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Yacht chartering can be a great way to enjoy a superb holiday, in some of the ...

Yacht Chartering Tips:

Yacht chartering can be a great way to enjoy a superb holiday, in some of the most beautiful parts of the world.  We understand how many things there are to consider, when planning a vacation around yacht chartering.  Here are a few guidelines, to help you choose the right company. With a great broker, a yacht chartering vacation can be even better than you imagined.

Use a reputable charter boat broker.   A good yacht charter broker should be able to provide professional and informative advice.  Use a charter broker that you are happy with in terms of their experience, professionalism and attention to you needs.  They will find the best charter boats for the best value from all the charters they have to choose from.  The can do this through experience and knowledge.
Brokers are independent and tend to represent a multitude of charter boat operators, worldwide; therefore tend to give unbiased advice.  A good broker will be familiar with the boats, crew and destinations in which they operate.
   With charter vacations, payment is often required months in advance.  Your charter broker should have a trust (escrow) account, to protect your funds from creditors, should the company full into financial difficulty.
 With charter vacations, operators set strict departure and arrival times for their boats, which allows time for cleaning and preparation.  When organizing your other travel arrangements, get a good travel agent who is familiar with yacht chartering.  You will need to consider flight times, visas and perhaps some onshore accommodation.  Some charter boat brokers, as we do, have the facilities to organize your complete charter vacation package for you, including your international travel, accommodation, car rental or tours.

These are a few tips for successful yacht chartering.  At CharterWorld, we can provide professional advice to find the best boat, crew and destination, to suit your needs. We can even help plan the rest of your vacation around your charter.

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