Kurt Arrigo

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Kurt Arrigo.

Kurt Arrigo

Kurt Arrigo was born in Malta and well known for his superyacht regatta photographs. He also takes superb photographs of fashion shoots, underwater photography and superstars. His diverse work is often nostalgic with modern touches and classic finishes. He captures celebration scenes and moving crowds spectacularly with his eye for the moment.

Kurt has taken many fantastic photographs of superyachts, the Moonbird is one such instance. He gets the balance just right either with pics of superyachts sailing past ancient buildings or a new fleet in harbour. He is one of the world’s best marine photographers with a diverse career behind him. He can capture perfectly dramatic action at international sporting events, close ups of environmental projects as well as amazing shots of projects from the Himalayas to the Galapagos.

This highly professional photographer is passionate about the sea especially since his birth place was Malta. He enjoys taking shots of divers, sailors and swimmers along with underwater photography which he excels at. Pushing the boundaries in this particular field he is inspired by subjects like beautiful horses, multi-million dollar racing boats and conservation projects aimed at preserving underwater life and the seas around us.

Kurt Arrigo was given the project to photograph the 1992 America’s Cup which he carried out with sheer professionalism. Because of the magnificent photographs he took it enabled him to follow a career covering sailing around the world. He has been an official superyacht photographer for over ten years and provides iconic pictures from classics such as the Rolex Fastnet (taking shots from the air and the water) and the Rolex Sydney Hobart. He received the prestigious yacht racing image of the year award. Kurt is also recognised as the Underwater World Champion of Photography in the Red Sea as well as Communications Arts Photography Annual 1997 champion.

Taking him to the four corners of the world Kurt Arrigo is also passionate about his homeland. He has written two books about Malta, a Coastal Journey and Grand Harbour Malta. They both received critical acclaim for their content of the history, beauty and intricacies of Malta.

Film Industry

Kurt is also highly involved in the film industry. He supports international productions filmed in Malta and has had a hand in the high profile advertising campaigns for global brands in the luxury and lifestyle sector.

The undying commitment to his particular work shows a positive and easy going attitude. He enjoys meeting new boundaries and finding new opportunities while pushing his artistic limits. Kurt is constantly searching for new ways to stimulate his subjects, thus making him a one off photographer of our time.

Love of sport, adventure and travel

Kurt Arrigo loves capturing sportsmen on his camera. He craves adventure and is a keen traveller. This award-winning photographer is regularly commissioned for sponsored races by Rolex and has often battled raging seas dangling out of helicopters to get that perfect shot. Arrigo constantly challenges himself with some of the most exciting yachting events in the business. One such shot was a dramatic aerial view of a race in Barcelona in 2011 showing many yachts sailing across the seas.


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