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Timmerman Yachts Timmerman Yachts is a large scale Dutch-Russian consortium ...

Timmerman Yachts

Timmerman Yachts is a large scale Dutch-Russian consortium superyacht building yard who constructs top quality displacement motor yachts. Timmerman superyachts are built at Moscow Shipyard which is the leading Russian partner in the Timmerman Yachts project. Other European Members of the project include some of the leading Dutch naval architects and designers of large displacement yachts such as Vripack, Guido de Groot Design and Ginton Naval Architects. Additionally, Timmerman Yachts enjoys the involvement of leading British designers Jon Bannenberg Ltd and Francis Design Ltd.

The range of semi-custom private yachts currently built by Timmerman Yachts and designed by their European partners includes models ranging from 26 – 47m, namely the TM26, TM33, TM40 and TM47. Other yachts include the Timmerman FD-52 which is a custom build, designed by Francis Design Ltd which provides exceptional hydrodynamics and a long waterline length hull. This allows for striking looks as well as a speed of 18 knots with low fuel consumption. Modern technologies and equipment are used in the construction of all of the luxury yachts produced by Timmerman Yachts.

Photo: 26.4 m Luxury yacht ATLANTIC by Timmerman Yachts

Timmerman Yachts was founded in 2003 and named after Franz Timmerman (1644-1702) who introduced Dutch boat building methods to Russia in the 17th century. Timmerman is credited with convincing Peter the First of both the importance and the charm of maritime affairs and he was entrusted with the construction of great fleets of both naval and trading vessels. As well as forging links between two Great European Embassies, Franz Timmerman was also able to arrange for Tsar Peter to study at the Amsterdam boat yards where the Tsar got his "Certificate of Timmerman" as ship joiner.

The yachting company continues this very successful Russian-Dutch partnership, with more than 1000 people who studied in Holland now working at Timmerman Yachts at the Moscow Shipyard in Russia. The name of Franz Timmerman, co-founder of the Russian Navy, is honoured in the title of this project."Our aim is to build the best motor yachts from the point of view of the ratio “price-quality”, combining in them the newest technologies of European yacht-building with reliability of Russian ship-building, having military roots" -  Dmitry Mironenkov, the president of Timmerman Yachts.

Timmerman has  powerful production capabilities, broad experience, exceptional  specialist knowledge, and cooperation with the leading Dutch Naval Architects which enable them to realize the most incredible and daring ideas into their superyacht projects. The consortium enables its client to receive a luxury motor yacht with unlimited range and best consumer qualities, at an attractive price and in reasonable time.
Names of the luxury yachts delivered by Timmerman include motor yacht Victoria M (2008), megayacht ALEXANDRA (2008), motor yacht Kitty (2008), New Star, (2006), M/Y Nord Star, (2005), Smile (2004) M/Y Olsten 125' ( 2004), and motor yacht Pallada (2003), Novaya Zvezda (2006).

Timmerman yachts comply with the highest shipbuilding standards: certification and supervision of DNV, MCA, Russian River Register. This kind of approach to certification provides complete compliance of yacht characteristics with international standards and allows a yacht owner to charter his yacht in any part of the world and to sell it without any difficulty.

The consortium allows its client to get a motor yacht with unlimited range and best consumer qualities, with attractive prices and in reasonable time.

At the moment the shipyard is building 17 yachts. According to the length of the yachts Timmerman Yachts is among the ten leading shipyards of the world.

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