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Power Boats available >> In today's hectic lifestyle, power boats are ...
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Power boat

Power Boats available >>

In today's hectic lifestyle, power boats are growing ever more popular as charter boats; and for very good reason. Power boats provide space, comfort, luxury and speed. A cruising speed of a power boat allows the yacht charterer to squeeze plenty into their itinerary, in a relatively short space of time. Here are a couple more power boat benefits:

• Your charter power boat will have plenty of modern interior entertainment and amenities ­ television, stereo, and video not to mention navigation electronics.

• The staterooms in your power boat will provide a high level of comfort normally including air-conditioning, stabilizers, large master staterooms and guest staterooms all with beautifully detailed ensuite facilities.

• Power boats will also have an emphasis on the latest sophisticated technological navigational and communications systems which will ensure that the highest safety precautions are maintained at all times.

• The galley facilities on power boats are generally very generous and will usually include all the luxury comforts of your kitchen at home.

• Power boats are convenient. The turn of a key is all that is required to get underway.

• Power boats are great for those with little sailing experience. The operation of a power boat is relatively simple. Generally, one competent person is enough to safely operate a power boat, although help from the crew is needed during docking.

• Due to their extra speed, power boats can leave sailboats behind, and arrive at their next destination point earlier than sail boats. This allows more relaxation time and less time underway.

• Power boats have more internal space, larger cabins and head facilities and unused deck space.

• Power boats are ideal for specialist fishing or diving charters as they provide stability and maneuverability. They usually feature a shallower draft and can therefore get into and around areas that many sailboats cannot.

You can charter a power boat as a bareboat, skippered or luxury crewed. Most power boats are crewed charters and tend to be on luxury vessels over 35m. These power boats provide top class accommodation that is second to none with ensuites, several dining areas, sun beds and an entertainment room.

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