Types Of Yacht Charters

There are many different types of charter yacht available throughout the world, ...

The Different Types of Charter Yachts

There are many different types of charter yacht available throughout the world, but what yacht best suits you? Here is a quick rundown of the different types available and their differing terminology.

Although there is a wide variety of luxury yacht types, styles and designs they essentially boil down to the main types listed below. We have defined and described the different categories of charter yacht rentals and also provided links to searchable charter yachts that are representatives of each type. Scroll down to find the yacht charter type you are looking for.

CRN yachts Saramour and YallaMotor Yacht Charters

There is a huge range of luxury motor yacht charters available this season around the world, from smaller crewed motor yachts, right through to the largest private superyacht charters. Motor yachts are easily the most popular type of charter boat because they offer spacious accommodation, large outside deck areas and plenty of room for water toys. Here is a list of all the motor yachts to select from. Read more about motor yacht charters here.

Sailing yacht LUSH - Relaxing on Charter Sailing Yacht Charters

Sailing yachts offer something more than motor yachts. You can sail to each destination and have fun along the way. Or, you can compete in a regatta which is a wonderful social experience, whether your yacht is a serious contender or not. Sailing yachts are often beautifully designed and crafted and represent the pride and joy of their owner. Modern yachts are more spacious than ever and there are many available for charter vacations around the world, and even some in far away exotic locations that are cruising on their world trip. A list of smaller sailing yachts can be viewed here and you can browse the largest super sailing yachts here. See all of the sailing yachts here.

WINDQUEST in London - Quin BissetCatamarans

Catamaran charters offer the space and comfort of a motor yacht and, if the boat is a sailing yacht, then also they offer the added benefit of being able to sail. Sailing catamarans are far more popular and numerous than motor catamarans, perhaps for this reason. Another benefit on a catamaran is the added stability of two hulls and also the double privacy two accommodation areas afford. Here are the catamarans.

Yacht Kalliente - Photo Jeff BrownPopular

For one reason or another certain yachts are more popular this year. Taste varies but generally if the yacht is new, stylish, has a proven crew, and offers good value then it be coveted and booked out early in the season. Charter brokers recommendations also increase a charter yacht's popularity as these are based on past performance and feedback. Also brokers often visit the yacht, meet the crew and judge it's condition before offering their advice. Charter yacht popularity is constantly evolving, but here is a selection of yachts we have found to be popular.


One of the things that makes a yacht popular can be how new the boat is. New yachts can have novel and fashionable design along with many of the latest nautical advancements and technology. It should be remembered, however, that one of the key ingredients to a great yacht charter holiday is the quality and experience of the crew. Accordingly, while its nice to have the latest new yacht launched, its important that the crew is not also new. Here are some new yacht charters.

Yacht Rola ArivalCrewed Yachts

The crew on a charter is half the ingredient of a successful vacation; you need a good boat and and good crew. A fantastic captain will ensure everything runs smoothly and a great chef will serve up the best cuisine and of course the service staff finish the experience on board or on the water toys. CharterWorld only offers crewed yacht charter holidays as opposed to bare boats, where you 'self crew' the yacht. Accordingly, all of our yachts are crewed and you can browse through them by location here.

Heesen Yacht silverfastSuperyachts / Mega Yachts

What is the difference? There is plenty of terminology utilised internationally in the yachting world, but there is essentially no difference in meaning between the terms 'superyacht' and 'mega yacht'. Some writers suggest meg yachts are larger than superyachts, but if there is a meaningful difference between the two terms then that would more accurately relate to past trans Atlantic preferences. Americans historically typically tended to use the term 'mega yacht' while 'superyacht' was favoured by the British and Europeans. Now 'superyacht' has taken hold as the most used term worldwide, alone with the general term 'luxury yacht'. Read more about luxury yacht terminology here or view the list entire list of superyachts here.

Feadship Yacht HARLEPrivate Yachts

All the luxury yacht charters listed on CharterWorld are private yachts, meaning they are owned privately by their respective private owners. So the term 'private yacht charter' refers to the fact that it is a vacation on a private yacht, but also the term distinguishes this type of marine holiday from say a luxury cruise, where the ship is shared by a group. Private charters by contrast are only private to the charter party, typically consisting of direct friends and family of the charterer. All the yachts listed are private.

Amels 199 YachtFamily Friendly Charters

This term describes charter yachts that are known to be set up or great for families and kids. Some yachts specifically target families and have 'family friendly' crew and offer additional water toys and fun for the children. Also, certain locations can be better suited than other to families with children. Charter brokers also build up a list of boats which have performed very well with families in the past, so please discuss this requirement directly with your broker. Read more here.

NUMARINE 70HTAll Inclusive

'All inclusive yacht charters' is a term that describes the method of payment and pricing of a charter. Sometime a private charter yacht offers a charter where there is a one off payment for the full price, with no expenses added. Food, drinks, port fees, fuel and other expenses are included. This type of pricing is different to the more common plus expenses or advanced provisioning allowance (APA) where expenses are charged at cost, in a 'user pays' scenario. With APA you get what you pay for whereas with an all inclusive charter you know the price in advance but the price will be higher to completely cover any likely expenses, whether you utilised them or not. Read more about pricing and contracts here.

turquoise yachtsCorporate & Event Yachts

These yachts have licencing for large numbers of guests or secured berthage in event ports and target certain events around the world. Important yachting events including the Monaco Grand Prix, The Cannes Film Festival, The America's Cup and the occasional World Cup. Corporate yacht charters refer to charter yachts that provide accommodation and entertainment for large numbers of guest and so are particularly suited to corporate companies chartering them for company events. Browse the list of yachts available for events here.

yacht northern sunExplorer / Expedition Style

Expedition yachts, by their very nature, are inevitably powerful and rugged superyachts on the outside, so they can get the job done safely and efficiently. Nevertheless, their interiors are usually opulent, stylish and refined. Luxury expedition yachts can provide unsurpassed luxury and comfort. They come fully equipped with amenities as electronic entertainment, Spa Pool pools, an array of tenders and other sporting craft, lavish owner suits and abundant living spaces inside and out. Read more here or see the list of explorer yachts here.

numarine Fast Open Style

The open style motor yacht will have a maximum of two decks above the water (as opposed to 3, 4 or 5 with some large displacement yachts) and will utilize uncluttered and minimalist space – both inside and out - ideal for entertaining, alfresco aft deck dining, water toy fun and sunbathing. Many late model modern designs with have easy access to the water, a deck Spa Pool. Mangusta, Palmer Johnson, Baia and Sunseeker are just some of the prominent brands in this new market. Read more here or view the open style yachts here.

Lift and foyerSuperyachts With Lifts / Elevators

Access on your yacht charter can be a convenience or a necessity. Many of the larger motor yachts now have lifts incorporated into their design. Here is a list of luxury charter yachts with full lift access between their floors.

The Jettsetter YachtHelidecks

With plenty of amenities, modern superyachts offer comfortable and truly opulent travel experience, while yacht helicopters are an extra part of it. With a helicopter you can reach the most remote destinations to explore some hidden gems in the finest yachting locations in the world or land in busy city centres. All that includes total flexibility of point-to-point travelling, getting you to places you need to be at in luxury and style. Here are the charter yachts with helidecks.

Yacht Meamina - Yacht coupleYachts For a Honey Moon

What could be more romantic than a private yacht vacation with your newlywed exploring an exotic or beautiful coastline? Luxury yacht charters offer the most luxury of any type of vacation, so a charter is ideally suited for a honeymoon. Please get in touch for details.

classic sailing yacht on charterClassic Yachts

Most of the stunning luxury classic sailing yachts were built between the 1920s and 1970s as one off designs or in a small group of sister-ships. This helps to add a unique, charming appeal to the concept of a luxury yacht charter vacation. Whether motor or sailing, the sheer elegance of a classic or traditional yacht is what so many enthusiasts find most endearing. Exquisite exteriors of a classic yacht are usually complimented by a refitted modern interior design which offers all the luxuries of a present day superyacht. Here is a list of classic sailing yacht charters with the motor yachts here.

/Loro Piana Superyacht RegattaRacing Yachts & Regattas

It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned yacht racer or just searching for a luxury yacht charter vacation, a regatta provides everything needed to get the adrenaline flowing. There's no doubt about it, sailing regattas have increased in popularity over the last few years. When it comes to luxury yacht charter vacations there are more options than ever before in high performance sailing superyachts. Read more.

Yacht Cacos V sunbathingHot Tubs

For larger yachts, it's almost mandatory to have an on deck hot tub jacuzzi pool at hand. Obviously when it comes to relaxation on a vacation a hot tube can certainly help. Hot tubs on luxury yacht tend to be situated in a spot when occupants can soak up the views and they also tend to be an integral part of the outside social area. Here's the list of boats with hot tubs on deck.

Benetti yacht 11 11Award Winning Yachts

This category of charter yachts speaks for itself. These yachts are the ones when luxury yachts have been deemed to be the best by the superyacht designer experts and peers. Some boats have won their awards for build quality and others for design, but either way these are the best of the best. Browse the list of charter yachts available which have won awards here.

gym gear sundeckBoats With Gym Facilities

Another luxury that is increasingly requested is gym facilities on a yacht. The larger the yacht, the more likely it will offer a gym. however, smaller yachts also often have some form of gym equipment, if not a full dedicated gym, so please confirm this with your broker. Here is the list of available charter yachts with gym facilities.

Yacht La PassionAt Anchor Stabilisers

Stabalisers steady the yacht when it is underway at sea. The best stabaliser systems actually stabalise the yacht even when she is at anchor and not moving. This can help avoid any movement at other boats go past and brings true comfort on board. Here are the charter yachts which have 'at anchor' stabalisers.

Yacht Symphony by FeadshipWheel Chair Access

A small selection of yachts provide full wheel chair access. Here is that list.


Sometimes spelled gulet, Gullets yacht charters offer exceptional value. What better way to experience the majesty of Turkey and Greece than on a traditional sailing Gullet charter boat? Wooden Gullets which are a large type of traditional sailing yacht are built in Turkey. They are becoming more and more luxurious with modern facilities expected on a luxury yacht charter vacation. View the Gullets listed for charter here.

SwimmingBroker Recommended Yachts

Our expert yacht charter brokers publish their charter advice and recommended yachts here. To find out the latest recommendations, please get in touch.

DYNAMIQ D4 JETSETTERDiscounted Charter Yachts on Special

Everyone likes a bargain, however best value is the real prize so keep all aspects in mind when choosing your yacht, especially your charter broker's recommendations. Here is a full list of current yacht charter specials, broken down by location, price and availability.

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