Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts is considered by industry experts as one of the foremost ...

Hatteras Yachts

Hatteras Yachts is considered by industry experts as one of the foremost sources of high-end luxury yachts and superyachts made of fibreglass. This yacht building company boasts of more than 50 years of impeccable production record and has proven its competency when it comes to superior performance, fine craftsmanship, rugged durability and stability. Hatteras Yachts was the first yacht building company that introduced fibreglass motoryachts with LOA of more than 40 feet. Since the launch of the Knot Wits, the first fibreglass superyacht, in 1959, the company has embarked and completed more than 7,600 superyachts made of fibreglass. The production portfolio of Hatteras Yachts consists of high-end and high-performance motoryachts, superyachts and sport fishing convertibles, well suited for both yacht charter as well as private use. Below is a selection of outstanding Hatteras charter yachts, however, for more information and a customised list of yachts that best sattisfy your requirements, please contact our charter brokers here 

Hatteras Yachts at the 2014 Miami Boat Show

Hatteras Yachts at the 2014 Miami Boat Show

Hatteras Yachts in Perspective

Hatteras Yachts will always be known in the maritime industry as one of the three companies, the other 2 yacht building companies are Hinckley and Bertram, which pioneered in the use of fibreglass core material in the construction of superyachts and pleasure boats. All three yacht building companies are still operating today. 

Hatteras Yachts was established in 1959 as the personal production line by Willis Slane, owner of North Carolina Knitting Mill, who was known to be seriously engaged in fishing. Since its inception in 1959, the yacht building company has created a solid reputation as a premier source of high-end fibreglass yachts and fishing boats. 

Hatteras Yachts has also been known as the premier source of cored hull structures that are blister-resistant. During the early years of its operation and until the 80s, the yacht building company has exclusively engaged in yacht construction projects using fibreglass as core material.  

Hatteras 100RPH superyacht

Hatteras 100RPH superyacht

The Unending Pursuit of Excellence and Perfection 

The string of successes and triumphal run of Hatteras can be largely attributed to its adherence to innovation and advanced technology. The company has been at the forefront in the adoption of several groundbreaking and innovative design concepts and production processes, and these include the integration of pioneering solutions and concepts like advanced propulsion systems, lamination methods and innovative hull structure and design. 

Hatteras Yachts operates a modern production facility in North Carolina, USA. This 96-acre shipyard, which is located in New Bern, is equipped with state-of-the-art machines and tools within its 660,000-square foot yacht construction zone. This sprawling facility also features an in-house tooling centre that is capable in producing a broad range of moulds and a lamination facility with a total workspace area of 280,000 square feet. The production facility can handle a maximum of 6 yacht construction simultaneously and comes with workstations at deck level and a slew of overhead cranes and other materials handling tools. 

The paint and finishing facility of Hatteras Yachts features a cutting-edge air, temperature and environmental control systems. Each of the luxury yachts and superyachts that are constructed in its modern facility passes through a comprehensive and high-level of performance and safety test runs in its Launch and Make-Ready zone. This testing facility is equipped with 30 sheltered in-water slipways that link to the River of Neuse. The company’s team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen adopts precise production process and state-of-the-art solutions and work techniques to ensure that each of the yacht construction projects by Hatteras meets the performance and safety standards for superyachts and motoryachts.  

Hatteras Yacht Charter

Hatteras yachts are well suited for yacht charter with family and friends, or corporate yacht rental. There is a selection of Hatteras charter yachts below. For more information and a personalised selection of yachts, at the destination of your choice, please contact our experienced brokers here

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