Superyacht Charter Success

Here is what charterers should take into account when planning a yacht charter vacation

Superyacht Charter Success

When it comes to a successful charter, many factors need to blend together well. A great yacht, great captain and crew are just a few ingredients that can help to result in a never to be forgotten charter experience.

In the onshore world, certain qualities turn a place with a bed into a hotel, one which always exceeds expectations. The same can be said about yacht charter vacations. There are charter yachts and charter yachts. It’s the high-quality aspects that make the difference. When all the characteristics are perfectly in tune, your yacht charter voyage is on course to be a success. So let’s begin with the:


A successful charter actually starts with the owner. It’s the responsibility of the owner to choose the right yacht and hire the right captain. The owner has to be flexible in changing his plans in order to accommodate a charter as well as providing a captain with the right tools to do his job well. The captain’s directive is then to arrange the entire charter experience, from the best food to the best wine, land excursions to tours. Attention to detail is the key for everyone onboard, including a happy crew.

There’s no doubt the captain sets the tone with the style and management of the charter vessel. A good captain has to love his job while at the same time being 100% flexible. Nothing must be a problem, he needs to be ready and on his game for any challenge. He must also have the ability to deal with the strangest of requests, to make them happen and make sure his guests enjoy every minute onboard.


The crew are equally as important as the captain. The best crew have longevity of service, work well together as a happy team while getting to know charter guests old and new. They may need to have the adrenaline rush as well as the challenge to do a great job when working as a team to pull it off. Every crew member must provide a personalised, dedicated service for their guests from the moment they step on board until it’s time to leave. At the end of the day, the crew have the ability to make or break a charter voyage.

Yacht & Chef

The yacht itself is another key ingredient to a pleasurable charter vacation. On some of the most popular superyachts the captain and even crew members have been involved in the construction process. A yacht charter may have state-of-the-art facilities such audio visuals, water toys, a fitness room, spa, beauty parlour and first-class communications. The thing is none of these guarantee success, without a top-notch captain, crew and chef.

To deliver success the chef must be at the highest level of his profession. Charter brokers tend to use the phrase “gourmet chef” but more important than creating the finest cuisine is the need for flexibility. Some guests may want a five star Michelin experience while others prefer more down to earth, homely style cooking. A charter chef should be able to switch from preparing tasty hot dog snacks to creating lobster and caviar dishes, hot fudge sundaes to French fries. This is the mark of an extraordinary charter chef, an individual who enjoys his or her job to the full.

Of course, there are other factors which can play an important role in ensuring your yacht charter experience is a complete success. Make sure you choose a reputable charter broker who will put you on the right track regarding a suitable vessel to suit the needs of you and your party. An experienced broker can also provide you with handy hints, tips and advice about which destinations to choose. Remember to have a chat with the experts concerning any special preferences, food allergies or unique requests. Communication is the key here so leave nothing to chance. The more information you provide, the more successful your yacht charter vacation will be.

After covering most of the important aspects of yacht chartering it’s green for go for a superyacht adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy a vacation like no other with unforgettable memories and an exciting voyage that will have you coming back for more.

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