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AB Yachts, part of FIPA Group, is luxury yacht building company with focus on ...

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AB Yachts, part of FIPA Group, is luxury yacht building company with focus on technology and innovation, that was formally established in 1992. AB Yachts has created a solid identity as the barometer for state-of-the-art applications and processes for the construction of high-performance luxury yachts and superyachts, well suited both for private use as well as yacht charter. AB Yachts charter yachts are outstanding vessels, available for boat rental in various destinations, including the popular Mediterranean and the Caribbean. They all feature striking lines and sporty look, and the latest in innovation and technology. Below the article is a selection of AB Yachts charter boats, however for more information and additional vessels, contact our team of experienced brokers. 

AB116 superyacht Ecrider Luxury motor yacht Diamond - Dining Luxury sports yacht MY TOY - Ex Maria Pia

Photos: 1 - AB116 superyacht Ecrider; 2 - Luxury motor yacht Diamond - Dining; 3 - Luxury sports yacht MY TOY - Ex Maria Pia;


AB Yachts (FIPA Group) in Focus

AB Yachts is a forward-looking company and takes the lead when it comes to the application of innovative and groundbreaking motor yacht concepts and processes in the construction of high-performance sea crafts. 

AB Yachts has conducted extensive research on the application of structural glues. It has also partnered with key players in the maritime industry in order to develop and take on innovative design concepts and production processes. A key development in this aspect is the use of advanced design programs and composite materials for the boat structure to enhance the performance of luxury yachts and superyachts that they construct. 

AB Yachts officially became an affiliate company under the FIPA Group in 2001. The FIPA Group, founded during early part of the 80s, is composed of 4 affiliate companies – AB Yachts, Maiora, Intermare and CBI Navi – and incorporates over 10 branches in various locations where luxury yachts bearing the AB and Maiora Yacht brands are constructed. The FIPA Group specialises in the construction of luxury custom yachts. Its motor yacht construction projects are managed by a team of experienced and highly-skilled craftsmen that are committed to meet the requirements and preferences of their clients. 

FIPA Group’s range of specialties include fly motoryachts made of fibreglass material and bearing the Maiora brand, open motoryachts powered by waterjets bearing the AB Yachts brand and the semi-displacement vessels made of aluminium and steel alloys under CBI Navi.  

AB 140 superyacht

AB 140 superyacht

Significant Business Decisions and Moves by the FIPA Group

The FIPA Group saw some great business opportunities in AB Yachts during the early part of the new millennium. This erstwhile dynamic yacht building facility had the critical elements that were found to be essential in the attainment of overall goals and objectives of the company. AB Yachts is one of the acknowledged top players in the design and construction of high performance open vessels. Being the premier operator in the water jet propulsion niche, AB Yachts serves an important role in the overall effort of the company to upgrade the existing line as well as increase the current level of production by the FIPA Group. 

With the continued rise in the demand for various FIPA yacht models, the company subsequently shifted some of the yacht production load of their Maiora production facility to the yacht building facility in Massa, which has both the uncovered and covered sections. The company has also acquired another shipyard that is based within the general area of the Viareggio port. These strategic adjustments in the company’s core operations increased their annual capacity to 40 units each year. 

AB Yachts Charter Yachts

AB Yachts has produced numerous outstanding open-style sports motor yachts since the beginning. Used privately or as charter yachts, AB Yachts offer the latest in technology and comfort, with distinctive design and striking exterior lines. Thanks to their speed they are perfect for island or port hopping around the Mediterranean and their looks will surely turn heads wherever they appear. The list of AB YACHTS-built motoryachts include the 2014 launched 36m AB 116 yacht, the 2013 41m motor yacht SEA FIRE, 2013 36m luxury yacht ECRIDER, 2011 36m DIAMOND superyacht, 2010 charter yacht BLUE FORCE ONE, the 2010 BAGHERA, the AB 140 MY TOY from 2009 or the 2006 GEORGE P of 28 metres. 

Below you will find a small selection of AB Yachts charter boats - for more information don’t hesitate to contact our brokers today. 

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