Alberto Cocchi

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Alberto Cocchi

Alberto Cocchi

Alberto Cocchi’s photographs have featured on the front covers of many yachting and international luxury lifestyle magazines. He focuses his wealth of experience on fleets, interiors, architecture and lifestyle shots. He uses his imagination well in captivating bold colours, close-ups of cuisine as well as wide-angled evening fleet photography.

Cocchi has fifteen years of experience in design, the furniture industry as well as civil and nautical architecture photography. His studio in Parma is where he carries out photoshoots of design objects and furniture, however he also does photoshoots of superyachts and homes right around the world. Alberto is also widely travelled and goes to the USA, France, the UK, Spain, Italy and Turkey for his photography work. It has been said that he knows exactly how to capture the essence of design and architecture in his photographs too.


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