Cory Silken

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Cory Silken

Cory Silken

Cory Silken has videoed and photographed regattas for Bacardi who sponsored them. He creates visual marketing material for superyachts and his most recent work was the Best Superyacht Challenge Antigua. Silken also has a public gallery in Newport in Rhode Island which is his home town where he exhibits and sells his work.

As it’s a short flight to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from his home town, Cory has a portfolio full of beautiful photographs from his favourite tropical hotspots. With his great experience of photographing luxury superyachts and the lifestyle associated with sailing, Silken is well known for his dynamic and creative imagery. His clients include the International Yacht Restoration School as well as top shipyards like Royal Huisman and Pendennis. He also works with famous film makers to combine still media and motion solutions.

Many people have said it is a great pleasure to work with Cory Silkin. He has a fantastic team to complete any project within budget and on time. Cory works directly with owners of superyachts and their staff providing a fantastic customer service. Whether the photographs are for a brochure, making images for a new book or capturing the fast action at a regatta Silkin always comes up tops. He makes sure all of his photographs are truly memorable.

Cory Silken is also a keen outdoor explorer as well as crewing on board the classic America’s Cup 12 metre class fleet in Rhode Island. He currently races Firefly, a wooden Herreshoff S Class boat in Narragansett Bay. With his regular exhibitions of award-winning fine art work and his Cory Silken Photography Gallery on Thames Street in Newport, Cory is busier than ever. He has poster editions which are distributed all over the world via retailers like and Ikea. These posters have also been used on the sets of TV series such as Kelsey Grammar’s “Boss” and Courtney Cox’s “Cougar”, so fame indeed.


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