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If you have a passion for sailing or for history or for the quality of ...

Luxury Traditional and Classic Yacht Charters

If you have a passion for sailing or for history or for the quality of craftsmanship now gone, then a traditional or classic yacht charter is for you. It's the perfect opportunity to combine traditional elegance with modern comforts onboard a classic sailing yacht where craftsmanship and quality are everything. Chartering a classic style yacht will enable you to recapture the golden age of sailing and take a step back in time to enjoy a traditional vessel which embodies life at sea. There are also a small number of classic motor yachts also available for charter, but the traditional, romance and beauty of classic sailing yacht is where most of the following resides.

Most of the stunning luxury classic sailing yachts were built between the 1920s and 1970s as one off designs or in a small group of sisterships. This helps to add a unique, charming appeal to the concept of a luxury yacht charter vacation. Whether motor or sailing, the sheer elegance of a classic or traditional yacht is what so many enthusiasts find most endearing. Exquisite exteriors of a classic yacht are usually complimented by a refitted modern interior design which offers all the luxuries of a present day superyacht.

Even though there are many new superyachts built every year, classic or traditional yachts are limited in number offering something quite unique for an exciting sailing vacation. Each classic yacht charter vessel generally includes a great historical story helping to add mystique and intrigue for all guests on board. Where was it built, when was it built, by whom and what secrets does it hold, are just some of the curiosities to get to grips with, which is part of the fun. One thing's for sure, there's nothing quite like being on a classic or traditional yacht charter for a vacation of a lifetime.

A traditional or classic yacht charter is also ideal for networking and hosting events. It's the perfect venue for meetings in a stylish, impressive and traditional setting. Enjoy the captivating atmosphere among fellow passengers on board a memorable corporate charter whether participating or just soaking up the atmosphere. Why not incorporate a superyacht charter into a classic yacht regatta or show, a wonderful opportunity to get the best of both worlds during your time on board.

The great news is, traditional and classic yacht events take place around the world in fantastic destinations such as the Indian Ocean, South East Asia, Europe and the Caribbean. To whet your appetite, browse online to find out more about popular annual classic and traditional events like the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta which kicks off the exciting Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge or the Round Gotland Race. Major events are held annually on both sides of the Atlantic from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

Check out online guides for different types of classic charter yachts to give you an idea of what to expect while on board. A professional crew will take care of every detail during your stay so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience. It doesn't matter whether you're an individual wishing to join others on board, a family, or group of friends wanting to charter a classic yacht for a week, a full itinerary will be provided. See what it's like gently sailing between islands, going on a sightseeing expedition and dropping anchor in some the world's most exotic locations.

Speaking of locations, you can charter a classic yacht in many worldwide destinations as the yachts move around. However Europe and the Mediterranean (France and the French Riviera, Italy, Sardinia, Croatia, Corsica, Cannes, Monaco, and St Tropez) are the most likely places to find classics, as well as the Caribbean (Antigua, St Barts etc).

It won't take you long to discover the classic and traditional yacht charter bug. Once you've tried this type of holiday, you'll want to return again and again.

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