5 Tips for a Successful Corporate Superyacht Charter

A large variety of superyachts are perfect for corporate charters. Here are a few tips for a fantastic charter with colleagues and business partners.

5 tips for a successful corporate superyacht charter

Although yacht charters are more thought of being suitable for families, they are also ideal for corporate use.

A business meeting can be scheduled to take place on board a superyacht as an alternative to a golf resort for instance. It provides a place to get away from phones or any other types of distractions making a meeting run more smoothly. Chartering a yacht provides a relaxing atmosphere for principals of companies too. There’s no need to rush. If it only takes about 15 minutes to hold discussions that could change the future of a business, then it’s definitely worth it.

Here are 5 tips to consider when holding meetings on board a superyacht charter.

1. Have a realistic budget

Be clear with the broker about the amount of budget you have available to spend when hiring a charter yacht. This will help him or her to find you the perfect vessel along with keeping any additional costs involved low.

2. Be clear about your business goal

Let the charter broker know what your business goal is. It could be improving relationships with suppliers, networking, providing rewards for top employees or a product launch.

3. Accommodation

Take into account how much accommodation will be needed for your corporate meeting on board a superyacht. Make sure there are sufficient cabins for all guests and try to keep the accommodation equal in quality.

4. Why not charter more than one yacht?

Some charter yachts can only take 12 guests, so if you need more accommodation, why not charter more than one yacht? This provides enough space for everyone on board or guests can meet up on one specific yacht if there’s a party or special event being held. Having more than one charter yacht at your disposal also means you can hold competitions between the vessels like beach volleyball or team building exercises.

5. Make sure the crew are experienced

Crew can make or break a charter voyage. Make sure the crew are experienced in corporate matters like budget limitations, the requirements of corporate branding and large numbers of guests. They should also be able to deal professionally with musicians, bodyguards if on board, decorators and off-site caterers.

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