Kristina Strobel

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Kristina Strobel

Kristina Strobel

With ten years of experience behind her, Kristina Strobel is the number one photographer when it comes to fashion, luxury travel and lifestyle. She started her career in New York working for the department store, Macy’s. Her photographs have been featured in many art books, international magazines, lifestyle and travel publications. She is adept at taking fantastic photographs of luxury superyachts too including the St David, Kismet and Blade (ex H2ome). Kristina’s work is notable for its crisp focus, background objects and diverse colour, making her one of the top female photographers around.

Her shots of the interiors of luxurious superyachts are absolutely incredible. She always looks for angles that no other photographer would see. The abstract photographs in her portfolio ooze an almost Dali-esque look which focus entirely on detail images. Kristina also captures exotic vacation resorts that definitely entice visitors from the four corners of the world.

Strobel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She then had a one year sabbatical in Sweden where she studied fine art photography before embarking on a photographic career. A key photographer, her work has been published on billboards, in catalogues as well as in the New York Times advertisement section.

Kristina also has a life-long passion for sailing which started her love for the yachting world, travel and exposure to Europe. Moving to the South of France in 2006 Strobel as a freelance photographer taking shots of mega yachts and property resorts. She then moved to London where she now lives, however she continues to travel on different assignments throughout the world.

This professional photographer is always challenging herself whether technically or creatively. She has a keen eye for detail and brings a unique perspective to her photographs. She is often amazed to see how life evolves especially with her willingness to take chances and be open-minded.


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