Guillaume Plisson

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Guillaume Plisson

Guillaume Plisson

Guillaume Plisson is known for his angled overhead shots and subtle lighting against moody skies. He uses cutting edge technology in his photography and this is why his photographs have a realistic and appealing look. He excels in close ups of superyachts, their hulls, the beautiful decks and of course the magnificent interiors.

Along with his father, the great Philip Plisson, also a photographer, Guillaume set up a publishing company called Pêcheur d'Images. Known for his maritime photography Guillaume has covered some of the world’s biggest sailing events which have been published in magazines such as Le Figaro and Paris Match. He is a self-taught artist, writer, performer and composer of images although his love of photography was probably inherited from his father.

Guillame knew when he was twelve years old that he would follow a similar kind of photographic route to his father. He even took to the air to capture a shot from a different perspective just to show what he was capable of when he was quite young. His father grew up in Brittany, France and could sail by the age of seven. When his grandmother gave him an Ultra-fex camera he started photographing yachts on a local river from a punt. This was where his passion started, so it’s no wonder his son followed in his footsteps.

The younger Plisson is passionate about his work, creating a sensitive approach to any subject he photographs. He enjoys expanding his artistic capabilities, is interested in macro which is featured in his book Chefs et saveurs de Bretagne and is a master of lighting. All of his work is intense, deep and extremely eye-catching.

Known for his images of the sea, lighthouses with waves smashing all around them, rugged coastlines and of course the most beautiful superyachts in the world, Guillaume Plisson stands way out in front. He photographs everything and anything connected to the sea, giving a different slant on normal, run of the mill photographs. He is a dedicated photographer and will do almost anything to get a shot that no-one else has taken or even thought of.


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