INACE Yachts (Indústria Naval do Ceará) was founded in 1965 and ...

INACE Yachts

INACE Yachts (Indústria Naval do Ceará) was founded in 1965 and was the first aluminum shipbuilding yard in Brazil. Located in Fortaleza, Ceará State, Brazil, the company is a mid-sized shipyard leader in steel and aluminum private luxury yacht construction. From the time of its inception, INACE has established a tradition of quality work performed by efficient craftsmen and using a unified production-line concept pioneered by its founder and today's Director-President.







Above: Motor yacht SUDUMI built by Inace. She is a 34m (111' 6") steel displacement motor yacht launched in 2007

Inace yachts initially specialized in military vessels however have made great strides in the building and refitting of luxury yachts, including expedition yachts and explorer motor yachts. Throughout their history, INACE has constructed, converted or repaired  naval ships, expedition yachts, working and fishing vessels, offshore vessels, tugs and since 1987, luxury yachts.

In 1987, INACE built and exported the first of a six yacht series of luxury motor yachts to the United States opening up a whole new line of exportation to the United States, Canada, and various European markets.  One of these commissions was the luxury motor yacht Joanna II, built for the world champion Formula racecar driver Emerson Fittipaldii. Although now recognised as a superyacht building name, INACE maintains close ties to the Brazilian navy, building numerous ships for the government including patrol craft.

INACE shipyard has a large vessel construction and repair complex served by their own ship lifting platform of 80x15 meters, capable of handing vessels of up to 1.800 metric tons. The yard has repair berths (30x50 m and 2x80 m) and a separate annex housing the new building complex entirely dedicated to the construction of all-aluminum luxury yachts for the export market.

Constantly evolving, expanding and improving the facilities at their yard, Inace has invested in the latest CAD and other computer programs to ensure the highest technology is used when constructing modern, hi-tech luxury yachts.   A complete in-house staff of naval architects, engineers, designers and draftsmen work together to produce the quality vessels.

Several INACE motor yachts are well regarded charter yachts. Some of the superyachts built by INACE include the 30m motor yacht BEYOND delivered in 2009, the 34m M/Y CATALONIAN SPIRIT  which was delivered in 2008, luxury yacht SUDAMI  (34m) and the 30m Caribbean based motor yacht CARIB QUEEN delivered in 1997. 

The company has experienced decades of change and growth and emerged as the leading regional shipyard with the capability to attract both national and international contracts in repair and construction.

Superyacht INACE Yachts have built to date include motor yacht BEYOND (30m) delivered 2009, M/Y CATALONIAN SPIRIT (34m) delivered 2008, luxury yacht SUDAMI (34m) delivered 2007, motor yacht VICTORIA (32m) delivered 2006, VERONIKA (28m) delivered 2006, trawler yacht BUCCANEER 65#2 (19m) delivered 2005, BUCCANEER 68 (19m) delivered 2005, motor yacht JANA (14m) delivered 2004, M/Y IMPETUS (28m) delivered 2005, BUCCANEER 65 (19m) delivered 2004, yacht SILVIA´S SURPRISE (28m) delivered 2005, BUCCANEER (18m) delivered 2004, FORTALEZA (25m) delivered 2004, Explorer yacht ZEMBRA III (27m) delivered 2002, Explorer vessel AMARELLLA (25m) delivered 2000, LADY BJ (23m) delivered 2001, CONTINA (26m) delivered 1999, BELEZA (24m) delivered 1998, PRECIOUS ANGEL VII (26m) delivered 1998, motor yacht MULTISEA (22m) delivered 1998,CARIB QUEEN (30m) delivered 1997, JOANA II (26m) delivered 1996, CARLA (20m) delivered 1995, SUNNY (22m) delivered 1993, motor yacht LILLY (21m) delivered 1992, M/Y LOVELY (21m) delivered 1991, motor yacht IF (2om) delivered 1990, and EMILY (26m) delivered 1989.

Below is a selection of INACE charter yachts as well as the latest news from this Brasilian shipyard:

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