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Royal Denship Yachts is a very well respected luxury superyacht builder, based ...

Royal Denship Yachts

Royal Denship Yachts is a very well respected luxury superyacht builder, based in Denmark, Europe. The company creates motor yachts, expedition yachts and sailing yachts as well as superb tenders and production type luxury yachts. Their goal is to produce luxury yachts of uncompromising quality, custom-built in composite, steel, aluminium, and high-performance fibre epoxy reinforced laminate, and this they achieve. Royal Denship has gathered a unique combination of computerisation, automation, and highly skilled craftsmen to build yachts for the new millennium.

Royal Denship custom-built motor yachts are world re-known for craftsmanship and modern yacht technology. The yachts are traditionally strong expedition type explorer yachts made for long range nautical adventures. Working with six Danish shipyards, Royal Denship enables luxury yacht buyers to have a yacht ready for launch within only 18 to 24 months from conception.

All of the shipyards in the Royal Denship family offer outstanding craftsmanship, state of-the-art technology, and modern working environments. The fiberglass production yards all have temperature and humidity controls. Among Royal Denship’s partners are Assens Shipyard, Danyard Aalborg Yachts, Fredericia Shipyard, Tuco Yacht Vaerft and Aarhus Shipyards. Each yard is similarly respected name in yacht building.

Fredericia Shipyard is the largest new build and repair yard in Denmark and is located on the East Coast of Jutland with direct approach from the Kattegat. Under the leadership and ownership of the family through three generations, the yard has expanded from a small boat builders yard into a large, modern, and efficient new build and repair yard able to meet any requirements.

Assens Shipyard which dates back to the 1900s is a highly qualified shipyard, widely experienced in both new builds and repairs. The yard’s new build experience includes trawlers, ferries, passenger ships, tugs, and special construction such as luxury yachts.

Danyard Aalborg designs and builds super yachts and naval ships primarily in composite materials, specifically fiber reinforced plastic-sandwich and builds corvettes, cruise ships, and ocean patrol vessels. Danyard Aalborg has further developed these skills through the construction of fast catamaran ferries built in aluminum, through a comprehensive range of ships built in composite materials for the Royal Danish Navy, and through the construction of super yachts – such as the Royal Denship 125 Classic, and the Royal Denship 135 Classic.

TUCO specializes in the building of custom made composite super yachts as well as sailing yachts, development of plugs and moulds for new builds, and a highly efficient production of standard yachts as well as maintenance and refit work.

Aarhus Shipyard Ltd. is a modern shipyard centrally situated in the heart of the Port of Aarhus.

Royal Denship Yachts of particular note include:

Motor Yachts:

Royal Denship 125 Classic
The Royal Denship 125 Classic is designed by Tom Fexas and its tasteful interior is the work of Francois Zuretti.

Royal Denship 137 Classic
The Royal Denship 137 Classic is construed in fibreglass and composite and the marvellous interior is designed by Francois Zuretti.

Royal Denship 143 MY
The Royal Denship 143 MY is a classic steel yacht with an alu superstructure. Naval architect is Diana Yacht Design and the interior is designed by Michela Reverberi.

Royal Denship 146 Classic MY
The 146' Classic MY is a classic motor yacht built of steel. The naval architect is Diana Yacht Design and interior designer is Ole Rune Design.

Royal Denship 150 MY

258 Pegasus V (ex Princess Mariana)
The 258' Pegasus V is a twin screw, displacement type, ocean going yacht constructed of welded steel and aluminium with six watertight compartments.

Luxury Sailing Yachts:

Royal Denship 110 Sloop
The Royal Denship 110 Sloop is designed by Tony Castro. The hull and superstructure is in steel and the mast and boom is state-of-the-art carbon fibre designed by High Modulus.

Sailing Yacht Aventura
S/Y Aventura is a composite sloop rigged sailing vessel. The naval architect and interior designer is Fontaine Design Group. S/Y Aventura was launched in the summer 2005.

Sailing superyacht Ranger
S/Y Ranger is a replica of the famous America's Cup boat Ranger who won the America's Cup Trophee in 1937.

Expedition (Explorer) Yachts:

Royal Denship 153 Expedition
The 153 Expedition Yacht is a twin-screw expedition yacht. The naval architect is Ole Steen Knudsen, Denmark, and the interior designer is Ole Rune Design, Denmark.

Royal Denship 206 Expedition
The Royal Denship 206 Expedition yacht is designed by Ole Steen Knudsen, Denmark. The vessel is built of steel and the overwhelming interior is done by Ole Rune Design, Denmark.

Royal Denship 209 Expedition - Turmoil
The 209 Expedition Yacht. The naval architect is Ole Steen Knudsen, Denmark, and the interior designer is Ole Rune Design, Denmark.

Royal Denship 125 Expedition
The Royal Denship 225 Expedition yacht is designed by Design Big and Royal Denship, Denmark. The vessel is built in GRP and the interior is designed by Royal Denship, Denmark.

The Royal Denship New Range: 82 Open, 85 Flybridge, 105 Open, 105 Tri-deck, 120 Tri-deck.

Below you will find a selection of luxury charter yachts built by Royal Denship as well as the latest news related to the shipyard:

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