amazing, they were willing to do whatever they could to help us out. We didn’t have any luck fishing, but that wasn’t a big deal. My brother and I are talking about trying to book the Starship for a family trip with his family and mine. So I will let you know when we find some dates that may work. Thanks again for all of the help! B. MY STARFIRE / April 23rd -27th / Bahamas
Hello Amanda, We are sitting on Viva in a harbor in Maratea in Italy. What an amazing experience! But more importantly, Julio and Chiara are amazing people. They are so kind and attentive. And they please us in every way. They are so hard-working, I never realized how much that they would have to do. Thank you Amanda for everything you have been such a pleasure to deal with and for helping us to choose viva with such an amazing captain and first mate. We are so happy and so excited to be on this journey. Talk to you soon, P. M/Y VIVA / May / Amalfi, Italy
Amanda, Thanks for your message. We had a AMAZING trip. Donald and Audrey made us feel completely welcomed back! We all as a group really connected with Kyle last year and didn't think anyone could surpass him. Our group all agreed that Caitlyn did a great job! She is very sweet, hard working and has such a way about her. Especially for us being her 4 charter. We can be a handful!! Audrey's culinary skills can not be beat! I have been on the treadmill since my return! We all decided the weight gain was worth it for a week of her cooking! The presentation never fails to impress! I think a few of our friends on the trip are fussy eaters, and all they do is rave!! Every morning when I came up for my coffee Audrey was in the kitchen with a big "Good Morning" welcome for me. What a way to start my day! 😎 Donald is an amazing storyteller! He never fails to captivate our group. His energy is contagious, and somehow manages to keep us all on task. He is very good at keeping our schedule so we can do all things we want to do. He obviously loves the sea and sailing. It is a pleasure to be a part of all of it for a week! The boat is beautiful!! Our group especially enjoyed the fly bridge! That was probably our favorite part. The TV's in the room are nice - but honestly we didn't even turn it on. It would be nice though if you had a rain day. Amanda thanks for all your help with all the planning. We are hoping to book next year. We talked a little about it with Donald and Audrey about St Bart's St Martin etc. I will contact you when we have dates and such sorted out. Thanks again! C & C / SY BAMARANDI / April / BVI
Trina, Following up on our trip with Happy Time... Jeff and Caitlin were exactly as described. Very personable with both the adults and kids. Provided amazing food, and a really delightful atmosphere to sail in and enjoy the BVI. The trip completely lived up to our high expectations. Thanks again. S/Y HAPPY TIME / April / BVI
We had a great time. This could be the shortest charter on record. I think we moved 2 miles. :) The reason we didn’t move much is because the wind and the location were awesome for kiting. We kited every day. When we were not kiting we went snorkeling, swimming and tubing. All in all, we had a great time. The crew was great. Great personality fit with our family. They were professional, yet casual and approachable. The food was great. Vicky is a very good cook who takes her craft very seriously and with great pride. I would recommend the Aoibh and the crew to a friend - that is probably the best thing I can say. S/Y AOIBH / March / Barbuda, Caribbean
Martha, The captain, crew and boat were amazing!!!! Thank you so much for arranging all! M/Y ODESSA / BVI / March 19 – 26
Amanda, Thanks of your message. We had a wonderful time. Enrico and Angie were an incredible crew and equally as wonderful people. Overall I found the boat to be nice and very comfortable. I enjoyed working with you as well and found your attention to detail and our needs exceptional. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you on another trip in the future. Catamaran WHISPERS / BVI / Dec 2015 XMAS
Hi Amanda - We had a wonderful week on board of Milk Money , Cpt David and his crew were amazing. The boat was in great condition. Let's talk in few months about the next trip ...Thanks a lot. M/Y MILK MONEY / Exumas / February
Hi Amanda, Julien and Rebecca make an outstanding team and they both master their respective areas. Julien at the helm, all technical facts, itinerary, and tender services such as wakeboarding pilot. Rebecca in turn, is an excellent cooking chef. Every single day, we enjoyed gourmet quality dishes and desserts. She payed very close attention to details fulfilling all what we have said in the preference list and even more. Both of them were very flexible and it took them less than 48 hours to know our preferences in every aspect. So all in all, no doubt you will find in Zylkene, thanks to Julien and Rebecca, a catamaran that will not disappoint the toughest of your customers. S/Y ZYKLENE / BVI / February
Spectacular family adventure with an excellent crew in an exquisite part of the world — All Good! S/Y NKALADAU / Seychelles / Feb
Amanda, Thanks for the follow up. We had an excellent time and the crew was fantastic. Our expectations were certainly met or exceeded with the yacht, crew, and overall experience. Id like to send along the gratuity for the crew and the differential of APA. Would you mind sending back over the wiring instructions as to where to send it as well as the balance on the APA. Thanks! - MY SKYE / Exumas / March
What an outstanding trip. Not only was the boat perfect but Captain Mauricio and his crew made everything even better. From their constant attention to detail to their kindness and overall generosity they made each day better than the next. They took the trip to a whole other level. Could not have asked for anything better. Thanks again. The crew for Forever was beyond amazing, they were friendly and extremely helpful with every part of our vacation. They really made us feel like it was our boat, and after we finished we felt like we were great friends. First class is the the best way to describe the crew on board the Forever yacht. The team, led by Captain Mauricio, was professional, fun, welcoming and provided an absolutely fantastic atmosphere for a great vacation. The food was superb and the drinks were always tasty (and no shortage!). My group had an amazing trip and it all started with the crew. Thank you all so much and I hope that we can use the boat and the crew for a future voyage! – DK / M/Y CATAMARAN FOREVER / Cancun / February
Good Morning Amanda, We cannot begin to tell you how much fun we all had!! This trip will forever be in our memories as one of the best ever vacations!! As we were in the car leaving for the airport, I said that when we Charter a yachting trip that it’s the best way for us all to be together… and everyone said…..Well, I just think we are all a Yachting Family!! The crew were all so extremely helpful and willing to do anything that we wanted or even mentioned!! We never saw Scott once without a huge smile on his face!! Brandon was awesome with all of the island planning, and the best was the last night he and Scott did the most unbelievable fireworks show for all of us. We all were so sad to leave Terry, and we all wanted him to come home with us. Every single meal was out of this world!! Michelle and Erika were always on top of everything. We loved getting to know them, and again, they always had a smile on their face and so willing to do anything. They all truly make such a great team, and I loved how close they all are, and you can tell they all love doing what they do!! Thanks again for organizing such an amazing trip for us and looking forward to our next “Yachting Experience”!!! I will send you some pictures in the next email. M/Y TEMPTAION / Bahamas / January
Amanda: We had a great time! Evan & Mikal were amazing. When I have time I'll write you a formal review but in Short the yacht and crew were great! Thank you for everything. S/Y LOTUS / Caribbean January
Just a follow-up to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to you Ashley, Marions and Richard for making my 50th birthday week (5 days) truly spectacular. Ptarmigan is absolutely beautiful, but I know first hand, it is the combination of a great yacht and crew that makes a charter truly amazing. Each of you were 100% attentive, positive and accommodative the entire time I was there. However, Shelley told me how great you were with our family and in particular with Grant (who can be demanding) after I had to leave early. He was so excited to tell me about the surfing and skimboarding with you! "Best of his Life" is how he described it. Thanks so much for making their trip truly remarkable and memorable. Please also pass on my thanks to the owners of Ptarmigan for the privilege of enjoying their beautiful yacht. I will always look back on this celebration with fondness and many great memories, which wouldn't have happened without them and you. It was always my plan for such a large charter yacht to be a one-time experience on this milestone birthday, but I have caught the big boat bug, so perhaps our paths will cross again next year!? SY PTARMIGAN / BVI / January 14 – 21
We loved it. I am really jammed with work and I hope you have had a chance to talk to Mary. The crew was great the food good and they worked really, really hard to make sure we had a great time. SY AOIBH / BVI / New Year
Trina, Both the family side and friend side of the trip had a fabulous time. The crew was terrific. They were engaged with guests in all activities and truly seemed to enjoy themselves. Chef LuLu was phenomenal. We did a lot of water sports including snorkeling, seabobs, rope swing, slide, boating etc. and the crew really like to be engaged in these activities. While this is my first charter so I don’t have any crew to compare, my wife and I and all of my guests would give them high ratings. Let me know what more I can tell you about the crew. The yacht was spectacular. The layout, furnishings, atmosphere and amenities were amazing (except not having seabobs, but I am pretty sure the owner is going to buy some seabobs as the guests and crew absolutely loved them!). It seemed every other boat had yacht envy as they were always circling the yacht! We did see Seahawk and Rose Hearty which was fun. The BVI itinerary worked well and Captain Simon was very flexible on what we wanted to do. New Year’s Eve could not have worked out any better. Best vacation that a whole lot of money can buy! S/Y PERSEUS / BVI / New Years
Dear Sally, We had a wonderful time on Synchronicity. I have to say we were a bit anxious as it was our first experience with a chartered boat (we are more used to renting bareboat). Everything went very well, but the most appreciated of all was how Rui and Denise have taken good care of us. From the beginning to the very last minute, they have made sure we felt at ease and had a great time. Synchronicity offers a good accommodation and her classic design brings style and comfort at sea as well as at moorings. All went smoothly thanks to Rui and Denise professionalism in both hosting us and making sure we had a nice and safe cruise. Rui is a great skipper to sail with. He found the right balance for the family and great spots to stay. Denise's cooking is just incredible. Our French palates were delighted at the high standard of here cuisine. Both have great personalities and definitely know how to run a chartered boat with discretion and efficiency. Their attention to guests was highly appreciated. Thanks to them this family holiday has surpassed all our expectations and we are keen to embark on another chartered boat in the future. S/Y SYNCRONOCITY / Leeward Caribbean / New Years
Hi Sally, Happy New Year! Just got back last night and it was an absolutely perfect vacation! The yacht was in immaculate condition and had very comfortable deck and living space. The food was off the charts good. Kirsty did an outstanding job with each meal, from the selection and taste to the presentation. Niall was a great captain! He did a wonderful job from our itinerary to anchorages.....and was a very good bartender / wine steward. We felt very comfortable with both of them and would highly recommend Ms Kirsty to anyone. Thanks booking us on Ms. Kirsty and look forward to using them again. S/Y MISS KIRSTY / BVI / New Years
Sally, Happy new year to you too! Trip was awesome. We enjoyed every element of it - boat, crew, itinerary, BVIs, food, weather. The boat is in impeccable condition and sails brilliantly - for a luxury cruising boat it is unusually light, agile and quick. Simon, Ash, Mariannes and Richard were professional, friendly, flexible, highly competent, very responsible on spending, and took enormous pride in showcasing the boat 'as new' to us every day. They also made a particular effort to accommodate and tailor the trip to the needs of our kids. Simon sets a very high standard in everything that he does and is simply a skipper of the highest quality! I could not recommend boat or crew highly enough. Sally - thanks to you too for your help and guidance in organizing such a memorable charter and holiday. I look forward to working with you again. S/Y PTARMIGAN / BVI / New Years
Hi Nicolas, We had a super time on Ellen. Capt Pablo was most professional but extremely welcoming and made us feel completely at home and a truly fascinating individual. The whole crew were excellent but the senior stewardess, Aurelia, was a real gem and made a real difference tour stay... A major asset to the boat. It definitely rates as our best every charter in the last 12 years. The boat was beautifully appointed and equipped. The food was of a high standard it strayed a little from our requests but all in all was very well done. We would charter her again in a heartbeat. S/Y ELLEN / XMAS 2015 / Caribbean
Martha, Great trip. Amazing how many massive yachts out there. It felt like Just Enough was perfect size for two families and 8-9 of us. The spaces are very nice and comfortable. I think it would get tight with more than 9. For example the aft round dinner table is a fabulous place to have dinner, but it seats nine max. What really made the trip was the captain and crew. Besides being fun and easy they truly provided first class service all the time. That is not easy to do. We have lots of experiences around the world and this level of service was second to none. Thanks for the great recommendation. I would highly recommend it to anyone. M/Y JUST ENOUGH / December 20 – 27 / British Virgin Islands
Martha, I wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC time we had on the Pearl. Kevin and Ryan were both professional and great to be around. The places Kevin took us to as well as the meals prepared by Ryan were all interesting as well as delicious. I have no problem recommending them if you ever need a reference. Thanks for all your help in making our trip enjoyable. M/Y PEARL / November 13 – 20 / Bahamas
Amanda, We had a blast and everything was perfect. Alan, Jonathan and Alice were all very fun and attentive. The crew could not have been better. The yacht was in great shape and food was delicious. I have nothing negative to say about the entire trip! I would not hesitate to charter Knot Tide again. Tammy was very surprised and we enjoyed our time with our friends. Thanks for helping organize the trip. Now, back to reality. M/Y KNOT TIDE / November / Bahamas
Amanda, The yacht and especially crew were first class. It was an amazing birthday for Brenda and we look forward to our next trip. I would highly recommend the yacht, crew, and itinerary. Starting in Raiatea or Huahine are the smart places to start as to avoid a long open ocean crossing and reducing fuel costs. MY MISS KULANI / November / South Pacific
Dear Sally, I can’t believe it is already over. It went so fast. The yacht and crew were superb. It really was the vacation of a lifetime. Thank you so much for all your help. I am happy to do a more formal review if that would be helpful. S/CAT ULTIMALIFE / October / BVI
(On charter) Sally, Cheers from the BVIs and our honeymoon! We are having the time of our lives. Thank you for all of your help! (Post charter) Yes, it continued to be awesome. We loved it. The crew was great, food was really good and the sights were amazing. We really liked the boat, had plenty of room in the cabin. We loved living on the boat and not being stuck in one spot. The timing was perfect being right before the busy season, it wasn't very crowded. We couldn't of asked for anything better. Thanks for the help! S/CAT DIANNA ROSE
Martha, Just to drop a word...We had a great smooth week. The lack of wind was compensated by the great atmosphere on board. Thanks for everything S/Y LIR / September 24 – Oct 1 / Italy
Trina, In a word, the trip was INCREDIBLE! The yacht itself was fantastic. We went to the yacht show in Monaco and boarded probably a dozen boats the same length as Excellence bit none had the volume, layout or usability as ours. The top sun deck was the absolute best. No other yacht compared. And the crew was fantastic. They didn't know how to say no! Dusty was amenable to anything we wanted to do and the staff waited on us hand and foot. I didn't fix one drink all week. They unpacked our cases and packed them back when we departed. They stayed up literally all night when the party wouldn't stop! Samantha, chief steward, was the most accommodating person that has ever served me. I told her she always has a job working for me if she gets tired of the charter business! It is rare when a trip that is so hyped up and anticipated actual exceeds expectations, but this one did. Not a once in a lifetime trip for us. We are thinking about the next trip already! MY EXCELLENCE . September / SOF
Amanda, Jaco is a beautiful boat. Captain and crew is wonderful. The details of our trip were very similar to the itinerary you outlined with some minor modifications along the way. Our first night was in Ischia. We had dinner on the boat. We left early the next morning after breakfast for Capri. Capri was wonderful and tremendously fun. We hiked the Phoenician Stairs to Anacapri, hiked Mt. Solar, Villa Jovis and enjoyed the shipping now etc. dinner at Auroa one night. We spent two nights there. Upon departure, we had lunch at the lunch spot en route to Positano that you recommended. We spent one night in Positano and had dinner at a great hotel that MK can forward. We spent the night in Amalfi and had dinner on the boat. Next day we embarked for Sorrento. We spent two nights in Sorrento. Had dinner at Don Alfonso which is a truly special place. On our last Saturday we hit Pompeii, and mt. Vesuvius. Great day. We had the boat meet us back in Naples. We really had a special time and thank you for all of your diligence and follow up to ensure that we had a special experience. M/Y JACO / Italy / September
Hi Sally, We were extremely happy with the whole package. We feel that we were very lucky to have the crew we did, one can choose the Gulet but cannot guarantee what the crew will be like. Captain Ayhan is one of the safest and most conscientious I have come across, as a sailor myself it was important that I felt comfortable, Ayhan achieved this with ease. Chef Mehmet was fantastic we still look back in awe at the quality of food he managed to produce, however we now all need to shed more than a few pounds! Bahar was simply gorgeous, chief translator, taxi booker, internet sorceress and truly princess of Akana. Engineer Goksel sorted the very few problems we had with consummate skill and ease and at all times keeping disruption to an absolute minimum. Huseyin was a perfect dynamo, I am convinced that our ship could not have functioned without him, the list of tasks he undertook is far too great to list. The itinerary was very flexible and fitted our requirements perfectly, although some of our party weren't too keen on the isolated bays we visited the majority of us felt the balance was ideal. All in all I would rate the experience as 11 out of 10. We miss them all immensely. And Akana, well, hard to explain but perfection is the word that springs to mind. Thank you for putting us all together. S/Y AKANA / 3 week Sept/Oct charter / Greece
Hi Amanda, Just getting around to your email, it was tough getting back to work as you can imagine. I will try to give you a brief description of the trip and the crew without getting long winded. The trip aboard the Nafisa,,,,, I can’t say enough about the crew and the Captain, they were just simply fantastic! As for the boat we knew what to expect going into this trip and that it was older boat, but the captain is doing a great job of bring her back to its original condition. For what it cost us compared to a newer $ 250,000 per week yacht, I think we got a great deal! To sum it up, I would not hesitate to return to the Nafisa and its crew. Not sure if and when this will happen but we will talk again someday for some other event. Lastly, I want to especially thank you for all your help in planning my 50th party celebration, it was a trip of a life time to say the least! Motor Yacht NAFISSA / West Med / August
Josh, The week on Moby Dick was simply great. The Catamaran, the crew, the food and the locations. All perfect. Thank you for all and hopefully we will be able to charter with you again in the future Catamaran MOBY DICK / August 23 – 30 / Corsica - Sardinia
Reia, Everything was perfect. We absolutely can recommend Mare Nostrum and its crew. The chef is brilliant. Thank you for the perfect service. Gulet MARE NOSTRUM / August / Turkey
Alain, (Captain) Wanted to let you know we all arrived home safely and again wanted to THANK YOU and your fabulous crew for a wonderful week in paradise! You all opened your “home” to our family and made us feel so comfortable and welcome and we so appreciate all that you did to ensure we had truly a vacation we will never forget! You have a dedicated, passionate and caring crew and we will miss them! Stay safe! Amanda….thank you for all your hard work making this happen we will touch base and I will be sure to send pics! Motor Yacht M OCEAN / West Mediterranean / August
(Guest book comments, Josh’s charter) Once again we were impressed by the hospitality and professionalism of the crew! Perfect! PS – I have to go on a diet again! Fantastic time and no more lovely bays to discover, we have seen them all now… Charter on Aegean Shatz / August 3 – 28 / Greece
Martha, Our stay on Ombre Blu was fantastic. Mellissa and Francesco were super hosts and expert seamen all rolled into one. The facilities on the boat were wonderful… 2 of our party went diving. I swam more than I have in the last 20 years….. and feel better for it. Melissa arranged a mixture of marina berths and lying at anchor so that we sometimes would eat aboard and sometimes in the port. Ombre Blu was our first attempt at a cruising holiday…. It was just perfect….. Including the weather. We will certainly be doing it again. Both Mellissa and Francesco advised us of their preferred cruising area…. We need to start planning now. Please pass on a big thank you from all of us for a perfect week. Catamaran OMBRE BLU / AUG 21 – 21 / Italy
Hi Amanda, Our vacation was everything we wanted and more. The crew was amazing and the location couldn't have been more perfect. Thank you so much for finding this boat for our vacation. We immediately came home and looked at options for our next trip. We will be in contact when the time comes :) thank you thank you thank you!!!!! Motor Yacht JACKIE ONE / August / Corsica & Sardinia
Amazing, delightful, wonderful, boat and crew. This trip is truly a trip of a life for our family to be altogether at once. Thanks for making this all happen Martha, we want to do it again another year! Will send photos when I can. Sailing Yacht L’AQILA / August 23 – 30 / Greece to Turkey
Hi Trina, Thank you so much for setting up the trip on the EFI. Things were fantastic and my family thoroughly enjoyed themselves. You were right, the crew was awesome and the food unbelievable. I would highly recommend them to others. S/Y EFI / August / Greece
Sally, We had a fabulous week. Boat was great. Crew really awesome. We covered a lot of ground. Captain was wonderful with the kids and so relaxed. Konstantina was a wonderful cook. Really wonderful. So good we stayed on the boat for dinner almost every night. Catamaran IDEA / August 15 – 22 / Greece
Reia - We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The crew was professional, pleasant, available and nice to be with. And the food was superlative: light, healthy, varied and delicious. Definitely gets our highest recommendation. Sailing Yacht ALLURE / August / Greece
Dear Amanda, Everything was just Great ! The crew 10/10. The boat 10/10 price vs condition. The itinerary 10/10. Service was beyond our expectations for sure M/Y EVIDENCE / August / Nice
Amanda, Tersane is even more beautiful than the pictures you sent me...everyone is thrilled. Quite an experience to gather 25 people coming from 4 different locations worldwide!!! This is one cruise to be remembered..and to do again. Tersane is fabulously comfortable and the crew as nice as can be! Thanks again for your patience and assistance ..you did a wonderful Job..once again !!! ..many many thanks M/S TERSANE / August / Turkey
Amanda, We are back and settled in. The crew was absolutely fantastic. They continually went out of their way to accommodate us. I am so glad that we requested a chef. Alex, the chef, was an unbelievable cook. Each meal was better than the next. We could eat his food forever. He happened to be a quite colorful guy as well. Manu was a great sailor/ captain. Knew his yacht extremely well and you could tell he was in complete control of the waters and the surroundings. He continually made sure we were part of the itinerary planning and were fully informed about our present and future plans. The mate, Marinella, was a skilled sailor in her own right. She made sure we were well taken care of, our cabins were clean, laundry serviced (especially with my limited wardrobe), and we were always attended to with a smile. Sailing Yacht VINTAGE / August / Croatia
Sally: It was a great holiday. The boat was fantastic. The result of someone really obsessing about producing the perfect boat with money no object. Clive was great, always calm and very professional. Gaby was fantastic, livewire Italian, great cook, great fun. Actually it was too comfortable, I rather missed the panic of a bareboat charter when the anchor drags at 2.00am. But not that much. S/Y CONSTANTER / Aug 1 – 10 / Croatia
Feedback from Amanda’s charter (guest book) Gaetano, Carmen, Mai & Luiz – There aren’t words to describe the vacation you gave us on board the JACKI ONE! Every meal was 5 star, our glasses were never empty, the music was always playing – your energy was infectious. There are a lot of boats in these ports, but none have you as a crew – that is the best part about this boat – No one can compete with your level of service or attention to detail. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did, you’re an amazing crew. JACKIE ONE (Part 2) What an amazing time on JACKIE ONE. We were so impressed with the boat, the service and especially the food! Carmen is a true magician. We had so much fun and we felt at home immediately. I don’t think we could have even imagined a better time. Gaetano’s mantra of a 5 star hotel, restaurant and activities on board was truly lived up to. In other vacations we would search for restaurants all over, but on this trip we ate every meal on board. Mai and Luiz work very hard to keep us happy – they are amazing as well. Gaetano – you have put together an amazing crew! Motor Yacht JACKI ONE / August 7 – 16 / West Mediterranean
Hi Amanda, The boat was great. The staff were too. Marin in particular. He was super knowledgeable and we felt in good hands. I'd say that maybe a very slight comment is that a Croatian crew and cooking etc is always going to be a little more "Eastern European" than, say an Italian crew. This is not to say it was lacking, just a little different and perhaps requires a little more communication. Thanks for everything. Was really a wonderful holiday I'd love to do a boat trip again. M/Y ADRIATCCI JAZZ / August, Croatia
HI Martha, Good Morning! We had an amazing, and unforgettable time onboard Easy Rider. Kevin, Amy, Maggie, Adam, and Trisha were all outstanding. There really isn’t one thing I could say we were missing. All of the equipment on board was in great condition and NEW. Food was outstanding. The boat was always clean and the crew was beyond accommodating. Kevin took us on an amazing fishing trip one day and we all had a blast. The crew was always eager to get us out and show us the cool spots around. They also put together an amazing set of photos and go-pro videos that we all took home on a flash drive. One of the best vacations my family and I have ever taken. We are already trying to see when we can do it again. Charter on Motor Yacht EASY RIDER / August 7 – 15 / Bahamas
Trina: The Charter was excellent – the Best captain we have ever had and an excellent crew. The boat itself was very well suited to our needs, it was particularly good that all cabins were of a similar size, as you know often the 3rd and 4th cabins can be a little small the design of the boat meant they were all a good size. M/Y PLAY THE GAME / August, Spain
Hi Martha, I’ve been meaning to contact you. Where to begin? Our trip was spectacular and honestly, exceeded my expectations in every way. We were welcomed with a champagne reception. AOIBH was beautiful, modern, spacious and absolutely spic and span clean. The water “toys” were great and certainly were used daily. Our crew was fabulous; Fabio was attentive, great with guidance and always interested in our opinions on the itinerary du jour. He selected some beautiful, local wines that we enjoyed every day. Lynda, our cook-good GOD-she is incredible. Our family is a family of utter “foodies”; we seek out amazing restaurants and cook a lot at home. Given my Italian father and upbringing, we especially love good, proper Italian food. Lynda’s cooking was outrageously good. Everything she made was outstanding. Her food was so amazing (I dare say, better than any restaurant we dined at while on the Amalfi Coast the week before-and we ate at some lovely restaurants) that we had no interest in getting off at any ports to have food in “town”. Rather, we ate every meal onboard. This truly added a special touch to an already lovely trip. She went out of her way to meet our few food allergies- her cooking was like a week of a 5 star dining experience. Fabulous! Gemma was lovely as well-always attentive and proactive in making sure we had everything we needed-setting beautiful tables at meal times, etc. The crew was a delight to have around-another nice touch to our trip. Sardinia and the nearby archipelago was just stunning. Weather and water temperatures…perfect. We travel a lot and are fortunate to have done some amazing trips. All wholeheartedly agreed that this experience was tied for first place on our list of favorite trips. We will certainly look to book again with this crew and boat (or LIR). The water life in the Caribbean is more vibrant than in the Med-so we may look at that locale. We consider ourselves so lucky to have found this boat, crew and locale in what was the 11th hour. Thank you for all of your assistance with putting it together. We absolutely loved everything. Please, if you would, send our thanks to the owner as well. S/Y AOIBH / Southern Italy / Aug 2 – 8
Hi Trina! Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful vacation! The crew- Melissa and Francesco were professional people who made our trip unforgettable! We were impressed by Italian cuisine thanks to Francesco and impeccably clean and fresh environment thanks to Melissa! The weather was great, the water was warm, the scenery was beautiful! Italy is always a great idea no matter where you are!!!! Thanks again! Catamaran OMBRE BLU / August 1 – 8, / Amalfi Coast
Hi Martha, Sorry for the delay! I have been catching up with work lately. Regarding the Wolf Two, Our stay was perfect. Everything was just great! The crew were really polite and made sure all our needs were satisfied. The food was excellent and they were all really prudent and discreet when we were on board. Also the places the Roberto took us were absolutely amazing and he made sure we did everything we wanted. Regarding the Yacht, it was truly comfortable and spacious. It was like or even better that the pictures you sent us. The air conditioning really surprised us since in other boats it was not as good as this one. MY WOLF TWO 18th – 25th of July – Sardinia
Hello Sally, We had an incredible vacation aboard the Silver Fox, the yacht is a very capable and very comfortable for the distance we traveled every day, the accommodations in the fly bridge are worth mentioning, our favorite spot in the Silver Fox. The crew is very qualified for a Charter, they know perfectly how to treat guests, interacting with them and proposing ideas, places and marinas to stay. The reservations of our berths had no problem at all. Its worth recommending. We’ll be in touch with you soon to plan our next year Charter. M/Y SILVER FOX / July / SOF
Hi Amanda, Loving the charter. The yacht is very nice. Clean, spacious, beautiful classical lines (we get tons of compliments from fellow boaters) . Manu and crew are very gracious, accommodating and truly go out of their way to make us comfortable. Alex (the chef) is world class. Food is magnificent. Presentation is similar to Michelin star restaurants and portions are so big we will not have to eat for weeks. Don't know how he does it in such a small galley. Islands are pretty and quaint. Seas have been cooperative (excepting lack of good sailing winds) except for 1 day. Regards from lovely Croatia. S/Y VINTAGE / August / Croatia
Dear Amanda! Thanks for the email and for arranging such a nice boat for us. The crew were lovely and everything went perfect. The itinerary was also excellent. We loved Bonifaccio, Rotondo and Maximo. The Arcadia 85 was also a good surprise. If you don't need to cruise long distances, the speed is not a problem and the external space and fuel consumption is definitely worth it; a fly bridge would be nice, but the extra space on the back made up for it. Good life is very well kept and the sea toys selection is more than enough. The kids had a blast! I just returned home this weekend and can't wait to organize a next one for next year. MY GOOD LIFE / July / Corsica & Sardinia
Josh - All went well and the crew was extremely professional and friendly, a good balance and top it off, Claudia was an amazing cook. The weather was perhaps the only spanner in the works but that could not be helped. S/Y FAR II KIND / July / West Mediterranean
Dear Captain Filippo and Martha: Thank you for arranging the wonderful cruise for my family and me. Magenta, captain and crew were perfect. Thank you once again for taking such fine care of us. As I told Captain Filippo, we would love to discuss a charter for next year on Magenta. I would be happy to give a glowing testimonial for Magenta. M/Y MAGENTA / July / Turkey - Greece
Hello Amanda: SPACE was a superb service, the yacht was in excellent condition everything TOP of the line, Chef and crew the best you can get we were really happy with the experience. M/Y SPACE / July / Ionian Islands, Greece
I have been delighted with the cruise. The crew were fantastic, extremely effective and professional. The captain was very kind and very easy to get on with, I highly recommend him. So please send the crew my congratulations and thanks which are thoroughly deserved. M/Y SEAGULL / July / East Mediterranean
Hi Amanda! Trip was great. Giulio a Chiara are both great hostess's. Boat in very good condition. Giulio very precise and conscious with expenses. Destination is great. Overall, 9/10. M/Y VIVA / July / Amalfi coast
Dear Trina: Very very happy we had a very nice holiday the crew was very nice good food no complains at all everybody wants back again. Thanks as always for your efforts and looking forward for the next one. M/Y SUNLINER X / July / SOF
Hi Andrew: Just wanted to personally write and thank you for an extraordinary week. Every aspect of the week on the boat with you and your crew was nothing but amazing. One couldn’t even start to outline every aspect of perfection and professionalism you all showed, from the precision planning, wonderful food and the genuine care in ensuring we were all looked after every minute of every day. I’m afraid you may have set the bar too high for all and our expectations have now been set for any future charter we may go on. Please pass on our upmost gratitude and thanks to Jack, Sammy and Becky. MY ANNABEL II, July, Croatia / Montenegro (Andrew – Captain ANNABEL II)
Nick, Our trip was wonderful; I do not have enough kind words to describe the staff and their impeccable service and care. The boys and I enjoyed it very much. M/Y QUANTUM / July / South of France
Reia: It was terrific!! Our fifth charter on LUPA OF LONDON and it didn't disappoint. We were lucky with weather. Good time had by all. S/Y LUPA OF LONDON / July / Tahiti
Hi Martha - It was wonderful. One of the best trips we ever had. Crew for sure is among the best. Cris and Natalia are spectacular. Keera was very professional and nice too. Next year we are planning to spend a month traveling. Suggestions would be welcome. Thank you once again for arrange perfect holidays Martha! Catamaran LIR / July 2 weeks / Montenegro & Croatia
Amanda: What a week we spent on the Jackie One! We were blessed by the weather and especially the devoted and hardworking crew. Carmen is the best cook, the kids wanted her to come back home with I to Montreal! Maue is always there when we need something and Luis is hard working and very patient when we got to the boat late! Last but not least, Captain Gaetano who orchestrated this trip with a lot of attention and was very concerned of all our needs and wishes. The journey will be anchored in our thoughts for always! M/Y JACKIE ONE / July / Corsica / Sardinia
Hello Amanda: We really had a great time on New Star, everything was perfect, the crew's hospitality was amazing. M/Y NEW STAR / July / West Mediterranean
Dear Josh: All went very well and the trip on board SCHATZ was delightful. The crew was very professional, the food was very good and we enjoyed every minute. The crew exactly did what we were requesting and was also happy to leave early morning in order for us to take breakfast at superb spots. My only regret is that we have only been cruising with the motor and have not been sailing. Your corresponding agents in Turkey also did an excellent job. I also wish to thank you for organizing the trip. Much appreciated. Sailing Gulet SHATZ / July / Turkey
Nicolas: I don’t know where to begin, simply put, the week long cruise was magnificent…! The crew, lead by captain Andres were superb, their professionalism, kindness and gentleness reached far beyond our expectations. We were attended by eight wonderful crew members, Captain Andres, first officer Rupert, engineer AJ, Deck hand Arnold, chef Ronnie and the lovely Ilze, Antonia and Julie. We thank you all greatly for making out family vacation relaxing and comfortable and certainly one to remember. MY D’ANGLETERRE / July / Montenegro/Croatia
Dear Reia: We had a great time on Grey Matters. The yacht and crew were just right - and we enjoyed every kind of watersport equipment onboard. We only had one night in harbour, since the captain was really good at finding shelter from the wind and swell - plus the yacht was equipped with the best stabilization system that we have tried so far. In short - the best charter so far with a very interacting and great crew. Happy Days. MY GREY MATTERS / July / France
Amanda, We all had a great time. What a beautiful area to be in for a week! Kim and the crew we wonderful and a tonne of fun. We didn't get to fish but that was ok we did so much other stuff! We did take them out to lunch after the charter what a great group of people. The girls all LOVED Mike. ISLAND TIME / Exumas / July
Amanda: We had another fantastic trip on the Lady J and would highly recommend to any of your customers. The crew was amazing (as usual) MY LADY J, July / Exumas, Bahamas
Hi Amanda, We are now back home from our awesome Greek vacation. The major highlight of course was our week on GIOE with George and the crew! Here's some details/highlights: Saronic Islands were awesome! We loved every place we visited. George gave me a Greek navigation book on Day 1 and I spent hours in the sun on the top deck reading about the Saronic islands from a Yachting perspective. So much history and yet not at all overrun with mass foreign tourism. Crew was great. Food was really, really good! Yacht was great as well. Plenty of hot water for showers. Rooms always cleaned for us each morning. Cold drinks and snacks were always ready. The Wifi was better than most hotels. It was a bit windy during our week at times. The beauty of the Saronics is that there is always a nice bay somewhere that is on the Leeside of the wind so we always had calm water to swim in. George told us that the Meltemi winds in the Cyclades were really howling this year and that many yachts could not leave port. When we got to Santorini and Mykonos the last few days of our vacation we saw for ourselves. The yachts were bouncing in the harbor like you wouldn't believe. We are SO GLAD we did the Saronics islands! The locals on Mykonos told us their island is nicknamed the "Windy Island"... One more thing to share...'Greece Political Drama' was not an issue at all for us. Even in Athens, everything was mellow. Now the hard part....getting back to reality. ...and saving up for another yacht cruise in the future!!!! M/Y GIOE / July / Greece
Hi Josh: I thought the Euphoria team were great. Very efficient, friendly and professional. We had a terrific time and would certainly use the boat and the team again. Perhaps you could pass on my best wishes. I will be back! Charter on MY Euphoria of London / July in South of France
Dear Nick! The trip was fantastic, we enjoyed every moment of it, all the crew was very friendly and helpful. The excursions were organized properly and the food excellent as usual. MY JIVA / July / Ligurian Sea
Hi Josh: Everyone enjoyed the experience, and the crew were great as was the charter in general. We will definitely be doing it again, next year and probably with the same crew :) We will keep in touch I'm sure. SLUMBER VENTURE / July / Bahamas
I can’t begin to thank you enough for what you have given to my family and I. I never imagined this trip to be as life changing as it was. The boat is beautiful!! The sights magnificent!! The people however, made all the difference!!! The warm hospitality and are of every member of this crew doing their very best, allowing us to have the experience of a lifetime is something I’ve never experienced. Your care, happiness, gratitude, perfection, respect is truly a gift from each of you that I will hold and cherish forever. I wish that back to each of you. Deepest gratitude and a warm heart. An amazing crew!! An amazing experience. Most of all an unbelievable time with family!! This as we said many times was the best vacation ever! Thank you so much for making that happen. Hope to be back soon!! M/Y CRISTALEX / July / South of France
Hello Martha: We had the most amazing charter yet!! The crew was so lovely and professional and wonderful to spend time with, we all really really enjoyed every minute of our holiday. The chef was incredible, our meals on board were far better than any restaurant we attended on the trip. Captain Keith was incredibly helpful and accommodating in every way.. The yacht was so stunning and the finishes were absolutely beautiful. The internet worked perfectly, that was huge for us! I would highly recommend this Charter to anyone. Also, Keith advised me that he thoroughly enjoyed working with you, and that your efficiency and professionalism was excellent. LADY SHERIDAN / July / South of France
… everything was more than perfect! The crew was outstanding and we will repeat the experience next year! Thanks for all! SEAGULL July / Croatia
Hi Amanda, First off, thank you for all of the time and effort you spent prior to our holiday to ensure that all of our special needs would be met and that every detail would be attended to. You were incredibly prompt in replying to every email and your follow-up after our phone calls was impeccable. Your personalized service set the tone for the rest of our experience and is refreshing in today's world where quality customer service seems to be taking a back-seat to what so many of us would normally expect - it was extraordinary. BELISARIUS was everything that we expected and was perfectly depicted in the photos and written descriptions that you made available to us when we were making our decision to book the charter. We were able to watch (Chef Bobby ) at work each day as he prepared one gourmet meal after another for the crew and it is obvious that he is top in his field. …He was always respectful and professional, while using his well developed people skills to entertain and amuse us and have our meals become a true highlight of the day. With all that being said, I hope you can see that we were delighted with our holiday and are happy customers…We both give our sincere thanks to you, Kevin, David, Jackie and Bobby for providing us with a holiday full of experiences we will never forget. A job well done by all! Charter on BELISARIUS, July, San Diego/ Santa Barbara
We have had THE MOST amazing week on Navilux!! Staff has been tremendous!!!! Amazing!!! NAVILUX, June, Croatia
Hey Mate, We had an amazing trip and I wanted to thank you for all your efforts…. We would love to do it again next year… is it too early to plan? THANKS AGAIN MATE!!! O’RAMA June, Cyclades Greece
Hello Martha: We had a great time! The yacht was superb and the crew could not have been better. When comparing the two yachts, Cocktails and Temptation, both were fabulous. However, if Temptation had a solid shade cover on the top deck, it would have gotten more activity on it. Please don't take it as a complaint. The crew over-extended themselves and tried to accommodate us with more shade by bringing up umbrellas. I'm simply stating this in the event we are fortunate enough to do this again in the future. Overall, everything was beyond what we expected. The chef was fabulous! Each meal was a work of art and everyone indulged in his offerings....even as we were concerned about gaining weight! Captain Brandon was extremely professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. José, Michelle, and Elaine were all excellent as well. Thank you for putting together this marvelous trip. We could not have had a better experience!
Our feedback is very positive! The experience with Annabel II was wonderful! Most important of all, the crew was fantastic: Andrew a gentleman and very professional, Sam a great chef, and Jack and Beckie making sure we were very well treated all the time. The locations were beautiful, very well chosen by Andrew. Annabell II is a great yacht, the whole family enjoyed it a lot. We are looking forward to repeating this experience! Charter on Motor yacht ANNABEL II in Montenegro /Croatia, June
Trina, your recommendation was spot on. Mel and Francesco are a superb team; they are extremely professional, very kind and the food and service was both discreet but also well-tailored and DELICIOUS!!!! You should send families their way all the time. Charter on catamaran OMBRE BLU in Sicily, June
Trina, The trip was fantastic! The boat is beautiful and spotless, the crew is outstanding and the food that Kirsty cooked was above and beyond our expectations. The crew was what help make the trip so fantastic, we can't say enough good things about how Neil and Kirsty went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. There is not one thing I would change about the trip. I would say without hesitation that this was the best charter we have taken thus far. We could not have picked a better boat and crew. Charter on yacht MISS KIRSTY in the Caribbean, June
Trina, Wow...it was amazing and yes I am now addicted to Yachting!!! My family had tears for they did not want to get off the boat tonight. We all got along great with the crew and I am sure the crew really enjoyed us as well. Charter on motor yacht NATORI, Corsica / Sardinia June
Hi Trina, They loved the crew so much that they cried when they left! I think it was a perfect, perfect trip! Thank you so much! Charter on motor yacht TUMBLEHOME, New England June
Hey Trina, I have nothing but great things to say about our charter. Our crew displayed an impressive level of professional experience. The crew went to great measures to ensure that we were enjoying ourselves at all times. We were able to make it to several lively clubs. Which were exactly what we were hoping for. Sammy has an amazing talent and ensured we were well feed at all times. I had no desire to eat anywhere but the boat. Cheers. Charter on ANNABEL in Montenegro / Croatia, June
Hi Amanda, Everything was truly amazing!! Alex was Awesome. We felt that we were in very capable hands He was a very hard worker and a very experienced sailor! Maria was over the top wonderful. She went the extra mile on many areas. She organized helium balloons and a special restaurant on James bday. Plus had flowers at the restaurant!!! Her cooking was SUPREME! She was also smiley friendly and good company; I enjoyed chatting with her she was a lot of fun. The itinerary was great. The boat was fabulous. It was a dream vacation. Marie and Alex were positively wonderful. Charter on catamaran IDEA! in Greece, June
Amanda, We had a terrific time. The boat and crew were great. The boat was in excellent condition and the crew worked very hard to make our trip special. We ended up doing the Cyclades over the Saronic; although we stopped in Hydra and Folerdress on the way back. We did a lot of sailing for one week but the itinerary and weather conditions were favorable. It was probably more sailing that we bargained for but a much more interesting trip. The boat - The boat was as advertised and in great condition. It worked well for 8. I think it would be a little tight for 10. The cockpit was much better than other boats of similar size. The only real recommendation would be for the boat to have a larger tender. Crew - Very good, great attitude, very helpful. Very hardworking. Food -- Very good and suited our goals. As weather conditions (really wind direction/conditions) was tempermental. We motored more than I would have liked. But we also covered a lot of territory. I would recommend this boat and crew. Charter on S/Y SHOOTING STAR in Greece, June
Dear Amanda, In all of the kids words "best vacation ever". We are having a wonderful time and all is working out ideally. Thank you for all of your help. Charter on TITAN in Italy, June
Hello Martha! Me and my family want to thank this unforgettable crew, that was responsible to make a dream comes true! This week I've been planing for more than a year, coming in the 30 years, was always a big thing for me, so celebrating with my family and friends in a paradise with everything I love was the perfect idea! I tried to pass to you guys all the things that I like, all my wishes, my dreams for this special week. But you guys give me more then I expected!! So we just can say "thank you" for those amazing days! Also the pretty MY Kathellen- Anne, with all the luxury, comfort, style, perfection, performance and cousin atmosphere! For sure, that was The best choice, the perfect yacht! God bless you guys, and I hope to come back soon, to explore with this wonderful yacht and especially with this perfect crew, new islands, new beaches... To live a new dream! The most sincerely "Obrigado" Tks for helping me! Charter on KATHLEEN ANNE in Corsica/ Sardinia, June
Dear Amanda, We have had an absolutely fabulous time on Titan and all is working out ideally. In all of the kids words "best vacation ever". Thank you so very much for all of your help and we hope to enjoy Titan again in the future. Charter on TITAN in Italy, June
You gave the best one week ever. Flawless service, professional team work and Michelin star restaurant – level cuisine were totally impressive. We had the most memorable & fabulous charter with you all. Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts. Charter on LADY SHARON GALE in Caribbean, June
Dear Nicolas, Our whole family enjoyed our trip on the boat Alexandra. The crew and the service was outstanding, more than what we were expecting. The interiors were really nice, the hygiene and cleaning was perfect. The Chef was great. He prepared very delicious dishes. The Captain, the Chief Engineer and the rest of the crew were very helpful in providing the best comfort. The entertainment system is good except that some normal channels I think were not available on the satellite. The rest were good. On our next trip, we would love to go on the same boat and have the same crew. Thank you very much for all your assistance. Charter on ALEXANDRA in Greece, June
Dear Martha, In an attempt at efficiency I am writing one letter to all of you to express the overwhelming feeling of joy and the gratitude we harbor for the week you provided for us on the Arianna. From the time we started to talk to Martha and first laid eyes on the Arianna e-brochure I knew we were in for something special. Little did I realize just how spectacular our week would be… The reception we received when we arrived unannounced and a day early, set a tone that can only be described in the wonderful memories we will cherish for the rest of our lives as mere words would not do it justice! The beauty of the boat was only paralleled by the artistry in which each and everyone of the crew members carried out their individual responsibilities faultlessly.... Charter on ARIANNA in Miami, June
Dear Martha, We had a wonderful time, despite the weather. The crew was fantastic; professional and attentive. The chef was wonderful, our onboard meals were much better than the restaurants! Our kids are in their early 20s, and we greatly appreciated the crew staying up late when the kids went out. The captain even went out to pick them up at the club. Charter on yacht NITTA V in Greece, May
Hey Amanda, The boat was amazing and I can’t say enough about Ulf and his crew. They were absolutely a delight to get to know. Ulf did a superb job getting everything I asked for and Wayne was an absolute artist in the kitchen (I am asking for some of his recipes!!) Alma, surely, has a clone on board. She was everywhere doing so many things. She made delicious rum punch and other island concoctions. Inesca gave fabulous massages and everyone more than enjoyed being able to get a massage while on board. We had a wonderful week. The picnic on the beach was a definite highlight as were the sea bobs and the slide!! The toys on Sunshine were so fun and there was something for everyone. The boat was fabulous. As always, it was a pleasure to work with you and I am never disappointed in what you recommend!! Everyone said to me how special the week was and that the boat was over the top and there is no going back to a smaller boat after staying on Sunshine! I’ve created monsters! HAHA!! Maybe in a couple years we will be ready to do another boat trip and I will be calling you without a doubt. Thank you, Amanda, for helping to create such wonderful memories. Charter on yacht SUNSHINE in St Martin, May
Hi Trina, Thanks for the follow up. The trip was fantastic and we couldn't have asked for a better crew. Lee and Renny were phenomenal and we had a great time with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to charter in that region! We enjoyed it so much that we were considering chartering again in July with our kids but it doesn't look like it will work from our end. Again, thanks for the recommendation! Charter on yacht EUPHORIA OF LONDON in the South of France, May
Trina, The trip was epic. So good. I think everyone is a little depressed that it’s over and it will be another 350 days before the next one. Thanks for all your help. I’m sure one of us will be back in touch with you at some point about next year’s trip. Charter on yacht SWEET ESCAPE in the Bahamas, May
Hi Amanda, We had a wonderful trip! The crew and the yacht were great overall. Everyone loved the crew, very nice, capable and efficient people. The boat was a bit worn here and there, but nothing we didn’t expect. Some passengers were seasick, but not for long, and everyone had a terrific time regardless. We did rip two sails, but it was on the 5th day, so I don’t think it cost us too much in terms of fuel. These were the only negatives, and as I said, the whole trip was a “10”. Thanks for your help in arranging everything. Charter on yacht KAIROS, St. Lucia to Antigua, April
Trina, Heidi and I want to thank you for your recommendation to charter LIR. Chris, Natalie and Ed were perfect hosts. The trip was wonderful. Charter on Catamaran LIR, Caribbean, April 15 Hi Amanda, Everything went well with the charter. Zuma is in great condition and easy to sail. Roger and Ashley were engaging and took good care of us. Roger found good spots and adjusted the schedule to let Parker dig in the sand twice a day. For anyone that want to be part of the sailing experience, Roger and Ashely are ideal. Charter on yacht ZUMA, Caribbean, April
Amanda, Wow, what a trip! By far the best family vacation we have ever had. The boat is really well done and the crew was absolutely amazing. Thanks again for all of your help! Charter on yacht W, Caribbean, April
Trina, Thanks for all of your help. We had a fantastic time and I really appreciated all of your advice! We had a fantastic trip. The crew was really great. A special shout out to Katherine, the stewardess. She could not be more perfect in her role. She made sure my son was well taken care of. And she met our needs before we knew we even had them! Everyone else was friendly and easy to work with. A great group. We loved the yacht - it is in really good condition and I liked how it was decorated. The crew worked hard at maintaining it every day. I would highly recommend to others to use CAMARINA ROYALE. Charter on yacht CAMARINA ROYALE, Caribbean, Mar
Hi Trina, I would say the cruise was great – on par with Ohana although we found the food better on Cocktails. Neither experience compared with Lizzie. The options for excursions seemed more limited in the BVI’s than the Exumas, but we did have some nice stops and experiences on Cocktails. The crew were very attentive – on par with Ohana, and would likely have a tough time choosing between the two – both crews were very kid friendly and attentive to detail. All in all a great experience yet again. Charter on yacht COCKTAILS, Caribbean, Mar
Trina, Thank you! Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for setting up such an amazing vacation and honeymoon for us. I know the group charter day with 18 people was difficult to set up, and it went perfect!!! Everything was amazing- the captain was so helpful and knowledgeable, the food was absolutely out of this world delicious, and the boat was so well kept and clean. It was the best vacation we’ve ever been on and couldn’t have done it without your patience with us! Thank you again so much. Charter on yacht ISLAND GIRL, Caribbean, Mar
Dear Amanda, First off all I want to thank you for all committed support and professionalism that help me to find a catamaran that could make my holiday in BVI unforgettable moments. Magec is an extremely comfortable and new boat; cabins and bathrooms are large and has a fly that accommodates more than 10 people seated. Very rare for a catamaran, navigation equipment are complete and a whirl. Now, What I can say about the crew? Well, they are fantastic, friendly people who are 100% of the time trying to serve you and make you feel the most important person in the world. The synergy between the crew, orchestrated by a competent and intelligent captain, led us to wonderful places and experiences that my family will never forget. Finally, I recommend very Magec and his crew Eduardo, Lolo and Nevies to make a Charter. Hopefully soon we can do another charter.... Charter on catamaran MAGEC, BVI, Feb
We had the best time ever..Paul and Diane were absolutely adorable. ...they deserve our thanks and recommendations for future clients!!! Thank you for setting it up for us!!! Charter on yacht SILVER QUEEN, BVI, Feb
Dear Amanda, We had a BLAST! I'm not sure that the crew knew what they were getting into but I know that they had a fun time along with us. I have never taken a vacation before a returned so utterly relaxed. That is high praise for both Captain Rob and Carrie as well as Katlo herself……I am very happy with my charter. Your help was invaluable. I am definitely going to charter again. Perhaps even once a year. I really loved the islands and being on a boat. We have already begun talking to more of our friends to plan ahead to possibly even charter multiple boats and sail together. Be assured that when we are ready to book a charter again we will be using your services. Thank you for all your help! Charter on yacht KATLO, BVI, Feb
Amanda, First of all, the yacht is beautiful and well-laid out. And we thought the operation was first rate. Loved being with the crew--so attentive and anxious to please. Andy was a real professional--totally flexible with changes to the schedule--he just rolled with whatever we wanted to do. He monitored text messages and was very quick to reply to any question or request. Tim was a great asset to Andy and was helpful in all ways, especially with the kids. Gina is a gem--so helpful, willing, so sweet and kind, great bar tender, wonderful with Leo. And Chef Michelle--what can you say, she's a prize. Her cooking was very good (maybe not exceptional, but very good) and we appreciated especially that she went out of her way to get fresh fish. Leo was particularly pleased that she made special meals for him. What else about the crew? Their uniforms were very attractive, their manners impeccable, they kept the yacht shining and clean. We loved our New Year's Eve celebration. It was festive and fun, beautifully organized. The karaoke was a hit! All the best. Thank you for a wonderful vacation! Charter on yacht LIVERNANO in the Keys, New Year’s
Dear Trina, Everything was perfect we had incredible time! Charter on yacht ATLANTICA in the Virgin Islands, New Year’s
Amanda, Everything about the cruise was exemplary. All three crew members exceeded expectations, especially the Chef’s Angie’s culinary delights and her special gift for merry margarita making. We were delighted with the whole experience. Thanks again for all of your help. Charter on yacht IN THE WIND in Tahiti, New Year’s
Dear Nicolas and Josh, I want to thank you for help, it was a pleasure to work with you! Vacation was perfect; all the guests are absolutely satisfied! I hope to continue our cooperation next time! Charter on yacht AUSTRALIS in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Trina, the trip was great. The captain and crew were world class. Location also exceeded expectation. Great job! Charter on yacht SEAHAWK in the Virgin Islands, New Year’s
Dear Amanda, We are having a blast. Awesome boat. Amazing crew. All is well in the world. Thx for connecting us with Captain Mark. He and his team are the best! Happy new year, Amanda. Thx again for hooking us up with such an amazing crew. Will savor our last few days here. Charter on motor yacht LE MONTRACHET in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Hi Trina, We are out of words to express what a wonderful charter you put us in. First Gareth and Kristine are extremely fun and professional. Never before have we had 17 exquisite meals in a row. What an accomplishment! The boat has a beautiful teak interior and is kept in mint condition. Activities were numerous and fun for both generations in our family. Each of us has voted for their individual preference: Flexibility in schedule - The anchoring locations - The views - The sailing part and helping with the sails and anchor - The Soggy Dollar - Water skiing and hiking in Salt Point - Kit surfing and the Bitter End - Seeing the entire family so very happy! Charter on yacht XENIA in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Dear Martha, We are back in Austin after an amazing week on Destiny in BVI. Our Family had an absolutely fantastic time! We feel lucky to have been placed with Jim and Debra. We absolutely love them both and feel like we have two new friends in our lives. They are both exceptional people. They are very kind, professional, considerate of our space, hardworking and eager to please and truly followed all our requests and specifications that we sent beforehand. We had asked for a less heavy meal plan, which Debra followed completely and also to be involved in the sailing part of the trip. Jim was wonderful, letting us steer when we wanted to, let us pick spots to throw anchor if he saw it fit and got the kids involved hoisting sails, towing lines while docking or whatever was needed. Jim made good recommendations of places to visit, things to do and see. We appreciated the snorkelling equipment that was in good shape. We used it almost daily. Martha, we had and Awesome time!! Thank you for your help, guiding us to Destiny and its Crew. Charter on yacht DESTINY in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Dear Sally, It’s been a dream travelling the BVI with SAYANG, the crew were fantastic hosts and guides showing us the most amazing places and spots. Even though we have been miles and miles away from home this has felt like home in paradise. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you! Charter on yacht SAYANG in the Virgin Islands, New Year’s
Hi Amanda, Thanks for checking in. It was a fabulous 10 days. We just absolutely loved it; the food, the rest and relaxation, serenity and privacy. Thanks for everything and we’ll be sure to reach out again for our Yacht adventures. Charter on yacht LADY SHARON GALE in the Virgin Islands, New Year’s
Dear Amanda, Our experience on Genevieve this week has been stellar in every way, particularly the exceptional service from an experienced, anticipatory crew. We will certainly want to sail aboard the Genevieve again! Happy New Year! Charter on SY GENEVIEVE in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Hi Amanda, The trip was nothing short of sensational. Extremely competent and accommodating Crew and they love what they do and it shows. Nothing I can say beyond spectacular. Thanks for all your help and assistance. Charter on motor yacht LE MONTRACHET in the Virgin Islands, Thanksgiving
Hi Amanda, Going great. Everything is perfect. Best vacation ever!! Charter on motor yacht MIRACLE in the Caribbean, New Year’s
Hi Josh, every thing went very well the crew were great, nothing was to much trouble for them. Kept us well fed with great food and the Captain's local knowledge was fantastic. He took us to some Islands and bays I have never heard of.. all in all I would recommend this boat and crew to any one. Charter on SORANA in the Caribbean.
Hi Amanda, I will say it was the most incredible vacation ever and the crew was FANTASTIC!!! You hit the nail on the head picking that boat and crew for us!!!! We are looking to do another trip in Marsh Harbor Bahamas. All the best, Charter on yacht LADY J in the BVI, Thanksgiving
Dear Nick, Regarding the holiday review, we spent an amazing time, the crew (Chris and Natalia) were perfect, we had few experiences on different boat renting in the past and never met such a great crew. We really think we are going to meet them again in the future… Charter on Catamaran LIR in Italy, Aug
Dear Amanda, The trip was wonderful from the begining to the end. In my name and on behalf of all group I thank you very much for your valuable assistance and guidance. The crew was super, the days sunny and the nights very agreable! Please let Jantar's owner know that Antonia and Ivo were very helpful and have taken good care of us. Charter on JANTAR, Greece, Aug
Dear Amanda, We chartered the Constanter Sailboat under the supervision on Captain Jimmy Banks and 1st mate Gabrilla Russo. We are writing to inform you that our trip was outstanding. The boat was in perfect condition was expertly maintained. Jimmy was a true professional. We had the utmost confidence in his abilities from the beginning and he was also flexible and wiling to alter the itinerary to fit our requests. He is an excellent teacher and a pleasure to be around. Gabriella’s cooking was nothing short of gourmet. She was extremely pleasant and went above and beyond to enhance our experience with not only great meals but also delicious snacks and cocktails. Overall, we ate well, had an incredible sailing experience, and felt safe and pampered for the entire duration of the trip. Definitely a pleasure to work with you as well. I think I mentioned already, but I've personally been super impressed with you and CharterWorld. I've chartered before and have additionally been in communication with other brokers for different boats and you guys were far and away the most responsive and professional. I was also surprised to receive the level of attention I did given that a 65 foot sailboat is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum for you guys. We'll book through you next time, no question about it. Thanks again and we'll be in touch. Charter on CONSTANDER, Italy, August
Amanda, Charter was great. We had 4 days of great sailing with good wind almost every day. Jimmy and Gabriella were fantastic hosts - flexible, attentive, discreet, professional. The food was wonderful. Would highly recommend this boat and crew. In fact, we'd love to charter with them again. Thank you again for your help in booking Constanter. Charter on Sailing yacht CONSTANTER, in Italy Aug
Hi Nick, Everything has been great, thanks. The crew have been outstanding and all of us had a very nice holiday. As you say we have been lucky with the weather so that was an added bonus. All in all a great boat and great crew! Charter on LIVE THE MOMENT, Aug
Dear Nick, We are very appreciative to you for the organization such a pleasure holidays. The crew was very competent and gave us a good impression. The service was not obtrusive but at the same time timely. Regarding the food, the cook was great and always adapted themselves to our wishes and tastes. The whole ambience was friendly. Special thanks to the captain for this great vacation. We hope to be able to book your service one more time. Best regards! Charter on APACHE II, Aug
Hi Josh, Finally I have some time to write a letter to you about our charter with Anassa. It was great!!! Since it was our first sailing vacation I must say it went really really interesting. The boat was very comfortable for all of us including our children. The crew consisted of experienced seamen with whom we made good friends. Captain Stelios was really professional at everything what he was doing which besides managing the boat also included explaining to me in every detail the art of sailing (which I found extremely amazing). He also was great companion and interesting person. Stelios deck-hand, proved to be skilled seaman, always helpful and very pleasant guy who was always around in case we need anything. Vaia the cook - astonished us every time she served the table. We had an opportunity to try every imaginable and unimaginable traditional Greek cuisine which Vaia prepared with love. By the end of the charter I put on 3 kg:) As for the nature and the sea - it was really beautiful. The islands themselves are all different in their beauty, the landscapes, the beaches and the caves were like from Photoshop-enhanced pictures. The sea often forced us to make swimming stops in extremely picturesque places. Our children particularly enjoyed jumping from Anassa's roof to the water (the adults also liked it a lot). Besides with the help from both Stelioses we also enjoyed different sea sport activities which were available on the catamaran from kayaking to wake boarding. In conclusion I want to say the trip was definitely a success. I also would like to thank the crew for doing their best looking after us during the trip. And I also would like to thank you Josh for your help during preparation for this trip, for basically making our dream come true. Many thanks and warm regards - Chartered on Catamaran ANASSA in Greece, Aug
Martha, We had a awesome time on our trip. The boat was great. It was clean, comfortable, and had all the conveniences of home. The only thing I wish we had at home was the crew. The chef was top notch, the stewardess were very accommodating, and the captain was professional experienced and a great knowledge of the waters in the Exumas and a close relationship with the locals. The second day on the trip my wife started saying "when we do this next year....." Thanks for setting this charter up for us and we look forward to future charters. Charter on motor yacht MIRACLE in Caribbean, Aug
Dear Josh, So, finally I’m getting to write to you about our charter on Moya. As I mentioned before it was amazing but more specifically, here are some of the things that made it so great. The boat itself is in pristine condition - everything works, it’s really well taken care of and the crew work hard to keep it looking great. There’s tons of space even for 6 of us and 3 crew. You never really felt like you were “on top of each other”. Loads of room just to sit and relax or to sunbathe - whatever you wanted. Captain Panos was really knowledgeable and had a good balance of professionalism and friendliness. He took us to amazing places and we were never disappointed in the stops we made. At first, we thought we would work together to figure out a route, but it became clear that he would basically work this angle himself. This isn’t a complaint - it was actually the right way to go - he knows the islands and we don’t!!!! Maria - AMAZING. We have lived all over the world, travelled all over the world and are not that easy to please and her food was absolutely outstanding. We wrote on our preferences that we wanted fresh, local, healthy dishes and she did just exactly that. Every meal was different and unbelievable and loved by all - from the 8 year old to Jay! She was fun, friendly, warm and welcoming. We are FB friends now!!!! Really can’t say enough good things about her. Thomas - a great great helper and deck hand. Quiet but friendly and really helpful. Would do anything to make our experience good. The boat couldn’t have functioned as well without him. It really takes 3 people for that boat to work well.
Hi Josh, The boat was fabulous. So were the crew. Loved, loved the Greek Islands. Would definitely go back to Greece. Yes it was windy at times but when the wind did drop it felt too hot, so was often a welcome relief! If I had to pick on something not quite perfect, it would be the middle deck. Obvious storage for tenders but we didn’t often use that table as it was quite squashed, even with 7. With 10 of us the sunbathing area (on sun loungers) on top deck, was quite crowded, but we just kicked the kids off. If I was redesigning the boat (!) I’d get rid of the Jacuzzi and make it more of a sunbathing deck with padded seating in the shade etc. Grand Cru had the best place to store tenders – at the front. We truly had the best holiday ever, can’t fault it really. Thanks for your help again. Charter on MAGIX in Greece, Aug
Hi Nicolas, We realy apreciate the cruise on Blue Vision. Crew was very good, I think that the captain is particularly good. He understand very well the guest's expectations. The Chef is very good, I think the best we ever had. The staff is helpful and respect your privacy. Regarding the boat, it was a good surprise, finaly the size was ok, and we could leave easily all the family on board. Negative point are the toys, jet ski old, paddle not so good, the tender is not top for the waterski. This is the weak point. They should invest little bit on that. But globaly we had a very good time. Thanks also to you for all the organization. Charter on BLUE VISION in the Balearics, Aug
Dear Sally, Many thanks for your email. We had a wonderful holiday on Annabel II. The boat was perfect and the crew were fantastic. This year we had the best chef we have ever come across in our entire lives so that was a massive bonus (although not for the waistline!). Flying into Tivat and out of Dubrovnik also worked out perfectly. In addition, as you can see from the photos, the inflatable biscuit was a massive hit too!!!Thanks once again for all your help. Enjoy the rest of the summer, Charter on ANNABEL II, in Croatia, Aug
Dear Nick,The trip is sublime. What a couple they make. The boat of course is a winner too. We are now coming back down the wind and have had a good sail in a Force 7/8. No complaints at all. Charter on SHAITAN. in Greece, Aug
Dear Josh, Overall the charter was a success. The crew was very friendly and professional and delighted to serve. Overall the boat was in a very good condition, the rooms downstairs were much bigger (I even slept once there to try myself), my room was also excellent, the chief cook was really excellent, We didn't manage to get to Barbuda because of the weather. In one word, it is a Benetti, luxury + service were very good. I would strongly recommend it everyone. Thanks for everything. With best regards, Charter on Motor yacht JO in Caribbean
Dear Amanda, We're currently making the crossing from South Georgia to Ushuaia and will be closing out our charter at the end of the week. It's been exceptionally successful all around. The weather has been remarkably steady and friendly and we haven't had any really bumby rides. A day or so each way to/frum South Georgia but with 2-3 meter seas at worst. Best of all this has been the perfect boat and crew. Well found and well equipped, and each and every member of the crew and expedition leaders have gone out of their way to make it the most enjoyable and adventuresome experience. High praise indeed to Captain Martin! Thanks for your own great help all around. I'v had many charters with agents over the years - none better than this one reflecting your advice and support! Charter on Hanse Explorer in Antartica
Hi Amanda! Peter, Tom, Lacey & Becky were all fantastic and the shoot was a huge success. I had the opportunity to meet with Peter after the shoot and told him as well. The weather cooperated and the seas behaved to our delight. Thank you so much for being such a support throughout to facilitate communication and steer our needs to the right person! Charter on S/Y SINCERITY in the Caribbean
Dear Amanda, What an amazing experience..I consider myself to be well traveled, but this vacation was the best ever. Not only was the ship very very comfortable, but the crew was unbelievable ...My only concern is by making these well deserved comments, they may get more bookings, and make the odds of me being able to book the same package (Ship + fantastic crew) more difficult! All together, there are no words to describe the quality of the food (and we are all french...) the quality of the service and the comfort of the ship for a yacht this size. We are still day dreaming about our trip! ... the chef ( Rico) was too much..what a COOK!!!! Only the best to say, and we hope to book them again next year same season, so please keep us on your radar before it's too late.. Charter on Lady Sharon Gale in the Caribbean Good morning Amanda!! We are having an absolute ball!!! There is not one thing that we could even begin to complain about. We have all fallen in love with the entire crew!!! Everyone has been so nice and so accommodating and before we even ask for anything they are already on top of it. The yacht is absolutely gorgeous, and the crew has made us feel so at home. Charter on CARTE BLANCHE in New England, Aug
Hi Amanda, Our only complaint is we didn’t stay longer…..the itinerary was perfect! the days were filled with beautiful places to swim, jet ski, sea bob (the best!) and enjoy the wonderful food and wines of Greece! sofia, alex, and andreas were incredible!!!! they are so professional and so warm and friendly….we felt like a family at the end of the week. I am so happy to hear they enjoyed having us onboard because it must be difficult for crews when the “chemistry” is off, afterall, it is a lot of time in close proximity for everyone. our whole family had nothing but the very best to say about this charter!!! thank you!!!! Charter on M/Y XTREME in Greece, Aug
Amanda, A great trip. Crew was amazing. The captain was unbelievably friendly and personable and participated in a family scavenger hunt... The Chef was over the top; food was amazing; and his personality fantastic. The deckhand and engineer were great with our kids. The stewardesses were fantastic, constantly attending to our every possible request. Rooms were much larger than I ever expected. Fit all 11 of us easily with room to spare. Can't even think of a better yacht design or layout. The water toys were a blast. The ports were interesting and nicely spaced. Couldn't have had a better mix of cruising, ports, coves, etc. Perfect. Honestly, a fantastic trip. We would recommend this crew, food, service, and yacht 100% to anyone!! And we will seriously contemplate joining them and the IRIS again in the Ionian Islands in the near future. Charter on motor yacht IRIS in Saronic/Cyclades, Aug
Hi Sally, Everyone had a fantastic time. It was some of the best service and food I've ever had, and the crew were also extremely helpful in planning our trip. Thanks for checking up on us, and I would definitely recommend Hayal to anyone!! Charter on yacht HAYAL in Turkey Jul/Aug
Hi Sally, As a holiday, both my wife and the children thought it was the best holiday that they have ever had with something for everyone i.e. sightseeing, shopping and fine dining in quintessential quaint Italian villages for my wife and I and plenty of high energy water-sports and lounging around for the children - from this regard we will certainly be chartering another boat next year for a charter from the South of France to Corsica. The crew of The Van were welcoming, friendly and made you feel special and this extended not just to my wife and I but also to the children. I would certainly state that the crew went the extra yard to make sure that our charter experience was memorable. If I was to offer any constructive criticism, it would be that the boat could do with a comprehensive mechanical service at the end of this season as there was more than one mechanical failure with both The Van and the tender that although not impacting on the enjoyment of the charter, did impact on the planned itinerary and to a lessor extent the comfort on board. Charter on motor yacht THE VAN, in Italy Jul
Hello Sally, The week on the boat is FANTASTIC ... Everything is perfect! The captain give us very very good information, adresses.... He Knows very well all small beach And Nice places. The hostess is perfect... Very discreet (quiet) And very efficient!!!! Always there In good place in the good moment. The last day, the captain give me All détails Of the dépenses ... And everything was very clear !FANTASTIC week!!!!! Thank you for All And I come to you Back for thé next expérience!!!! Charter on PAMANGO in Croatia, Aug
Hi Josh, "Unfreakingbelievable!!! Crew 15 out of a 10. Boat the same. Loving this." Charter on catamaran MOYA Aug Greece
Martha, It could not be better. Chris - Great captain, smart, well-educated knows the area and very helpful. We saw much more things than last time we've been here. We owe this to Chris. Natalie - We never eat so well before. We had good chiefs before, however, Natalie did a great job every day through the whole charter. She is a great chief and very nice! Steward - Connor is very helpful and friendly. Great team and nice cat! Maybe it was the best crew we ever had. Lir is a nice cat. Charter on Catamaran LIR in Italy, July Martha, Everything was great. really great and above expectations....... we are now in Sardinia and want to thank you for all... for sure we will repeat the experience!!! and Jose is really really nice! Charter on Liberty of Lymington in Italy, July
Hi Amanda, Thanks for the note and we would highly recommend Lionshare. The crew was amazing and we found the boat to be very comfortable and well designed. It's an older boat but you really don't lack anything. The water toys were a highlight for all ages. Thank you for everything! Charter on Lionshare in Italy, July
Dear Amanda, I will sum up the cruise with Mark and Beatrice as literally outstanding. At the very beginning, when we arrived, we found the catamaran in excellent conditions and everything clean and tidy. Mark and Beatrice were waiting for us with an exquisite welcome sushi served in the "al fresco" deck. We soon became familiar with Mark and Beatrice, as they not only perform their respective duties with knowledge and experience, but more importantly, with enthusiasm and a permanent sense of being glad. Our list of preferences had been observed at all times during our trip. They even got the french champagne Veuve Cliquot, which we found that was not too easy to find in the islands´ general stores. Finally, I would like to say that I’m used to pay gratuities as a social standard routine, but this time was different. For the first time in my life, I felt that both Mark and Beatrice had earned and deserved a good gratuity. All in all, Mark and Beatrice work as a very synchronized team, and probably they were the most important factor to our unbelievable good time we spent at Souls Calling. Charter on Catamaran SOULS CALLING, Caribbean.
Hi there Sally. …Our holiday was fabulous, and I’d like to thank you for all your help in putting this together for us. The four of us loved every minute of it and WILL be doing it again. Please see my email below to Bijan and Roseanne, the ultimate in hosts!!!!! “Just wanted to drop you a quick note to once again thank you both for making our stay with you what it was. Each of us enjoyed your hospitality, your yacht, your cooking and yes Bijan, your willingness to go that extra mile and get out of your comfort zone and take us through that reef. Nolan still talks about actually being able to walk on that particular beach. We all truly enjoyed our stay with you and I commend you both for being able to read us almost instantly and know what it was that we wanted out of our vacation and then delivered something so truly unforgettable and first class. The only thing we would change when we do this again, would be to stay longer. You have an amazing yacht and hearing you two talk about “freshening her up” makes us want to experience her again, cause how could it get any better!!!!!! Like my wife wrote in your guest book, you two both made our first sailing holiday very very special and you will be with us always!!!” Hope to see you again sometime, and sail safe!!!!!!! Charter on yacht ANAHITA, Caribbean
Hi Josh, We had an absolutely fantastic time on the Raven. Nick, Hugh and Alexia were fantastic – we did not want to leave. It was truly the best week we have had in a long time. I could go on and on, but it was great. Nick was so accommodating, great itinerary, Hugh was a great mate, and Alexia – the best cook EVER!. So much fun. You arranged a marvelous yacht and crew for us – everything was beautifully organized by you and CharterWorld, and made it so easy....Please tell the owner that he has a fabulous boat and one that will bring us many happy memories – a real treat. Again, thank you.. Charter on yacht RAVEN in Croatia/Montenegro in July
Dear Josh, Just a short note of thanks. The Calypso charter was great success. We all really enjoyed the trip and will certainly be using your services again. The Calypso team were great. Craig and Tarryn did a fantastic job and I would highly recommend them to other clients. They were great with the children, who didn't actually want to leave the yacht today! Charter on yacht CALYPSO, in France, July
Dear Josh, I just wanted to re-iterate my verbal feedback. Toby was a fabulous boat to charter, the layout great, super spacious, lots of places to sunbathe, cabins lights and felt very spacious and the mdern styling a big plus. We were very happy to stay on the boat whilst covering the short distances around the Amalfi coast, in fact, even the small tornado & couple of days of rain couldn't dent our enjoyment of the boat. This was of course also due to the crew, who were excellent, and who provided a flawless service. Captain Andrea was very very good, he really listened to what we wanted to see, our preferences & constraints and worked within that. Henry and John provided excellent, courteous & professional support. Ruben & Carmen looked after us brilliantly, the boat was well kept, and lovely meals tailored to our requirements presented and served beautifully & also at short notice when poor weather changed our on-shore dining plans. We would thoroughly recommend Toby, the crew, & CharterWorld. You have been attentive, listened to what we were looking for and quick to respond to requests or queries, and always followed up when necessary. We would like to charter again in a couple of years & would definitely come to you first. Charter on motor yacht TOBY in Amalfi, July
Dear Nick, I just wanted to thank you for helping us organize the charter this summer. Everything went really well. The crew was the best. We had a really nice time. Will be in touch for organizing it again next July. Charter on superyacht MAGENTA M, in Turkey and Greece, July
Dear Amanda, We just arrived today to Perú. Everything was great, the boat, the food ,the drinks, all Islands, the itinerary, everything Was awesome!!!! Nathan and Penny were lovely and very patience with us!!! We had a WONDERFUL VACATION!!! We would like to go every year!!! Charter on motor yacht ALEGRIA in BVI, July
Dear Martha, We had a wonderful time. The boat is awesome and the kids thought it was super cool! Matt and Ashley were simply FABULOUS!!!!!! Ashley is a superstar in the kitchen/galley and she is a wonderful caretaker. Her food is so fresh and clean and pleases both children and adults alike. She is so kind and so tuned into guests needs and desires. We were so relaxed and well pampered thanks to her! Matt is a gem as a captain and person. He took us to coves where the kids could play on the wave runner and tube and where we could just anchor and hang out for the day and enjoy the lovely boat, weather and our family. He is amazing with children. Our younger son was by his side all week, learning about the boat, fishing and the water. Matt is patient and kind and his love of the water, boating and nature is so apparent. We loved chatting and learning from him all the while having a blast as he took us tubing, snorkeling, cruising and so much more. It truly was our most special vacation and we will hold the memories dear. We hope to charter with Matt and Ashley again in the future! Charter on yacht DEFIANCE, in New England, July
Hi Amanda, Everything was PERFECT. Ashley and Lisa made the trip!! They are both simply wonderful people. They worked every minute of the 7 days to make sure that the 3 of us were completely happy and had everything we could imagine wanting. Ashley is the glue that holds EVERYTHING together, with a smile and grace. She simply makes ANYTHING and EVERYTHING happen. Lisa is a chef like no other. We have eaten at the best restaurants with the best chefs everywhere, and we've had personal chefs in the past, but none could hold a candle to the incredible meals that Lisa prepared for us 3 times every day, always with a willing smile and kind word. Importantly, Ashley and Lisa work together perfectly. As for Amanda Brilliante and CharterWorld, we were completely satisfied. Indeed, your services were also beyond expectation and we will recommend you without reservation. You were so helpful in guiding us through the entire process to a very successful outcome. I doubt we would have been as successful on our own, and we're pretty good at putting things together for ourselves, so this is more of a compliment than it might appear. Indeed, this was the best vacation that we have ever taken. Yacht charter on VIAGGIO, in St Martin, Caribbean in July
Hi Martha, Our charter on the Bonnie Lynn was great! We had done extensive research beforehand, not only to find the right boat, but the right crew as well. Bonnie Lynn and Captains Earl and Bonnie were just what we wanted. The boat was beautiful and unique. Fresh out of the yard after an extensive haul out, the boat was immaculate and gleaming. Earl and Bonnie designed and built this wonderful schooner. The details, like beautiful woodwork, and special antique wheels, added interest and character to the boat and Earl had an interesting story about each item. The layout of the boat is spacious, with a big master cabin with a double bed, a forward cabin with three bonks and a bunk in the saloon that can expand to a double and has folding doors to close it for privacy. Two heads, a warm and inviting saloon and a gallery that any cook would adore complete the guest quarters. On deck, there is a lovely table that easily seats six. There are numerous other places to lounge around, two comfy teak deck chairs, portable folding seats, and a hideaway deck in the back to get out of the wind on. There is a nice dinghy and kayaks. And a great outdoor shower! Bonnie is a great cook and we had something delicious and different at every meal. I think she should write a cookbook, as there were so many things she made that I would love to have the recipe, such as Caribbean Cornbread, blueberry buckle and spiced pumpkin soup. One night Bob was telling her that his favorite thing was a pie with a crumb topping and the next day, Bonnie made him a Dutch Apple Pie with a crunchy topping. Bonnie is also a mind reader, as every time I had one sip of my drink left, she was right there asking if I would like another. We were celebrating our 30th anniversary and Bonnie made a beautiful and delicious carrot cake with white icing and flowers to go with champagne and a lobster feast. Earl had us anchored that night off Islesboro so we could see the fireworks, delayed a couple of days because of the storm and this made us feel really special. We felt so well taken care of and pampered. We are also boat captains and had a charter business for 16 years, so we know the issues. I would heartily recommend the Bonnie Lynn! Charter on sailing yacht BONNIE LYNN in New England
Dear Josh, The Carpe Diem and crew were excellent. I would recommend them. Charter on CARPE DIEM V, June
Trina, Thank you very much for arranging our charter on Sweet Escape. The boat was as beautiful as you said and the crew were incredibly personable, fun, knowledgeable and experienced. As you know we took many charters this year so I guess I can compare this charter to others. This crew was so professional. The meals were delicious and since Chef Ben sent our menus in advance it was stress free for me and so perfect for my family. He really tried to please our picky palates instead of trying to force elaborate dishes.The staterooms were immaculate, meal service was five star and they were just so nice and fun all day and all night. They all made our theme meals awesome. Dressing up was a blast. Partly due to the fact that they dressed up with us for every theme. Jordan and Rob were awesome with the boys. Always on hand to satisfy all of our kids' whims. Whether it was fishing, water slide, jet skiing, golf, beach games they were both so helpful getting everything ready to go plus they participated which made it all more fun. Truthfully, by the end of the charter, Rob always knew when I wanted to take out the paddleboard, even before I asked. Capt. Ben was great. He really planned the perfect itinerary for our family. He balanced the fishing with the beach perfect and always had our comfort in mind for long motoring periods. It was fun to celebrate his 40th birthday on our charter we were so happy to be included in the celebration. Can’t forget Big Al the engineer. We all know nothing goes without his expertise. Bravo Big Al! From the luxurious staterooms, to shaded sunbeds, five star meals, hot tub and water toys just to name a few, Sweet Escape lives up to its name and more. Thanks so much for an unforgettable week.You couldn’t have been more right about this yacht for our family. Charter on SWEET ESCAPE, in the Bahamas May
Hi Trina, We had such a terrific time. They are amazing hosts. Carla is a fantastic cook and really went out of her way to make certain she was cooking food we all would enjoy. Alex is a great host and certainly knew when to hit each spot when the crowds were about to disperse. He really knows his stuff! Alex's daughter Molly was the third crew member and so fantastic...especially for our kids. We can't say enough about the quality of the trip and the attention to detail. We have so many wonderful memories and photos too. I think Alex is going to use some of the shots for their facebook page. Our kids caught two big fish one day and we managed to capture the haul on camera!! That shot alone is enough to entice any family with young children. We'd love to do another trip with them on the Avalon. Failing that we are definitely going to use Charterworld for our next trip. We are already thinking of Turkey/Greece next Summer so if you are able to help us with that please let me know. Thanks again Charter on AVALON, in the BVI Jun/July
Hi Nick, We really enjoyed Ptarmigan and the crew were hard working and most obliging. Special mention must be made about stewardess Sarah who never stopped and the chef Rod who cooked some fantastic food. Please convey our thanks for a wonderful holiday. Charter on PTARMIGAN in Amalfi June
We are having a great time. Everything is wonderful. The boat is fantastic and Ivo and Antonia are great. Charter on JANTAR in Croatia, June
Amanda, Life is grand! Felice and crew are the best. You can recommend them to the world without hesitation. We would like to take them home with us. We are now in Sorrento after visiting Prodcia and Ischia . Amalfi is next . Thanks for checking in. Charter on SANTA LUCIA in Amalfi June
Was another fantastic trip and hated to get off... We love the crew and the boat! Only wish we could float around together year round.... Itinerary was also glorious.. Appreciate all.. Charter on M/Y OHANA, Sag Harbour to Newport area June
Hello Amanda, Thank you for your Email. We're having an amazing time and the crew is just perfect, nice, available and great with our children, the cook is more than gifted and the weather is nice too, so it seems to be the perfect cruise. Thank you. Charter on KAMBOS BLUE, Greece June
Best. Trip. Ever. You are awesome. I have never had better service in my life, and I’ve stayed in the world’s best resorts from china to India to Australia and throughout Europe, N America and S. America. As CMO of a 2 billion dollar software company that advises other companies on strategies for their customer experience and engagement, I can only say the world has lessons to learn from this crew. And yes, I am getting emotional after leaving! Thank you Amanda, you are the best. Charter on Gulet WHY NOT, Turkey June
Amanda - The boat is beautiful and the crew is wonderful. Our first few hours have been incredible and the helicopter Capt Einar arranged was a spectacular ride. Thank you for all of your help. Charter on Motor Yacht PHILOSOPHY in Bergen, Norway June
Amanda, these two are amazing!!! We could not be happier! We are already planning out next charter on FLOW! I'm serious!!!! Exceeds all expectations!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Charter on FLOW in the BIV's, Jun
Hello Reia, Yes we had a wonderful trip despite the tough winds in the Cyclades. We loved the yacht, very comfortable and spacious (especially for 4 guests :)) We very much appreciated Captain Costas’ services and capabilities; We told him we believe he will one day be the skipper of a mega yacht. Charter on Sailing Yacht SHOOTING STAR in Greece in May
Amanda- Have been meaning to get back to you. We all had a great time with Mark and Nadine. The boat was in great shape and worked well through the whole trip. Nadine is a really good cook and kept us fat had happy. We had good weather for sailing and snorkeling – very little rain. The only recommendation I have is maybe another toy for the boat. They have a stand up surf board which was tough on the older folk (me). A little kayak would give a little more mobility at the anchorages. Overall, I would highly recommend the NANA and Mark and Nadine to future clients. Thanks for setting us up with such a nice couple and a great boat. Charter on Catamaran NANA in the BVI's in May
Everything is fantastic Amanda. Shannon and Kerry are wonderful, food is great. Having a blast. We were sailing today...nice! VERY happy! Thank you! From Guestbook on FANTASY ISALND: Just wanted to say an outstanding adventure this trip was!! I've traveled many places but this trip was top notch from beginning to end!! The Fantasy Island is an incredible catamaran that hosted 5 couples comfortably with our own bedrooms and baths as well as lots of room on bow and stern!! The trip was made not just by the beauty of the islands but from the best crew Kerri and Shannon!! There knowledge of sailing and the islands is to no end and the cuisine was well beyond our expectations the best meals on this trip were right on board Kerri you are an outstanding chef!! The activities are endless and the sailing and views one can only see from the ocean!! You guys rock!!! After a week with our gang we consider you 2 family!!! Thanks again for the best trip ever!!! JT, Chartered FANTASY ISLAND in The BVI, May
Trina - I would like to give you a quick review of our charter. Of the five charters we have taken this was the best by far!! The boat was in new condition and in fantastic shape. We never had an issue with a fresh water shortage and all the rooms had great AC if we wanted it. It was very roomy, particularly the main suite. Having a large area up top for sunning and a big table out back for meals. It was fast and was really smooth through the water. We loved the boat. The crew was very good. There was a total of 5 crew members. A captain, first mate, steward, chef and a dive master. The chef was amazing. He was the boat owners son and was a 5 star chef. Everything he made was a treat. The food looked good, tasted good, and smelled good. The food was over top exceptional! The service was also fantastic. They anticipated our needs then exceeded them. Top notch! Our dive master was extremely helpful with many things. He was very knowledgeable about local dive sties but also helped with filling in the local history and color. He made the us feel like locals. We are seriously considering booking this boat again for next easter. Next time we would like to see their home waters off Cancun. Thanks for helping us have such an awesome vacation. Charter on Motor Yacht FOREVER in Belize, April
This was the best holiday ever! All the crew did a fantastic job and worked very well as a team. Many thanks for your help. Charter on COLD GECKO in The Bahamas, Mar
Hi Trina, We are flying home and I wanted to let you know that we had THE most incredible trip. The crew of Maverick is the sweetest, kindest, most fun-loving, efficient, capable, attentive, thoughtful (shall I go on?), crew we could ever imagine. Everything was fabulous. We had lots of activities, lots of wonderful places to visit, wonderful food and cocktails. We lacked nothing. On day 2 we actually played with an remarkably friendly dolphin for nearly an hour and a half! It was amazing. We were all in the water. Our videos with the dolphin are amazing. It was a once in a lifetime experience. This was a phenomenal charter. The boat is beautiful, well-equipped and spacious. We are absolutely thrilled that this worked out. Thank you again for your help arranging all the details. PF Chartered Catamaran MAVERICK in The Caribbean, Mar
Dear Trina, I just wanted to say the Aurora Crew was excellent - everything was perfect - Rich and Sam are the best crew we have ever chartered with by miles - Sam's cooking was brilliant every meal was over the top and excellent - We have travelled all over the world and I would rank this one as one of our best trips ever - I would highly recommend Rich and Sam and the Aurora - in fact if I were you, I would go out of my way to get your clients to charter with them. BW Chartered AURORA 67 in The Caribbean, Mar
Dear Trina, Everything was excellent! Maverick is amazing, beautiful, well equiped and confortable. We specially enjoyed the water toys. The crew is great. They were very nice and patient with the kids. And we loved Maria's cooking. The itinerary was well planned and we would definetely recomend this trip to anyone. We are looking forward to repeat. Thank you! GV Chartered MAVERICK 70 Catamaran in The Caribbean, Mar
Amanda, We had a wonderful time….. We truly enjoyed the trip and look forward to going out with them again. I wanted to let you know that Rob and Chad were nothing short of the best crew I have ever encountered. You could truly tell that they cared about the guests on board. They were very attentive to details and could almost anticipate my families requests before they were made. I would definitely recommend them. The boat was in perfect shape and one could tell that the crew maintained her at a very high level. Thanks for you help with this charter and your professionalism RW Chartered COLD GECKO in The Bahamas, Dec/Jan
Amanda, We had a fantastic time on Alegria! The BVI is an incredible place. Nathan and Penny were outstanding. The food was excellent and it’s a big plus to have a dive master as your captain. They did everything possible to make sure our time onboard exceeded our expectations. On our next “sailing trip” to the BVI we would also consider using Alegria’s sister ship Alethea as we would like to explore the 70ft FP, but l’m not sure we would be able to resist being on-board Alegria with Nathan and Penny. Thanks JHL Chartered ALEGRIA in the BVI, Caribbean, Jan
Hi Nick, Thank you again for all your help. With regard to Charterworld, we had a great time working with your company and with you, Nick. Our answers were always answered in a quick manner, they were very precise, and eased the stress of planning such a big trip. You have linked the right professionals for us to have a great experience on this trip. You have eased our worries over signing a contract and transferring funds to an online company who we've never met in person, and made us comfortable going to a destination we did not know much about. With regard to the Asteria crew -- we couldn't be happier. Especially the crew in the kitchen was amazing, they got along so well with our guests and we had a great time. The entire staff was very professional and managed to delight the guests during the entire length of the trip. Martin was a wonderful expedition leader. He quickly understood the personalities of the guests on board, and was able to accommodate all needs. He had activities planned for those who wanted more adventure and those who wanted to take it easy. Everyone was very happy. We learned so much from Martin, and his professionalism in keeping us up to date of the weather, plans, ice conditions, etc. was much appreciated. We are positive we wouldn’t have gotten to see the nature and wildlife in this way if we were traveling with anyone else. Thank you so much again, and we hope to work again with you in the future. Chartered ASTERIA in Antartica, December
Dear Amanda, Home safe after great time in Virgin Islands, weather was excellent and so so relaxing as well. first la dolce vita was really excellent in every way, comfortable, well equipped and just a joy for sailing in BVI. The crew were exceptionally good, Capt Mark,owen, Amanda and Megan made our week in every way. Megan's cooking was five star, off shore eating does not compare. Highly recommend this team to anyone. Thanks for everything. JP, Chartered La Dolce Vita (ex King-baby), Virgin Islands Caribbean, January
Amanda, it’s rare in life when you hit a home run, right. My wife and kids all agree this week was a home run. We had the best time on any trip we’ve ever been on. It was terrible to have to leave. I have chartered a number of boats in the past and have never been more impressed with the service and hospitality of this group of people. They were just magnificent. Combine that service with a quality well maintained product like Clarity and you can’t go wrong. I cannot say one bad thing about our experience and would highly recommend you recommend this boat and her crew to any prospective clients. They won’t be disappointed. Thanks for all help and commitment to our experience. MN, Chartered CLARITY, St Thomas, USVI, January
Hi Amanda – Thanks for following up. Yes the yacht and crew were fantastic all around. We were very happy. Thanks for your help. JNC Chartered MUSTIQUE in the Caribbean in Jan
Hi Josh, Happy New Year! Boat and crew where extremely good. As you may know, there was a last minute change in the crew. The new Chef on Safara is now Daniela Mack from Austria. Although the two only met days before we arrived on the boat, they worked very well together and made every possible extra step they could. In all possible aspects they exceeded our expectations. Sailing, water sports, cooking,... The two are very interesting and open minded people. I hope they continue to work together, as they are planning to. Thanks as well for your support! We are looking forward to work again with you in the future. Best regards DW Chartered SAFARA in the Caribbean in Jan
Hi Josh, Happy New Year! It was fabulous! The crew made our trip better than we could imagine. Alec was very professional (as was all the crew) and most accommodating. They all had a very fun spirit about them. The boat was lovely, perfect in size and decor. Although this was our first charter, we are guessing that the NEW STAR was probably a lighter weight vessel than most as the anchors did not seem to stabilize the swaying back and forth while in very calm waters. For the sake of curiosity, could this be correct? Again, we are rookies at this and that might have been perfectly normal. Truly, it just added more fun to our adventure. All in all it was perfect and we would give it a five out of five star rating! JK Chartered NEW STAR in the Caribbean in Jan
Amanda, It was the holiday of a lifetime! The yacht, the crew, the food, the itinerary, the weather…simply everything was spectacular. It could not have gone any better. We had a wonderful time and I would NOT hesitate to recommend XO, Henrik and his team to anyone and I would be delighted to speak to anyone who was considering spending time on XO. Thank you for all you did for my family, guests and me. Best, JR. chartered XO OF THE SEAS in the Caribbean in Jan
Dear Trina, I wanted to fully respond to your earlier question regarding how our charter on Lolalita went. Lolalita should be on the very top of your list for charters! To begin: Ernie, Megan and Jeff could not have been more gracious, helpful, imaginative and pleasant to be around. As you know we chartered with our three children ages; 25, 24 and 20. All of which have since commented on how much fun they had and how much they enjoyed being around the crew. Ernie's personality and sense of humor were pleasant and engaging to be around the entire trip. Megan was spectacular with all meals, each was a mini celebration! Megan's gentle personality mixed with broad understanding of the waters made for a wonderful combination. We requested healthy meals during our stay, she managed to not only make them healthy, but excited the gourmands in our family. Jeff's contributions were thoroughly enjoyed by my children and also by Linda and I. His attentiveness, knowledge and assistance during our many snorkeling adventures, as well as transportations for nightlife made the trip exciting. The sailing was done in an expert manner, even given the myriad of questions we were asking while underway. The Lolalita herself is expertly maintained, warm and very comfortable. She is easy to get around on and smooth under sail. Thank you so much for steering me toward Lolalita! We would highly recommend them with out any reservations. Happy New Year! Chartered LOLALITA in the Caribbean, Dec
Dear Trina, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!! Everything was excellent. Thanks FC, Chartered ULTIMATE LADY in Tahiti, Oct
Hi Josh, Let’s start with CharterWorld, I think this is the 3rd time I have used the company and everything went very well from my original enquiry to the choice of boat you recommended, no complaints job well done. The Sorana is not the sort of boat I would have gone for, a bit smaller than what I have used in the past and a lot less amenities however it worked out just fine for me and the wife. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wants total relaxation and to while away the days. I was very sorry to leave. The Crew were the best we have ever had. The Captains knowledge of the areas we visited was outstanding and he found beaches and restaurant's to die for and looked after the boat and fed us constantly… and they both made a mean cocktail. All in all they made the trip what is was, outstanding in every way. Please pass my comments on to them and I’m sure we will be back with them again Cheers KO, Chartered SORANA in the Caribbean, Oct
Hey Amanda, The boat was great the crew fantastic, weather good. Overall we had a great time. Thanks Charter on M/Y KRYS KAR in Monaco, September
Dear Josh, Just to let you know that the charter went beautifully. The Margaux is superb and the crew lovely. We had a gorgeous weather and we loved it. Thank you Charter on MARGAUX in Corsica, September 2013
We had the most exciting time aboard TIGER. Everything was set according to our instructions, and even better. Both the Captain and his wife were very efficient and kind people and did their best to make us feel comfortable. She cooks very well and he was in absolute control of the ship and of the trip, taking us to the beautiful places according to the weather and sea conditions, sailing whenever possible. We hope to have the chance to sail Tiger again and to meet Captain Peter and his wife Jill. Charter on TIGER (Oyster 63) in Corsica and Sardinia, August
Hi Reia - We had the most amazing trip, Captain Bruce and his team were all fantastic and we could not fault a single thing. The genuine care and love that they show for our children and guests is superb. The food was delicious. We are so impressed with the recruitment of the team, each year when we think someone is leaving, the children and sometimes us, have a little tear but as soon as we meet the new replacement somehow they have always managed to recruit someone equally as good. Each member of the crew brings a different element to making the trip a success. Drey with his nature and bush skills, Dave with his calm teaching skills, Will with his energy and excitement, Adam with his giggling and spear fishing to name just a few, Chloe with her singing and as for the Captains parking skills…. Each year we say "this was the best trip ever" and we really mean it. They continually surprise us by going the extra mile with new and exciting activities each year. Survival skills on the beach, free diving lessons, windsurfing lessons, cricket on the beach the list is endless. Its always so sad to leave the JO bubble and go back to reality but with a smile on our faces from lots of happy memories. If you kindly pass on our congratulations to the owners for the new refurb and for employing the best boat crew ever and our thanks to Captain Bruce and his team for such a wonderful time of our lives trip! Charter on M/Y JO in Croatia and the Greek Ionian Islands, July/Aug
Dear Josh Our trip on Pegasus was implacable, everything was perfect. The staff were more than hospitable as they made sure that we were satisfied and happy. And when I say “happy” I mean it’s a vacation we will never forget. We will never forget the jokes that Graham and Alla used to say, the Arabic breakfast Alla prepared for us, the Virgin Mary (extra spicy) drink Graham prepared for us every single day. Definitely activities and games were the major thing we used to do - jet ski , kayak and all the other sports we did and for the first time I water skied  We even had the chance to rent motor bikes, quad bikes, for the whole family and toke a tour around the island, an activity only available in Greece. From Athens to Bodrum, we visited Greek and Turkish island. The captain specifically was very flexible, he didn’t mind changing the route of our trip at any time. It was very interesting to see the difference between the Greek and Turkish islands, very different but very similar at the same time. Last but not least, the food, and I’m sure you know how important this to us. We found another excellent chef. And for the chef I say “Thanks for all the meals you prepared”. We call this trip “family bonding trip” and it’s very important that all the family members enjoy the trip, and spend quality time together. Being in Pegasus gave us the opportunity to concentrate on one thing, how to make the best of the trip and how to enjoy our time. Thanks to everyone. Charter on PEGASUS, 52m Feadship in August.
Hi Amanda, Home from a fantastic cruise through several Greek islands albeit on plan B due to weather conditions. Our first time experience was exceptional from boat,crew, islands visited, service and especially the food which exceeded our expectations. The arrangements for P birthday were wonderful. Based on this experience we will certainly do it again. Thankyou and best wishes, Charterered IRIS, Greece Aug
I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the graciousness and hospitality shown to our family by tomislav and mattea! They were so kind to our kids and made us all feel so welcome.....from showing us beautiful places to swim to directing us to lovely restaurants, and of course, all our delicious breakfasts and lunches onboard, Mattea and Tomo were both wonderful! We had very high expectations and we were not disappointed! I hope they know how happy they made us! Our trip was delightful and Dalmatia is indeed beautiful. Chartered REJ, Croatia Aug
What an absolutely fabulous time for our entire family. Each port and bay will give us special memories of our time there. Our first snorkel to see a turtle & beautiful fish was amazing & you could tell when you heard the girls scream and talk through their snorkels. The wonderful water sports ~ with all of us able to paddle board, kayak, intertube, wake board & water ski - it was so much fun & all the girls screaming was the best! Dave, thank you for being so easy going with whatever we wanted to do, whenever we wanted to do it. The laughs and photo's are great, including the moments of "bababa" and "you can do it". Thank you Desiree for being such an amazing spirit and wonderful cook. The food was absolutely great - we enjoyed it ALL. Thank you both for all our cocktail hours, with special drinks for the girls and us. It is so great how you both were with the girls - they had a great time and truly enjoyed themselves and I think felt at home on the boat. The diving was wonderful from the Indians, to the Rhone and ending with the girls first night dive - with all the great rays. I will also not forget paddling with the dolphins and all jumping off the front of the boat. You both are wonderful people and the trip couldn't have been any better. It was the best! Chartered Catamaran QUEST, in the BVI, Aug
Hi Amanda, We had the most amazing vacation and I can only send my highest compliments on the boat, crew, and itinerary. If there is any way to get a message to the owner we would like him to know what a fabulous crew he has on board. The entire crew made us comfortable at every moment and really made huge efforts to make every day perfect! Zach is a very talented chef and we enjoyed all of his meals and snacks. Salome made sure we were comfortable at every minute. Adrian and Alex were amazing at keeping the boat running and every detail organized. We were so impressed at how above and beyond this crew went on our MeMe vacation. We wish all if them the very best in the future as they are all so professional and talented at what they do! And lastly I have to thank you for helping us arrange a vacation of a lifetime! From every minor detail you guided us in such a kind and fun way! We look forward to working together in the future and are already talking about where to go next year! Chartered MEME, South of France, Jul/Au
Hi Nick, Yes, everything was fine and we had a great week. The yacht was in great shape (despite its age) and the crew were really helpful and accommodating. We’ll probably do the same next year. Chartered SEA DREAM, South of France, Jul/Aug
Hi Amanda, Our time on Isabella really could not have been better. Vince, Nick and Patty were very professional, every one of them so great at what they do. (Cathy was also on board but was mostly in the kitchen and we didn't see much of her. I believe she was in training. She was super nice too). Really appreciated their focus on safety with the kids on board. They all had a great sense of when to disappear and when to hang out and chat with us, or when to start making cocktails! The food was always great. The yacht is very comfortable and would certainly be comfortable with several more on board. There are definitely several spots to go for privacy for everyone - especially in good weather. Everything was clean, new, well-maintained. Our rooms were miraculously cleaned and put back together everyday sometime between breakfast and lunch! Desolation sound is just a gem. Especially being from the Northwest, it's just amazing to be so far north and have such warm water! In spots it was 77 degrees. in Seattle, Puget Sound is around 58 degrees! So almost everyday was about getting the toys ready for water play. My cousins boat was always nearby, so that made it even more fun being able to paddle board or tender back and forth, and getting multiple kids on the towing toy. Loved Pendrell Sound, warmest water of all. Also Prideaux Haven, just an surreally beautiful cove and we did a hike up to a warm lake there. Actually, we never made it to the Lake cause the kids were getting eaten by mosquitos. But next time I'm bringing bug spray and going all the way. There are actually many places in Desolation to hike to warm lakes. So many beautiful spots. Dent Island was also a great destination - cold water, but great fishing and also an exciting tour to take on a jet boat through the rapids. More eagles in one place than I'm sure I'll ever see again. They just perch in the trees and dive down at their leisure for a fish. There you can have a nice dinner at the restaurant - it's sort of a luxe/rustic little resort. Chartered ISABELLA in the Pacific North West, July
Dear Nicolas, Thank you for the yacht - all guests & I have only positive emotions! About the team 5+, the best team, that I have had. Food - was excellent. When we arrived to Rome - everybody was unhappy that the trip was finished so fast. Next year we are planning to repeat our trip on the different route. Thank you! Chartered XO OF THE SEAS in Italy July
Dear Trina, Our family spent a fantastic week on Olga!!! Our itinerary – Saint Marteen, Saint Barth and Anguilla – was so perfect that we will do it again and again. Olga’s spaces are confortable and beautiful (the photos in the brochure do not reflect the beauty of the interior of the yacht). We were concerned regarding our two grandsons – one 2 years old and the other with 5 – but the trip for them was also perfect. They had a special treatment - their meals were different, served before ours. The crew, because of the kids, decided to prepare a pirate party. They decorated the yacht with pirate theme – guns, swords, jewelry, skulls etc. - they dressed up as pirates and the kids (and us) just loved it. The crew provided with a lot of outdoors activities, including a lunch in the beach – a paella – prepared by Captain Bernard. Lunch and dinner were a special event!! Sara decorated the table every time beyond our expectations and chef Phillipe prepared the best food ever. Jiwani (Gi) anticipated all our needs and because of the small kids, that spent several time in the master bedroom watching movies. She would rearrange the bed several times a day. Sara and Gi made our stay very pleasant and nice. Cynthia and David were responsible for our activities on shore. Toys in the beach for the kids, snorkeling gears for the olders, umbrellas and cold beverage for the oldest. In summary we loved the trip, we will miss Captain Bernard, Chef Phillipe, Sara, Jiwan, Cinthia and David Chartered OLGA in the Caribbean, July
Josh - [It was] outstanding. Your telling us that you knew the captain and that he was great carried the day. And Marc was great. The boat was good but the crew made it a total delight. Great all around. Alison was a super steward and chef. Also your support and communication and the care and attention that you put in made a huge difference. The owner should be very happy to have you representing them. Thank you so much! Charter on JR in Corsica in July
Dear Amanda: I wanted to thank you for all your help and attentiveness in organizing this wonderful trip for me.. The trip was lovely and for me very special to have had my family together. WE ALL enjoyed it very much, so much that my grandchildren would like to repeat it every year!!!!!!!!!!! The boats were great, very spacious and comfortable. The captains and cooks were very pleasant and helpful. I had Gareth and Sara on Bliss. Sara was an excellent cook and always helpful with the different types of food she had to make. Gareth is an excellent captain, he was most helpful with me, especially getting in and out of the boat, also with my children and the grandchildren and always tried to please us. We did a lot of sailing, which is what I wanted...he also took the children tubbing, water skiing and snorkeling. I certaily thank them for their hospitality and kindness. Peter and Debbie of Secret Oasis were also wonderful and most helpful, he a good captain and she an excellent cook, which the children enjoyed. I went over twice to eat with the grandchildren, once for dinner and once for lunch, and she cooked extra some wonderful meals for me. She also arranged the dinner for my birthday at a wonderful and very beautiful hotel-restaurant, and was very special with some details for my birthday, for which I thank her. Peter took great care of the children and had them under control. Also pleased them with tubbing and water-skiing. All in all it was a wonderful vacation with rather good weather, except for one day, but didn't bother us too much, with lovely sailing, lovely beaches and places of interest (which were well planned by both captains), snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming, water skiing, tubing, wind surfing, etc. which we ALL enjoyed. I very much thank everyone involved in making it so special. Tandem charter on BLISS and SECRET OASIS in the Caribbean.
Hi Trina - just wanted to let you know the trip was spectacular. The crew was amazing (especially kylie and her girls), the food was above expectation, the watersports area and crew were great and couldn't ask for a better captain then George. Truly, I have nothing negative to say at all - it was an amazing yacht with an amazing crew! Chartered ANASTASIA in France
Dear Josh, thank you for your interest. FATHOM is fine! Very comfortable and she has a lot space outside . The crew is also very professional and friendly. We are happy with this charter. Charter on FATHOM in South of France in July
Dear Nicolas, - Once again, many thanks for arranging this charter. For the boat - great in terms of overall layout - spacious rooms in brand new condition. Lots of space to move around and plenty of space for 10 passengers. Also good space on the deck - especially on the triboard which is well protected from the sun - we spent a lot of time there. Technically in very good condition - great ventilation and stabilisers. No smell of diesel whatsoever - engine room well pressurised and in immaculate condition. Boat was very stable throughout and not noisy during the night passages. Lots of toys on board - all brand new. They will have their own seabobs next yeat (very popular toy for us and especially the kids). Great idea with the slide from the top deck.. The crew definitely made this a fantastic journey - it will be hard to find better. Great service - discreet and nice without being invasive. Always new decorative touches during lunch and dinner. Candles in the evening. We were pleasently surprised because they had a lot of initiative in that sense. Unpacked our bags and hung everything in a tidy manner. Beds always prepared twice a day. Crew very helpful with the toys - we were very demanding in that sense since we wanted everything prepared for the morning - and we required a lot of stuff to be prepared and in the water. Chef is great - always fresh food and great recepies - this boat deserves to be qualified as a michelin star restaurant. Great breakfast and amazing desserts. So overall - great experience. We would also like to thank you for organising the charter and the embarkment which was very efficient and stress free. I realise that you had to coordinate a lot of things at the last minute. We will be getting in touch with you for our future charters. Charter on AUSTRALIS around Naples & Amalfi.
Dear Josh - Thanks a lot for your interest in the charter. It was a great success and we were happy during the whole week. The crew is entirely reliable and efficient. The boat is beautiful with great cabins and deckspace, and it is in a very good shape. We really intend to repeat the charter next year! All was really fine and I am grateful for your efforts. Charter on JAUNI in Sicily, July
Hi Trina - We have had a fantastic time, one all the family will never forget, what an experience. The crew were fantastic and we all had a lot of laughs. The food was superb and something to remember. The captain, Stanley, is a very capable skipper and Miss Kulani functioned very well, she suited our family perfectly. We would not hesitate to recommend that charter boat and crew to any prospective charterer. Also thank you for your excellent service in looking after us, very much appreciated. Charter on MISS KULANI in Tahiti July
Hi Amanda - We had a wonderful time on Jaco. The yacht was in good condition and the pictures provided beforehand were a fair representation. Michelangelo was a great captain. We really enjoyed hanging out with him, as he was friendly, trustworthy and willing to do whatever we needed to ensure an enjoyable trip. I would highly recommend him to others. Francesco was also very friendly...He was very hard working and an incredible chef. Our best meals might have been what we had on the boat versus at the restaurants. They are a great team and really made us feel at home on the boat. RW, Chartered JACO, July in Italy. Reia, we had a wonderful charter. The Captain and his crew were excellent. Very kind, flexible and happy. Charter on SEVEN SINS in Croatia, July
Hi Reia - All is going absolutely great! Amazing crew, beautiful layout of the boat and a great chef! The kids are having a great time and so are the adults! Overall this experience is the best we’ve had up until now. It's a pleasure working with you! Charter on DENIKI, July
Dear Josh, - We'd like to confirm that our Expedition had a great success!!!!! Everybody from our big family is really happy of our norwegian experience! And norwegian weather! Thanks to the crew of Hanse Explorer who made the trip so successful!!!!! The Captain made an excellent job on board! And plus we got two fantastic guides Richard and Petter. We personally really appreciate their help and care for everyone. Thanks to the crew of LAIKA as well. They were very kind....Thank you for your help with organizing our holidays. And hope to have a chance to contact you in the future. Warmest regards. SK, Chartered HANSE EXPLORER and LAIKA, July in Norway.
Hi Reia - We have just had our first wonderful day and then night in Poros which was simply stunning! Everything onboard is fantastic, the boat is perfect for our family and the crew sensational! We will be 20kg heavier by the time we finish as the chef indulged us with delicious meals for lunch, dinner and breakfast. Charter on EFI in Greece, July
Amanda, - We had an amazing time, the crew couldn't have been any more professional and friendly. We all feel as if we have 4 new friends now. Thank you for everything!!! I would recommend that crew to anyone. JD, Chartered TIGERS, June in the Bahamas
Hi Reia - We had a fabulous time in Greece and the crew and boat were great and very accommodating. The chef was fabulous and we ate everything he prepared! The head girl Iota was absolutely fantastic and took excellent care of us and taught us a bit about the Greek culture and all. The rest of the crew was great as well, a bit shy in the beginning (perhaps they are not so confident with their English) but on the second day everyone warmed up and we felt at home! Charter on ENDLESS SUMMER in Greece, June
HI Barbara – We have returned from the French Riviera and had a GREAT time - everything went without a hitch, and even the weather behaved well! We were delighted about the yacht and felt very confident with the captain. The crew were all very professional and discreet as requested. The food and beverages onboard were all excellent. I will also take the opportunity to thank you for your outstanding service during the planning. I feel confident that what was agreed was followed through – and the positive outcome confirms this. So…the conclusion is that we for sure can recommend CHARTERWORLD as well as the yacht. Charter on Sailing Yacht XNOI on the French Riviera in June.
Hi Barbara - The sailing holiday was great. We especially enjoyed the food. Roberto is a great cook and Stefano the captain was very nice and helpful as well. The crew and overall experience was perfect! Charter on MIAPLACIDUS around Naples & Amalfi, June
Hi Amanda - We did have an epic trip that will provide wonderful memories to all the Family for many, many years.... First and foremost, the entire crew, led by Captain John was spectacular to be around... They fully understood the "family dynamics" (having a 7 year old up to an 83 year old) well and catered to all perfectly... They are a absolutely delightful and experienced team of professionals that went above and beyond to make sure we all had a fantastic experience... Sara would love to have any of the "guys" as Manny's as well. They were so good with the two boys. In addition, Alice may be the best Chef on any yacht! Sara and I have been lucky enough to taste food from the best restaurants and chefs in the world, and Alice is at the top... I am not kidding or being gratuitous.. She is worth her weight in gold, not to mention being a lovely person... The boat was also extremely comfortable and we enjoyed all the toys... We even contributed to dinner a couple of nights through Beck's fishing with a couple of Mahi Mahi, some Snapper and even a Lobster...The weather also turned out to be "goldilocks like", not too cold and not too hot! All in all very pleasant. We also all fell in love with the Exumas.... For Sara and me, the second time. This will not be our last time on the Ohana....Appreciate all your efforts on our behalf! CA, Chartered OHANA 154ft, in the Bahamas, June
Everything was great!! Terry and Ruth went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect. We ate off the boat one night and we all agreed Ruth's cooking was much better, that didn't happen again. Our whole experience was 5 star and that includes the way you handled everything, we can't thank you enough for encouraging us to use terry and Ruth. Thanks again for all you did,! KS, Chartered Catamaran ReAction, in BVI, June
Amanda - We are having a spectacular time and all is going perfectly. Adam has already done back flips off the boat noting that the water is refreshing. So we will all need to follow suit tomorrow. Our crew is wonderful and Silvestro is truly a master chef. Amazingly fresh, delectable meals. And beyond the stellar sea bass sashimi, we rated his tiramisu as one of the finest we have enjoyed. Silvestro, Silvia and Emanuela worked tirelessly to make our trip so enjoyable. We really appreciated all of their efforts, demeanors, and amazing food. Sense was a perfect boat for our family as well. S, Chartered SENSE, in the West Med, June
Thanks for taking our family in and showing us the best of the BVI's. we felt safe, pampered, spoiled, well instructed and most important - special! We recognise your extraordinary efforts to make our time memorable. Well done, well done!" "Thank you SO much for all you did for us during these past 12 days. I had the experience of a lifetime, which I couldn't have had without you. Sarah, thank you so much for your cooking and the special exceptions for me. We all truly appreciate all you do. Rich, thank you for willingly taking us to so many unbelievable places. I cannot stress to you how thankful I am. THANK YOU!" JM, Chartered SOON COME, in BVI, June
Hello Amanda, Thank you. The experience was unparalleled. Carlos and Maribel were amazing. It was the trip of a lifetime. They would be first on my list of any recommendations for this type of holiday.... We want to thank you so very much for allowing us to have the most wonderful vacation aboard the Sea Chateau. This is a vacation we will always remember and we feel so fortunate that we found you. Carlos, your knowledge, expertise and pleasant attitude is just the best...And Maribel, what can I say... You're the best chef in the whole world!! It will be hard to go back to the real world! Thank you! DL, Chartered SEA CHATEAU in the BVI, April
Dear Josh, Sorry for the delay in my reply. We had a lovely holiday and definitely will remember it for many years to come. The staff were all amazing, and cannot fault them in any way. The food was delicious and Jim tried his up most to please all tastes. Thanks again. Best Wishes. JH. Chartered GOOD TIMES in Bahamas, April.
Dear Josh, Hope you are well, though I guess (assuming you are currently in the UK) that you are not having anywhere near as good as time as we are, on board Zingara and hitting 29 degrees every day in the BVI!! Just wanted to let you know that I have today processed a payment for the gratuity for our trip. Chad, Wendy, Cody and Sam have made the experience on Zingara so far just brilliant - they have worked very hard and their attitude is faultless - such that we think they really deserve the gratuity. SP, Chartered ZINGARA in BVI, April.
Hi Reia, Sorry for the slow reply. Adjusting back to the real world has been difficult! Very hard to do the crew and the boat justice – they were absolutely knock-out sensational. We all had the best holiday we have ever been on. Really full-marks to the crew who were just amazing. Thanks for all your help in arranging the trip! HG, Chartered RAJA LAUT in Myanmar, March.
Hi Nick, We had a wonderful time thanks. Everything worked clockwork and we were very sad to leave at the end. The crew were so friendly and helpful and the food really good. Great diving as well. So very pleased indeed and we’ll be back for more I’m sure. Thanks again for all your help in making our holiday so memorable. Cheers DF. Chartered HONORS LEGACY in the Maldives, March.
Dear Nick, Thanks for the note. I would rate Scarena very highly indeed. I think it was our favourite charter so far... out of the 14 or so we have had before. The crew were fabulous and the boat perfect for us.... not too luxurious but just the right balance of luxury and practicality you seek in a proper sailing holiday. I would definitely charter her again. CH, Chartered SCARENA in St Vincent, March.
Dear Amanda, We had a great time and I think all aboard were very happy with the trip. We stayed the first night at White Bay on Jost and since the weather was not so good that night we moved around and stayed in Great Harbor. All meals were aboard and the cooking and menus were awesome. Captain Jeff had some great sea stories and the Mate Linda was very sweet and charming. The idea of not worrying about anchoring and where to overnight worked out well. Big thumbs up for the trip. OG, chartered GRAND OASIS in BVI, April.
Hi Amanda, First, we had an outstanding trip. Our crew could not have been better. Denis was technically an exceptional captain and we always felt safe. Prior to the trip he was very accessible which made us feel more comfortable. He was always willing to make changes in the schedule to meet something we wanted to do. He was thrilled to be chasing humpback whales in the run between St. Bart's and Nevis. As the cruise continued I think we got to know him personally and had some very meaningful evening discussions. Melissa the chef and Erin the first mate were also excellent. Mel's meals were creative and delicious. She obviously had reviewed our desires and her provisioning was great. She is also a strong sailer and dinghy captain. While at first I felt having a crew of 3 was going to be a little overkill, Erin was great and a strong knowledgeable sailor. Both ladies were very professional, hardworking, and lots of fun to be with on the cruise. The yacht itself met our expectations and was very clean and comfortable….All in all we had a great trip and are already thinking about next year. Thanks for all your help. DH, Chartered catamaran MOONSTONE, in the Caribbean, Mar
We have spent most of our time since our return home on Friday reflecting upon the unbelievable week we spent cruising the BVIs aboard S/Y Nutmeg. The beautiful bays, the turquoise water, the white sandy beaches, the coral, the fish, and the sunsets were all so magnificent. But, to have enjoyed this extraordinary natural beauty aboard Nutmeg was both a treat and a privilege. She is a beautiful and high quality yacht, solidly built, supremely comfortable above and below decks, and – perhaps most importantly – very well maintained. At the end of the day, however, a boat is just fiberglass, wood, plexiglass, engines, electronics, and other systems. It is the Captain and the First Mate who transformed our charter into a dream vacation. In short, Paul and Ginette make an outstanding team who anticipate each other’s moves and I was amazed at how they communicated without even needing to speak some of the time! They also have an unusual talent in that they quickly figured out what makes each member of our family “tick” and catered perfectly to everyone’s wishes. In addition to providing us with an extraordinary charter experience, it was also a pleasure to get to know both of them. This was a vacation that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for everything that you did for helping create such wonderful memories. With our warmest regards, R&RP, Chartered Catamaran NUTMEG, in BVI’s Mar
Hi Trina, We had a terrific time! That yacht is in great shape, the crew is wonderful with kids, and with adults! I give them very high marks. JQ, Chartered motor yacht OLGA in USVI in Mar
Trina, Everything was just wonderful !!! The Yacht was great, the crew was awesome, the food was a little too good with everyone gaining an average of 3.5 pounds!! We got much needed family time and R&R. And you did a nice job yourself putting all of this together at the last minute for us. Nice Job!! We will do this again! Thank you for all of your help. TW, Chartered Cat BLISS in the BVI'S, Mar
Dear Amanda, This was one of the best charters and Crews we ever had! What a wonderful experience and trip! Rico the Chef was a magician in the kitchen and mesmerized us all with not just delicious dishes but also magnificent presentation that was like art on the plates. We couldn't wait from one meal to another to hear what delicacies he had prepared. He has a particular ritual of coming out to greet the guests at the table at every meal, describing the specific culinary creation they will be tasting; That considerably adds to the experience, particularly as Rico speaks with such passion and charm. He creatively whipped up dishes that were specific to each guests requirement, with ease and smile on his face. He was also happy to spend time and share some of his secrets with us which is so unusual and greatly appreciated ! He was a true treat and so wonderful! Maria was best we have ever had!! She was there to serve anything anytime, anywhere, with a huge smile, heart, warmth and so eager to please that I truly don't remember ever feeling so pampered. She would memorize what each guest liked and would serve it before you had a chance to even think about it....quite remarkable! Mike and Chris were great as well happy to please us and fulfill any of our requests with a smile! They were all fantastic and we would not replace them with anyone! Thank you for such wonderful Charter! We would repeat it anytime DM, Chartered LADY SHARON GALE in St. Maarten, March
Hi Amanda, We are settling back in 28 degree (Fahrenheit!!) weather and wishing we were still aboard Banyan! The trip was FANTASTIC - the crew EXCEPTIONAL, the yacht was amazing and we loved the destination. It was absolutely perfect. Thank you for all your help and we can't wait to do it again!! Best,BG and family, chartered BANYAN in the Exumas
It was a wonderful trip it's so beautiful the family had a great time! The crew and the boat was awesome. Definitely would recommend booking them. You can be very active or lazy, from activities to our meals and service very good! In going to send you some pics. H Family, chartered PRIMETIME in the Exumas, Mar
Hi Trina. We had a FABULOUS time. Truly, a memorable and completely enjoyable experience. The kids will probably always remember the trip. Terry and Ruth were fantastic. They gave us our alone time, but were terrific hosts at the same time. Ruth's cooking was BEYOND -- my kids are still talking about it. Really great. And Terry was so energetic and up for anything, and ensured that the kids had a really wonderful time. Overall, a total win. Thank you for everything. We will definitely be recommending ReAction and the Ross team! A.N, Chartered Catamaran ReActionin BVI, Mar
Dear Sally, The trip was out of this world! We all had a great time and it was really an adventure. I cant wait to do it again sometime in the future. The crew were all professional and the food was undeniably better than any restaurant we went to in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Thanks for setting the charter up for us. CT, Chartered CATBIRD in Puerto Rico, Feb
Hi Amanda, Crew were great…chef was the best I’ve ever experienced…boat was good and in good shape… ER - Chartered Lady Sharon Gale in BVI, Mar
Hi Trina. The charter was great. The boat is terrific (I've always been partial to Swans) -- it's in great shape and generally very well equipped. We got in some very nice sailing. And I can't say enough good things about the crew. I didn't realize that we would be Jeremy's first charter as captain -- it was clear at the outset that he was a bit nervous, but he settled in as the charter progressed and we all had a great time. Claudia is about the best on-board chef I have encountered, and she, Jeremy, and Afric (mate) are all such lovely people and enjoy each other's company so much, that it really added to the week. I am hoping to sail with them again. In fact, I discussed this boat's schedule with Jeremy and am thinking about chartering it again when they are in Mexico, either later this spring or in the fall. I will be in touch with you once I get a sense from Jeremy whether they will be in La Paz early enough for us to catch them before we get too busy and the weather gets too hot. Thanks again for all of your help with this, especially in light of the last minute nature of the trip. It's really hard to see how it could have gone better. A.R, Chartered Clevelander, Jan/Feb in the Caribbean
It is Monday morning and we are just waking up from traveling home. We got off the yacht on Saturday and spent the night in San Juan. I was very pleased with the crew. This was my 5th charter within the last 13 months and by far the best crew. They all had great personalities, and worked very well together. John was a very accommodating captain. I felt like everything happened very smoothly and with precision. I would highly recommend this crew and yacht. Maria was amazing with food, the boat was always very clean, overall a great experience. Would go again. Thanks, R & L. G - Chartered DAMRAK, St Martin, Jan.
There are no words to express how wonderful everything was. To begin, the crew was adorable. They were very discreet, which is very important, they were not often seen. Very polite and proper, but the best was their desire to please. The comfort of the boat was amazing. I have chartered many times and had never seen such spacious bathrooms. I loved it, closets and everything. There is different spaces to be in and people can relax alone which is most necessary. The only thing I would criticise is that there is no good area to sun bathe, the upper part with the spa pool is not very practical, but other than that everything was amazing. It was an amazing vacation and I thank you for that because you had a lot to do with it. We are both very grateful for all that you did. We shall be in touch for sure. A & G.A Chartered EL JEFE in St. Thomas, Dec / Jan
Trina, The entire trip could not have been better. I would like you to forward my thanks to the owner for having chosen such a wonderful crew and a great vessel. Although Mary was a last minute fill-in as chef, she was magnificent. They made my entire party feel so welcome and could not have been nicer. The weather was challenging at times, but Andy did everything he could to make sure we were somewhere enjoyable, yet safe. I am sure that we will do another trip like this in a couple of years. We even talked about trying the Amalfi Coast in the Spring. Feel free to send me some info on any yacht’s that you work with that would work for a group like mine in that venue. All the best! T.R Chartered SEAS THE MOMENT in St Thomas, Jan
Hi Amanda, Hope you had a Happy New Year! We got home last night and had a wonderful time. The boat itself was great! Gunnar and Meghan did a great job. Meghan is a great cook and has a lovely manner about her. Gunnar was a Captain! very nice and eager to please. we all felt very safe with him. They were both also a lot of fun. We covered 8 islands in eight days so we were active. We did have Christmas winds but we got use to it. All said we had awesome time on Destiny and we would definitely book them again. Thanks for all your help. M.B Chartered DESTINY Jan in Grenada, Caribbean.
Hi Amanda, Happy New Year!! Our holiday was wonderful! Allen and everyone on Hye Seas was fantastic....we definitely got spoiled. The diving was good not the best we have had but the islands were lovely and weather great as well. I think Hye Seas is a great size boat for 2 couples, very comfortable and gets around pretty quick too. Allen was so much fun and the crew really fulfilled everything we asked for on preference sheet. Allen was also very open to any changes we wanted to make or the weather dictated. I would recommend the whole package to anyone and feel very confident they would not be disappointed. You were also so great to work with as I looked backed on our e mails, we really put this great trip together in a flash! I hope we can work together in the future. Thank you again and I hope next year is a smooth sailing year for all!! Let's keep in touch. SR. Chartered HYE SEAS in Jan, Phuket, Thailand.
Hi Trina, We had a wonderful trip! 42, was well maintained, clean and a perfect size for our family! The crew was professional and accommodating to every one of our needs. We were very relaxed and loved the slow pace that we had requested. Our son, home from college, slept for 3 days...it seemed. The food was delicious, the kids had expressed a concern of there not being enough food before we left home (three teen boys eat constantly) but Ruth kept us fully satisfied at all times. Our family had a wonderful "family" vacation and we would love to go back some day. Thank you for all your help. Sincerely, S.T Chartered Catamaran 42 The Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything Else in the Virgin islands, Caribbean, Jan
Hi Amanda, Happy New Year! We had an absolute amazing time. The captain and crew were amazing :) We will definitely love to jump back on Victoria del Mar again. Thanks for checking in! Best, M.P Chartered Victoria Del Mar in the Bahamans Jan
Hi Amanda, Our trip on the FLIP FLOP was beyond any expectations! We had the most fantastic time. The boat was perfect and very comfortable for the whole family. Our every need was attended to and the crew were skilled, charming and fun to hang with! We had wonderful dives, all learned to paddle board (one of the high lights) and used all the toys. Ashley's food was exactly to our tastes.... light, fresh, delicious! The only hard part was coming home! and we really hope to be able to do a vacation like this again. Thanks for all you help. Best, RM - Chartered Catamaran FLIP FLOP in December in the BVI.
Hi Amanda, We had a really great time. Nice yacht, tremendous crew! S.B Chartered motor yacht LIONSHARE, Dec in St Martin
To the crew of Freedom, It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing this thank you note and recommendation. First the thank you. On behalf of (all of us) we want to thank you for giving us the best vacation ever. Without a doubt your kindness, hospitality, helpfulness and great cooking, made this an always enjoyable, relaxing and carefree holiday like no other. For those considering chartering a boat for a holiday, I can say that it is incomparable to any experience you will have at a hotel/resort. It is fun, adventurous, relaxing and beautiful all at the same time. However, the experience is highly dependent on the crew. We have friends who did not have the same experience as we did because of their crew, which is why I am writing this letter, to make it easier to assess the team running Freedom. We usually travel to 5 star hotels and have been to many places around the world. This is not the same – just better and more exciting. All of us, at the end of the trip and without hesitation, declared this the best vacation we have ever been on. - Sincerely, M.M Chartered Catamaran Freedom USVI, Dec / Jan
We had a fabulous vacation! Aubrey and Perrine were a perfect match for our family. They were easy going, took us to some great spots, fed us with fabulous food and took care of all of our needs. Thanks for all your help with arrangements. My best, A.R Chartered catamaran Naej, BVI Dec.
Hi Amanda We had a fabulous time. Arno and Petra were terrific. They really accommodated all of our needs/interests…. The food was really great - Petra is a great cook, and as you know, Arno has a keen hand for baking bread. I would definitely recommend Obsession for others interested in cruising in this area. The boat is very comfortable and really has the perfect layout, with lots of outdoor space - both covered and exposed to the sun - so you can have what you want. The rooms were all comfortable, with plenty of space for storing clothing/luggage, and the bathrooms were very nice/comfortable as well. My brother had plenty of opportunity to fish and the rest of us had lots of swimming/snorkeling time. All in all, a great trip. My mother was/is very glad we did it. Thanks for your help throughout the process! R.L chartered MY OBSESSION in the Caribbean Virgin Islands in Dec.
Dear Reia- I wanted to write to you about our last charter on "IMPULSE". It was even better then last time!! Tim, Yollande and Bernadette did an exceptional job and we felt among friends who took care of us in an unbelievable wonderful way. Time was flying much too fast and 4 days is definitely not enough and everybody felt somehow sad when we left. Yollande again did her "cooking magic" and created wonderful meals we still talk about and she also created for me an amazing "pre-birthday-dinner". Bernadette as always took excellent care of us in her friendly and lovely way, always with a charming smile. Tim attentive and helpful as always made sure that we had the prime-spot in St. Tropez port. For my sister it was the first yacht charter and she only said .... "a dream became true". She was overwhelmed by the care and friendliness shown by the crew. We had a wonderful time on board ..... "We will be BACK" :-) A.B chartered MY IMPULSE, Sunseeker 90 on the Cote D'Azur, Sept.
The following comments are excerpts from a 2 page testimonial from DM who chartered Serenity 86 in Sept 2012. Please contact our CharterWorld consultants to read the full 2 page feedback. We have just returned from our two week charter of "Serenity 86". The trip could not have been more perfect and all aspects of the charter exceeded our expectations…The boat is meticulously maintained. The bright & varnish work look as if they were finished yesterday. The decks are as smooth as silk without blemish…The condition of the interior cabins, heads, showers are all essentially brand new. Everything is ship shape at all times... She is simply in another class than most of the Gullets we observed during our cruising….Captain Mehmet, former navy, runs a very tight ship. The crew are polite, friendly (all have a great sense of humor) and very attentive to all the needs of the guests….The crew is professional in every respect, anticipating all needs and accommodating all requests within their range of capabilities. They operate as a well-oiled team when berthing, raising or lowering sails, anchoring or simply under sail.. The cook performs miracles!.. All in all this was the trip of a lifetime that far exceeded the expectations of all on board. We credit your recommendation to select "Serenity 86" and the professionalism and warmth of the crew as well as the quality of the boat for the result... Once again, thanks to you for your knowledge, professionalism, follow through and focus that made all this possible.” DM who chartered Serenity 86 in Sept.
Hi Trina- The charter was wonderful. I really appreciate a fast sport yacht now. We were able to zip around from place to place very quickly. The crew is also excellent and very helpful, especially the captain who obviously has a lot of contacts in the area because we always had the prime dock locations. This was very nice in the St Tropez harbor. The captain made sure our reservations were made and had many helpful suggestions on places to go and things to do. The entire crew did everything to make sure we enjoyed our time. Charter on the Mangusta ABILITY, South of France, Sept.
ANNABEL II and her crew was above our expectation and the cruising area gorgeous.
Hi Josh - The charter was fantastic in all areas. The crew and the boat magnificent. In particular, Jean – Max as skipper was by far the best we have had to date, everything a skipper should be and more. The chef, Jazper was amazing and managed to cook something different every day..." Charter on M/Y PHANTOM Sunseeker 28m, Cote D'Azur, Aug
In regard to our stay on RIVIERA, it was a very nice comfortable motor yacht. It met up to our expectations exactly. The crew was very attentive but we were only the two of us therefore there honestly wasn't too much for them to do. We enjoyed Capri and Positano immensely and spend three days in the Capri vacinity. Two nights docked in the port Marina Grande, but in all honesty the best night in Capri was anchored in the waters of Marina Piccola. We had the opportunity to swim and spend a nice day at Marina Piccola whereas that was not possible in the Marina Grande port. All in all, we had a very nice time. MY RIVIERA, Naples & Amalfi, Aug
Josh - We had a really fantastic time! Boat was perfect - big fan of Cats now! Crew were really top - very experienced capt, great number 2 and great cook. We'd like to repeat next year! Charter on MOBY DICK, August
Hi Amanda, We had the most amazing charter, filled our expectations to the fullest; Steph, Cecilia and Dan were excellent. Thank you for your help in organizing such a memorable trip. Chartered LUPA OF LONDON August.
Reia - We had a fantastic trip. The boat, crew and itinerary were perfect. Special mention to the cook too. All crew were so accommodating. I would highly recommend this to anyone. NAVILUX in Croatia, August
Hey Amanda, A quick thank you for helping to put together the most incredible, relaxing vacation that Kelly has ever had. Truly spectacular. Many, many thanks, - JB, Chartered motor yacht EL JEFE in the Caribbean in August.
Hey Amanda - We can’t say enough great things about the Aurum and Croatia. Jere and his crew were phenomenal. The boat was beautiful and spacious, the food and service were outstanding, all of our wishes were accommodated. The different ports we went to were all interesting and beautiful in their own right. We highly recommend this trip to any of your clients. DT, Chartered AURUM in August from Split to Dubrovnik
Amanda, thank you for your message, and very briefly, everything was outstanding and surpassed our highest expectations, we need to repeat it very soon and very often, with your help of course. The entire crew deserves a double gold medal, very professional, very attentive and very cordial. James, Amanda and Captain Monsen were extremely delightful in every sense, even though we have thanked them profusely already, and try to at least proportionally remunerate them as well, please do convey our sincere thank you once again. And above all, thank you very very much for all the suggestions, and all your efforts and diligence in this endeavor, extremely appreciative of all your work. Please do keep in touch and were you to need anything from us, do not hesitate to contact us, take care and best wishes. RJS Chartered S/Y LIBERTE in the BVI in July
Hi Reia - We really enjoyed the cruise. The Ionians and particularly Antipaxos were great. The team and Captain Will were great. Food was excellent. And the children enjoyed all the toys a lot. Charter on FOUR ACES, Croatia and the Ionian Islands, July
Dear Reia, Please forgive me for taking so long to write to you. Itt was a fantastic success! Everything went like clock work, the agent who met us and briefed us back on the boat was good. The boat surpassed our wildest dreams, it is really lovely, and the crew were brilliant, there wasn't much communication as their English ranged from basic to none but one called Jay spoke English and that was a great help. The Captain was very good, he spoke enough English to tell us where we were going. He fulfilled our brief of getting away from the crowds into secluded bays and he found us some lovely places to moor. He also went above and beyond by sending the youngest crew member Alpi out in the motor boat to find 2 of our teenagers who had stayed out all night in Kalkan and got them back to the boat before we sailed at 6am!! We had 5 crew altogether, I was expecting three, so we were very spoiled, bliss. The chef produced 3 wonderful meals a day and we all enjoyed Turkish cooking, it is so fresh and healthy and although we ate masses we didn't get too fat. At night they always BBQ'd over the edge of the boat. I loved the way the boat was laid out with so many different areas to swim and sunbathe or just lie in the shade and read. The night of the birthday celebration the crew really did us proud and made the table look really festive and served us with great style. Jay and the Captain went out of their way to please us and they found lovely places for us to go and the whole crew were extremely kind and helpful. No complaints, it was all wonderful, the heat, the silence, the clear blue water the views, I miss it! So finally, a big thank you to you, Reia, for arranging everything so well for us and being so kind, patient and efficient. Charter on KAYHAN 11 in Turkey, July
Dear Josh, "Indeed the charter went very well and my feedback is quite simple: yacht: outstanting performance and comfort, Captain: excellent in all respects, crew: very polite, high performing, providing top services…and top quality food/meals. In all we had a wonderful experience. Thank you and best wishes" Charter on Ludynosa G in July
Hi Trina - It was one of the best weeks of my life. Everything was more than Perfect. Charter on FATHOM in the South of France, July
Hi Reia - My 8 family members are departing with wonderful stories, pictures and very fond memories, especially from the Star of the Sea. What a perfect match - the yacht, Captain Ish, and the entire crew. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. As you know, our group ranged in age from 10 - 70 and included a variety of interests and energy levels. Andy provided all the water toy time and excitement the young ones could have ever imagined. Mark's meals were wonderful and many new tastes were experienced as well as some familiar favorites. Andrea, Jodi and Suzi provided a perfect mix of warmly personal and highly professional service and interaction with everyone. We didn't see Richard as much, but when we did he was most delightful. I cannot say enough about Istvan. From his first phone call to me through our settling of the account and saying good-bye, I was touched by his graciousness. I attribute our amazing overall experience to his leadership and integrity. Although everyone loved the atmosphere and accommodations on the Star of the Sea, it was Captain Ish they would want to travel with again. Perhaps that says it best. Thank you for all of your fine attention to detail and work with me to plan such a lovely charter. The only mistake I made was not planning for more time on board. Charter on STAR OF THE SEA on the Cote D'Azur, July
The trip was amazing we all loved it. The itinerary was perfect. Thanks for all the help. Charter on Lagoon 500 INFINITY in Greece, July
Hi Reia - We had a wonderful charter – the yacht was just perfect and had the best crew that we have had yet. The captain was very nice, knew a lot of special and beautiful places around Corsica – a French captain in French waters is a very effective combination. We had a GREAT time... Charter on THE SNAPPER in Corsica, July
Hi Amanda, I wanted to forward a formal note of thanks regarding our charter of the S/Y Orion last month. We are truly spoiled, had a trip of a lifetime, and dream of the next time! We made fast friends with the crew, who saw to our every need with joy and smiles. And oft wry humor! We relished food from a true artist (who owes me a few recipes!) We enjoyed amazing views of the Amalfi coast, the beautiful islands of Capri, Ischia, and Procida. Explored Grottos, piazza’s and named several anchorages after the Capitan or crew/guest, as we saw fit. My children are now ruined bohemians! Destined to ply the seven seas as rogues, trained by the very best! It was a great boat, greater crew, super adventure for a lucky family. Thank you for your personal touch on the business end and we look forward to working with you again, soon. Chartered sailing yacht ORION in Italy, June
Our charter has come to an end and we are all so sad! We had a great time and most definitely want to do another in the coming year. We had a great staff super professional and trustworthy. Captain Monty was most helpful and everyone one board did their best to entertain and serve us. We also had a great chef and we found that most of the time we dined in. We found that the Callista was a great choice for the number of people that we were, the rooms spacious and everything just to our needs. Thank you for this great experience and we are looking forward to maybe Montenegro and Croatia or perhaps Turkey next year? C.Z chartered CALLISTA in Sardinia and Corsica, June
Dear Trina, We returned from our BVI cruise aboard Jeri and what a wonderful vacation we had! The boat was maintained impeccably and suited our needs perfectly. The spaciousness of the master cabin was unbelievable. What made this trip unique was how Sophie and Alain catered to our every wish… How Sophie manages to turn out gourmet meals on a boat is amazing. Her cooking is superb, varied, and she always kept our dietary needs in mind. Alain was always willing to sail and in addition to taking us wherever we wanted to go, he often had good suggestions regarding beaches and snorkeling. He gladly accompanied us with the dingy to make my husband feel more at ease when the snorkeling was not near the boat. He was happy to "talk" sailing with my husband and to explain some of the boat's systems to him. Both Sophie and Alaine were warm and likeable and we enjoyed just visiting with them. We highly recommend Jeri and her crew to anyone who wants a 5 star sailing adventure. Thank you, Trina, for all your help and we are considering the possibility of a future charter.. We will certainly call you if we decide to pursue this idea. Charter on catamaran JERI in BVI June.
Dear Josh, Many thanks for the great experience we had. Wayne and the rest of the crew could not have been better, they were great. Thank you for your help in this charter and i will definitely do it again and will recommend you and charterworld. Thanks again. Chartered ELYSIUM, June.
Hi Amanda, - Just a little note to tell you that we are really enjoy our trip. We have a lot of fun here...the boat is so nice and we have a good time with Alex and Stella. They are simply the best. Everything was perfect, no surprise…I mean everything went like you mentioned to us. We can't ask for more and we are really happy. Let's start with Alex....our SUPER captain. Very professional, always calm and always in a great mood, he worked very hard on the boat making sure that everything went perfect, he suggested some modifications to our itinerary which made our visits to the islands completely memorable, We were very impressed by the amount of work he accomplished in one day. Our fantastic hostess Stella......what a fantastic chef!!.....she served us with excellent food....very generous portion (yes, we did gain a few kilos), but it was all worth it! Stella worked so hard from morning till night. She always made sure that everything was perfect on the boat, well!!.. it was not perfect…it was EXCELLENT!!. Stella was smiling all the time and laughing at our sillly jokes, she's been amazing! As you can see Amanda, you now have new customers! - we just can't wait to go back.... :-) Thank you Amanda for your exceptional service and professionalism..!...we'll speak to you soon....! Charter on catamaran Idea! in Greece, May.
Hi Nick - I would like to thank you for this wonderful time what we had here in Cote'd Azzure! I really hope we will stay in contact. Wish you all the best! Charter on IMPULSE in the South of France, May
Hi Trina ~ we arrived home late last night. We didn't have Internet access ~ which was perfectly fine! We enjoyed ever minute and had no distractions with the computer! The trip was exceptional and Alan and Sophie were delightful! We interacted very well and they made us all feel so relaxed.They took us to beautiful beaches and special snorkeling spots that we all could enjoy. The food was delicious and Sophie was always accommodating our children. The boat was spacious and detailed for all of us to feel safe and comfortable. Your recomendation for Sophie and Alan was perfect. We enjoyed their company and attention to all of our needs and wants. Their relaxing and humorous personality made us feel so welcomed. Thank you for helping direct us with planning. This was a truely memorable vacation for our family and we will definitely return again. We tried to convey our gratitude to Sophie and Alan for everything they did to make our trip special, please let them know again, how much we enjoyed ourselves because of their hospitality. Charter on JERI in the BVI's, April.
Amanda, you were excellent to work with right from searching for an appropriate charter thru to assisting with all of the arrangements. And the Captain and crew exceeded our expectations. Overall a great trip. AJ chartered BEAR MARKET in Cannes for the MIP TV.
Hi Josh, The charter was fantastic! The boat was beautiful and immaculate. All party commented that the brochure doesn't do her justice; maybe something that needs looking at! All crew worked extremely hard to ensure we had a great time and were very sociable. Looking forward already to the next one. Charter on REE in the BVI's in March
Dear Josh, I would like to thank you for the wonderful holiday that we had. The trip was an amazing success. I would like to go on the same cruise next year on the Calisto with Capt Philippe Cathala. I will get back to you with the exact dates for the trip. Once again, I would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had. Charter on CALISTO in the Andaman Islands March
The trip was great cannot praise the crew enough no complaints what so ever would recommend them to any one. KO chartered LADY SHARON GALE in the Leeward Islands March
Hi Trina - First of all, thank you very much. The Lady J was the perfect yacht, and the crew was amazing. Everyone had such a great time, and my expectations were more then exceeded. Thanks again for everything. J.M chartered LADY J in the Virgin Islands March
Amanda - We have now settled back to reality after our wonderful week at sea in the BVI. We had a great time and got to see and do all the things that we had wanted to. Captain Pat is an excellent captain and host – very friendly and accommodating. Just before we set sail we were able to compile a list of the places that we were interested in visiting with the hope that the weather conditions would facilitate us. In the end, even with strong winds from the east on our last two days, Captain Pat was able to adjust our schedule so that we were always safe but got to visit the Baths and Sandy Cay (the last two places on our list)! In Anegada, we rented a car and Captain Pat showed us around to a few nice snorkelling beaches and even a special spot which was stunningly beautiful, the local grocery, a bakery and even an iguana farm. We were very happy that he is as knowledgeable and familiar on land as well as on the sea. Anton was able to get some hands on experience sailing which he enjoyed and we did get to do quite a bit of snorkelling. Oteka is in great condition. Captain Pat is meticulous in taking great care of her. Everything looks new and she had all of the facilities and amenities that we needed. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip! Everything came together wonderfully. Thanks for your assistance in making it happen and even for checking up with me during the trip to ensure all was well. Your advice throughout our booking and planning stage was invaluable especially since you are very familiar with the area. Thanks again Amanda!!! Charter on OTEKA in the BVI January
The boat was amazing and frankly a steal for the money we paid, even though it was more than we initially budgeted, I don’t remember a single time the crew could have done something, but didn’t, for our enjoyment. The captain is really of excellent temperament and judgement. Frankly it was first rate. We were really pleased -- the staff were courteous, went out of their way to please, and Captain Marco certaintly knew the area very well. The food was great and well-balanced and the cabins were kept very nicely. In fact, they all worked non-stop. My kids really enjoyed the inflatable chariot and the fishing and also the Molton Brown toiletries! It was a great charter experience and also, a great choice of boat/crew for a large family. Charter on TAKAPUNA in the Grenadines, January
Hi Reia - Everything was wonderful! Today we came back to reality and I am really missing everyone. It really was a perfect experience and we could not have asked for anything more. Thanks for all your help! And….Hi Reia, I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had on Calliope this past week! The crew and service was absolutely amazing!!! They really make the experience what it is! CALLIOPE charter in the Leeward Islands, Caribbean January
We couldn't be happier with the boat and the crew. The crew have been absolutely phenomenal in every way possible. It was an absolutely fantastic trip and experience. Both the boat and the crew were first class. The chef was excellent. The weather cooperated so all in all, a first class experience all around. Thank you very much Josh, you've been instrumental throughout the entire process and I look forward to working with you on future charters. Charter on ODESSA, Caribbean Dec
We had a lovely time on Ombre Blu. The replacement crew Daniele and Simona were just wonderful and really made the trip worthwhile. The children didn't want to leave them! The catamaran was extremely comfortable and roomy. (I would definitely choose a catamaran again next time.) Chartered OMBRE BLU in October in Sardinia
It has taken me a week to come back to reality since my wonderful birthday on your boat! My husband Tim, my friends and I had SUCH an amazing time and I just want to thank you for all of your hard work helping make everything work as well as it did! I think we will all be talking about the boat and the party for months! Everything was so perfect; the table setting, the food, the organisation.....I could go on and on....it was all fabulous! I do hope I can find an excuse to use the boat again in the future! Charter on COSTA MAGNA, South of France, Sept
Hi Sam - We all had a wonderful time. Captain Ben and all the crew were great. Not much more I can say except more superlatives. J chartered GIORGIA on the French Riviera, Sept
Dear Sam, Thank you so very-very much from me and all of my friends – we have really enjoyed our stay on board. The entire crew was very helpful and friendly, food (cooked on board) was delicious, vodka was cold and the tea was hot- just as we wanted it to be. No joke – the service and treatment we received on board were at the outstandingly high level. Thank you very much for organizing such a great vacation for us all! SS chartered REEGES DREAM from France to Sardinia in Sept
The trip Was very good, thanks for asking. Dan and Steph do a great job and would recommend them unreservedly. KM chartered LUPA OF LONDON in Corsica September
Sam - Thank you for all your help organising this charter. We had a great time. We thought that the Rosinante was an outstanding boat and the crew were also terrific. The service provided by them well exceeded our expectations. C chartered ROSINANTE OF NOTIKA in Croatia in August
Josh - we had a great vacation on Cento. A very nice yacht, well maintained and a superb crew. It was clearly one of the best crews in my experience (15 charters in the last 18 years). All in all an outstanding experience and no complaints. D chartered CENTO in the Balearics in July
I recently had the opportunity to join Grae on board Annabel II for 10 nights around the Aegean. I am writing to thank you so much for the most amazing holiday I have ever had. Not only were we surrounded by beautiful scenery, Annabel 11 was just gorgeous. Having never been on a cruising holiday before, this holiday far exceeded any expectations I had. Andrew was a fantastic captain, Lance produced the most stunning food at every meal, and the other crew were friendly and attentive to all of our needs. Again, thank you for the Annabel 11 charter. You have now changed the way in which we want to holiday in the future. DB chartered ANNABEL II in Turkey July
Hi Josh - Charter was excellent (couple of days of bad weather when we couldn’t sail). Crew looked after us extremely well. Boat lived up to expectations. Would I use you again? “Definitely”. Would I charter Grand cru III again? “Yes”. JP chartered GRAND CRU III in France in July
Reia - The weather was not 100% but we did enjoy the boat very much. Captain Greg and his crew were excellent and I believe that made all the difference. Beside, Lionshare has all the toys that we needed for all weathers. We definitely will charter again next year. J.S chartered LIONSHARE in Sardinia in July
Trina - Our trip was wonderful. The crew on the Miss Kulani was awesome, the boat, the islands and the weather were amazing as well. I would like to put in a strong recommendation for your other customers for Tahiti charters and if the price range is appropriate - the Miss Kulani. It seems a perfect place for novice sailors to go given the unique way in which each island is surrounded by a lagoon. The voyages between the islands are generally an hour or two and then it is like you are in a lake with calm and clear waters of the lagoons. Obviously all the islands are amazing as well. The crew on the Miss Kulani were excellent. Especially Captain Stanley - even though his English was modest - but his intimate knowledge of the area was very valuable. The first mate - Francis - was incredible. He was born in Tahiti, but has an American father and spent 4 years in the US, so his English is excellent. He was so attentive and welcoming and saw to it that every need we had was met. He was particularly gracious to my mother and father-in-law who are in the mid 70s. All in all it was a highly successful first charter for our family. I would love to see others introduced to the same charter experience on the Miss Kulani - I think you would have many very happy customers. T chartered MISS KULANI in Tahiti, July
Hi Reia - The boat experience was beautiful. I can highly recommend the boat and the crew. SB chartered Gulet MARENOSTRUM in Turkey, July
Dear Josh, We really enjoyed our stay on REGINA - it was a lovely boat, a great trip and a very good crew. The captain was especially good!! The two women onboard were superb- the rest was very nice too. S chartered Sailing Yacht REGINA in Turkey, July
Hi Trina - My boss is very, very happy about your company, your attention, the charter, and he said they had wonderful days around Croatia. All of his guests had the same opinion and they are delighted too. We are very grateful for your wonderful professional care and we must say the same about the crew. Thanks Trina! I hope we can work together again! MC chartered Azimut HAPPY SPIRIT in Croatia in July
Dear Reia: Everything was terrific. The crew was very helpful and friendly. We had a tremendous time. Thanks again for your help in putting this together. We’ll definitely recommend you, and LITTLE JEMS to friends. Thank you for a most memorable birthday! K & L chartered LITTLE JEMS in St Tropez, July
Hi Trina, just wanted to let you know what we had a super time on the boat and the crew were fantastic. Weather was great the whole time and we spent most time in Sardinia in the end. J chartered Motor Yacht L Esperance in Sardinia, July
Hi Trina: Yes we're back. The charter exceeded all expectations. The boat is excellent and the crew first class. Crew is full time for the owner which I have learnt helps! Attention to detail just magnificent. Captain is quiet but clearly sets the high standards. The chef is seriously good. I cannot think of anything I would fault and I would definitely recommend Arioso to others. We will definitely be chartering next year - and we will seriously consider going back to Arioso. Really appreciate your help. JB chartered ARIOSO in the Bahamas, July
Sam - I'm pleased to report that everyone enjoyed the trip very much, and thanks very much for your help in organizing everything. The skipper and crew were excellent. N. chartered ALTAIR in Greece in July
Hi Reia, I'm still busy at work but I have to respond to you now! That was the best vacation ANY of the 10 of us has ever had!!! Greg and his crew are simply the best! We had a very tearful goodbye yesterday. Especially Daniel the chef! He's just beyond amazing!!! And VERY inexpensive! It only cost €50/person/day for 3 of the most amazing meals you have ever had!!! I really expected to sample local restaurants but we only had one lunch off the boat. I couldn't get anyone away from his meals. I think he was very tired when we left. I took pictures of all of his dishes. I may make us a coffee table book just to see what amazing food looks like! :) The entire crew worked really hard. The boat was perfect. Perfect layout and size. I was the only diver but the other 3 adults and all of the kids, except the 11 yr. old, dove many time and are now hooked and will get PADI certified. That was a very big surprise for all of us. Tom the dive master was outstanding! The diving was spectacular as well. Each site got better. We had a blast with all of the crew. I'm told Amy gave great massages! I didn't get a chance to get one though I had planned on it. Too much else to do. Greg, along with Phil and Tom, put us in some of the most beautiful anchorages several times a day. We left the itinerary up to Greg and every day was another surprise. He worked the weather so we never had anything but calm anchorages. The nights docked were also great. We had a blast exploring Bonifaccio and Calvi as well as Porto Vecchio. I can't give you all the details of the itinerary as I'm told it's a Captains secret. It WAS that good! :) Everyone is now a Yachting convert! I knew they would be. I just had no idea how easy it was going to be. I'm sure we'll be planning another yachting trip soon enough. Thank you VERY much for all your hard work in finally making this vacation work with all the restraints we put on you. I think we owe you the credit for resurrecting what I thought might be a dead idea when you suggested we look at Lionshare again. Thank you VERY VERY much!!! J.W chartered LIONSHARE in Corsica in July
(CONSUMMATE PROFESSIONALS), the weather (IDEAL), the yacht (EXCELLENT AND MAINTAINED WITH LOVING CARE BY THE CREW) and the food (THEY SHOULD START THEIR OWN RESTAURANT)? Did everything meet you expectations? (EXCEEDED) K.S chartered MILOS in Greece
Dear Reia - We are happy to give you a very positive feedback from our trip which met and even exceeded our expectations. Although we had not asked for transfers from the airport to the boat, Captain Peter simply told us that he would pick us up and also the transfer back was very comfortable. We all spent a lovely week once again. Peter showed his permanent readiness to assist in all aspects. As far the food was concerned, you have managed to improve and we really enjoyed the wonderful cuisine with Toby as the new chef. G.P chartered MIMI LA SARDINE in Corsica July
It was absolutely perfect! Thank you. Crew could not have been any better. KR chartered ORLANDO L in Croatia in July
Reia, It was fantastic. We are home, but recovering from our yacht hangover is challenge! The boat was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed the whole crew, and Greg was wonderful about trying to navigate between our big appetite for constant activity and the weather. Daniel's food was extraordinary too! We were very comfortable on board, and enjoyed getting to know the crew over the week. There was really nothing they could have done better for us. Everything went very well. I'm sure you know we made it all the way up the West Coast of Corsica, and went up over the top and down the East side. We all especially loved Calvi, and had a wonderful mopeding adventure there. There was a nice mix of hiking, biking, mopeding, scuba and water sports, site-seeing and shopping for us. I personally wish I had had one more afternoon of sitting in the sun on the boat, but it was always an option, and our group just never slows down. As experienced yachters, I think we would have chosen to stay at anchor on last day/night and tender into Bonifacio rather then be in port for last night. It's nicer to look at the horizon than being at the port in Bonafacio, but this is a small change, as we certainly wanted to see and spend time in Bonifacio. It was a great place to end! (Being at port in Calvi was fantastic though because you have a view from there anyway) We loved the rugged, beautiful terrain of Corsica/Sardinia, and see why biking isn't easy there. Still, we rode bikes in Porto Vecchio one afternoon which was really fun. All in all, it was a home run. Thanks very, very much for all of your help. We all loved it. K chartered motor yacht Lionshare June in Sardinia and Corsica
Hi Reia - The crew were exceptional. Mark and his team were highly professional, friendly and helpful. Lorraine and her team looked after our every need superbly day and night and Trevor's food was excellent.The yacht itself was superb although there were some mechanical/electrical problems with the crane on the first few days. The itinerary worked out well too. Thank you for all your help - we will be chartering again for a slightly smaller group this time next year. CS from South Africa chartered LADY FERYAL on the French Riviera in July
Trina - words cannot describe how we LOVED everything about Gualtier and Carolyn. So professional, so sweet, extremely the best crew we could have ever wished for. We loved every part of our crew, boat and trip. They will be always in our hearts!! The best honeymoon!!!!! We miss them! Although our personal trainer will not be happy when she sees how many pounds Carolyn packed on us with her awesome cooking. I could go on and on! They rocked the trip!!!!! Thank you, P & M J from USA chartered Catamaran MAEVIE from Anguilla in June
Hi Reia, we had a perfect vacation. Crew and boat are top. J.K from Holland chartered HIC SALTA in Turkey in June
We had the most heavenly time on the yacht .. It was fabulous and everything was perfect . Thank you... V.S from India chartered PAMPERO in Amalfi June
Hi Sam - first let me say I am sorry that it took us over one week to finally drop a comment, but we wanted to find the right words for what we had experienced. We thought our holiday on MORE MAGIC was going to be wonderful, but the week we have just had exceeded all our expectations! We chartered this amazing, beautiful yacht for one week vacation, going from St. Lucia to the Grenadines. Some of the most beautiful beaches and sailing in the world! The boat was the best we have ever sailed. Spacious and comfortable accommodations. Very clean, beautifully decorated and well maintained. And what a crew! Service and professionalism of the crew was first rate! Alex and Emma were the reason why this holiday really exceeded all expectations! We felt that we were in one of the best hotels that moved each day to yet another fabulous location. Emma's cooking was just marvelous and inspired! Three meals a day and nothing ever served up twice, the food was creative, healthy and delicious. We felt totally pampered and safe at all times. Since we have had many previous crews and trips we can honestly say that this is the best in 20 years of chartering. All I can say is thank you again for another wonderful cruise and guess what – we will be back! Clients from Holland chartered in the winter in the Caribbean - Grenadines, St Vincent, and St Lucia on yacht MORE MAGIC.
Hi Trina, We have just returned from the BVI's. I can not thank you enough for your excellent guidance with selecting the crew. This being our first charter somehow you were able to understand exactly what we were looking for in a cruise. Chad and Wendy were lovely in ever way and we enjoyed every minute. Beguile is a wonderful boat that is beautifully laid out. We felt pampered and perfectly taken care of the entire cruise. The food was impeccable and the service warm and attentive. I could go on and on we left Beguile feeling like old friends of Chad and Wendy. We look forward to sailing with them again! Warmest Regards. US Clients chartered BEGUILE in the BVI's in Feb
The charter was great. We were very pleased with the whole experience and particularly liked the crew. We would definitely use them again. US Clients chartered Catamaran MATIRA in the BVI's
Hi Reia- We are all very good, enjoying SILOLONA and all her features of food, diving, watersports etc but most important do we enjoy Patti, her crew and their deep insights of sailing in this part of the world. Best from Phanga Nga Bay. Clients chartered SILOLONA in Malaysia and Thailand in Dec/Jan
Trina - Everything was wonderful. The boat was impeccable, Glenn & Angela were great, the food and wine was amazing, and we had a fantastic time. I'd definitely recommend it to friends and family (and strangers for that matter!). Thanks for all your help with everything! American Clients chartered Catamaran CARIBBEAN DREAM in the BVIs
Reia - JO and crew are wonderful. David is fabulous and we are in love with his cuisine! Thanks for eveything. American clients chartered JO in the BVI's in Dec/Jan
The trip was fantastic. The crew were great! We had a super time thanks!! I would recommend them and the boat to anyone and everyone. Thanks a lot!! Fantastic. J.R from the UK chartered DA BUBBA in the Bahamas and Turks & Caicos, Oct/Nov
The cruise was fantastic and the "Impulse" is a truly comfortable and luxurious yacht and we all enjoyed our team there very much. Everything was perfectly prepared when we arrived and the crew was amazing --- Jolande is a fantastic and creative chef who created the most delicious food always wonderfully presented (I very much enjoyed joining her early morning in St. Tropez on her shopping tour to the fish market and other lovely butchers, bakeries and cheese shop where we found the most delicious ingredients for her magical cooking), Bernadette took care of us in the most friendly and attentive way and last but not least Tim, a very helpful and insightful skipper who showed us the most beautiful places. The "Impulse" is a wonderful yacht but the crew made us feel right away at "home" amongst friends. To make a long story short, the cruise was a wonderful and most enjoyable experience and I'm sure it was not the last time I spend time on the "Impulse". A.B from Thailand chartered IMPULSE in St Tropez, Cannes, Monaco in Sept
Dear Josh, Now we're back from a wonderful trip in the Naples area, we would like to thank you for the organization and your support. Everything worked fine, especially our fantastic crew. Salvatore is one of the best Italian cooks we met up to date. Rita was very supportive and fulfilled all of our wishes. Also our Skipper showed us all the beautiful places in the gulf of Naples including Capri, Amalfi and was very careful regarding weather conditions :) As you already promised our vacation was really a dream and we will do it again as soon as possible. Thank you! P. E from Germany chartered RIVIERA in Naples & Capri, Amalfi ...Sept
Hi Reia - We had a fantastic trip simply fantastic. The crew were fantastic – Captain Jiorgos a super hero with all members and especially the kids we had a great time with him and became close friends during the week together. Fedra the cook also a very nice lady. T.H from Denmark chartered Catamaran ANASSA in, Athens, Cyclades, Mykonos, Greece, August
The charter was an amazing experience. The highlight of our trip for all 11 of us. We really enjoyed the crew immensely. The food was outstanding (the chef is Mexican as are we). The itinerary was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed each place we stopped. There was only one significant problem. We didn't have enough time!!! So as you can see, we are charterers now. We will always relish the moments on Andiamo in every way. F.O from USA chartered M/Y ANDIAMO in, Portofino, Bonifaccio, Porto Cervo, Corsica, France in August
Dear Reia: Sorry for late reply, just returned home. Just a small mail to say that we absolutely loved the charter (on LIONSHARE) and greg and his crew did everything to make it a success. Even so there are younger boats, the crew makes all the difference ....M.P from South Africa chartered Motor Yacht LionShare in Porto Vechio, Ajaccio, St Tropez, Corsica, July
Chelsea, Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the crew of the Shangani for looking after us on our exciting and much enjoyed cruise around Thailand. Not only was the scenery spectacular the yacht was a perfect way to see the area and the support and company of the crew made the holiday one to remember. Bo was a fantastic chef who not only delivered great meals, she was a delight to deal with, always wanting to make sure we were looked after, little Rosie was always on hand to cater for all our needs, and made everything so easy for us we didn’t have to do anything and nothing was a problem. The boys were also great support, if we wanted to go snorkelling or a ride on the kayaks they had everything organised, and made everything so easy to do. The crew are such a delight to deal with and made us feel so welcome on your yacht. We felt like the crew were part of our lives and couldn’t leave without having a few beers with them, just to say a huge thank you for making our holiday such a wonderful experience. That was our way of saying thanks for such a wonderful holiday. You have a great team who really compliment the beautiful yacht that make the experience one to remember. Thanks so much for a wonderful holiday. Chartered SHANGANI in Phuket, Thailand July
Just a brief note to let you know we had a great week aboard the Lady Thuraya. The yacht is in great condition, everything appears as new the furnishings are tasteful and comfortable and all the fixtures worked perfectly well. The navigation equipment also appears state of the art, looks like the renovation was extensive and very complete. But what really made our stay most enjoyable was the crew, always ready and anticipating our every desire, attentive to the smaller details, always a smile on their face and a genuine interest in providing us with an unforgettable experience while giving us all a great sense of safety and security with their professional attitude and ease of maneuvering the sailboat even into the tightest of mooring spots. The food was delightful and light, impecably served, totally appropriate for the heat we experienced; pity that Frans will not make a career of cooking on yachts! Bravo! M.M from Portugal chartered in Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor in Croatia, July
Hi Trina - Our trip was amazing!! G & Caroline are the best crew ever and we all loved them so much and felt so spoiled. I am missing Caroline’s cooking dearly. Thank you both so much for helping us coordinate this amazing journey. Our whole group agreed it was the best trip they have ever taken. My husband & I are also very in love with Maevie. It’s a gorgeous yacht!! It was in tip top shape from top to bottom every day at sea. The crew never stopped to rest the entire week. They are very hard workers & we were very fortunate to have them. A.K from USA chartered in Amalfi, Capri, Positano, Naples, Italy in July
Hi Trina - I want to pass along our thanks for a lovely time on the Mare Nostrum. Not only is she a magnificent boat (new, well kept, lots of outdoor space, equal sized and lovely room with beautiful bathrooms) that is well equipped (jet ski, kayak, water ski), but the service and attention of Galip (the owner who was with us the entire trip!) and his team was truly EXCEPTIONAL!!! From meals that would be hard to find in the nicest restaurants to daily adventures experiencing the local flavors and personality, we could not have been happier. We have been all over the world with our family and we would have to say that our trip on the Mare Nostrum surely has been one of the best. Our hearty thanks! M.N from USA chartered in Turkey in Bodrum, Dalaman, Gocek in July
We were most pleased. I cannot commend enough our Captain and crew. We loved DRUMBEAT and would highly recommend it's charter to all. Thank you for accommodating us on such short notice. M.W from USA chartered in Vanuatu, South Pacific, in July
Dear Reia: Thanks for all your hard work. The week was fantastic. We all loved the boat and especially the crew. They did an amazing job of looking after us for the week. Pascal is a great captain and made all the family feel safe as well as ensuring that we had a wonderful schedule. Thanks again. We will be back next year. M.H from Paris chartered GRAND BLEU VINTAGE in Croatia, June
It was really a fantastic trip. The boat was absolutely gorgeous and the perfect size. Greece was so gorgeous. Kids enjoyed it so much but mostly the water sports ie, jet ski etc... The crew was excellent and the were very attentive, food was delicious and all in all no complaints what so ever.... Reia thank you again for everything. 2 out of 2!! thank you for your excellent service!!!!! UK Family chartered Motor Yacht ANASSA in Greece in June
Trina, Everything was perfect! The yacht, the crew, activities... The crew in particular was off the charts! They really did go out of their way to please us. Please release the full amount of the gratuity. I have nothing but good things to talk about the charter, an opinion shared amongst all of the guests. Thank you for all your help with the charter of Miracle, everything went smoothly and you were very professional and efficient during the whole process. I will not hesitate in contacting you for our next charter (next year, hopefully!!). Miracle BVI's charter (british Virgin Islands) Caribbean in April
Sorry for the delay.... but the trip was great. Thanks for all the help. The food was awesome, and my daughter and I became certified divers. The captain was very good and helpful. J.E chartered TRILOGY in the Virgin Islands, April
Everything went excellent. We all were very much satisfied with the service the crews had extended. Thank you a million. J.I from Japan chartered EN'LESS in the Leeward Islands, Caribbean in March
The trip was off the charts, Trina. Absolutely fabulous. All of us said it was the best vacation we’ve ever had. Gary & I have been to lots of great places in the last 5 years—Italy, Greece, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Maui, Victoria, Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, Aruba, etc-- and at five star hotels. Jim, Amanda and Catamaran Bliss exceeded our expectations. I could blither on and on but that says it all. THANK YOU for making my 10 year dream a reality, Trina. - Feb charter Bliss in the Caribbean
We had a fabulous time on Priorities! Rich and Lisa catered to our every need, the food was amazing, they are both so nice and knowledgable about the area and of course Reggie was as adorable as his picture. Thank you for setting everything up for us. We would have rebooked for next year before we even got off the boat but we have an extended family vacation for my mother-in-law's birthday that's already been planned for next February. Thank you again. It was a pleasure working with you planning our trip. Chartered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI's) in Feb.
Dear Trina, Greg enjoyed his trip thoroughly, he was thrilled with the boat, and the crew. I cannot thank you enough for helping to get this all done and coordinated on such short notice and with the holidays. I will be sure to contact you for his next charter trip. Have a great day!
Thank you so much for organizing our En'Less charter. I really appreciate your hard work in getting it organized. Your diligence in following up to make sure we had thought of everything, and your honesty and integrity in bringing to our attention the lower actual cost of the boat right at the start. I have already recommended your services to a few people and will continue to enthusiastically do so. I look forward to working with you to book many more charters in the coming years. Chartered in the Leeward Islands Dec/Jan
Bonjour Trina, just wanted to thank you on behalf of all of the Hamiltons, Rogers, Vanderveens and Metherall crew. Our charter was better then we had expected, everything from the food, to the crew were outstanding. We would recommend your charter to our friends and family and if we were ever to consider a charter in the future to the Tahitian Islands, it would be yours. Thanks Trina for all of your help and I know you went out of your way to make sure all of the details and information was well executed. Job well done!! - Chartered Tahiti, Bora Bora in Nov.
Dear Reia - As promised, I wanted to provide you with some further feedback on our experience this year on ELEMENT which I am happy to share with other prospective charterers of this yacht. 1) The Captain was superb. He was very informative, welcoming, and in total charge of the team. He knew the area well and was willing to help us in any which way he could so that we would have a wonderful experience. 2) The rooms were wonderful with all the necessary amenities, great working showers and facilities. 3) The layout was also great with nice size sitting areas and deck on top was were we mostly stayed. 4) The "front staff" were the most attentive of the past seven charters we have had: welcoming, extremely pleasant, highly professional, attentive and yet not intrusive. They maintained the cabins is perfect condition. As Ian says, they provided a 7-Star service. 5) Jonathan the chef was superb in his selection of food, the presentation, the quality, and taste. My clothes are a great testament to his abilities as after 5 days on the boat I already feel my clothes to be extremely snug!! 6) Paul, Andy, and David were also some of the nicest people we had met on any of the previous boats. They were very careful that we were safe at all times and enjoyed our activities in the sea. 7) The engineer was also great simply because we as guests did not experience any problems with the boat or the equipment. Overall, I think we should give it a 98 out of 100 score (98 because only God is perfect!) Thanks very much for recommending this yacht. - Chartered in Amalfi, italy in the Western Mediterranean.
HI Reia - Everything was great thanks, Croatia was gorgeous, the weather and islands were amazing! The boat worked out really well, we ended up staying in Split overnight and then went to Trogir for a bit , then up to Skradin for the night, went to Krka National park the next day to hang out at the falls. After that we headed to Vis and Bisevo to see the blue caves, then off to Vela Luka for the night and the next day headed to Korcula, next stop was Hvar for the day and finally on the way home we stopped in at Bol on the Island of Brac before we finished in Split...... it was great, we saw loads, relaxed and got a nice tan! The skipper worked out well, he knew the locals and all the little places to go so it was very easy for us. Thanks so much for all your help, you have been great. RN from Hong Kong chartered in Croatia, Aug.
Dear Reia - The trip was wonderful. The boat was really good and the crew was amazing. Everything ran very smoothly, the weather, the itinerary, etc. Thanks for everything. Looking forward for next year! M. K from Brazil chartered in Croatia, Aug
We really appreciated the cruise. Crew and food was excellent. The captain manages very well the boat. We had plenty of good times - diving, kite surf and many activities.... We are very happy and thanks for organising the good weather too! S.B from Switzerland chartered in Sardinia Aug.
The captain was amazing. Very professional but a nice outgoing man as well. The 2 crew members were so nice and accommodating. They didn’t speak English that well but we were able to communicate anyway. The food they cooked was very good and served us very well. I really enjoyed our days on the boat. BB from USA chartered Amalfi, Aug
Dear Reia - We all more than enjoyed our stay on board Grand Bleu Vintage. Everything was just perfect and the staff were highly professional. We may be willing to renew the experience next year depending on where the ship will be cruising early July. Please keep me informed if you and when you know something about it. Thanks once again for your assistance. E.M from Switzerland chartered in Croatia, July
Hi Reia - In terms of feedback, we didn't wish to leave the boat!! We could have quite happily started all over again. The boat and crew were excellent; they could not have made us feel more welcome. Some of the waters we travelled in and areas we visited were new to Gary but he made every effort to read about the area and local tourist attracts so he was as aware as possible of the local history. Robbie's food was out of this world, it was just amazing, always so light but so full of flavour, also the presentation was just fabulous; I now have a collection of photos of Robbie's food! Kerry couldn't have done enough for us, she was just excellent. Jo to was great and really nice. We all had a wonderful two weeks and can't thank the crew enough for their efforts. S. H from the UK chartered ANNABEL II in Croatia in the Eastern Mediterranean in July.
Reia - From the moment our transport driver from Verona contacted the Captain for directions to the moment the crew waited at port for our taxis to arrive in Bonafaccio - we were very well taken care of!!! Exceptional service from every member of the crew. We talked daily with Captain Mats about the next day’s journey, making adjustments as needed. The stewardesses never stopped asking what they could do to assist whether a drink, a towel, a snack etc. Karina, the chief stewardess is a perfectionist about her work and those she manages. Jefferson, the mate, has been on the yacht the longest (6 years) and its easy to understand why. He cares for his guests with kid gloves. Gracious and kind - he tendered us to see spectacular coves, into ports, joy rides, water skiing etc. Plus he does so much on board to keep things in check for the Captain taking great pride in Star of the Sea. Magnus, the engineer, gave us great confidence that all was well and if something went wrong, he would solve the problem. The best was seeing him take Tom's mother at 82 on the jet ski...at full speed. It was a joy ride of her life. Jimmy, the new chef, was loved by all. Flexible, open to our ideas, asking everyday about our requests for the next day. Very creative as a chef and we loved his presentations as well as his food combinations. Always a new surprise. Mats runs a serious ship and you can see he commands tremendous respect from all. We felt very safe with him in charge. The ship itself was a beautiful setting and size for our family. Plenty of space not to be on top of each other. All meals except one large dinner were outside on the upper deck. Spectacular views and sea breezes. The crew gave us our space for many family deep conversations, always being attentive yet discreet when needed. Cabins worked out perfectly. The stewardesses always keeping them in perfect order and timely. The table settings for every meal were beautiful and always a little different - beautiful china, crystal, casual settings, placemats, decorations etc. We had several special occasions I planned for every other night, they set things up perfectly as I had requested and then some. Other than lunch the first day we had every meal on the yacht. If you need any references for Star of the Sea or you as a yacht broker, please don't hesitate to email us. The entire experience as you have read was superior and exceeded our dreams and expectations. J.H from the USA chartered in Italy June
“Dear Chelsea. We had a nearly perfect vacation. Mat and Pat were unbelievable. Pat is a fabulous chef, and both entertained us with watersports, drinks, etc., in fantastic fashion. We can’t wait to go back. Everyone in my family from my 8-year-old up enjoyed every moment of the trip. It rained only one day, and for half of that we were scuba diving so we didn’t even notice. The yacht was very comfortable and we couldn’t ask for more. Our itinerary took us to all the highlights I had hoped to visit. Every day we had at least two major outings, one morning and one afternoon. Although Mat and Pat stood ready to take us to shore for the evenings, most nights we just relaxed on the boat." Thanks to you for all your help." E.H. Chartered NSS Pattam
Dear Reia - Thank you very much for the trip. The crew and the yacht were excellent. There were no problems with any arrangements. The decorations on the birthday were beautiful. N.D from Russia chartered in Italy June
Hi Chelsea: - All we can tell you is this was a FANTASTIC cruise. Captain Tony, Stephanie, Gabe, Juriska and Bruno were simply the BEST ! The diving was great, the food wonderful, great....the BEST. The islands Tony took us to was wonderful. I am a huge James Bond fan, so loved Thunderball at Staniel Cay Cove in the Exumas! Atlantis is always wonderful! I wished we could have deep sea fished, I was disappointed at that, but Mother Nature would not cooperate so I completely understand that! We'll save that for another time! The Miracle was a beautiful Yacht, everything and more that the online photos represented! Our whole group felt so welcome by the crew and felt so comfortable with all of them! Thank you so much for your help in putting this all together. Chartered Bahamas May.
Trina: - So we had a great time and really enjoyed it and Dave and Guy made the whole experience so much fun and would like to thank you for organising everything for us, we actually met up with somebody from the UK we know who lives in Sydney and she came with us at the weekend, but she had already used Sail corp and Guy in particular and was also full of praise for him. Once again thank you for organising our trip, it was good to have somebody who knew the people and the area and we really enjoyed the whole experience. J.G - Sydney, Feb
Hi Reia - Yes as always it was a very great trip. Interesting and relaxing boat. Great Captain and crew. Many thanks. A. C chartered in Tahiti, Dec
Hi Trina; John and Joanne were wonderful; the boat is great. We enjoyed our time together very much. I would highly recommend them for any charter. Thank you very much for your assistance in putting the charter together. JS - Chartered in Mexico - DEC
Chelsea- The trip was everything that we could have expected. We had a wonderful time, no surprises and the trip was just perfect. Captain Kevin was competent and very helpful. The crew members were good at their jobs and the food was delicious! The variety of islands, tours, beaches, diving, sailing time and motoring time were spot on. The boat was clean and comfortable. Even my wife, who has a mobility problem, was able to negotiate the stairs (rather than a ladder) with little difficulty to one of the cabins………………Many thanks for all of your help. You have been a true professional in helping us with our cruising needs. Chartered in the Seychelles Sept
Dear Reia - We've just arrived home from Paris. Everything went absolutely fantastic, much more than we expected. The boat had a perfect size and fitted us all with lots of comfort. The "everything is possible" Captain was irritatingly tireless when asked to make many last minute changes. The Crew as well was, since the beginning, very solicitous and pleasant making us feel no symptom at all of homesickness. We would like to authorize you the release in full of the gratuity that we've already paid. Finally on behalf of all our friends we would like to thank you very much for your outstanding efforts to make this vacation unforgettable. Was a unique pleasure doing "business" with you hoping that we can repeat it many times. Get our more than warmest regards, J & H – chartered in Croatia Sept
Dear Chelsea, Thank you so much, We really enjoyed our vacation. The Santa Lucia Experience was awesome. The yacht was as expected, but it should not be consider a Sailboat it never sailed. The crew were very polite and helpful, The captain was also the chef and the food was great. Weather and itinerary couldnt be better. All the things bought food, drinks, wine, spirits were fine. Every Port we stayed at was clean, and neighbors were really nice people. Charterer Santa Lucia – September
Hi Chelsea, The charter was great and we thank you for all you did for us; you and Reia were beyond helpful and we appreciate it. We want to extend our sincere thanks to the crew for two great weeks cruising aboard M/Y Leonora. The yacht, crew, food, arrangements, and weather could not have better. We had high expectations for the cruise and you and the crew exceeded them. Thanks you again and we hope to see you on another cruise in the future. Chartered Motor Yacht Leonora Sept
Hi Reia - The trip was great and the staff, too. Thanks for the support. I will contact you for our next trip. Thanks again, B. P - Chartered on the Amalfi Coast Aug
Dear Reia, the boat and the crew were fantastic. Each member of the crew was outstanding at what they did and always went the extra mile. For the whole charter everyone was happy and helpful and not once did the standards slip, which I think is pretty impressive. All crew were amazing with the children which made our trip very special. The boat was perfect for us and set up very well for young children. The attention to detail on the boat for us and our guests was immaculate at all times. An absolutely great bunch of people who were fun yet professional. With regards to the itinerary it was a shame the Aegean sea in August is so windy but overall a truly superb trip. Thanks for organizing it. H & L chartered in the East Med in Aug
Hi Chelsea- our holiday was perfect. the boat was great, the islands were beutiful but most of all we enjoyed the crew. the capitan ernesto and his wonderful crew were very nice, friendly and flexible. they made us feel at home and let us make all the decisions. they told us that the most important thing for them is for us to feel good and indeed we felt that. we have only good words for ernesto, olga, rossana and guitano and i would reccomedn this vacation to anyone who can aford it... thanks again. Chartered in Sicily, Aug
Reia, We had a great time on SeaLyon. Everyone on the crew were professional and very helpful. We had one issue with the seas getting rough when we had to anchor out of port one night but other than that everything was great. So glad we were able to get into port in St Tropez. It really made the trip. I'm traveling a lot and going to be very busy for the next several weeks so decided to email you instead of calling. Thanks for everything. J.G chartered in Sardinia & the Cote D’Azur, July
Dear Chelsea - We are very happy because we spent a great time during the past week on PANDORA, the boat was incredible and the crew was so nice and friendly. We enjoyed it so much we hope we can join them next year. Thank you for all your attentions before, during and after this great trip. I hope to be in contact with you very soon. Thanks again! Gloria. Chartered Pandora in Greece, June.
Hi Reia - We had a wonderful weekend on KOKO. Thanks again for making the arrangements… the crew were fantastic and the cuisine onboard was exceptional. We’re very pleased with our trip and are looking forward to our next charter. Best regards! L & M chartered in St Tropez, July
Dear Chelsea, Everything was great, the Itinerary was amazing, we really enjoy all the places we visited. The crew was really nice, and we had a great time in the Mediterranean. Steve is a great Captain and would definitely charter again with him. I think our friend also rented a boat from you after I recommend he speak with you for a Charter in Greece. Please send the remaining money to Steve account as a tip for all of the crew. Thank you for everything; we had a great time, and best regards. - Chartered a motor yacht in the Mediterranean.
Dear Trina - We had a wonderful trip on Contessa—will send you a copy of the recommendation we sent to Richard. We had quite rough weather, and it was impossible to fish at Anegada because the water was so roiled up from the storms. But Richard got us there and it was one of the high points of the trip. I also want to tell you that I appreciate the very professional and conscientious job you did in arranging the charter, vetting the boat (Contessa was everything we wanted—big, roomy, beamy, and very stable) and the crew for us, organizing the fishing licenses, etc. It was a pleasure to work with you/Charter World and assuming we decide to charter again next year will call you. Jim Kelley, Sailng Yacht Contessa, BVI, March
Hi Reia - Back in Spain now after what was quite simply the most fantastic holiday we have ever had. The boat was excellent but what really made it was the crew who were just wonderful. There were a few tears from the ladies when we had to leave them.
Hi Chelsea, I had a fantastic time, enjoyed the itinerary and jet skis. The captain was absolutely fantastic and I could not fault him in any way. The crew were great. Thank you so much for all your planning and help with this charter. GW chartered in Amalfi
Trina - I'm happy to provide the feed back requested. First, you (CharterWorld) were great. I will definitely call you again. You were always available,responsive, responsible and prompt. We'd never before "blindly" selected a boat and crew before and I was very uneasy about doing so when I started this process with you. You however made the process easy and your observations,comments suggestions etc were all right on target. Thank you from all of us for doing such a great job. I'm positive the other three will use you if and when they need to arrange something they don't already have contacts for, and we're interested in trying to do something in Greece ,the Med or Croatia with you next. AB, St Lucia and the Grenadines on board MOTU, JAN
Thank you. We had the most amazing time on our trip. Pat and Matt are the best hosts. The food was like you would find at the best restaurants and at every meal. We gained 5 pounds each! We would definitely do another charter but only with Pat and Matt! anyone you recommend them to will not be disappointed at all! You were the best and thank you for all your help planning the wedding/trip. I could not have done it without your help. I told Matt and Pat that you were the only one who got back to be asap and not a week later. We will definitely use charterworld again. We gave your company name to a woman on the plane coming home!!! KR Chartered in the BVI on NSS Pattam, FEB
Reia: This was an incredible experience! I couldn’t be more complimentary of the crew, the boat, the food and the experience. It was one of those occasions when nothing could be faulted and no one wanted it to end. In a word - awesome! P.P from the US chartered from St Maarten Jan
Dear Trina, Hello! Happy New Year! Well, we had the best time ever, the crew was super special with my family, and we really loved the route we took. Everyday was something different, and exciting. We even learned how to scuba, or at least the introductory course. The boat was the perfect size for my family, and Jim and Marilyn , specially Jim, were always there to serve a good drink or some snacks or just to answer questions. Thank you very much. Chartered in BVI's Dec
Hi Reia - Back in Spain now after what was quite simply the most fantastic holiday we have ever had. The boat was excellent but what really made it was the crew who were just wonderful. There were a few tears from the ladies when we had to leave them. Brilliant, amazing, spectacular..........Thanks you so much for your help. RP from UK chartered on the Cote D’Azur, Jun
I apologise for not getting back to you sooner regarding feedback on Emotion2. It was a stunning holiday and I believe it was enjoyed by all. We got to experience some amazing beaches, islands and snorkelling. The crew were very accommodating and the boat was very well looked after. Thank you for your time arranging the boat. C.S from South Africa chartered in the Seychelles Jan
I promise you a fuller report at a later point but suffice to say that Captain John and the crew were fantastic, the yacht was perfect and the cruise itinerary couldn't have been better. We were looking for the experience of a lifetime and we certainly got it. The only sad thing is that it had to end. It already seems like a long time ago! Thanks Chelsea, We would certainty considering chartering again with you in the future. RW chartered in Tahiti.
Hi Trina, I'm sorry but the telephone was not working good in St.Maarten. The Charter was excellent, nice boat and nice crew. The quality of service matched our expectations. We will consider another charter in the future. S. B from Spain chartered in St Maarten, Dec
Dear Chelsea, We had a wonderful trip. Everything was fantastic, We all truly enjoyed it. Boat was great. Crew was excellent. We got 2 nights in St Tropez port !! And one night in port Grimauld. We slept in 6 different places. Including Cannes the last night. We were pleased with the captain and 1st mate. He was willing to do everything we wanted Thanks again for everything. AN from NY chartered in the Sof during July
Dear Chelsea, I just got back into my office. To sum it up my whole family and I agree it was the best vacation we've ever had. The crew was great. The boat was perfect except it was the smallest boat in every harbor but still perfect for our family size. I developed Yacht Envy. The only real problems we encountered was that my family took long showers so we periodically had to take a cold shower and the air conditioning died for our last two nights but the crew did everything they could do to make us comfortable. Thanks for all your help it was a great trip. SK chartered in the SOF.
We could not have had a better time. Marco, Julia and the Dragoon were perfect. As we discussed, I would like to give them a tip of 10% which I will wire to you when I return. You have also been great. Please use us as a reference if you need one. Thanks for everything. MS from NY chartered in Naples/Amalfi, Jul
Reia - Our experience was outstanding! Jean Marc and Danny were very gracious and always went the extra mile. We sailed to Nevis and St. Kitts, St. Barts, Anguilla... and we loved the boat. We can't wait for our next trip and we are thinking about the Greek Islands or the Seychelles for next year. My sincere thanks to you and Clare for all your efforts on our behalf. JB chartered in St Martin in June
Thanks Reia - We really had a most fantastic holiday! And we were so lucky with the weather, we got lots of sunshine right up til our last day. Nick, Eve and Shayna were just brilliant. They really made our trip. Eve is a most amazing cook and we were totally looked after at all times. Nick was able to advise us day to day on the best places to go and we were thrilled with our itinerary. As it turns out, we all loved being at anchor and just getting away from it all, and Nick was more than accommodating at all times for us. So we weren't really fussed about trying to get a berth, once we'd experienced the magic of being at anchor. Shayna looked after us every minute of the day. We really felt so lucky to have such a wonderful team, they know from experience how to make everything run smoothly and cater to the tastes of the client. So thank you Reia for all your wonderful organizing, we have memories to last a long time. Kind regards and many thanks, NH (Chartered on the Cote D’Azur May).
Hey Reia - just back from two amazing weeks sailing around the MED! Seeing the cup was awesome, the boat was awesome and the guy in Ibiza, Ivald, who manages the boat was awesome too! Thanks for making everything run so smoothly - I greatly look forward to working with you next year on my Greece trip!!! THANKS!!!!! CS chartered from Ibiza for America’s Cup
Dear Reia - We had an excellent holiday and we were very content with your service and the boat we hired. We will surely return if we are chartering again. Kind regards, J.B (from Denmark chartered in St Martin Mar)
Thank you Chelsea. We got back last night and had a fantastic trip.The crew were extremely helpful and enjoyable to be around, they knew the local area and I would charter with them again. You have been extremely helpful. Everything worked out great; despite a few hurdles to secure a boat. JP (Chartered Leeward Islands Caribbean March)
Craig was First Class, always available and much appreciated. Grenada was a superb charter area. Excellent sailing conditions with both reliable winds and variety between the rougher Atlantic and smoother Caribbean sides. Fascinating cultural variety too with each island ‘country’ alternating between Eng/Fr/Spanish/Dutch ‘heritage’ with virtually all African population. Highly recommended (D.C from Australia chartered in the Grenadines April)
Dear Reia, We had a wonderful holliday on board off the Carrie Michelle. The yacht matched entirely our expectations and the service level off the crew was outstanding. I thank Charterworld for the professional organisation off our trip and wish you a Happy New Year. S.C chartered in Florida, Dec
The charter was fantastic, the boat wonderful, the crew could not be faulted at all, most helpful and always cheerful and they were extremely helpful with all the trouble we had with the lost luggage. The Captain was more than efficient, and Michael's food was extremely good. Yes we had a wonderful time and will hopefully be going again one day soon. Kind regards, V & S (From Gibraltar, chartering in the Greek Ionian Island in Aug).
Chelsea, it was fabulous! The boat was just beautiful and also roomy, just as I had hoped. It?s 15 years old but beautifully maintained. And we had perfect weather and got several days of good wind. Our skipper was just great too friendly, but not too friendly and really knew what he was doing! W. O From Washington Chartered in the Gulf Islands, Canada Aug.
Trina, Everything went well, no hitches. We went to all our destinations and enjoyed everthing. Frank did a fine job of captaining the boat. We saw some of the biggest yachts in the world. It kept them quite busy. Thank you for all your help in setting up the charter for us.
Boat and crew were great. We had some rough sea’s which made a few nights sleep tough…but to be expected on a boat. The crew was the best part of the trip and they made us feel very at home. Thanks for your help - D.M from US Virgin Islands chartered in St Martin, Mar
Dear Reia: We arrived home one week ago and I wanted to thank you very much for your support, it was a really nice vacation, everyone got amazed for the boat, it was incredible. And the service the crew gave us was also unbeatable, excellent. Thank you for everything. Kind regards, Ana (From Spain chartered in Turkey Jul).
Hi Reia, Sorry but it's been a bit crazy since my return. Out trip was amazing, we had wonderful weather and the Lagoon 440 was beautiful, The crew, Andreas and Caroline were Fantastic!!! I would recommend them to anyone. Everyone in my party feels the same way. I'll send you some pic?s when I get them. Thank you again. G. M from USA chartered in Sicily, Sept.
"Hi Reia-It has taken me a few days to get back into the swing of things so I apologize for the delay in answering your email. Here is our feedback...it is a little long. Our vacation was more than we expected!!! The boat is just fabulous. I would sail on it again anytime or anywhere. It is a very comfortable and luxurious boat. Loved the king sized beds, en suite baths, beautiful wood all over and the AC for hot nights. There was plenty of deck space for everything we wanted to do. It was also outfitted with all the gear we needed for the week...snorkeling gear, kayaks, water skis, fishing rods, shady spots for games and a beautiful saloon. I can not tell you enough about Luc and Freddie. They were outstanding!!! They started out as our crew and about half way through the vacation we considered them our friends. The kids grew very attached to them. We loved the fact that they could share a different culture with us. The first day it was an adjustment for all of us but after that it was great. Luc's capability as a captain for such a large and expensive boat was exceptional. He keeps the boat in tip top shape. He let everyone who wanted help sail, which some of us did every day. Others, like me, just enjoyed the views. Luc has a fun personality that we enjoyed very much. The first thing I can tell you about Freddie is that we all fell in love with her, except our husbands of course! She is not only a fabulous chef cooking us light, exceptionally tasty fare with homemade dessert at every meal, but a wonderfully kind and funny woman. The kids wanted to be around her all the time and peeked in on her while in the galley since so many wonderful smells kept coming from there. It made us hungry all the time! She took very good care of us and spent time playing some cards and teaching us French. We took home some of her best recipes. The BVI's are gorgeous but what made this trip most special was being with our family, sailing an outstanding boat, and a fabulous crew. We probably took 600-700 pictures and hours of video to remember this special vacation!!! I would highly recommend this boat and crew to anyone who wants a vacation they will always remember. Thanks for all your help! Gina" (From the US chartered in the BVI?s in March).
"Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work in putting together a fantastic vacation for us. It was a flawless week with perfect weather, excellent wind, great sails and super accommodations." Susan, chartering in St Martin.
"Dear Chelsea- Many thanks for a great holiday. The yacht was delivered on time and perfectly equipped. The crew delightful and couldn?t have been more accommodating. They knew all about the local area and we would certainly charter with them again."
"Chelsea's service can not be faulted. She was fantastic and assisted us with our arrangements in a prompt and efficient manner. She even went beyond the call of duty to call us during the charter whilst she was on holidays." J.C from London charter in the Caribbean, July.
"Everything went great. My son and I had a great time. D and J ultimately couldn't make it, but it was a Father - son adventure vacation that we'll remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks so much for all your help in setting it up at the last minute. We'll definitely be going back, and I'll work with you to set it up again." B. S from the USA -- chartered in the British Virgin Islands, Caribbean.
Probably one of the best boats and best charters ever. The owners and crew were just suberb. Yes...we had a great time....more importantly my little boy had a ball." Mr R. B. - from Hong Kong, chartered in Australia .
The boat was amazing and we had the best time. The captain and all the crew where so lovely, they couldn't be more helpful - so much so we gave them a (very good) tip. Capri was so beautiful but you couldn't move for the people, we did all the islands; weather was so hot we just swam, ate and took in the sights. Thanks so much for your help. A. Davies from New Zealand - chartered in Italy.
Reia is a jewel. She is professional, well-informed and caring. I hope to meet her sometime...
"It was great. Captain, crew, location, itinerary? all perfect. Hardest part was leaving and we want to go back next year. In the meantime we are thinking of a similar trip." M. F from Australia - chartered in Fij."
"If I can be fortunate enough to charter again in Europe through CharterWorld, I would insist on using Reia as our consultant. Reia was great, and despite, previous poor experience in Europe with another charter group, CharterWorld delivered exactly what we bargained for." Client from Canada - chartered in Bormes, France.
"Fortunately, our sailing adventure on La Royere II was great! We enjoyed something new everyday. The comfortable boat and great crew, along with beautiful scenery, excellent food, colorful local markets, wonderful people, artistry, flowers, incredible boats, plus the charm of old towns like Ste. Tropez, and the Monastery on Isles de Lerins, kept us engaged and entertained everyday. The crew handled all the details, allowing us to relax and enjoy the decadence of a week of pampering in the beautiful temperate climate along the French Riviera! - What's not to like!! Although the wind was calm every day but one, Captain Laurent always found us a new and interesting place to explore each day. Both Laurent and his first mate Carole (sp.?) were delightful, very skilled in their roles, and a good fit for us. Laurent handled all aspects of the boat masterfully! Although we might have enjoyed more direct involvement in sailing the boat the way we are accustomed to back home, we did eventually relax and leave all the work to Laurent! He came up with a wonderful itinerary that ensured plenty of shore time, swimming, hiking, sightseeing, shopping, etc. every day. He was very easy to work with and exceptionally skilled. I would happily recommend him to others. Carole, was absolutely delightful! Her food preparation was so fresh and delicious everyday. - I put on FIVE POUNDS from her always-enticing culinary wonders! In fact, we all agreed to skip our planned night out to a restaurant, just to enjoy one more of her masterpiece dinners on board! Carole's open, communicative style, and fun-loving sense of humor helped us all 'let our hair down' and added a special charm to our days! The boat was beautiful. She handled especially well the one day we sailed into 25 knot head winds, providing an exciting start to our week!"
"Reia, Thank you for your service in arranging the boat and crew. Everything came together just as promised, without a hitch, and with no surprises. I will certainly let our friends know how satisfied we are with your services."B. H from the USA chartered on the Cote D'Azur, Sept.
"The boat itself was just perfect. It was comfortable, beautiful, and spacious without being too glitzy like some of the charter boats I've seen. I could live on her! The crew was really, really wonderful. All told, I'd definitely give the yacht five stars!! Thank you for your help. Happy New Year!" Mrs. B.L who chartered with family around Fiji in the South Pacific.
"I have just emailed your post charter feedback to you. It doesn't say nearly enough about how well and hard you worked on this deal. I am a retired commercial real estate broker who understands the importance of the deal-maker in the deal. You are a deal maker of the first order." E. G - chartered in Florida Keys.
"Dear Chelsea, thank you very much for your help. We really enjoyed this time. Venice was good. We liked Croatia. The scenery of Kotor bay is wonderfull. We liked the crew. Thank you very much again." - A. from Russia.
I will never go again without Charter World as my booking agent!
"Back from Corsica - I have to say that the vacations have been unbeateable. The weather perfect, the landscape just marvellous, great crew and what a boat. The only thing is, as you told me, that the boat was too new and some things where not ajusted but even when we had some problems this added the neccesary touch of adventure to the trip. Thanks for evetything. The next trip we are planning is hiring a boat to navigate the Croatian coast. We will initiate the search around November. I hope you can help us with it." - A. L. From Spain.
"Hayley, Our vacation was wonderful, and the best news upon arrival was that we were getting a brand new boat, out at sea for only 6 weeks. Everything went well, didn't even break a glass. Thank you very much for your great administrative work, I'm keeping you in my contacts." P. M from Switzerland.
"We had a wonderful time. The area had changed much since we were there last time. The catamaran was a good choice for us, plenty of room but the sailing to windward was marginal as is typical for these boats. Our boys had a good time. I did speak to a friend who has chartered in the Virgin Islands last year, and he reported that his children were bored after a few days. We were able to stop, swim, beach, shop, windsurf, ride motor scooters, rent a car and travel around the islands, Jet Ski. The family liked the checking in the different islands seeing how the different countries worked, kind of like a movie with exotic locations. I even taught them how to shoot a sun sight with an old sextant (don't use these much in these days of gps). There was enough variation and adventure to satisfy everyone. Thank you for your help." L. R - chartered from St Martin, Caribbean.
'We had a great time on our trip. Thank you for all your help and arrangements. Sailing in the Whitsundays was excellent.The Sunsail staff were as usual excellent in every way?Well once again thanks a lot. We have recommended you to all our friends and actually I hear that our friend's boss is just now organizing his Whitsunday holiday through you. We will certainly be in touch next time we want to charter. Thank you for your help in our great family experience.' N. S from Germany - chartered in the Whitsundays, Australia.
"So overall a good experience, lovely holidays. Maybe next time we will look for a catamaran. I have never got into one of those before, but I did at Sunsail base and the difference in room with the monohull is amazing! So, thank you again for your help, and now let?s go for the next....!!" -- Mr. JM sailing a bareboat in the Caribbean.
'What great PR on your part and very professional. I will send your feedback and I'm confident we will do more business' - B. M from England, charter in Croatia.
'Thanks for sorting all this out and looking forward to G+T++++ and will think of you with every intoxicating sip but only at the end of the day so as not to invalidate your insurance!' - M from England, chartering in Corsica.
'So, thank you Matt for finding us this lovely yacht!!! Without your service so far our production probably would have stalled. I appreciate your help and constant research. Thank you so much!'_ R. M from Germany, chartering in Malta.
"Thanks so much for the offer of the great yacht. She would be fantastic! When I book next time I will surely talk to you and anyone I know in Vancouver interested in chartering anywhere, I will send them your way." - Mrs L. G.
"We had a great sailing trip in the Abacos and everybody is ready to go sailing again! There are - as always in sailing - lots of stories, but we heroicly mastered them all ;-) Great job! (Finding the boat, organizing the charter and always very friendly and helpful)." -- Mr. Mark E, charterered in the Abacos.
"Charterworld" has proven to be a fantastic resource and your professional service was of great help.
"Reia was completely knowledgeable from the start. I didn?t have to ask a question as she covered all the information I needed to make my decision..." - Mr G.B chartered in British Virgin Islands.
"Everything went smoothly; and the week was great (bar a day of heavy winds and rain), and the sailing was very good. Many thanks for all of your help." Mr A.I. - chartered in St Vincent, Caribbean.
"Thank you for all! It has been great! The skipper was knowledgeable and discreet. My wife says that is one of the best trips in her life! I want to thank you for your help and professional and efficient search for us! Next thing we are thinking is finding a charter for the two of us in the Caribbean for next Christmas. We still have to set up time schedule and place but I would love to hear from you about suggestions about spots and prices. Thank you again." J. R from Spain- chartered in Sicily.
"The holiday was just fabulous as was the service by all the staff at... We will book 2 weeks for next year at the same time, infact i can do that now if you wish. Thank you also for your considerable assistance." - R from London chartered in Croatia.
Hi Reia, Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting it all out. We had a great time, the people there were very helpful, the place is beautiful to look at and the harbours were not crowded. The boat was a little tired, but that was reflected in the price. Thanks again. Kind regards, Nick (From Bahrain, chartered in the Seychelles Mar)
Dear Clare, I came back home from my honeymoon just yesterday. The time on board on Melinda was wonderful, Tonga is a piece of paradise on the earth and even if the weather wasn't good (clouds and rain for almost all the time) the crew was great in finding something to do: they often took us with the dinghy for a walk ashore or for an exploration of the coast around and they had care of us for everything. For all the time we had great sailing, great snorkeling, really good food and it was very interesting to explore the islands where we were anchored for the night. I think we will never forget all the places and all the people we met, overall we will never forget the crew (Christine for her magnificent cakes, Steve for all his stories and for the funny sailing and Mesi for his precision in doing everything). And I will never forget your courtesy and kindness in the organization of this trip. Thank you so much!
Dear Clare sorry for the delay in responding your mail .We travel after Tahiti and only arrived this week. We had a beautiful time and weather that although it rained a couple of times it was overall excellent. The couple of Didier and Pauline couldn’t have been better. Pauline is an outstanding Chef; in fact I told if she came to live to Chile we could become famous opening a restaurant. Didier was always happy and with great disposition to do anything to keep us happy and comfortable.
I am very glad to contact you in this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am to you with the service on contracting OMBRE BLU. I want to congratulate you for everything, the boat is great, I want to thank you for the great days we passed onboard OMBRE BLU, Melissa and Francesco are great persons, and their service is really great, they are very kind. Everything was excellent. Thank you very much again for everything. E.P from Argentina chartered OMBRE BLU in Sicily, Sept
Dear Chelsea, It was really a great week, very pleasant! We enjoyed very much Croatia as well as Kotor/Montenegro. CASSIOPEIA is a modern and comfortable boat. Captain Tomislav and his crew played a key role on making us relax and enjoy the entire week. They are really careful, proactive and professional. We would for sure recommend they for other charters. Finally, thanks for the excellent job. Despite the short notice you were able to put everything together and all ran really smoothly. L. M from Brazil chartered CASSIOPIEA in Croatia, Sept
Dear Reia - Thank you for your email. We have only returned home today from our holidays. We would like to let you know that we had a really great time onboard Andiamo it was a fantastic experience and definitely to be repeated. The crew really made the trip enjoyable. The children loved the trip and the crew. We would definitely repeat a charter again with the same crew... B.T from Spain chartered MY ANDIAMO in Monaco, Portofino & Corsica in August
We are back from our arctic adventure and had a wonderful time. Everything went perfectly: the boat was excellent, the captain and crew were positive and helpful beyond our expectations, Martin was a great guide, and the sun was shining almost every day. We saw all of the wildlife we expected, including the most unique narwhale sighting imaginable. We were so impressed that we are considering a trip to Antarctic in December M.P chartered HANSE EXPLORER in Norway and Svalbard Archipelago in August.

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