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Some may associate luxury charter vacations with days of blissful relaxation ...

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Some may associate luxury charter vacations with days of blissful relaxation under a clear, cerulean sky, and nights of indulgence in holding a loved one's hand under the glimmer of constellations hidden to us. Many do not – they associate it with wild water sports fun! Luxury charters can offer much more than endless hours of stargazing and whale watching. It really depends on what you want from your boat and location. These active type yachting holidays can be the gateway to fun-filled experiences, where adrenaline rushes through our veins, ignites the heart, and stirs our imaginations in activities that only a handful of people are privileged to take part in, below and above the waves alike.

Recent years have witnessed a remarkable change in the quantity and quality of luxury charter vacations. Typically the larger the boat you rent the more water toys and other hobbies activities the yacht will carry. Similarly, motor yachts tend to have more storage than sailing yachts (mind you sailing is a wonderful activity in itself for everyone to enjoy together). So, if you are embarking on a very large motor superyacht charter, chances are you will have access to many types of activities. However, this isn’t always the case as different yachts carry different equipment. Some focus on water toys and some don’t so even a smaller luxury catamaran may offer a similar list of toys to that of a much larger mega yacht. This is one of the many reasons you should work closely with your yacht charter broker as they can detail what type of activities each boat offers and indeed what type of experience and qualifications the crew have on board.

The aft deck of the luxury yachts of today are increasingly the launch pads for tenders and water toys tailored to all those who appreciate the wondrous gifts of the sea, whatever their interests and hobbies. Whether you're a thrill seeker, a nature enthusiast, a fitness buff, an amateur sailor or a travel aficionado, there's a charter vacation out there for you, anywhere on the globe, from sea to shining sea. Explore nature in its ravishing, unspoilt beauty, introduce the children to wildlife unthreatening and unabashed by humans, dwell in the joy of witnessing breath-taking scenery the likes of which few have ever seen, and take time out for yourself.

Yacht PARSIFAL III by Perini Navi - Water Toys

Types of Activities and Water Toys Available

There are fast tenders and stylish tenders, ribs and classic rivas. There are many different types of towable water toys (fun for the kid and for adults), there are underwater diving toys as well as submarines. Some yachts have hammams, saunas, spas, gyms, steam rooms, beauty spas, massage and more. There are inflatable swimming beaches and platforms there are wave runners and jet skis and there are seados. There are giant slides, there are contraptions that fly, there are wave boards, wakeboards and water skis. Some yachts have underwater digital cameras and you can use and others have vast collections of fishing gear. Some have mountain bikes, some have canoes and others have jeeps, drones and helicopters. The list of water toys is almost endless and constantly growing, but you can see more about yacht toys here.

You needn't be all at sea about where to go. There are charter destinations galore, each one more rewarding than the next, where you are free to embark on an odyssey of your choice, to explore the hobbies you cherish, and to rouse passions for sports you never thought you'd grow to love. From snorkelling in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean to white-rafting in the whirling waters of New Zealand, a charter destination will prove itself worthy of your dream, wherever in the four corners of the world you'd like to travel. Take on a splendid desert traverse, go for a high-altitude walk, or trace the footsteps of Indiana Jones through a tropical jungle; the sky's the limit.

When you hire a yacht, the key is to look for activities that you and your loved ones truly enjoy. Find a qualified instructor on board when you want to scuba dive, make sure that everyone had the certificates required, and look into every detail of your adventure. Family charters are all about variety and fun. Your superyacht will be a playground for both adults and children, where watertoys and onboard tenders are available to all, whatever the age, both above and below sea-level.

From coast to coast, nature will be your host. Canoe in glacial lakes nestled amid the waters of the Pacific Northwest and go mountain biking across the pine forests sprinkled alongside Danish waters. From the Caribbean beaches to the European harbours you can conquer new peaks, straddle rivers in stride, explore caves, admire waterfalls, see new reefs, and witness nature pure, resplendent and proud. Trace your journeys, chart new routes, and decide what you want to explore to create memories that are truly everlasting and transcendent.

Immerse yourself in magnificent underwater worlds with underwater activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Have finger-tip access to a magical kaleidoscope of fish and coral reefs iridescent and splendid. Skim over the surface of the azure water on inflatables, rush through the waves on a sturdy sailboard or whip around at speeds unimaginable on water skis.

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