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Nautor's Swan is a Finish yacht building company which produces high quality ...

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Nautor's Swan is a Finish yacht building company which produces high quality luxury Swan sailing yachts.  Oy Nautor AB is based in Jakobstad and is primarily famous for its Swan line of composite yachts.  The company was founded in 1966 by Pekka Koskenkylä whose intention was to build the first 10m yacht using a fiberglass mould, which was capable of both cruising and racing. Quality has been at the heart of the Nautor's Swan ideal and the core focus of the yacht production process throughout their history.

Nowadays Nautor's Swan yachts are often acknowledged to be the finest of all production sailing yachts.  They are designed to sail well and can often be considered cruiser/racers, offering luxury, comfort and performance.  Here is a video of a swan racing to windward.  There has been some famous names involved in the design of the various Swan models such as Sparkman & Stephens, German Frers and Ron Holland.  Owning a swan is a commonly shared ambition amongst enthusiasts of the yachting world.

Nautor's Swan is composed of four neighboring complexes near Pietersaari, in Finland, and year after year, the successful sailing yacht builder continues to grow.  Nautor's Swan now employs over four hundred and seventy workers in more than 34,000 sq meters of yard space. The 1000th Swan was launched in 1981 and she was a Swan 51.  The harsh climate and long winters dictate the construction of well-insulated spaces, inside which conditions are always kept at ideal levels of temperature and humidity.

Here is a list of Nautor Swan Yachts available for yacht charter vacations:

Nautor Swan 82


  Nautor Swan 112

erat home

 Swan 112

1manNew Picture

Nautor Swan 82

MALIGAYA - Sailing to Windward 2

Nautor Swan 60

Godiva home

Swan 64


 Swan 62 RS































Below is a further selection of charter yachts by Nautor's Swan as we as their latest news:

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