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Superyacht Charter

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A superyacht yacht charter takes the luxury, freedom and personalisation of a yacht charter vacation to the highest extreme. Superyachts boast unsurpassed indulgence, extravagance and prestige. These boats offer the best available marine technology, design, décor, entertainment and recreational equipment. The deck crews are technically proficient in navigation, cruising, safety, ship management and seamanship. The interior crew are similarly masters in their various specialist fields and masters at making your holiday the best that it can be. A private superyacht charter is distinguished by a high level of professional and discrete service, offering unparalleled and personalized service. A personalised cruise itinerary will be prepared as to your inclination or whim, with the helpful recommendations of our experienced consultants. Menus, beverages and specialised fine cuisine will be individually tailored to your preferred tastes. Likewise, a vast choice of music, media and entertainment can be available based on your personalised requests.

The Superyacht Charter Experience – It’s Personalised

A charter vacation on a superyacht means bespoke personalisation. Your vacation itinerary is personalised and created based on the requirements of the entire charter group, whether the group is made up of family or friends or both. Depending on your requirements, a superyacht holiday may include secluded destinations offering more privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the every-day life, or vibrant cities and popular island destinations, visiting beach clubs and glamorous ports. Day trips, shopping sprees, restaurant bookings, excursions, hiking, games of golf, helicopter rides and various other activities are organised upon request and/or suggested by the professional and highly skilled crew to enrich the superyacht charter experience even further.

"A charter vacation on a superyacht means bespoke personalisation."

Superyacht with jetskis

In other words, everything that you experience on a luxury yacht charter is multiplied and taken to a whole new level when embarking on this sort of holiday. As the yacht grows in size, so does the luxury and opulence; with larger crew the services aboard are even more personalised and great attention to detail is paid in every aspect. With maximum indulgence, comfort and safety at sea and at anchor, superyacht charter vacations are tailored to suit even the most demanding of desires. Yachts that are larger than 30 metres or 100 feet in length are generally considered and called superyachts, but they are represented by both motor yachts and sailing yachts; including modern and classic yachts, catamarans and even trimarans. CharterWorld is renowned for its ability to organise the best superyacht charter vacations, with access to all the best yachts available for rent worldwide. We pride ourselves upon our excellent customer feedback and professional unbiased service. If you are considering a yacht charter for your next vacation, don’t hesitate to contact our brokers for free advice and service.

What is the Cost to Charter?

So what is the price? From around USD100,000 per week, the luxury traveller has the opportunity to experience a tailor-made yacht charter vacation on a superior private luxury superyacht. Tipping is also customary on superyachts. The crew work incredibly hard to make your holiday a success. If you feel the service on board the superyacht, has been superb, a gratuity equal to 10% of the charter fee is acceptable. If the crew has been exceptional, a higher discretionary figure may be warranted. A tip is generally distributed equally amongst the crew, by the captain. Whatever the cost, this is the very best the world can offer in luxury travel experiences.

The Types of Yachts

The worldwide superyacht fleet is growing fast every year and there are continually new boats available for charter with more makes, styles and models to choose from, in an increasing number of locations. Some of the more prolific brands include Benetti, Heesen, OceAnco, Feadship, Alloy Yachts, Abeking & Rasmussen, Lurssen, CRN, Palmer Johnson, Westport, Broward & Azimut. You can see more on all the latest superyachts news and the new luxury yachts that have been recently launched here.

With the increase in private superyacht launches there has also come an increase in the number and complexity of yacht designs created by yacht owners, naval architects and designers. Many new luxury yachts push the envelope in terms of design features, material, sophistication and amenities. We are now seeing aft and side decks expanding into balconies, large glassed parts of the superstructure, wave piecing hulls. Indeed, it could be considered rare that a mega yacht is launched now days without a Spa Pool, his and hers ensuite, owner’s suite with study, tender garage, zero speed stablisers, and various different outside seating and entertaining areas.

On top of those ‘basics’ there can also be helicopter facilities, full swimming pools, elevators, hamman steam rooms with spa treatments and masseuses, an ever increasing number of peripheral water toys and gadgets, like submarines, golf tees, beach swimming platforms and much more. Similarly, as the superyacht industry matures the yachts are improving and so too is the professionalism and standards of the crewmembers who run the yacht’s charters.

So where does the increase in the size, complexity, standard and the quantity of the worldwide superyacht fleet leave us in terms of superyacht charter? Very well, is the simple answer, as competition is the life blood of any successful industry. There are ever more superyachts from which a charterer can choose from in ever more exotica and interesting charter locations.

Charter Destinations

A number of superyachts are constantly relocating and are available throughout the most beautiful  destinations of this planet, including the very popular charter locations: the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, Europe and the increasingly popular and more exotic South Pacific and Asia. A yacht charter stands for a private access to white sand beaches and uninhabited islands, turquoise waters and leaning palm trees, as well as picturesque ports, historical towns or cosmopolitan cities.

Extreme and remote destinations such as Antarctica or the Northern Europe become accessible thanks to specialist luxury explorer superyachts, catering for the different meteorological and environmental demands, yet providing unsurpassed luxury and comfort to guests on board. Expedition yachts, in addition to the usual amenities that large yachts carry aboard, could include specific equipment for research, a laboratory, smaller boats/tenders to explore the area and even personal submarines.

Occasionally, the yachts announce their intention to embark on a world-tour. Guests can decide to join the tour at a specific destination, staying aboard for one week or for the length of several weeks or even months.

Exotic locations such as South East Asia offer an unparalleled experience when explored aboard a superyacht. Traditional sailing yachts available in this area are available for tailor-made voyages of discovery around the beautiful islands and pristine waters of Asia.

Yacht Hana

Terms Defined – ‘Superyacht’ or ‘Mega Yacht’?

In truth the term 'superyacht' does have some geographic ties where the term is generally favoured in Europe and the Mediterranean as opposed to North America. Essentially, both terms are interchangeable. There is also a size aspect where some people consider mega yachts to be one step larger than superyachts. Whatever your preference for terminology, these boats are generally measuring well above 30 metres (100ft) in length. And the one thing that there is no disagreement on is that luxury yachts are getting larger and larger and more luxurious the world over.  Superyachts (or mega yachts) both offer vast deck spaces and various, multi-level entertainment and relaxations areas. Multiple decks offer plenty of possibilities for sunbathing, unwinding, socialising as well as dining. You might enjoy your morning coffee and breakfast on the spacious sun deck, be served delicious lunch al-fresco on the aft deck, and be invited to an exclusive formal dinner in the saloon’s dining area.

Full-beam Owner suite, a super luxurious VIP stateroom and spacious deluxe guest staterooms are a norm aboard superyachts, offering all the amenities one could imagine. Air-conditioning throughout, private en-suite bathrooms, lush carpets, fine linens and exquisite decorations represent each stateroom. Being larger in size, thus fitted with larger windows, superyachts have plenty of natural light entering the rooms, with Owner’s and VIP cabins providing spectacular views of the yacht’s surroundings.

These yachts are similarly equipped with the latest visual and audio entertainment systems, with an almost endless choice of movies and music on demand, large TV screens, DVD players, iPads, internet access and even cinema screens; some superyachts offer the possibility to view movies under the starry sky thanks to a large movie screen found on the aft deck.

A yachting experience would not be complete without indulging on such special features as a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, a personal spa with a massage room or a sauna, as well as an indoor or open-air gymnasium. A wide choice of water toys is available to complete any superyacht rental vacation and usually includes snorkelling and diving gear, water-ski equipment, kayaks, paddling boards, surf boards, bananas, donuts, water slides as well as the more sophisticated jet skis and tenders. Helicopter landing pads, dance floors and even basketball courts can be found on some larger yachts.

The Yacht’s Professional and Dedicated Crew

A beautiful private yacht is only half of what it takes to create the ideal superyacht vacation. The other half is the quality and suitability of your professional and experienced crew. The crew aboard these impressive vessels are meticulously chosen, based upon their previous experience, references and training. All members are highly trained individuals, most of the time speaking multiple languages and with multinational backgrounds. Their practice includes paying great attention to their guests’ needs, offering the highest level of services without compromising on the privacy and personal space of the customers on board. They have a good knowledge of their particular charter area, able to suggest the best places to explore, the best restaurants to dine at or simply tell interesting stories about the local history and cultural background.

So, What Does it all Mean?

A superyacht charter is a one-of-a-kind experience and cannot be compared to any other way of travelling and seeing the world. It allows you to enjoy life from a different perspective and provides you with great flexibility, unmatched privacy, exceptional service and complete opulence. Our elite luxury yacht charter brokers will provide you with a made-to-measure list of superyachts available at the destination of your choice; and if you are unsure as to where to start, simply send us an email and we will help you to realise the superyacht holiday of your dreams.

Here are some of the yacht charter specials currently available.

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