Yacht Charter Versus Cruise Ship

Enjoy tailor-made holidays, total comfort and lavish amenities onboard private charter yachts

Yacht Charter versus Cruise Ship

Yacht charters differ so much to being on a cruise ship. You have all the freedom you want, control of where you go and luxurious comfort at every turn. With fantastic destinations to visit, a wonderful on board service, delightful dining and lots of different activities, you just can’t beat a yacht charter vacation. Create a bespoke vacation with your own itinerary to include everything you have always wanted to do.

Lots of freedom and control

On board a luxury charter vessel, the yacht is yours for the entire time you’re on board. You’re not only a guest but also in control of where you sail to, where you anchor including the daily schedule. The captain of the yacht will help you decide on the best places to go and the best things to do throughout your time on board.

Conversely on a cruise ship, any shore excursions are pre-planned with itineraries that you need to follow. You also have to be back at the yacht at certain times to avoid being stranded on the shore. It’s imperative to stick to these planned itineraries that are more or less rigid in what you can and can’t do. A cruise ship vacation doesn’t sound too good, does it?

For lots of freedom and control, choose a yacht charter vacation every time. No itinerary has to be adhered to and your day can be changed as the mood takes you. If you fancy waking up late, taking breakfast in your cabin then anchoring at a beautiful beach, no problem. The only stipulation is that you return to the yacht at a time and location agreed on by you and the captain. Now that sounds much better, more like it!

Plenty of privacy

Expect complete privacy on board a luxury yacht charter. Your fellow passengers will have been chosen by you and you alone. Whether friends or family, it’s good to know you can always be yourself. If it’s a vacation with friends or a family get-together, friendly crew always go that extra mile to make sure everyone has the best holiday ever.

On the flip side of the coin, a cruise ship, that often holds up to 3,000 passengers, has almost no privacy at all for the individual. For charterers who aren’t too keen on crowds, hustle and bustle or having to socialise with strangers, a private yacht charter is definitely the better option.

Gourmet dining

Before setting sail a professional gourmet chef will ask which types of food you like, drinks you prefer and if you have any dietary requirements. Look forward to every mouth-watering meal chosen and prepared especially for you with a few tasty surprises along the way. All meals are tailor-made to suit your preference and served on request.

Let’s look at dining options on a cruise ship. Meals are usually served in huge dining halls at specific times, day and night. The menu is also pre-determined to suit the many passengers on board, so not always to everyone’s taste. Although you can ask for a private table, you may have to pay an additional fee, not good. A yacht charter on the other hand gives you the freedom and choice to eat al fresco either on board or in an onshore restaurant of your choice.

Service and the crew

Crew often exceed a one-to-one guest ratio on a charter vacation. Look forward to being pampered each day with capable crew who have been trained to offer a 5-star service. It’s often the crew who play a big part in the success of any yacht charter vacation by going out of their way to make it special. Stewardesses ensure glasses never run dry, snacks are always on hand and guests are always comfortable.

Unfortunately, a cruise ship usually has less than half the crew to passengers’ ratio. This means a personal service is much less likely. Individual crew members will literally have hundreds of guests each to keep happy, a virtually impossible task.

Water sports and activities on board

Cruise ships do offer snorkelling and scuba diving although you may have to pay extra to enjoy these activities. Swimming pools on cruise ships are usually free to use however the length of time you spend in the pool is sometimes pre-determined.

Charter yachts always carry a huge selection of fantastic water sports equipment which is included in the price. Scuba diving can be extra. All you need to do regarding water toys is ask a crew member to take them into the water for you. You choose the activities you prefer, when and where to go into the water. Swim at your leisure either on board or in the warm sea with no time limits.

Safety precautions

Getting on and off a private yacht charter is certainly safer than embarking on a cruise ship. A private yacht is just that, private with only friends or family on board. You can be sure there’s no-one getting on the yacht who may harm you, spread an unwanted disease or ruin the entire vacation.

This is not always the case on a cruise ship. If on a cruise ship someone falls ill with flu for instance, the infection may spread quickly, spoiling everyone’s time at sea. With so many guests on board this is inevitable.

When it comes to charter yachts, a professional crew on board are trained to international standards. They are always on hand should anyone feel ill or need help. Get ready to plan your next holiday on a chartered yacht. Make your dreams come true and enjoy a vacation you’ll never forget.

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