7 Pieces of Expert Advice for First Time Charterers

If you have never chartered a luxury yacht, here are some valuable tips for you to browse through

7 Pieces of Expert Advice for First Time Charterers

To help you benefit from the best charter experience, here’s some advice from top brokers and charter bosses:

1. Communication

In the unlikely event that any aspect of the yacht and crew don’t meet up to your expectations, communication is the key. Let your broker and captain know how you feel so the right action can be taken without delay. You may be disappointed with the cuisine, the accommodation facilities or amenities on board. Whatever the issue is, communicate as soon as possible.

2. Book early

Don’t leave it until the last minute to book. The majority of good quality, large yachts are booked by May especially for the popular summer months of June through to August. Last year was a strong year for charters and this year according to brokers and superyacht charter owners, it’s going to be equally as strong. With this in mind, the advice is to book early.

3. Tips for the Bahamas

Cruising in the Bahamas is fantastic all year round. For many cruising enthusiasts however the months of April to August are hard to beat. During this time of year, the winter cold fronts have faded so there’s a much better chance of calm waters and smoother sailing. The ocean looks like a pond and you can even see straight down to the ocean floor, it’s a magical time.

4. Leave early for the Med

For a Mediterranean charter it’s recommended to set sail early in the season. Many of the more sought-after charters have back to back trips between charters so later in the season, the crew are noticeably tired. It’s best to be onboard when the crew are more relaxed, rested and excited for the season ahead. What’s more, leaving early for the Med will also mean that your charter yacht is in tip-top working order.

5. Don’t judge a book by its cover

Don’t be put off by the age or even the exterior of a yacht. Many of these vessels have undergone excellent refits and make great choices for a charter vacation. If you don’t want to pay top dollars simply because a yacht has just been launched, then older vessels are a more yet equally exciting, affordable option.

6. Try out of season

If your holiday dates are flexible, don’t book in the high summer season especially, July and August. You can save thousands on low-season rates as well as avoiding the crowds during peak times. How about booking a yacht charter vacation in June or September for instance?

7. Crew outshines interiors

One of the most important criteria on a yacht charter vacation is the crew. Choosing a crew with a reputation for excellence is key to a great holiday. Friendly, professional crew can help to make your holiday even better. Interior décor should be lower on your list. At the end of the day you’re onboard for a vacation, you’re not buying the boat.

One final piece of advice - if you’re planning your first yacht charter trip this season, spend some time reading an etiquette guide. This will explain all you need to know about the do’s and don’ts of chartering.

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