Alexis Andrews

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Alexis Andrews

Alexis Andrews

Born in Greece Alexis Andrews studied advertising and fashion photography in Europe. He then moved to Antigua in 1986 where he started his career in photographing superyachts. Today Andrews travels all over the world to photograph for shipbuilders, yacht brokers, advertising agencies and yacht designers. He also specializes in marine photography. Alexis created the St Bart’s Bucket Race, an exciting racing event held annually in the Caribbean. One of his more unusual projects is a documentary film called “Vanishing Sail” in the Caribbean.

This documentary was filmed in the Grenadines with a mix of interviews from the last of the old Caribbean Sea captains and rare archive footage. Released in 2013 it combines narration, an original soundtrack along with dramatic sailing scenes. The story is all about trading in the West Indies using boats and how it is a legacy of the islands today.

Alexis Andrews’ approach to his work is consistent with every assignment giving him the unique opportunity to bring out the very best in the subject. He has been photographing iconic images of megayachts for over twenty-five years which gives him the accolade of a most experienced photographer.

He bought an old Carriacou sloop in 1997 which had sunk in Antigua and rebuilt it. He then sailed her to the Grenadines to meet the man who created her. The journey started a ten-year photo-essay tribute to the last people who built boats on the island and inspired the formation of the UNESCO sponsored St Barth’s West Indies Regatta. Sloops and schooners take part in this regatta each year to reconnect the islands with traditional sailing vessels.


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