Bruno de Marquis

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Bruno de Marquis.

Bruno de Marquis

An established name in the high-end luxury industries, French photographer Bruno de Marquis has captured in film and photography such events as the Amber Lounge fashion shows at the Monaco Grand Prix, private brand unveils, weddings and the luxury yachting lifestyle.

Whether taking shots at the Monaco Yacht Show or while cruising through the Mediterranean, the focus of his work is in telling a story and people are present in much of the imagery, showcasing the facilities and the escapism of life on board. Through the use of aerial photography, diagonal shots convey the dynamic nature of these incredible vessels and up-close detailing places a burst of colour against neutral decking to draw in the eye. At once contemporary and timeless, Bruno de Marquis finds the exceptional in the grandeur, the detailing, and how we interact with our environment and each other.

Covering Monaco, Cannes, Nice and St Tropez, Bruno de Marquis is available for private photos sessions and corporate events.

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