Atollvic Shipyard Yachts

Atollvic Shipyard is yacht building and yacht refit company that was ...

Atollvic Shipyard Yachts

Atollvic Shipyard is yacht building and yacht refit company that was established in 2006. The company has its headquarters in Vigo, Spain and specialises in the construction, maintenance, repair and refit of a wide range of Atollvic yachts, motoryachts and sailing yachts. The company is primarily focused on the construction of custom sailing yachts and motoryachts made out of steel and aluminium alloys with LOAs that reach 55 metres. 

Atollvic Shipyard belongs to Grupo Vicalsa, a group of companies that is committed to a delivery of logistical and technical support to individual yacht owners and corporate clients in the design and construction of high-end yachts and megayachts. Grupo Vicalsa has been engaged in critical and essential yacht design and construction activities for over 30 years now and is comprised by the following companies: Vicalsa S.A.; Retrasol S.L.; Comevisa S.A.; and Atollvic Shipyard. 

Atollvic Shipyard in Spain

Atollvic Shipyard

Atollvic Shipyard in Perspective

One of the major strengths of Atollvic Shipyard is its ideal location, being based in an area that links important maritime routes along the Mediterranean and the northern region of Europe. Each of the yacht construction projects that this company handles is assigned to a dynamic team of highly-skilled and experienced yacht designers, interior designers and engineers. 

Consistent with the company’s commitment to topnotch performance and superb design concepts, Atollvic Shipyard lent its support to the World Super Yacht Awards as one of the event’s principal sponsors. This annual activity recognises the best professionals and industry players when it comes to the design and construction of high-end and high performance luxury yachts and superyachts. 

Atollvic Shipyard was previously commissioned by Benetti, an eminent Italian shipbuilder, to do the refit of the Motor Yacht Tumberry C. The project consisted of the refit works on the hull of the 49-metre superyacht, repainting of the aluminium structure as well as the steel hull, replacement of the main deck and the refurbishment of the interior of the superstructure. The refit project was expected to run for 3 months and Atollvic Shipyard closely coordinated with its principal throughout the duration of the refit work. 

Another important refit project is the 1955 motor yacht Seawolf, re-launched by Atollvic in 2014, following a comprehensive refit at their facility. 

Expedition yacht SEAWOLF re-launched at the Atollvic Shipyard

Expedition yacht SEAWOLF re-launched at the Atollvic Shipyard

A Look at the Notable Projects by Atollvic Shipyard

The first Atollvic yacht, a semi-custom motoryacht that was constructed by this Italian yacht building company is the Atollvic 56, which was launched in 2008. This superstructure is a sloop-type project made of steel. It features a central cockpit and delayed crosstrees. This high-end steel yacht has been given a Category-A certification and is known for its elegant design, seaworthiness and stability. 

On the other hand, the first custom Atollvic yacht project of Atollvic Shipyard is the motor yacht Caracola Too, a 50-ton displacement motoryacht owned by Iñigo Echenique. This high-end superyacht features Category-A grade oceanic navigation and demonstrates high-level of efficiency and performance in various wind conditions with unmatched upper sail capacity. 

For this construction project, the company used corten steel for the overall structure of the superyacht attains unmatched stability, strength and robustness. Its damped pitching and moderate freeboard deliver unparalleled comfort in various sailing conditions. Its transversal type of bow thrusters gives this yacht its unmatched manoeuvrability. 

Atollvic Charter Yachts

Below is a selection of Atollvic yachts available for yacht charter. For more information and a list of yachts that would suite your needs, style and requirements, please contact our professional and experienced charter brokers.

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