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CNL - Cantieri Navali Lavagna (see also ADMIRAL Yachts here) is a premier ...

CNL Yachts - Cantieri Navali Lavagna (See also ADMIRAL Yachts)

CNL - Cantieri Navali Lavagna (see also ADMIRAL Yachts here) is a premier yacht building company that was established in 1980. This Italian company came into fruition after the buyout of the Cantieri Naval Liguri and the Cantieri Navali Lavagna by Aldo Ceccarelli. The company is an established player in the aluminium yacht construction segment and boasts of long experience and expertise in the construction of high performance megayachts and superyachts. CNL has logged in more than 40 years of successful business operations and built a solid reputation on the yacht building scene with its distinctive style, reliability, professionalism and transparency. There are numerous outstanding CNL charter yachts available for boat rental and you can view a selected few below. For more information and a list of yachts that best suit our needs, style and location, please contact our charter brokers here.

Launch of Admiral Regale 45 Yacht Flying Dragon at The Italian Sea Group Shipyard in Marina di Carrara, Italy

Launch of Admiral Regale 45 Yacht Flying Dragon at The Italian Sea Group Shipyard in Marina di Carrara, Italy

Cantieri Navali Lavagna, or simply CNL, is one of the leading sources of high-end superyachts and megayachts. Experts consider it as one of the reasons for the popularity on the international market for megayachts of the boatbuilding industry of Italy. Since the company buyout in 1979 by the Ceccarellis, the company has had major accomplishments and string of successes, which later gave it the reputation of being the premier manufacturer of pleasure vessels and luxury yachts in Europe.

Cantieri Navali Lavagna in Focus 

The purchase of Cantieri Navali Lavagna completes the cycle of full control of the company’s yacht building business by the Ceccarelli family, which was started with the purchase of the Cantieri Navali di Riva Trigoso during the 60s. These eminent Italian shipyards belong to the select few manufacturers of high performance yachts that are renowned for their unmatched personalisation, fine craftsmanship and rich yacht building tradition.

CNL yachts renowned for their innovative features and are now the main trademarks of the Admiral line. This highly popular yacht range includes the 33-metre luxury yacht VEGA, which was formally unveiled during a Genoa Boat Show. This new range of luxury yachts features the latest innovations on the hull construction as well as the upper works.  

Innovations Introduced by Cantieri Navali Lavagna 

Cantieri Navali Lavagna or CNL, together with Cantieri Navali Liguri belong to the CNL Group of companies. The company carries two prestigious yacht brands – the Admiral and the Ghibli yacht brands. Among the important features of this range of high-end superyachts is the use of 5083 aluminium core material for its hull structure and upper section works. This high performance core material allows for the double renditions in the yacht’s structural bottoms. Through this groundbreaking structural design, the high end yachts is able to accommodate larger volumes of water and fuel and provide better stability due to its low centre of gravity. 

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There is a small selection of beautiful CNL charter yachts and superyachts available for boat rental around the world, however for more information and a personalised list of yachts that best suit your requirements, style and charter location please, contact our brokers here

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