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Choosing a luxury yacht charter vacation is a perfect way to take centre stage ...

Glitz and Glamour – A See & Be Seen Yacht Charter

Choosing a luxury yacht charter vacation is a perfect way to take centre stage in the world's most exclusive destinations. Approaching the magnificent coastline of the majestic French Riviera in a superyacht is the perfect way to take in the spectacular views while enjoying a memorable time on board. From champagne spray parties in St. Tropez or Monaco to romantic evenings in the wonderful atmosphere of Montenegro or Sardinia is what chartered vacations are all about, to experience the glamour and see and be seen.

Every year eye-catching superyachts travel to the world's most iconic and exotic destinations, jostling for position in exclusive harbors. Enjoy premier destinations like the French and Italian Rivieras, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mediterranean and South East Asia. Try mouth -watering food in different locations around the world, like st Barts, in fabulous restaurants, relax on exotic beaches and attend exciting events as part of your yacht charter itinerary.

Vacation destinations such as New England, becomes a playground for elite mega yacht charter travelers especially during the high season. There's nothing quite like an on board party or beach party to get to know fellow passengers. Have your camera at the ready while everyone joins in the fun, after all that's what yacht charter vacations are all about. This type of holiday, whether with family, friends or as a single guest is one of the best ways to sea and be seen at prestigious events. Watch in comfort and style from on board a yacht charter vessel the Cannes Film Festival or have breath taking trackside views of the awesome Monaco Grand Prix, wow.

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Live the high life during your time on board a luxurious yacht charter while visiting far reaches of the globe. Make your dreams come true by arranging with the help of an experienced captain and crew where you would like to see and be seen. Explore the beautiful coastal regions of Thailand, Croatia, Tonga and Tahiti. Don't miss out on the opportunity to sail around Greece, Turkey and the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. Plan your yacht charter vacation to visit the Seychelles with its pristine white beaches, crystal clear blue waters and laid back lifestyle.

You can expect the very best of amenities and facilities when you rent a yacht charter. Guests can benefit from opulent accommodation tastefully designed with elegance and quality in mind. Cabins are spacious with comfortable beds, flat screen TVs, wireless Internet access and for the ultimate in relaxation, a choice of music. Chill out on the deck's sunbathing areas, while watching the world go by and top up your tan. For the more energetic, try scuba diving to see whale sharks, mantarays, electric eels and dolphins. There's always plenty of snorkeling equipment onboard too, great for the kids who want to explore.

Browse our web site to find the best places to see and be seen on a hired charter yacht holiday. Mingle with the jet set on St. Barths, Nikki Beach in Croatia, Yanuca island in Fiji, Milos island beaches in Greece and Ifaty beach near Toliara, Madagascar. Yacht charter destination options are endless so why not let us help you to begin planning your vacation of a lifetime? Click on our action packed website today to learn more about exclusive sea and be seen yacht charter destinations. Pack your bags and get ready to go.

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