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Charter Boat – choosing the right one?

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Which type of charter boat is best? The range of charter boats available is mind-boggling. The process of selecting a charter boat relies heavily on the charter location and personal requirements and taste, however there are a few basics things to consider when assessing a charter boat. Here are some helpful tips to point you in the right direction, and help you find the right charter boat:

Size: The size of your charter boat is one thing that influences your level of comfort and space. The more guests and crew you desire the larger the charter boat will need to be. On a larger luxury crewed charter yacht there is always plenty of space for the number of guests specified. Generally, with smaller charter boats and bareboats fewer guests is better than more, provided you have enough are competent sailors, of course. A charter boat will come with recommendations for optimal guest and crew numbers to reach the maximum capacity whist retaining comfortable accommodation. It may be well worth paying a bit more on your charter boat, to ensure a higher level of luxury and comfort. Often it will cost just a little more relatively to greatly improve the size and comfort of the charter boat. The interior space of a charter boat may be deceiving, depending on the layout and yacht design. Power boats and catamarans generally have more space than momohull sailboats.

Amenities: Charter boats will come with a list of on board facilities. Thing to consider include: water and fuel capacities, speed, tender types, toys, galley size and additional cooking facilities like a deck BBQ, stereo system, deck shade, and showering facilities. Make sure the charter boat has sufficient space to cater for your proposed crew and any guests you may invite aboard.

Price: Price is usually one of the central factors in deciding on a charter boat. A good idea is to ascertain what you have to spend on your yacht charter vacation, and work from there. Some good money saving tips are:

- Use a competent charter boat company, which has older boats in it's fleet. These are cheaper than new charter boats and you still get the service of a quality company. Some types of older charter boats will remain in great shape and others do not tend to age so well.

- Consider a charter boat location which is close to home. Domestic airfares are generally a bit cheaper. The largest expense on your charter boat vacation, however, will normally be the charter boat. If you can find a great charter boat for a great price in a distant location it can be more cost effective than a vacation at your doorstep.

- Self cater. Many charter boat operators offer a provisioning service. As a convenience, the service is charged accordingly. Arrive a little earlier than necessary, and buy your own groceries at a local supermarket. However, it is better to do this only in a country and culture that you are familiar with; otherwise the savings (if there are any) will not be worth the effort.

Location: Consider the conditions and purpose of your charter boat holiday. Do you want a charter boat for superior sailing or stability and comfort? Will you be in shallow waters or around coral reefs? Charter boat operators in certain areas will mostly charter catamarans as they are perfect for sailing in shallow waters or great for minimizing any roll while at anchor.

At CharterWorld, we are very familiar with charter boats and their locations. We have seen a huge amount of charter boats first hand. We are always available and happy to provide specific professional advice about a particular charter boat for your yacht charter holiday.

Please contact a CharterWorld consultant if you have any more questions or comments about charter boat yacht charter in general or exactly what to expect on a particular charter vacation. A CharterWorld charter consultant will be more than happy to help you.

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