How to Make the Most of a Charter

Here is some expert advice on how to have a splendid time on board a luxury superyacht charter

Tips to Make the Most of Your Luxury Yacht Charter

No phones

Try and turn your phone off when on board a luxury yacht charter. After all, with so much to see and do you won’t have time for phone calls. You might be surrounded by friends and family so really there’s no need to have your phone switched on. Take time out from a hectic world and enjoy a life of relaxation, away from the hustle and bustle. Have some fun too. If you do need to keep in touch with colleagues at work, there are often small offices on superyachts with internet access.

Before boarding

You may be asked to fill in a preference list before boarding so captain and crew know your likes and dislikes. This could range from your favourite champagne, what you would like for breakfast, whether you’re a vegan, need gluten-free food and the type of destinations you prefer. If everyone knows your preferences, supplies can be bought prior to your sailing date.

Similarly, if you would like to sail to a quiet and remote island, let the captain know. Alternatively, some guests are keen to live the high life on board and on shore. Some people prefer barbecues on beaches, themed dinner parties, Karaoke evenings or going to concerts.

Make good use of the yacht

Make the most out of your yacht charter holiday by making full use of the boat. Try the many water toys, have a go on some of the water sport equipment or learn how to dive. Many guests love having a massage, a new hair style or relaxing in a yoga session. The best part of a superyacht is the fact it’s like a five-star floating hotel, except you have it all to yourself.

Enjoy amazing meals cooked by your private chef

One of the best things about any type of vacation is not having to cook. On board a yacht there could be a Michelin chef who has worked in splendid restaurants on land. Chefs are very flexible indeed, rising early in the morning and working in the galley till the small hours. A personal service is always on offer as there aren’t many dining areas on board, so you get a great service each time you dine.

Everyone is well catered for, whether you’re a vegan, on a special diet or prefer a particular type of meal. Many chefs specialise in French, Far East or even Japanese dishes. With such a huge choice of food, there’s bound to be something that takes your fancy.

Keep fit while on vacation

With so much food and drinks available, those guests who don’t want to add pounds can keep fit while on vacation. Most vessels feature a well-equipped gymnasium with all the latest equipment to try. There’s usually a swimming pool on the vessel or you can dive into the sea any time.

Water toys are made up of kayaks, paddle boards, water skis, jet skis as well as scuba diving equipment. There’s always a member of the crew around to make sure everyone is safe in the water, especially youngsters. For a more relaxed few hours, try your hand at fishing. There’s plenty of fishing gear for learners or more experienced fishermen. After a session of keeping fit, water sports or fishing, take advantage of the on-board spa and sauna.

Venture ashore

Many passengers get used to being on a superyacht, they don’t feel like disembarking at different ports. It’s recommended however to venture ashore for a change of scenery, to find out about the culture, history and see amazing landmarks. Visit a museum or head for a white, sandy beach and sip fresh pina coladas while watching your superyacht in the distance. Crew often go ashore too to make sure guests have everything they need such as drinks, food and towels.

Beautiful sunsets

Watching the sun set from a yacht is one of life’s wonders. See the beautiful colours of yellow, orange, red and purple as the sun lights up the sky, then falls dramatically into the horizon.

Take a seat near the pool to see this amazing phenomenon or you could go out on a tender to an island for a closer view. Make sure you don’t miss out on any sunset to experience one of the best vacations you have ever had.

Getting on with fellow passengers

While on a superyacht charter vacation, you’re in a small community of people you might not know. Be friendly and even a smile can light up someone’s day. Keep a look out for famous celebrities too on neighbouring yachts. From oligarchs, models and singers to well-known actors, many of whom have their own super vessels, a friendly wave won’t go amiss.

Take note of what the captain has to say

Always listen to the captain. Take his advice on the many places to visit, transit times and itineraries. Enjoy your journey, your time on board the luxury superyacht and the superb destinations you pass by. The captain often sails when guests are asleep to reach the next port of call early or when inclement weather conditions have passed. He will know the best routes to take and the most interesting harbours to anchor in.

Bringing nanny

Remember the crew are on board to look after everyone and see to their every need, but bringing you nanny will be a huge benefit. Your children will enjoy the company of the crew who plan fun activities, teach water sports and play games. However, a nanny is someone the kids know well and can help you with their routine. Flying to a destination far away to pick up your superyacht makes little ones tired and fractious. A nanny will know how to keep them calm and entertain them to make the travelling time pass. Everyone can relax knowing nanny is there.

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