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Dominator S.r.l. was formally established in 1999 and is one of the ...

Dominator Yachts

Dominator S.r.l. was formally established in 1999 and is one of the acknowledged leaders in the luxury yacht and superyacht segment. This Italian yacht building company is one of established players in the industry. The company launched its first ever Dominator yacht construction project, the Dominator 65 yacht, in 2001. To date, Dominator has completed and launched numerous motor yachts to date. The company owns and operates 4 production facilities and manages a full complementation of designers, naval architects, engineers and other technical workers. All the essential aspects of the Dominator yacht construction process are performed by highly-skilled craftsmen in the company’s production facilities. At present, there are numerous ongoing projects going through various stages of construction.  Dominator yachts are elegant, sage and luxurious vessels, well suited both for private use and yacht charter. There is a selection of Dominator charter yachts listed below, however for a customised list of yachts that best reflect your needs and requirements, please contact our experienced brokers here

Motor Yacht DOMINATOR 860

Motor Yacht DOMINATOR 860

Dominator in Focus

Every luxury yacht and superyacht that leaves the production facility of Dominator S.r.l. bears the distinctive signature of elegance and fine craftsmanship, positive traits of which the company is known for. The company’s production portfolio is a reflection of the seamless mix of elegance and high performance. Its team of highly-skilled and experienced craftsmen is able to create an end product the meets the highest standards of performance, quality and stability.

This yacht building company specializes in the construction of high profile superyachts and motoryachts with LOAs ranging from 62 feet up to a maximum of around 132 feet. These high-end motoryachts and pleasure boats are constructed by integrating superb craftsmanship, high-level customisation and unmatched reliability. 

Luxury yacht SASCHA

Luxury yacht SASCHA

The Unending Pursuit of Excellence and Perfection

Dominator Yachts is committed to the design, construction and delivery of highly reliable and elegant superyachts and megayachts. The yacht construction projects by the company give special emphasis on durability and seaworthiness, and its team of dynamic and professional craftsmen will cover all and even the tiniest details of the project to ensure that a topnotch and highly reliable end product is delivered to their valued clients.  

Every luxury yacht that is constructed by Dominator is completely hand-crafted, and the company commits to the highest standard of customisation. The main features of a yacht construction project by the company include topnotch finishing, elegant furnishings, fine core materials and fittings, hi-tech systems and solutions. 

In the first few yacht construction projects, Dominator has tapped the expertise of the eminent yacht designer, Nuvolari & Lenard Studio. Their partnership has resulted in several high profile and highly-successful yacht projects. It was during this period when Dominator Yachts was able to cement its reputation as being a premier source of high-end luxury yachts and megayachts.

In 2005, Dominator S.r.l. partnered with popular designer Team 4 Design. This collaboration between the two premier players in the yacht industry was marked by the entry of a new breed of motoryachts and megayachts with unmistakable signature of class and elegance. Innovative design concepts became the byword in all succeeding yacht construction projects of Dominator S.r.l. starting from motor yacht Dominator 780

The yacht construction projects by the company in collaboration with Team 4 Design has led to the launch of high end motoryachts that scored high in the aspects of innovativeness, reliability and performance. These luxury yachts come with precise contours and fine styling, elements that highlight the cutting-edge details which are normally associated aeronautics and car designs. 

Dominator Charter Yachts 

Dominator yachts make for outstanding and safe charter yachts and are well suited for yacht rental vacations with friends, family or corporate charters. There is a selection of Dominator charter yachts below, however for more information and a personalised list of yachts that best reflect your desires, at your chosen destination around the world, please contact our experienced charter brokers here

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