Mondo Marine Yachts

Located in a popular yacht building area – Savona, Italy, Mondo Marine ...

Mondo Marine Yachts

Located in a popular yacht building area – Savona, Italy, Mondo Marine Luxury Yachts is the nautical division of Gruppo Mondo. Like other Italian superyacht builders, Mondo Marine Spa is a family shipyard and is managed by two brothers, Elio and Ferruccio Stroppiana. The company has been producing the Mondo Marine range of luxury motor yachts since 1978.

Mondo Marine has launched a number of superyachts as they have both expertise and facilities to build luxury superyachts from light alloy and steel. There are also a number of Mondo Marine superyachts available for luxury yacht charters. The company offers a full refit service for any make of motor yacht, where the refit service is given as much priority as their yacht building work. Built in high quality, the superyachts are designed with true Italian style.

The enduring clients remain loyal to the yard because of the superior level of work they receive from this Italian luxury motor yacht builders. The yachts are built entirely in Italy and have the distinctive Italian look and style in their interiors and exteriors.

Majority of luxury yachts built by the company range from 95 feet to 164 feet in length, with some 79 feet long too. Based on the size of the yacht, the yard utilizes steel, light alloy, and fiberglass, or a combination of materials building either semi-displacement or displacement yachts that can be used in just about any aquatic environment. Complying with the toughest standards of worldwide classifications, MondoMarine can work on superyachts even while they are floating. Mondo Marine holds a global patent for the Mouldless Method, pertaining to manufacturing yachts using composite materials.

The Mondo Marine shipyard is spread over an area of 35,500 square meters with all necessary equipment provided for the design and construction of some of the biggest luxury yachts in the industry. Mondo Marine Yachts offers plenty of style, class, elegance and luxury for those who want to escape to the sea for their luxury holiday. Cor d Rover, the chief designer of the company together with a group of naval architects designed some wonderful yachts such as the Mondo Marine 40m.

One can always find a pre-designed yacht to suit individual needs as the yard makes all kinds of yachts ranging from small, lightweight vessel for family use to other numerous vessels created by a various manufacturers. The yard also customizes the yacht according to the demands and needs of the client. Moreover Mondomarine yachts also redesigns or refits yachts of other companies with the quality that one can receive only from Mondo Marine. Designed in excellent craftsmanship, the company offers a range of high class creations with supreme quality and unparalleled competition till date.

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