Superyacht Photographer Jeff Brown

This page is a showcase of a tiny selection of some of Jeff's amazing yacht photography.


Jeff Brown is certainly one of the very best superyacht photographers in the world and he photographs the very best superyachts. At the forefront of the luxury yacht marketing industry for some time now, Jeff can be contacted directly here at Breed Media for your next assignment.

Jeff Brown is a creative director and photographer. He has worked in design and photography for well over fifteen years and started off taking beautiful photographs of superyachts as far back as 2003. He is a leading photographer in the global superyacht market as well as being successful creating front covers for well-known magazines. His background in design enables him to interpret clients’ requests making them a little different to others. He is a relaxed and calm man approaching each project he undertakes with enthusiasm. This is evident throughout his work whether it’s designing, filming or photography.

Jeff co-founded Superyacht Media in 2003 and made this company a leader in media content for superyachts worldwide. He also focusses his videos and photography on uncommon perspectives which resulted in over 100 magazine front covers in the last seven years. He is probably best known for his photographs of the interior and exterior of Feadship’s superyacht Savannah. He captured all the elements of her modern design but also showed off the realism that sometimes is lost in different environments or under bright lighting.

Brown can see behind the finished product to photograph every detail from the design of the vessel to the colour choice. Even an en suite mosaic bathroom for instance can look totally awesome under the eye of this brilliant photographer.

Breed Media

Jeff Brown formed Breed Media and has a fantastic team behind him. His brother David is the creative designer with over fifteen years of experience in this particular role. The company produce spectacular photographs and innovative media thanks to the creative minds of everyone who works there.

Each team member builds good relationships with clients while having a bit of fun too. Getting this right is fairly straightforward and along with hard work, Breed Media is a leading provider of media content for the superyacht industry. Top quality products are always given to clients as well as trusting relationships. Breed Media offer a unique collection of skills, experience and knowledge whether it’s for the superyacht market or the wider luxury market.

With each member of staff having a 100% interest in clients, their business and the many challenges they face, Breed Media is one of the biggest and best companies around. New opportunities are explored whether for existing clients or new markets. Jeff Brown is on the ball when it comes to photographing superyachts, the people who build these vessels, stunning cars and fabulous villas. He makes a lasting impression and one that is never forgotten.

It has been said that Jeff is an exceptional photographer, highly professional with a unique approach to what he does. He and his team are also involved in creating the perfect brief for clients via their innovative ideas which in turn lead to great results every time. Jeff Brown understands yacht photography as an art form so each photograph is powerful, creative and quite beautiful to look at.

Even when it comes to filming, Jeff is under no stress even in complex situations. There’s always a happy atmosphere around which makes the results speak for themselves.

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 "I have known Robert and Jeff since 2009 when they produced the photography for Salperton IV. Since then they have been my photographers of choice and my trusted 'go to' guys. Jeff is an exceptional photographer. Robert and Jeff have an easy going but highly professional approach and I look forward to working with them again." - Adam Lay, Adam Lay Studio Limited

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