5 Ways to Charter Luxury Superyachts Responsibly

For charterers who want fantastic holidays on board a superyacht, there are a few things to be aware of.

5 Ways to Charter Luxury Superyachts Responsibly

1. Take care where you drop anchor

Do take care where you drop anchor. For instance, if you drop anchor onto coral reefs it could damage the reefs quite badly. You could even be fined like one captain of a superyacht in 2013 who had to pay a $30,000 fine.

It’s certainly safer to anchor in sand or use buoys in areas that are available. Rules do change from place to place however the captain should know where you can drop anchor or whether you need a permit. The captain is the person who is responsible for anchoring in designated places so he will tell you where you can and can’t stop off.

2. Respect diving sites

Even though you can charter a yacht almost anywhere it’s very important not to disturb or damage the many coral reefs. Be careful above and below the water if close to these beautiful reefs, especially when diving.

When you are learning to dive you should have been instructed about safety measures and how to respect diving sites. Don’t take anything from the reefs, don’t touch anything, keep an eye on your fins and don’t hit the reefs.

3. Fish for dinner

First of all, make sure you can fish in the waters you stop at. Fishing is great fun especially if you catch a fish first time around. Ask the onboard chef to cook it for supper and tell fellow guests the tale of the one that got away.

Conversely ask the chef to shop for fresh fish on shore that’s been caught by local fishermen the same day. If you prefer to dine on shore, do watch what you eat. The last thing you want while on a yacht charter vacation is an upset stomach.

4. Shop locally to support the community

Many communities rely on tourism so try to shop locally to inject some cash into the area. You often get better deals too and some good advice that you might not find somewhere else.

The food you eat on board the superyacht is probably bought from the locals. This means you get to try fresh produce as well as some local delicacies no matter where you are in the world.

5. Try to help protect the oceans by donating a percentage of your charter fee

Simon le Bon, Stephen Fry and Sir Charles Dunstone support the Blue Marine Foundation. This is a charity trying to fix problems on the planet and crises in the seas. Why not help the NGO by donating a small percentage of your charter fee to BLUE to help protect 10% of the world’s oceans?

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