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Motor Yacht charters are gaining popularity. Crewed luxury motor yacht design, building and charter is on the increase, but so to is the smaller bareboat motor yacht charter. To many people the benefits are clear; more space, more comfort, greater speed and more ease of use. There are, however, many different motor yachts available for charter worldwide to choose from. This article looks at some different types of charter motor yacht and the different design arrangements they have.

There will generally be more space on a motor yacht than a sailing yacht of the same length, unless the sailing yacht is a catamaran - which will also be very spacious. There will be larger staterooms, a bigger galley, and a more practical outdoor deck space for sunbathing, sitting, and entertaining and the like.

Many motor yacht accommodation arrangements have a large aft stateroom, a forward stateroom and another smaller cabin. The aft cabin has traditionally been the owner’s main cabin and therefore usually provides ample space, a large double bed, an ensuite and perhaps also a vanity area and bedside bureau. The forward cabin may also reveal a double bed, but the shape and size of the cabin will often be restricted, to some degree, by the v-shape of the bow, so the ensuite and storage space may suffer a little. Loosely speaking, the larger cabins on a motor yacht are more desirable, not just because of size, but also ventilation as they will always have proximate access to the outside.

Another design arrangement you may want to consider, when choosing a motor yacht, is whether you want your galley next to the main saloon or down near the forward cabins. If the cook wants to be involved in pre-dinner conversation a galley that is next to the main saloon will be the best for you. The alternative does separate the galley from the main saloon area but that area will increase in size as a result.

A major matter to be considered with motor yachts is their engines. Some smaller, and older, motor yachts have one engine. This is practical as far as economy and price are concerned but a twin engined motor yacht is more desirable for a couple of sound reasons. Twin engined motor yachts are considerably easier to maneuver, not that single engines are really difficult. Twin engined motor yachts tend to be faster than their single engined counterparts – and isn’t this one of the main reasons for having a motor yacht? Also, two engines are safer than one, as it is less likely that both will have mechanical problems at the same time.

Please contact a CharterWorld consultant if you have any more questions or comments about motor yacht charter in general or exactly what to expect on a particular charter vacation. A CharterWorld charter consultant will be more than happy to help you.

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