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Corporate entertainment has always evolved in a competitive market; in the ...

Corporate Yacht Charters

Corporate entertainment has always evolved in a competitive market; in the scramble to impress clients and customers, there has grown a pressing need for the venue and show to be more memorable, more polished than ever before. In this burgeoning entertainment market, yacht charters have risen to the fore as exceptional locations for corporate meetings, team building and socialisation.

Create an environment that is full of opulence and opportunity: Whether you are expecting an intimate party of 10 guests or a celebration for over 200, the impressive variety of superyachts available for corporate charter means that you can match yacht size and on-board facilities to your requirements and those of your guests. From boardrooms complete with projectors and satellite communications to beauty salons and saunas; work, rest and play find equilibrium that few land-based locations can match.

Motor Yacht MOONLIGHT II - Alfresco dining

A corporate yacht charter can be tailor-made to suit elegant evening events or week-long cruises, depending on your intent. Should you require a confidential setting or a centre of entertainment before a big event, a corporate yacht charter induces a laid-back atmosphere with a professional service ready and waiting to be put to use.

When you book a yacht as a venue, you also hire a fully-trained and experienced crew whom have catered to high-end clients on numerous occasions. Whether offering beauty room services, massage treatments or five-star dining, hiring a luxury yacht is a full package all by itself which handles catering, entertainment, accommodation and travel.

Product launches and corporate events

Take advantage of this photo opportunity and leave a lasting impression long after the occasion has passed. Yachts have an established reputation as a luxury product and their expansive decks and ability to relocate to different scenic backdrops makes them ideal locations for fashion shoots and catwalks.

“Whether revealing your latest sports car or launching a new app, exploit the backdrop to its full extent to enhance your product in the media eye.”

By carefully selecting your yacht charter, on-deck lighting can be used to showcase your product in seductive detail and the interior décor can work in perfect harmony with your brand image.

Word-of-mouth play a huge role in the success of your campaigns, and every celebrity on board will be taken by an outstanding crew that will always be on hand to ensure that glasses are topped up and guests have everything they desire.

Some yachts are capable of sleeping up to 80 guests overnight or alternative you can charter more than one yacht and create a fleet for an impressive display as you enter and leave harbour. Another benefit of chartering a fleet is that each yacht can have its own unique facilities and atmosphere: Guests can drift from one yacht to another via tender or embark while at a marina.

Yacht charters for clients

From dock-side events for hundreds or close business dealings between only a few privileged clients, the versatility of superyachts plays a major role in their popularity.

If you are wooing a potential customer or rewarding a long-term client, take your guests to the glitter of the Cannes Film Festival or the heat of the Monaco Grand Prix and you will be bound to impress. The uppermost deck of a yacht is designed as a viewing platform, allowing your guests to get close to the event without ever having to enter crowds or leave the Jacuzzi or bar.

Yachts can be chartered throughout the year and could offer that perfect opportunity for a week-long break from brittle cold or the monsoon season for your client. The Caribbean is a popular destination while winter sets in up in the northern hemisphere, and the region has highly developed facilities for yachts sailing from one island paradise to another.


Yacht charters for employees

Bring your team together with an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that your employees would otherwise miss. Yachts excel at finding adventure and provide an excellent environment for team building both on land and in the water. It is also a golden prospect for Public Relations: employees in team colours will advertise the company while on land and spread your brand influence.

After team building by a hot trek through rainforest, how better to relax than to return to a Jacuzzi and wet bar, or enjoy alfresco dining at sunset with food prepared by a highly qualified chef? Every unique experience will become a cherished memory for the rest of their lives, which will only reflect positively on your company and increase company morale.

A 7 day private luxury yacht charter is also an ideal individual incentive: the package offers enough freedom for the employee to do whatever they wish on holiday whilst at the same time having pre-arranged facilities at their disposal. A luxury charter should also leave the employee full rested and inspired when they return to work.

Yacht vacations as prizes

“Draw attention to your company and your product with the offer of a luxury yacht vacation as the grand prize.”
When promoting your company on a national level, any marketing campaigns must capture the public imagination for success. There are hundreds of destinations across the world to choose from, including the glamorous French Riviera or the secluded atolls of Fiji. The chance to explore the arctic wonders and observe the aurora borealis is a unique opportunity all in itself and guests might be surprised to find that there is more to do than whale watch and pass by blue-white icebergs.

Whether chartering through the Mediterranean or never leaving the dock in the Caribbean, a superyacht will take your guests away from the distractions of the office for lens-like focus on your sales pitch before they relax in some of the most stunning scenery on Earth.

Heesen Inception

Contact the specialist CharterWorld team today to find out about specific corporate charter facilities, prices, destinations and more advice on how best to turn your plan into reality.

If you wish to impress potential clients, implement team building in unique surroundings and boost the morale of your employees, why not hold your next corporate venue on board a luxury yacht charter? On a corporate yacht charter everyone can take in spectacular scenery and receive a fantastic service from professional crew along with enjoying a laid-back atmosphere. A superyacht sets a perfect scene for networking, holding business meetings or hosting high profile events, all delivered with high quality impact.

Choose a corporate yacht that can be tailor-made to suit elegant evening events or week long cruises. Whatever your corporate requirements you will receive complete privacy, amazing cuisine and take part in, if you wish, endless onboard activities. Make a special occasion even better on a luxury charter yacht.

Corporate charters are becoming increasing popular amongst executives and forward thinking companies. Perhaps one reason is that they can be quite reasonably priced when compared to other corporate travel accommodation and activities. Another is that corporations and employees need fresh experiences for inspiration, new energy and ideas. What better way than a corporate yacht charter to clear heads and promote adventure based shared experience and task team bonding?

Also, corporate charters can be a great individual incentive if offered as a reward for employee excellence. For your next company incentive, for example, you could offer a 7 day private luxury yacht charter.

Employees will never forget a corporate charter. Corporate yacht charters are ideal for dinners, receptions and theme nights, team building days, product launches, special meetings, conferences and staff incentives. Corporate charters also offer unparalleled privacy for discreet contract negotiations and discussions. Our range of corporate and event charters are all delivered with a high standard of service and professionalism.

Meetings and Conferences with a difference

Executives searching for exciting venues for important meetings, conferences or closing business deals away from the office are using corporate yacht charters more and more. On board a superyacht provides great opportunities to build relationships with both clients and suppliers in comfort. As the host you can also benefit from the flexibility of facilities such as formal meeting spaces and conference rooms. Wi-fi, email and onboard telephone systems are included in the charter to make sure everyone can stay connected with the office or home.

Dine al fresco to impress your guests on a luxury charter superyacht. This will help everyone to feel relaxed in a stylish, informal setting. It's the ideal balance between business and pleasure with an inviting atmosphere where guests can feel quite at home.

Blohm and Voss yacht Savarona

Product Launches and Corporate Events

Look no further than a charter yacht if you're searching for a fresh, innovative venue for a hospitality event or a corporate party. Onboard crew makes sure you receive all the perks that a land based venue offers while taking you to exotic locations. Tailor-made corporate events are available to suit your specific needs including those of your clients.

Some luxury charter yachts can hold up to 140 people for day charters with 80 guests being able to sleep in complete comfort. Onboard, focus on your business meeting or conference while your guests are taken great care of. How about renting a luxury charter yacht moored in Monte Carlo harbor or Cannes famous Port-Pierre Canto, both offer impressive locations.

Corporate Hospitality and Entertainment

Although a corporate charter is an event in itself, and can be taken in many of the most desirable coastal location of the world, from glitzy ports to natural nirvanas, there are some very interesting events that you might want to be aware of.

Prestigious events are a great incentive for entertaining new or old clients and as a reward for top performing employees. Why not organize a corporate yacht charter that coincides with events like the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the Monaco Grand Prix, the Rio Carnival, Cannes in France, or the America's Cup? Static yacht charters can be arranged where the yacht is moored in a marina throughout the event and used as an entertainment facility or exciting viewing platform. There's definitely no better way to enjoy corporate entertainment than from the deck of a mega yacht charter.

Sailing yacht Rosehearty

Some Examples of Corporate Charters
- Monaco Grand Prix, Corporate reward event
- Americas Cup Corporate Yacht Charter
- A Football Event, Like a single game in Monaco or even a World Cup
- Cowes Week in Solent, UK  Corporate awards night
- San Deigo Bay, California  Wedding reception for up to 600
- New York Harbor  Product launch
- Pittwater, Sydney Harbor  Board of directors meeting
- luxury yacht at the Cannes Film Festival, France

Create a competitive spirit with staff incentives

Look no further than a corporate yacht charter for team building, improving colleague relationships and creating a competitive spirit. Events include water sports or onshore activities where teams work together and bond. Don't forget to reward your top performing employees during your time onboard. Get your staff to let their hair down with water toys, games while enjoying the luxurious amenities onboard.

Corporate yacht charters may run for a day, a weekend, or a week, depending on the purpose. They are fully catered and staffed and all you need to worry about is relaxing and getting on with business.

Corporate yacht charters may run for a day, a weekend, or a week, depending on the purpose. They are fully catered and staffed and all you need to worry about is relaxing and getting on with business.

Please get in touch to receive the latest list of yachts that are available for various types of corporate and business charter boats availble in disparate parts of the world.

Please contact CharterWorld the corporate charter company for more information and help.

Below is a small taste of the yachts we can organise. Get in touch for the full list.

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