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Perini Navi Yachts is the outcome of one very creative person, Fabio Perini, and his innovation with yacht design and building.  In 1983 Perini Navi began to construct mega vessels that could be controlled by a small crew by relative standards.  The headquarters of Perini Navi Yachts is in Viareggio, Italy and further facilities exist in La Spezia, Italy, Tuzla, Turkey, and Rhode Island, USA.

Photo: Luxury sailing yacht Maltese Falcon by Perini Navi

The Perini Navi Group operates in five specific market divisions:

- Large sailing yacht that range from 40 to 60 metres

- Large sailing yachts over 60 metres and custom projects

- A Racing Line of sailing yachts

- A Fast Cruising line of sailing yachts

- Picchiotti motor yachts from the Vitruvius series

Perini Navi sailing yachts feature a special sail system with in-house building of alloy masts, and intense weight control for speed.  The yachts are usually known for their generous interior volume although recent advances have been also made toward greater sailing performance.

One of their most famous yachts to date is MALTESE FALCON, which was built in Turkey under Perini guidance.  Perini has also launched several large 50 meter sailing yachts in the last couple of years, notably PARSIFAL III, SELENE and ROSEHEARTY...IS A ROSE is also another Perini, the fourth in the 50 meter range.

Perini’s new Philippe Briand designed performance yacht has begun to be built and her launch will no doubt create eager anticipation.

Please use the links below to explore some of the fine Perini Navi luxury yachts to charter.


Maltese Falcon - Cruising



Rosehearty - Sailing2






Parsifal-III - Sailing



Saling Yacht Santa Maria - Cruising



Andromed la Dea




IS A ROSE - Profile Sailing from Stern




ANTARA - Out Racing




AUROE - Sailing


HELIOS - Sailing



Below is a list of Perini Navi yachts for charter as well as the latest news relating to this world-renowned luxury yacht builder:

Perini Navi News

STATE OF GRACE for Charter for St Barths Bucket 2017
Sailing Yacht STATE OF GRACE
One of the most exciting events in the superyachting community the St Barths Bucket will be held from 16 till 19 March 2017. Sailing Yacht STATE OF GRACE provides an incredible opportunity to all yachting enthusiasts, professionals and first-time charter guests to participate in this thrilling event. The 39.4m metre superyacht offers an incredible accommodation...
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Sybaris. Photo credit Perini Navi
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Superyacht Video: Perini Navi 47m Sailing Yacht
Perini Navi 47m Sloop
Perini Navi, an Italian Shipyard famous for building luxury sailing yachts, introduced a new concept earlier this year. More details on the 47-metre sailing yacht have now been revealed, along with a great video by Perini Navi. To ensure high performance and innovation are the key features of the project, the in-house designers of Perini...
Watch: Perini Navi: 38m S/Y Dahlak on the water
Luxury Sailing yacht Dahlak was launched by Perini Navi‘s Group Picchiotti shipyard in 2015. At 38 metres, Dahlak is the second 38m Racing Line vessel, designed by well-known Philippe Briand. The yacht’s beautiful interior design is a work of Perini Navi. She comfortably accommodates 6 guests and 4 crew. Dahlak, powered by Caterpillar  560hp diesel engine and...
Revealed: Perini Navi New 47m Sloop
The new 47m sloop by Perini Navi
The new fast cruising 47 metre sloop has been revealed by Perini Navi – the Italian design team, famous for their Sybaris, Dahlak and Perseus^3.   This sailing yacht will have a stunning elegant design together with some innovative characteristics. Following success of her sisters Sybaris and Dhlak, the new 47m sloop will have an on board...