Dick Holtuis

This page celebrates one of the great yacht photographers, Dick Holtuis


Dick Holtuis specialises in photographing high-end luxury superyachts, mega yachts and giga yachts around the world. Internationally recognised, he is one of the masters of superyacht photography. This Dutch photographer excels in taking memorable and eye-catching superyacht photographs. He worked as a commercial and industrial photographer at his father’s photography studio which helped him develop his artistic talents. He discovered the beauty of the sea and decided to photograph both modern and classical yachts. He opened his own studio in 2008 and travels around the world working for many clients. Dick is up-to-date with modern technology and takes great pride in perfecting photographs like no other. This experienced Dutch photographer created several still images of the 65m Heesen FDHF, Galactica Star which are totally awesome. He also shot the Sofia in Mallorca, captured the launch of the SWIFT 141 YAS in Abu Dhabi, UAE and has made many time lapse videos of boats in the Netherlands.

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Dick Holtuis has also specialised in architectural photography and giga yachts which show off his talent to perfection. He has also photographed the world-famous Palm Jebel Ali, the beautiful artificial archipelago in Dubai and the Palm Jumeira Islands from all positions and angles. His portfolio comprises pictures of saloon interiors on superyachts, guests and crew on board vessels, anchorages at sunset along with different scenes from the vessels. Holtuis takes pride in creating imagery that breaks with tradition. Each photograph he considers to be meaningful and exactly what clients are looking for in their brief. He is well established in his native town of Kessel from where he travels all over the world to work for yacht owners, designers, builders, book publishers and magazines. Photographs of superyachts depict their grace, sophistication, power and utility. A book published in 2014 contained stunning imagery by Holtuis of the 141m Yas, the sixth longest superyacht in the world.

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