13 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Luxury Charter Yacht Dining Experience

Luxury dining experience onboard a charter yacht is one of the most delightful parts of your vacation. Here are some tips how to make the most of out of it.

13 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Luxury Charter Yacht Dining Experience

For many yacht charter guests, dining is one of the most enjoyable experiences while onboard. There’s no resort in the entire world that can be better than gourmet cooking on a superyacht. The menu is personalised especially for you along with a fantastic service all served up with a wonderful atmosphere from the captain and crew.

Take the opportunity to dine in a gourmet restaurant each day with meals prepared by a five-star chef. It’s like a child in a candy store, you are totally spoilt for choice.

Here’s some advice of how to make the most out of your luxury charter yacht dining experience.

Choose the right superyacht with a chef who matches your preferences

All chefs have their own specialities so it’s a good idea to take this into account when you choose the yacht you prefer. Ask your charter broker to give you some sample menus to make sure what’s on offer suits your taste.

Fill out the food preference sheets clearly

It’s important to complete the food preference sheets honestly. The chef will rely on your choices to create delicious menus for everyone. Write down your likes and dislikes, what you usually eat and dishes you would certainly like to try.

Let the chef known about any dietary restrictions

Do let the chef know if there are any foods you need to avoid. Are you on a special diet or do you have any food allergies? Don’t be shy, chefs have many years of experience in vegan diets, gluten-free meals, diabetic dishes and allergies to seafood. As long as he or she knows about your requirements, the chef will serve you fantastic meals throughout your yacht charter vacation.

Alcohol requests

If there’s a particular wine you prefer, let the chef know. There’s usually a fine selection of drinks on board a superyacht charter. However, if you only drink Italian red with dinner or prefer champagne before breakfast just let one of the crew know beforehand. Choose specific wines by vintage and label so a bottle will be waiting for you once you embark.

Formal or informal meals?

Whether it’s a formal or informal meal you want, each charter yacht crew member can grant your request. Formal dining includes the best silverware and fine china, beautiful table linen and a multi-course meal as well as the bottle of wine you requested. Some guests prefer more casual meals, this doesn’t present any problems for the chef either.

Have your meals in different places on board

It’s good to know you can enjoy your meals either al fresco on deck or in one of the dining rooms while on board. Some superyachts offer country-kitchen meals in a dinette which opens on to the galley so you can chat to the chef. Others provide dining tables and chairs on the aft deck under an umbrella or on the upper deck, the choice is yours.

Hungry? Tell the crew

Being out all day in the sun with the sea air blowing usually gives guests an appetite. If you feel a little peckish tell the crew and they will provide you with a tasty snack until meal time comes around.

Late night food – no problem

Be courteous and let the chef know if you plan having a late-night dinner. Snacks can be left near your suite if you feel hungry during the night.

Extra guests joining you for meals?

Every meal has to be planned well in advance so if you have extra guests joining you for meals, again let the chef know beforehand. Whether it’s a formal dinner or a cocktail party, great meals can be prepared. Don’t expect the chef to cater for your new friends who you bring back to the vessel late at night, he or she does need to have some sleep.

Enjoy the special culinary equipment

Some charter yachts carry special culinary equipment for instance a teppanyaki grill. This is used to create stir fry dishes right through to Mongolian barbecues. There will be a full-size barbecue grill on deck for hamburgers or steaks if you fancy al fresco dining during the day. Gas fired pizza ovens are also a feature in galleys on superyachts for everyone to try a slice of delicious pizza.

Why not go for a picnic?

There’s nothing quite like a tasty picnic on a quiet beach. Your superyacht crew can make up a picnic and even bring tents, sunshades, beach chairs, picnic tables as well as a barbecue to make the occasion more enjoyable. Games can also be provided from volleyball to beach golf.

Is there a special celebration coming up?

If someone in your party is celebrating a birthday, engagement or anniversary, do let the chef know. The crew love making a special day even more special. There’s nothing quite like having a fantastic party when on board a luxury charter yacht with everything taken care of.

Have a themed evening for a change

For something a little different, how about having a themed evening? Cabin staff and crew will provide the entertainment, get dressed up and decorate the dining table with relevant theme items. If it’s a pirate night for example, a menu can be created with “castaway stew” to “Blackbeard’s brûlée” – great fun for everyone.

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